“Dolido,I won’t be able to eat here anymore!”

Dorito, who was still pouring tea for Leo, was taken aback.。
“Major,Where to go?”
“Step on the four emperors、All over the world!”
“If you can’t go back?”
“Then,Keep coming back for dinner!”
First26chapter Great route
“Major Leo,We can get the navy headquarters in just six or seven days,Marin Vando!”
Leo stood on the bow of the main warship,Watching everything ahead,Then slowly nod。
It’s noon the next day,They have entered the windless zone,Small and medium-sized Neptune species can be seen everywhere in the sea,I can occasionally see large sea kings。
This behemoth that travels a hundred meters at every turn has the ability to easily shred warships。
but,Because the navy ship’s bottom is equipped with sea-building stones,So these sea kings directly treat warships as sea creatures,Will not attack warships。
As for the person standing next to Leo, he was one of the school officials who wanted to work with Leo before.。
“Can you tell me how the headquarter usually arranges a branch navy like me??”
The warship crosses the windless zone without risk,So Leo started to ask this headmaster a few questions。

All the mothers in the world will say their sons look good,Chen Yueqin is typical in this matter。Tell the truth,Yao Chunni now,Snow white skin,Good looking。She and Wang Youcai go together,There really is a kind of flower planted on the cow dung。

Opened the big iron gate,Wang Youcai went to start the car。To be honest,He really doesn’t want to leave。You said there are delicious meals at home,And beautiful women love。In addition to TV,Liu Ying is the only one left。
Have been with someone for a long time,Inevitably get annoying。But except for Liu Ying,It’s hard to find someone to talk to,Let alone other。
The moment the car left the gate,Yao Chunni threw a plastic bag in。She smiled and said:“The cat lard pancake you like to eat,You can eat it as soon as you bake it on the stove”
Wang Youcai smiled sweetly at Yao Chunni,Kick the throttle,The car bumped and drove out of the village。It’s too cold,There is no child at the entrance of the village。
Thinking of Xiping Village,Xia Jian is gone,Zhao Hong is gone。He wants to find an opponent,There are no more people who want to worry about。Suddenly Wang Youcai has a particularly boring feeling,He suddenly felt,This person lives in the world,Actually it doesn’t mean anything。
Driving all the way,One to Pingdu,Wang Youcai went to the supermarket to buy things。He is purchasing,While calculating the time for Liu Ying to go home。The shopping trolley is full soon。
Lots of vegetables in the supermarket,Most of them come from the vegetable greenhouses in Xiping Village。Possible reasons for low transportation costs,The prices of these vegetables are not too high。
Wang Youcai took a look,Picked a handful of garlic sprouts,Took a bunch of celery。He bought some tomatoes and so on。Fortunately, Chenzhuang’s refrigerator is not small,Otherwise these things will freeze out as soon as they are pulled back。
This time, Wang Youcai has lost his blood,He filled up two shopping trolleys。The manager inside also sent someone to help push these things to his car。
Just finished loading the car,When Wang Youcai was about to get on the bus,Suddenly a long hair fluttering came towards me,Woman in red coat。This woman is wearing half-heel riding boots,The walking posture is really beautiful。
Wait a closer look,Wang Youcai was dumbfounded。
First2200chapter Chance encounter
“what!Ma Hongfang?”Wang Youcai couldn’t help but cried out。He has seen this woman for a while,She seems to have evaporated from the world。
Ma Hongfang obviously came to Wang Youcai,So she has a calm face,Just smiled and said:“What do you mean?Why do you see me like seeing a ghost”
Wang Youcai smiled,Only then did Ma Hongfang look at it from head to toe。This woman still looks so charming,Just take a closer look,Even though she painted heavy makeup,But there are still obvious wrinkles at the corners of the eyes。This shows that the years will not let anyone off。
“stop looking,Don’t you get old??Are you starting to hate me,Just avoid seeing me?”Ma Hongfang smiled,The red-painted little mouth kept talking。
Wang Youcai is afraid that others will hear their conversation,So he smiled and said:“Talk in the car,People come and go here,How inconvenient“
Wang Youcai opened the door。Ma Hongfang is also welcome,I opened the door and sat in the passenger seat。A cold breeze,The smell of inferior perfume wafted through Ma Hongfang’s body。

Chen Xiu is sitting between Ou Sheng and Li Lili,Can’t help but curiously say:“Osheng,Who is this Guo Zijian?,Why are you so domineering?”

