Now,Chen Geng more affirmed Ferruccio·Lamborghini’s previous remarks were made deliberately by him。

“Since you won’t let me suffer from the price,I’ll talk about my conditions,”Ferruccio·Lamborghini happy way:“I request to keep10%Shares and a board seat。”
“no problem,”Chen Geng nodded:“Are there any other conditions?”
10%Shares and one board seat,From this request, we can tell that Ferruccio·The purpose of Lamborghini:He doesn’t want to leave Lamborghini,I don’t want Lamborghini to completely separate from myself,This share ratio will not have much impact on the company’s operations and strategy,Simultaneously,If Lamborghini makes money in his own hands in the future,He can get some shares,No good,In the future, you can sell this part of the shares to cash out。
From this perspective,What the old man thinks is really long-term,But it doesn’t matter,It depends on the relationship between the two,Just Ferruccio·Lamborghini’s conditions are not excessive,I can agree。
Ferruccio·Lamborghini really has other conditions:“If you increase capital, expand shares and even go public in the future,My shares can only be diluted up to2.5%,And the seat on the board of directors is permanently reserved;Also in terms of propaganda,Must guarantee Lamborghini’s Italian origin。”
“As a friend,I also promise,As long as you are the operator of the company,I promise to always stand by your side。”
“OK,”Chen Geng smiled:“Deal!”
Ferruccio·Lamborghini,She’s still very smart,But also,Although his management of Lamborghini was not successful,But being able to manage Lamborghini to be alongside Ferrari in such a short period of time、The only supercar brand in the world,Ferruccio·Lamborghini can have two brushes?
This is no longer a problem with two brushes,Ferruccio·Lamborghini has at least eight or nine brushes in his hand,The only problem is,Lamborghini is alone,And what about Ferrari,They are backed by the big tree of Fiat Group,It’s natural to enjoy the cold。
But it can be interpreted from another angle,Ferruccio·Lamborghini can be born under the suppression of Fiat Group,Lamborghini can be achieved by himself,What else can you ask for?Back to the futureAMCLamborghini of this big tree,Naturally it is worth having more expectations。
“Deal!”Ferruccio·Lamborghini slapped Chen Geng’s hand heavily,Then winked at Chen Geng:“Fernandez,my friend,I know you are not short of money,There is no shortage of women if you have money,But i tell you,The gentleness of Italian girls is unmatched by American girls。”
“Ferruccio really decided to retreat from the rapids?”Received a call from Chen Geng,Jack·Welch almost bit his tongue in surprise:My ears are alright?I heard it right。
“Ok。”Chen Geng is in a happy mood,He can imagine Jack on the phone·Welch’s face,What kind of expression is it at this moment。
Jack·Welch did not speak,The reason for not speaking is that he suddenly didn’t know what to say,There is an extremely absurd feeling in my heart:I knew I was going to talk to Ferruccio·Lamborghini this bastard talk,It would not be enough for Chen Geng to hold so many Lamborghini shares。
The reason why he asked Chen Geng to be Ferruccio·Lamborghini’s persuasion work,The main reason is that he is not even sure he can convince Ferruccio.·Lamborghini buys Lamborghini shares to itself,Who in the world does not know Ferruccio·Lamborghini is a stubborn bull、A stubborn donkey、A smelly and hard stone in a pit?

But no one said bad things about Chen Geng,After listening to the report of the Chinese Embassy in the United States、Knowing that Chen Geng seems to have a good relationship with the current leader,Chen Geng’s weight in the hearts of the senior management is completely different,I went up a few steps in an instant。

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First555chapter I’ve been spotted a long time ago
? “Chen,Do you think my dress looks good?”Karen in a light gold evening dress·Carpenter turned lightly in front of Chen Geng,Asked with a smile。
There are two days before the New Year’s dinner at the White House,Chen Geng by Karen·Carpenter dragged it out in the name of helping her choose her evening dress。
of course,Whether it’s Karen·Carpenter’s identity is still the level of the White House New Year’s dinner,Carpenter’s evening dresses are impossible to buy mass-produced goods off the assembly line,Must be tailored,In fact, Carpenter’s evening dress began to be customized when she officially received the invitation from the White House.。
Nowadays,It’s not so much Carpenter invited Chen Geng to choose the evening dress,It’s better to say that Carpenter wants to show him his beauty in front of Chen Geng。
“Pretty!Simply perfect!”
Really beautiful,Tailor-made evening dresses will be Karen·Carpenter’s figure is perfectly set off,Chen Geng held his chin and looked carefully,Smile and nod:“I believe you must be the most dazzling one at the dinner party。”
“really?”Carpenter bowed his head slightly shyly:“You really think i’m pretty?”
“Yes,Miss Karen,This evening dress really matches you very well,Set off your figure just right,”Without waiting for Chen Geng to answer,Karen·Carpenter’s assistant and makeup artist echoed,Finished,She glanced at Chen Geng secretly,Said again:“Mr. Fernandez has a good vision。”
The little assistant doesn’t know his boss and Fernandez·What is the relationship between Chen, the famous super diamond king of the United States?,I can actually pull the other party out to help me choose the evening dress,But this time,As a small attendant, I just need to help my boss desperately.。
As for Chen Geng’s assistant Kelly·Hicks,Pouting,not talking。