“Guo’s Thirteenth Young Master,Just a prodigal。”
Osheng said quietly,I don’t want Guo Zijian’s ears but his ears are extremely sharp,Holding one’s chest,One said sadly:“Sister Sheng,You say me like this,But it broke my heart!”
Obviously Guo Zijian and Ou Sheng knew each other early,Looking at his two eyeballs, looking at Osheng’s low-cut evening dress,She’s going to swallow her alive,Chen Xiu looked aside and couldn’t help but taste a bit,Said angrily:“Kid,What can I see,Good playing cards,Behave!”
“Hey hello!”
Guo Zijian faced Chen Xiu’s provocation and said to Ou Sheng with an angry smile.:“Sister Sheng,When did you raise such a little wolf dog,Kind of barking!”
Chen Xiu is a beat on the table,Stood up and said angrily:“Kid is looking for smoke!”
Guo Zijian also stood up with a beat on the table,Glared at Chen Xiu and shouted:“Hey,Pretty horizontal,No one on the streets of Australia dare to talk to me like this。There is a kind of you come and try one!”
664 Licensing
Chen Xiu and Guo Zijian glared at each other,The gamblers around are also not attracted。

I heard this explanation,Wang Jing is originally want to say, but no more。

Although they knew the son’s interest,But this kind of thing,They don’t want my son to know,After all, what they feel unnecessary to add trouble.。
Yang Li saw that the two said so,Also knowing what you can’t say anymore.。
But I didn’t expect it.,Li Shouye, I just finished this.,Outside the door, there is a sound of screaming。
“Li Jiazi,I will give us money out.。”
“Correct,Li Turtle,Your son’s little turtle came back.,Now let’s calculate it.?”
Li Huihe listened to the sound of the house,I didn’t feel anything yet.,But this turtle,But let him have a killing in his eyes.。
Originally, he intends to spare the idea of people in the village.,But this time he decided not to be good.。
soon,A brick fly again。
Li Hui’s eye of the eye is straightforward。
Just now, if he does not shoot,Li Hui Feng feels that the brick is likely to smash his mother.。
How can this continue to endure?。
“dad,This time,You also lie to me?”
“breeze,Don’t go out,They are more popular,and”I haven’t finished it yet.,Li Hui Feng is already directly rushed out.。
Chapter 591
“Who is throwing the bricks?”
Li Hui Hui came out, it was a voice cold.,The people around the eyes of the eyes are can’t help but feel trembled.。
Especially Wu Lu,He before he was packed by Li Hui,When Li Hui Feng went to pick up him, he did not expose such a look.,However, this time Li Hui Feng is revealing such a look that he can’t help but play a drum.。
“No one recognizes?
Just, I said that I am with my dad is a shortage of turtle.,how?
Now yourself shot the turtle.?”
Li Hui’s words just finished,There is a young person who can’t stand it out.。
Instant you are standing out,Li Hui Feng is a glimpse,After all, Lianhua Village youth is still very small.,Basically, go out to work.,The root is not returned.。
“I thrown,We sell vegetables to you.,Your heart is too dark,Actually earn so much,The price of people to buy vegetables today is twice as much as you.。”
“I will put it down with you first.,I will ask you to know you don’t know if you throw your bricks.?”
Youth heard this,How can he not know the consequence?,But when you are so many people, he wants to face.,I want to go out.。
“How about knowing?
Who makes you blangy,Even if you are smashed and you can’t die。”
Just finished this,Li Hui is directly that it is a feet to fly.。
Several people behind yours have been hit by young people.。
“Hey-hey,It’s good to die.,Great,I don’t kill you today.,There are you,I have a good account today.,One of the white eyes,I have to see what your heart can be black.,Say my heart,Without me,Big car can come in?
Not me lead you to get your shed,You dare to invest?
Without my guarantee, make no compensation,You can make money one by one?”
Li Hui said with the wind to go directly to the youth.,One foot is on the ankle of youth。
咔嚓 嚓 脆 响 青 青 青 上 上 上 上 上 上 上。
Some people around you have never thought of Li Hui Feng will so feel spicy.。
The same is also thrown by Li Hui Feng.。
“Hey-hey,Don’t you say it??