As for Murong Ningbing,Anyway, Lin Yu didn’t say anything about himself,Don’t worry about it,What’s more, Xia Chenglong is also willing to adult beauty,After all, I would rather demolish ten temples than destroy a marriage!

But something Xia Chenglong didn’t know,This falling flower intentionally,Ruthless,Although Lin Yu likes Murong Qianxue,But Murong Qianxue,I like him,The relationship between these three people is really complicated。
The three of them just keep going,But because the relationship between the three people is very delicate,So the three of them have been awkward to get along along the way。
Lin Yu always pays attention to Murong Ningbing,And she,As long as there is a chance, stick to Xia Chenglong’s body。
But Xia Chenglong wanted to match,Murong Ningbing and Lin Yu,So on this road,The relationship between these people is still extremely delicate and complicated。
But finally early the next morning,This group of people came to Tianxuanfeng,After arriving at Tianxuan Peak,Even if Murong Ningbing doesn’t let go,I’m going to be separated from Xia Chenglong,Because at this time he is going to the law enforcement hall,Explain this matter clearly。
If you can explain this clearly,Then everything is in peace,If this matter is unclear,,Then the questions are coming!
Law enforcement hall。
“Old five,What do you think of this thing?It’s been so many days now,Lin Yu hasn’t come yet,Is that kid,Has been killed by Xia Chenglong?!”
The fifth elder heard the fourth elder say so,It was also taken aback:“Can’t it,What does that kid say,Ask the strength of the peak of the gods,And Xia Chenglong, have we checked,Is he just asking about the strength of the gods??will not,will not,Even if this affection is separated by a small level, the difference is a thousand miles away.,So Xia Chenglong shouldn’t do anything to him,Maybe it was delayed on the road!”
“I don’t think so,Xia Chenglong is very weird,Didn’t you find out?This kid’s previous battles have always leapfrogged,I don’t know where he went?Can actually have such strength!”
“Hard to say,Hard to say,But this time he should not go against,We mean one more,We didn’t really fight,I want to do something to him,We just plan to ask him some information,He still can’t make a jump!”
“Ok,Old five,What you said makes sense,I just talk about it casually,Uncountable,Uncountable!”
And at this moment,Two people heard it,One of my own disciples ran in in a panic:“Master,Master…”

Such an amazing change,How could Hu Lin not be surprised?!

but,In Lu Menglin’s opinion,It’s a matter of course。
This chick
Has a good body foundation,Plus the stimulation boost of the secret medicine,Inhaled the red mist to produce mutations,It is equivalent to a concentration of different strengthening methods on three planes,It’s hard not to become strong。
For a time,Lu Menglin is also full of interest in this change in Hu Lin,In his eyes,Hu Lin Xiao Niu has been regarded as a temporarily successful experiment,As for how powerful it is,What changes might happen,It’s time to watch the effects。
“you,Don’t look at me like this!”Hu Lin was overwhelmed by Lu Menglin’s gaze,Said with a flustered face。
“Ok,Just don’t watch!It seems that the effect is not bad!”Lu Menglin nodded,Really don’t go see her。
Actually see or not,The result is no different,Scanned by Lu Menglin’s consciousness,It’s more thorough than seeing with eyes。
“Mr. Wu Hao,what did you do to me?”Hu Lin is not a fool,She calmed down quickly,Understand the changes in myself,Mostly from this super strong,So I asked patiently。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“It’s nothing。You are poisoned by the red mist,Mutated,I just helped you stabilize your vital signs。”
“What is red mist mutation?”Hu Lin thought for a while,Finally decided to ask,After all, she is a reporter,Shamelessly ask,No psychological barrier。
Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,Understand immediately。
It seems that the cognition of the two different planes is different!This human plane has just been attacked by the Dark Race,Limited understanding of the Dark Race,They don’t know what red mist is,I don’t know what the red mist does。
“simply put,Among those alien monsters,Some will release some kind of gas,I call this gas red mist,It can change the environment,Make the environment more suitable for those monsters。And our life form,When inhaling these mists,Alienation。I said so,do you understand?”
Hu Lin was serious,Nodded seriously,Tao:“understood!You are also a mutant,That’s why it became so powerful!”
I saw the chick look admiring,Lu Menglin suddenly didn’t know what to say,Nodded,I recognize it。
“Mr. Wu Hao,One thing,I want to ask you。Can you tell anyone that I am a mutant,May I?”Hu Lin thought for a while,Finally gritted his teeth and asked。
Lu Menglin was slightly taken aback,Asked rhetorically:“why?”