Secretary Wang took a breath and said:“Your work ability is obvious to all,But the development of Pingyang Town cannot do without you at all。As the saying goes, starting a business is easy to maintain,If Pingyang Town can continue to develop effectively,Ouyang Hong has to work harder,I wonder if you can accept what I said”

“Understand Secretary Wang,It is hard-won for Pingyang Town to become a model town in Pingdu,There is a lot of bitterness in it,I won’t let go easily。As for Mayor Huang’s words to transfer me to Bucheon,I won’t go with him”Ouyang Hong said very firmly。
Secretary Wang said with a smile:“But some of our female cadres can’t ask for it,For example, Liu Guifang, the office director of the urban planning area,She will go with Mayor Huang”
“Director Liu, isn’t she married??Lovers and children are in Pingdu,She went to work in Bucheon?”Ouyang Hong asked a little puzzled。
Secretary Wang said with a smile:“Some of our cadres,Even the principle of party spirit can be abandoned in order to get promoted,Let alone these。You are right not to go,Pingyang Town is more suitable for your development”
Ouyang Hong nodded heartily,She knew very well in her heart,Pingyang Town,Is in a period of steady development,There must be no mistakes,Besides, Xia Jian is not here,She must be responsible for this project to the end。
The documents Huang Ting transferred to Bucheon soon came down,When Mayor Huang, who only stayed for more than a year, left,And even transferred two female cadres,As the saying goes, the forest is big and there are all kinds of birds。
The former deputy mayor of Pingdu City finally waited for the opportunity this time,He was promoted from deputy mayor to mayor,And Wang Youdao of the Secretariat was promoted to Deputy Mayor,But Wang Youdao’s promotion has many puzzles,But the Mayor Committee finally passed him。
Zhao Hong came to see Ouyang Hong this day,She closed the door as soon as she entered the office,Then I yelled in an unease:“What does this mean,How long has Wang Youdao been working?Why was he promoted to deputy mayor??”
“Ha ha!He did not work long enough,But this person is quite capable at work,Plus some other factors,It’s not strange that he is the deputy mayor,You don’t have to make a fuss”Ouyang Hong said with a smile。
Zhao Hong shook his head a little unconvinced and said:“Helpless!I think you are the most qualified to be the deputy mayor,You see how well developed Pingyang Town is now”
“Haha!Whoever does it is the same,Just do practical things for the people。Wang Youdao is from Xiping Village,I believe this time he became the deputy mayor,Will be more conducive to the development of Pingyang Town,Because he focuses on agriculture”Ouyang Hong smiled relaxedly。
Zhao Hong took a breath and said:“I’m afraid it’s not as simple as you think,You can say that there is no good person in this old Wang family,Still years ago,This Wang has money to find our village committee,Said to run for village head,And also ranting,It seems that this village chief is none other than him”
“Oh!Is there such a thing,But you can rest assured,Even if Xia Jian is not there,The head of Xiping Village is not in his turn.,Unless I quit the mayor”Ouyang Hong said very firmly。

Obvious,Be less,I have forgotten another important factor hardness that determines the victory.。