However, Sanchez is not a financial professional,He has a serious lack of understanding of the currency crisis。

he does not know,Once the peso currency war is successfully launched,Peso crisis formation,When the house is down, everyone will push,Will be an economic disaster affecting the entire world。
At that time, the peso exchange rate plummeted in a short time,Mexican domestic stocks、Bond、All financial markets such as futures will face extinction。
Mexico’s economy collapsed across the board,Quickly hit the global economy,Global economic losses will reach trillions of dollars!
If this happens,Even if they hold the small area funded by China300One hundred million U.S. dollars,It’s a drop in the bucket,To no avail!
And just past1992The British Pound Crisis in 2009 is a lesson from the past!
When Qiao Tianyu was in Mexico,After gaining insight into Sanchez’s true intentions,Qiao Tianyu found him without hesitation,Explained all this to him。
Sanchez’s discoloration,Regret almost causing a catastrophe,Ask Qiao Tianyu about the plan,What to do next。
Qiao Tianyu also understands his anxious mentality for the election,He proposed to help Sessions be elected,Currency wars can continue,But it must be kept under control。
Moreover, the Mexican people must be aware of Sessions’ strong ability to stabilize the domestic economy and finance.。
So Qiao Tianyu and Sanchez jointly set today’s strategy:
the first,Continue to facilitate the signing of Sino Energy International’s contract for the railway project in western Mexico,But Mexico withdraws to allow China to advance funds300Billion dollar request。
second,In return,Huaxia agreed to meet a crisis in Peso,For Mexico500100 million dollars in credit。

The first place in the Beihai Fighting Tournament is the Zhao family in Bincheng,To be precise, this man in front of you。

And the association had grievances with Xia Chenglong before,Naturally pay more attention。
Since the words are clear,Then there is nothing to say,Fight each other,See who wins in the end。
For the emergence of Mengdie,Xia Chenglong was still a little surprised。
Zhu Wushuang,Shang Zhongli was as early as he expected,That’s why he dared to stand here,I want to see what the sword buried platform above the ninth level looks like。
“You shouldn’t come!”
This is a dead end,Even if many people are here,Still won’t cause too much fluctuation in the result。
Has climbed to a very high position,No need to take this risk。
Mengdie bit her lip subconsciously,Such shy expressions rarely appear in normal times,After all, we must establish prestige,But I can’t help myself at this moment。
As for the person next to you,I ate dog food invisibly,Especially when it’s still interspersed between the two。
Zhu Wushuang said nothing,Decisively go outside,Make room,By the way, a secret force pulled the woman back。
“what……Haha,well,The old man is fat,Stand outside and be more spacious。”
“you,I did not mean,I just think we are friends,Should help each other。”
“Thank you!”