This may be the reason why Niu Mrs. 猴 子 移 恋 恋,Well-known,Monkey leads a few things that are proud,There is his golden hoop,Every time the woman is going to eat him.。
cough,Universal,Not a beef demon king,Lauger’s little white face confused,Forgot that people in the Buddha do most like hard,Truthful。
In fact, his old cow tenth,The body is not a class of bulls.,Half of the demon repair, there are half of the body,He is very reasonable to use his fist.,Completely imaginary Buddha。
Two people fight to one place,Each offended,Decided to take a high in martial arts。
Niu Deyan dance three stock Tiantian steel fork,Liao Jie did not take the winner,Welcome to the legs of the legs。
Two strong touch,Oscillation,Grinders,Silk gasification is invisible,Crazy cutting sky,Leave a straight trace。
“Bald,Eat 俺 old cow a fork!”
Ten came back,Niu Deyu,Three steel fork puncture。
Three-poper blows horror,Like countless steel knife fission,激 激气 气簌簌,Dustbrid roll,Dragonfly, all sides are crushed。
Liao Jie,Dark road, this group of monsters don’t move,Not a stick is a plug,Both have identity,Can you speaking something speech??
Besides,Such a dense release,Who is bald?!
He straight steel fork does not hide,Five fingers,Boxing sees three and going。Removed moment,That punch,Five fingers bypass,狠 掌 拍 拍 三 钢 钢。
immediately,Liao Jun’s foot of thunder fracture,Explosing unimaginable terror,Body ejection,Five fingers,Carrying a faint golden cattle nose to press the past。
Faceless,The king of the Niu De Wang has had a few slaps.,Disdain,Look forward to your face。
Not hard,It is full of high-strength martial arts and strong body board.。
This palm is strong,Photograph,Why can’t you?。
at the same time,Three shares of Tiantian Steel Fork puncture,Predictive in Liao Jie,Be first we take three blood cavoes。
Return 10,000,Even if I was lucky by Liao Jie,Both parties,Take a slap in the opponent’s serious injury,This wave does not lose,Some earn。
In the surprised eyes of Niu Dey,Potion in the hit。
Not called the empty,bump into,Scrape。

Steel fork is easy to exploit the clothes before Liao Jie chest,Fricted on a white clean skin,Even a white print did not leave。
This is a hard skin!
Niu De Wang Head,Surprised this world Tang San Tibet is difficult to swear,Watch your face,Dark road is so strong,Usually monster, you must not die。
Fortunately, his old cow is not bad.,The demon god is repaired by the monsters.,Who is not afraid than the body of the flesh?。
Trend,Molding golden flow,Blue palm printing of the sky,With infinite horror giant,It is pressed against it。
Niu Deyu Tani,The whole person is tightly posted on the palm print。
He didn’t know where the three steel forks he didn’t know.,As the palm is all the way,Roan the loud noise along the way,It’s not five soil slopes that I am flattering.。
Finally, the sand,Water drift is generally falling,I fell out to fly out of the ground and stopped in the posture of the onion.。