Chapter nine hundred and eleven Was tricked
of course,Some people want to dissuade,At this time, anyone who says more is likely to become their enemy,So everyone was silent。
Qin Feng found a hotel at random and checked in,Anyway, I have done everything I should do。
If these guys are really so awesome,Qin Feng would look at them high,Then kill them。
Qin Feng is also a very realistic person,He can’t give the enemy a chance。
Qin Feng returned to Lin’s house the next day。
When Lin Hong saw Qin Feng,,His body is shaking:“You’re back?”
“I am back,Nothing happened last night, right??”Qin Feng was worried about those guys going crazy,Some things are also uncertain。
“Nothing,Even if there is a situation,Those people can’t help me。”Lin Hong also said confidently,Now he has recovered,Not many people can be his opponent。
The reason why he was attacked like this before,That’s because he was tricked,Now he is cautiously,Who can count him?
“alright,I’ll go back first。”Qin Feng also has a lot to do,He naturally can’t be here。
of course,There is something to take away。
After all, Lin Qianqian already gave him those things,If he doesn’t take it away,That is the brain is flooded。
Lin Qianqian and others already knew that Qin Feng was back,When I learned what Qin Feng needed,There is nothing they are not willing to do。
Lin Qingwei looked at Qin Feng with a certain face and said:“Our company has invested another 1 billion in,Count our investment,May I?”
“what?”Qin Feng really didn’t expect,Lin Qingwei would say this。
You know, after Lin Qingwei said to give him those things,That place already belongs to him。
It’s good now,Also invest,What is the intention?

After their internal discussions,This year’s festival,The award for the best outdoor anchor has actually been set。

If there are other guilds who want to hold their own anchor,If you swipe,The platform will secretly shoot,Help Hu Yang win this prize。
of course,This is just a last resort for everyone。They also believe,With Brother Hu’s current strength,I don’t need them。
Outdoor live broadcast,On their platform is an unpopular type,There are few anchors in this piece,And not doing well。and so,Brother Hu this award,It should be very stable。
Hu Yang thought that he still had an oil painting on hand,Western stuff,Since Xin Zhao also plays Western art,I should have it too?
in fact,Hu Yang can get incense by himself.The auction house over there,But this is troublesome。
then,He speaks:“Brother Zhao,I have,There is also an oil painting,Is the famous abstract painter Paul·Klee’s work,do you want?”
“Oh?Paul·Klee?Seems a little impressed。”Xin Zhao thought for a while。
Artists in own country,He can’t remember them all,Not to mention foreign ones。and so,Even if it is very famous,He just has an impression,You want to say da Vinci、People like Van Gogh,He will know more。
“Let me call and ask。”Xin Zhao said again。
Obviously,Although I don’t know much,But it can only be art that can make money,He is not willing to let it go。Especially western art,Make money from foreigners,Is the most enjoyable。
This kind of thing,Not the first time he did。Auction house overseas,Western art is popular。Some world-class rich,I like to collect oil paintings,For example, some oil giants in the Middle East,Smash tens of millions to make a picture,It’s so normal,Still a good knife,Not RMB。
He has his own dedicated evaluation team,More than one expert in identification。
quickly,He knew,That paul·Klee is indeed very famous in the West,The mysterious abstract painter,Some people think he is20The most incomprehensible artist of the century,The most poetic stylist。
but,The works of this famous painter,Rarely appear at auctions,Just rumor,Someone has paid a huge sum of ten million dollars to ask for his masterpiece。
and so,The picture obtained by Populus,They can’t judge the value。
After all, there are too many works from this artist,There are thousands of pictures,Generally not very valuable,Only a few boutiques are expensive。

Chen Wenjin yelled at Xiao Xiao and left,But she was too frightened,I was shaking all over,So I went over and took her away,Persuade:“never mind。The world of night is unpredictable、All kinds of messy troubles,It’s easy to feel like a place outside the law。”

Xiao Xiao was really scared,She just came out to play,Nothing happened before,Wang Shuai always moves with a large group of people,I happen to have few people tonight,Just run into this unexpected situation,She can’t imagine,If Chen Wenjin gets beaten up,What will happen to her herself?
Past a group of injured,When there is no crowd with the will to fight,Xiao Xiao thinks about this,Feel terrible,Involuntarily holding Chen Wenjin’s arms with both hands,But please have a little more security。
Wang Shuai drove the car closer,I looked at the people outside the store and counted them one by one,Back in the car,Just say:“I go!Chen Wenjin, you are too exaggerated,Refreshed the record of one dozen nine,One pick nineteen!There are no cows!”
Xiao Xiao in the back seat,Holding body,I still feel scared,It’s not like Wang Shuai’s excitement for fighting results。
Chen Wenjin hopes,If this shock can make Xiao Xiao look at the night world again,Even back to the normal trajectory during the day,Then this one is worth fighting。
Chapter One Hundred and Ten resist
Wang Shuai was busy recalling the fight just now,Don’t worry。
“okay,Withdraw quickly,Save trouble。”Chen Wenjin urged it,Ask again:“Where’s Abao?”
“Behind。”Wang Shuai turns around,Drove back for a while,I saw Abao walking towards here from a distance,Obviously,He didn’t plan to exercise and run,But to save effort。Wang Shuai couldn’t help laughing:“He is very leisurely。”
Wang Shuai parking,Call Abao to drive,He opened the back door and said:“Xiao Xiao, sit in the middle。”
“Let me sit in front。”Xiao Xiao said so,Wang Shuai quickly said:“Forget it,I sit in front。I just think you might be scared,Thinking of having me and Chen Wenjin by your side,You will feel more secure。”
“Nothing。”Xiao Xiao obviously has no emotions at this time,The car started,She still leaned against the car door,Looking out the car window。
“simply,Go to mine at night,Let’s eat and drink at home,Not going to the venue,You can rest whenever you are tired。”Wang Shuai thought about what happened just now,Xiao Xiao must have an increase in Chen Wenjin’s favorability,He doesn’t know how much he has to do to get to the level。
“I’m fine,Don’t change the plan for me alone。”Xiao Xiao said so suddenly,Wang Shuai feels that the situation is not good,Just say:“do not talk,Ok, deal。Chen Wenjin,What happened just now?Why did you bring Xiao Xiao to make trouble with people??”
“Met someone who drank,Drunk,Can’t hide。”Chen Wenjin just finished,Abao can’t wait to ask:“What happened?”
“Nothing big,Met a group of people looking for something,It’s okay。”Chen Wenjin’s brief answer,Wang Shuai couldn’t help thinking about another interesting idea,I regret not letting Abao go in the car with me just now。

2015 Chile America’s Cup Bolivia’s final 23-man roster led by Milan teenager

2015 Chile America’s Cup Bolivia’s final 23-man roster led by Milan teenager
On June 1, Beijing time, Bolivia coach Soria announced the final 23-man roster for the team to participate in the Chilean America’s Cup.  Bolivia won the runner-up in the 1997 America’s Cup, but it did not perform well in the next five America’s Cup, and did not win a game.At the upcoming America’s Cup, Bolivia was divided into Group A together with the host Chile, Mexico and Ecuador. The other three countries participated in last year’s World Cup in Brazil, and their strength made them, so the direction of Bolivia’s qualifying is not optimistic.There are not many well-known players in the Bolivia 23-man roster. One of the highlights is the selection of the 18-year-old midfielder of the AC Milan youth team Sebastian Gamara. The teenager has trained with the first team many times this season.And also entered the big roster, but has not played on behalf of the first team.The 2015 Chilean America Cup schedule has a small list of Bolivia’s 23-man list. In addition, Bolivia also allows fans to look forward to the former Cruzeiro shooter, who is currently playing for the Chinese Super League Changchun Yatai striker Marcelo Moreno, he hasHope to be Shandong Luneng Brazil striker Tardelli, another Super League player to participate in the America’s Cup.Due to the recent serious injury of 34-year-old captain Ronald Lardes, coach Soria is likely to serve Moreno as the team’s new captain during the Copa America.In the nine rounds of the Super League, Morello has played 8 times on behalf of Yatai, contributing 2 goals and 2 assists.In addition, Moreno has scored 12 goals for the national team, Bolivia fans are looking forward to his continued goal, close to Bolivia’s history scored 20 goals for the national team Joaquin Botero.In the end, Moreno was also shortlisted.(Little Brother Li) Bolivia’s 23-man roster: Goalkeepers: Quinones (Bolivar), Hugo Suarez (Bangal Sports Association), Penareta (Eastern Petroleum Sports) Defender: M-BehaRano (Panatolicos), Hurtado (Bangmen Sports Association), Morales (Bang Ming Sports Association), Caberella (the strongest), Edmir Rodriguez(Bolivar), Eguino (Bolivar), Centeno (George Will Stellman), Coimbra (Bandard Sports Association), Lardes (Oliente) midfielder: D-Bejarano (Oliente), Miranda (Bolivar), Alejandro (Oliente), Gamarra (Milan), Escobar (the strongest)), Chumarcelo (the strongest), Campos (Bolivar) strikers: Moreno (Changchun Yatai), Lizio (Oshkins), Alcides Pena (Orion)) Special), Peridel (Mersin) Group A opponents in the same group: 2015 Chile America’s Cup Chile National Team, the latest 23-man roster (final version) 2015 Chile America’s Cup Mexico team, the final 23-man roster, Pea missed 2015 ChileCopa America Ecuador’s final 23-man roster loses Manchester United Magic Wings