Guo Meili chased up from behind,She said loudly:“Where can I help,Just speak“

Xiao ChenchenVIPIn the ward,Messed up。No less than ten doctors and nurses,Fortunately this room is a bit big,Otherwise, these people will have nowhere to stand。
Bed electrocardiogram、EEG。There are a few instruments that Xia Jian has never seen before, all placed in front of Xiao Chenchen’s bed。Dean Li’s face is solemn,He kept listening to Xiao Chenchen’s heart with a stethoscope,Sweat is oozing out of his face。
“Jianer!This is how to do?“When Sun Yuejuan saw her son Xia Jian,I couldn’t help crying。Fortunately, Xia Zecheng returned to his hometown,Otherwise the two old people are together,He Xia Jian received。
Xia Jian patted my old mother on the shoulder and said:“mom!We have to trust the doctor,You cry but it’s useless,It will affect the doctor’s diagnosis,So let’s not cry“Xia Jian said,Wiped away the tears for Sun Yuejuan。
Zhao Hong pulled Xia Jian aside and whispered:“Can’t go on like this,Will burn the child’s brain,I think it’s better to go to hospital soon!Go to the provincial hospital“
Such a thing,Xia Jian met for the first time。His mind is blank,He really doesn’t know what to do。Xia Jian hesitated,Silent。
Zhao Hong on the side said coldly:“You can’t hesitate at this time,Should act decisively。Didn’t Mayor Qin tell me?,If you want to transfer to the provincial hospital,But contact her!“
Qin Xiaomin seems to have said so,Xia Jian is in a hurry,Took out the phone,I called Qin Xiaomin。Midnight,Who received such a call,Will be surprised。
Qin Xiaomin on the phone asked in surprise:“What’s wrong, Xia Jian!What the hell happened?“I can hear Qin Xiaomin’s voice trembling。
“Mayor Qin!You help me,Xiao Chenchen started to have a high fever again,The doctors here can’t do anything。I want to transfer him to the provincial hospital“Xia Jian said anxiously。
Qin Xiaomin exhaled on the phone and said:“it is good!I’ll come over now,You call the hospital ambulance“
With Qin Xiaomin’s promise,Xia Jian’s heart just let go,He immediately proposed transfer to Dean Li。Dean Li couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief,Arrange the transfer related matters immediately。
Qin Xiaomin came here very quickly,She came with a bag on her back。Xia Jian hurriedly greeted him and said:“Actually you don’t need to come,Just call the hospital for me“
“Nonsense,You let Auntie and Zhao Hong take care of the child in an ambulance,Let’s follow in your car。I have contacted the Provincial Children’s Hospital,But I still feel a little worried“Qin Xiaomin said loudly to Xia Jian,I completely forgot my identity。
Xiao Chenchen was sent to an ambulance,Sun Yuejuan and Zhao Hong sat there as an escort。The car dare not stop for a moment,Sounded the siren,Whizzing away。
Xia Jian, who recovered, said nothing,He quickly opened the door。Qin Xiaomin took a seat in the co-pilot,Speak firmly:“To the provincial capital,Don’t worry,With me, Qin Xiaomin,Your son’s illness can be cured。You drive me well now,Nothing else“
Xia Jian nodded,Drove to chase the ambulance ahead。
To the provincial capital,Full speed。Xia Jian passed the ambulance soon,He asked Qin Xiaomin to go to the Provincial Children’s Hospital to prepare in advance。Qin Xiaomin looked at Xia Jian anxiously,Can’t refuse his request。
In the morning,Xia Jian’s big rush finally drove into the Provincial Children’s Hospital。The car just stopped,Xia Jianbian and Qin Xiaomin jumped out of the car,Go straight to the hospital office building。

See Leo,Redhead smiled,And then report the information he knew about Leo。

Leo is not surprised,As a very special Four Emperor,Shanks knew he was not surprised。
Under the influence of Roger,Shanks looks at Roger almost everywhere,It can be said,Red hair is a replica of Roger。
Even the crew looks alike,The same elite route,Same strength structure。
The same single boat breaks the world,Same dislike for hegemony。
I don’t know what Roger looks like,You can look at Shanks,Shanks is approaching the Roger Pirates.,Almost 80% similar。
“you flatter me,Little Leo,Not to be praised by the Four Emperor Shanks!”
Behaved casually,Leo naturally twitched from the side table and sat down on a stool。
Shanks doesn’t understand,Since Leo is here, why don’t you just sit here?。
But sitting at the table next door。
Leo is arrogant,If it’s not hard power,,I didn’t care about the distance。
If Rayleigh gets upset, he will be in trouble?
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But Quan Xingguo still dare not move,Watching the surroundings carefully,The feeling just now is very real,Many years of field experience told him,That’s the feeling of being pointed at by a gun,Can’t be wrong,As for what gun it is, he can’t say,Mostly a rifle with a long range。

Quan Xingguo carefully moved his arm and took out his phone,For fear that the movement will cause the vegetation to shake and expose the position,The opponent is an extremely dangerous snake,very patient,He can’t let Gu Jian and others come and take risks,He wrote a sentence with difficulty and sent it out,I was already sweating profusely,It can be seen that the gunman poses a great threat to him。
So stalemate for nearly five minutes,Not only did this dangerous breath not disappear,Instead it gets stronger and stronger,The opponent should be slowly approaching him,Quan Xingguo exhausted his eyes and hearing, but he couldn’t locate this person.,Can’t help making him restless,I was secretly surprised that there was a dragon and a tiger in this lawless town,No wonder Wu Fang disappeared so bizarre,The instructor made a mistake this time,Inexplicably led everyone to touch the butt of a big tiger。
Thinking about,Suddenly there was a noise in the forest opposite,It seems that people or large animals are shuttled in the forest,A figure rushed out of the forest,Staggering,Very embarrassed with a limping,Quan Xingguo carefully identified,Almost screamed in surprise,It’s actually Tao Meng!
Tao Meng’s clothes are in tatters,The face is also stained with blood,The left arm seems to be broken,Unnatural shaking of the shoulders,The whole person’s mental state is extremely poor,Standing by the woods is very confused,Seems to be hesitating in which direction to go。
“Bang!”A clear gunshot,From behind Quan Xingguo,Tao Meng from the forest in the distance screamed in pain,Kneeled on the ground,The poisonous snake hiding in the dark broke Tao Meng’s left leg with a shot,Quan Xingguo’s anger starts from the heart,Turn the gun right away,I saw the grass swaying less than 200 meters away,But there is no other living thing,This person is extremely fast,After the fight, he left the hiding place。
Shameful shame!Quan Xingguo feels bored,At the same time, cold sweat on my forehead,The opponent actually touched such a close distance,If I made a little big move just now, I would become the opponent’s ghost under the gun,Such opponents are rare in their lives,No less than the Ling Feng who I saw in Yunshan back then。
Chapter six hundred and ninety eight Destruction Bureau
Obviously a trap,But Tao Meng can’t help but save,Quan Xingguo couldn’t just watch his companion suffer like this,He carefully observed the 60-degree sector in front of him,150 meters in depth is the limit,No matter how fast the killer is, it is impossible to leave this range,Then he moved his position quietly,Make one’s own observation perspective bigger,I dialed Gu Jian’s phone。
“what’s the situation?”Gu Jian is anxious,He just brought people back to Fengyitai,But Quan Xingguo told him to brake,Don’t know what happened。
“On the south or north side of the road?”
“North side。”
“it is good,Take the road in front of Fengyitai as a horizontal line,The tallest locust tree at the edge of the forest is the origin of the coordinates,I’m at 55 degrees,Did you see Tao Meng??He is at fifty degrees,The height difference between us is about 100 meters。”
“Oh my God!”Gu Jian’s exclamation came from the microphone,“I saw……”
“The opponent has a gunman,superb,Between fifty five and sixty degrees,The height difference with mine is no more than 150 meters,Do you have a long guy in your hand?”
“No,This bastard wants to use Tao Meng to kill you。”Gu Jian instantly understood the situation,I’m also gnashing my teeth,Angry Mo Ming,“Don’t panic,I let a brother interfere with him。”
“Going directly is going to die。”Quan Xingguo quickly stopped,“Hear me out,Let your people go around behind the gunner and approach slowly,Two people must travel in two directions at the same time,It’s okay if something moves,Creeping forward,Don’t take it easy,Don’t post it within 200 meters,The opponent’s marksmanship is very accurate。”
“understand。”Gu Jian does not argue,Quan Xingguo is a sniper,Cold shots have the most say,This time the instructor led the special operations team to attack,Gu Jian is one of the nine team members,But none of his six subordinates were official team members,Has not been taken apart,He was also brought here at the request of the instructor,Cooperate in secret。

The teenager laughed,The Five Temples contradictions have a long history,It seems that it started from the ancestor,But he doesn’t care too much about it,There is mutual restraint,But intergrowth is more important,The so-called heaven and thick soil give birth to everything,Five elements are indispensable,This is the way that heaven and earth fit into circulation。

After being burned in flames,The teenager suddenly realized a lot of things,He leaned over and grabbed a handful of black sand that was burned by the fire,Take a closer look,Nodded secretly,Palm together,The black sand has turned into a very fine powder and leaked from the fingers。
The golden yellow sand has been completely changed,On the surface it is the result of incineration,In fact, the chaotic rules changed its properties,The source is the blood of the boy after Bibotan soaked,This is also the reason why the white chaotic mountains and rocks become soil。
“Are you going to withdraw?Don’t make Lao Tzu go crazy。”
Teenager smile,Then waved,The milky white halo enveloped the whole body turned into a thick mist and drifted away,Shrouded like light smoke on those eight fireballs like the sun。
The fireball gradually changes,Move closer together、Fusion,Then the dazzling white light became soft,Dim soon,Finally shrunk into a cloud,Wandering back to the boy,Turn into a halo again,But this layer of halo is more dazzling and solid than before。
That tall figure looks interesting,I forgot why I screamed at the boy just now,“juvenile,You are good at it,When will the Holy Fire Temple come out such a magical technique?”
The teenager wants to laugh again,But can’t laugh,Only then did he deeply realize that big eyes often scorn everything.,The ancestor continent including the free world,All too primitive,Too behind,Low-end practice system,No matter the ordinary Tianzun,Still a high-level supernatural power,Can’t touch the power of rules。
Only a very small number of top powerhouses can barely comprehend the rules,Such as Huo Tianzun and Shenghuang,Another example is the creator of the Five Elements Temple I just saw,They all fall into this category,He could see the chaotic properties in the milky halo at least at a glance。
By contrast,The palace lord of the Houtu Temple in front of him is a little worse in level,Although he cultivated the divine power techniques of Ancestor Mainland to the extreme,Can’t break through that line of horizon comprehension rules,It’s hard to become a real top power。
Unconsciously,The young man has stood by one he didn’t know、But in the eyes of high-level supernatural beings, it’s difficult to see the problem.,This is certainly related to his encounter in a mysterious place,More importantly, he belongs to the mysterious place.,Bibotan’s repeated washing,Gave him great benefits。
“This is not the power of the Holy Fire Temple,This fire comes from Lieyang Palace。”The teenager had no intention of joking,But have to explain,I’m afraid it will consume a lot of tongue but it is difficult to say clearly,A word with a bias,The teenager is still a little guilty,Don’t think this old man is tall and mighty now,In fact, it’s just a ray of soul,It’s not good to cheat like this。
“No wonder,But you are young,How is it related to that old monster?”
Juvenile headache,It seems that lying is asking for trouble,A lie needs more lies to cover up,Had to bite the bullet,“A little chance,Jinwu Sacred Palace Introduction。”
“wrong,You lied to me。No one knows that the old monster and the golden crow are not dealing with each other?How can it introduce you?”
“indeed so。”Teenagers don’t want to waste time,“Old Palace Lord,I have already broken your yellow sand,Can you say goodbye to it after some explanation?”
“Hey,How can you be so cheap at a young age?”Although the old man scolded,But there will be no further action,He looked at the black sand,Long sigh,“Having broken my divine power,I speak naturally,The mantle cannot be passed on to you,But there are a few things for you,Half yours,Half take care of my disciples and grandchildren。”
Just finished,The old man grabs it,I have an khaki bag in my hand,Suddenly his complexion became more serious,“Who is the head of the Houtu Temple??”