What ‘s so amazing about eating 10 grapes a day?

What ‘s so amazing about eating 10 grapes a day?

Is there a best of both worlds?

The scientist’s answer is yes, that is to eat grapes directly.

As long as you insist on eating 10 grapes a day, the resveratrol component obtained is sufficient to protect the heart and brain blood vessels and greatly reduce the risk of suffering from heart disease, stroke and other diseases.

  Red wine has wonderful effects in preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke. This is due to its resveratrol and other polyphenols.

The secret is that resveratrol has the antioxidant effect of scavenging free radicals, which can help the body regulate plasma in the body and block the occurrence and development of arteriosclerosis.

Unfortunately, drinking too much alcohol is not good for liver health.

Winter Diet Cold Recipe Kelp Tofu

Winter Diet Cold Recipe Kelp Tofu

Focus: Weak constitution and frequent cold countermeasures: People’s fear of cold is also related to the quality of minerals implanted in the body.

For example, the amount of calcium in the human body can directly affect the stretchability and excitability of the human heart muscle, blood vessels and muscles. Calcium supplementation can improve the body’s cold resistance.

Calcium-rich foods include milk, soy products, and kelp.

Salt is also very important for the body’s cold protection. It can enhance the body’s heat production function. Therefore, in the winter season, it is mainly spicy and hot, but it should not be too salty.

  No secret recipe: kelp tofu kelp knot half a catty, a box of northern tofu, ginger slices, spring onions, salt, chicken essence amount.

Wash the kelp knots for future use, cut the tofu into 3 cm square pieces; add the right amount of oil, at 50% oil temperature, add ginger slices and scallions; add tofu and salt; fry until slightly yellow, stir-fryAdd seaweed and stir fry for about one minute; add water, spread 1 cm over the main ingredients, add chicken essence; continue to burn on high fire for about 8 minutes, excess soup can be taken out of the pot.

This dish is rich in calcium and beneficial to the heart muscle.

Slim women need to gain weight first.

Slim women need to gain weight first.

According to British media reports, the latest survey by British scientists shows that women with slim waists are more likely to have a miscarriage early in pregnancy.

A group of medical staff at the Royal College of Health and Tropical Medicine conducted observations and studies on 600 abortion women and 6,000 women who were pregnant for more than three months.

Studies have shown that slender women are 72% more likely to develop during the first trimester than normal females.

This period is a bit nervous for the slim women who want to have a baby.

In order to avoid such things happen, try to increase your weight before pregnancy.

  Diet, high protein, high metabolism diet, is the only way to gain weight.

Concentrated protein and high-metabolism foods, such as heavy cheese cakes, small pastry, small cakes, etc., a small amount of meals, supplemented with papaya enzymes or comprehensive enzymes to help digestion, to increase the digestion and absorption efficiency of food.

  Breakfast prefers Western-style recipes 1.

A cup of orange juice is now squeezed.

A cup of low fat milk 3.

A pancake filled with syrup, jam, and cream.

  I like the recipe for Chinese taste.

A bowl of preserved egg porridge or millet porridge 2.

A cup of soy milk or rice syrup.


A boiled egg lunch prefers a Western-style recipe for recipe 1.

Apple has a 2.

A cup of low fat milk 3.

Sandwich a 4.

A box of lettuce salad 5.

High-fiber biscuits A recipe that likes Chinese flavors.

Kiwi is a 2.

A cup of yogurt 3.

A bowl of rice or a bowl of noodles 4.

A boiled greens a 5.

A high-fiber biscuit reminds you of the afternoon snack: a cup of milkshake, a few slices of high-fiber biscuits, a lo-flavored dish, or a tea egg.

  Dinner recipes can be done as usual.

A freshly squeezed juice 2

Ice cream or a portion of yogurt.

Lettuce salad or stir-fried vegetables a 4.

A bowl of rice or a bowl of noodles 5.

A piece of lean meat or fish 6.

Eat pineapple, papaya, or tomatoes after meals.

  Eat two hours before going to bed at night and try to eat for two hours before going to bed.

Spread the toast with jam, peanut butter, cream, and garlic sauce.

Drink another bowl of broth, milk or soy milk.

Just eat a little bit of meaning, so as not to eat too much, can’t sleep.

  [Specially recommended]yam porridge: yam, cheese, sugar.  The method of its production can be divided into two types.

One is to wash the fresh yam, add rice porridge when cooked, and then mix it into the cheese, sugar to eat; another method is to dry the yam powder, take 30 grams each time, add cold water and mix thoroughly, set on the stoveCooked with simmer, stir constantly, take off after two or three boiling, transfer to the cheese, sugar can be eaten.

  The yam tastes sweet and flat, can make up the sputum, long muscles, moisturize the fur, for the treatment of weight loss, beauty and wonderful products.

The cheese can nourish the lungs and nourish the skin.

The combination of the two can be used to transport the spleen and stomach and fund the source. Therefore, it is very effective in patients with thin and thin skin.



Coriander is a Hulai, commonly known as coriander.

Genus Umbelliferae.

Tender seedlings are used as vegetables, medicinal fruits or whole grass.

It is widely cultivated in North and South China.

  The taste is spicy and warm.

  The distillate contains volatile carbonated oil, 60-70% of d-Agarwood, the main component of the oil, terpineol, dipentene, borneol acetate, vinegar agarwood carbonate, etc.

It also contains fatty oils.

  Pharmacology 1.

Rubella for measles transmission can promote plasma circulation.


Aromatic and healthy stomach, expelling wind and detoxifying.

  The function is suitable for pediatric measles, rubella unpleasant, or repeated and repeated, and meat food poisoning.

  [小儿麻疹初期,尤其是透发不快者]  鲜芜荽菜,或芜荽子适量煮汤,乘热置患儿鼻旁熏,或蘸汤热拭颜面及颈项,可促麻疹快透,加用芜荽, Guai Liu, Puerariae each 9 grams, decoction.

  [胃弱消化不良]  芜荽子、陈皮各6克,茅术9克,水煎服。  [痔疮肿痛,肛门脱垂]  芜荽(或芜荽子)煮汤熏洗,同时用醋煮芫荽子,以湿布温罨患部。  [流感]  黄豆9克,芫荽30克(干的6克),水煎服。


Li Tan with a cuff to help Gao Bo Yi wiped the sweat on his face,Faceful:“I want me to marry the rhydom http://www.363dai.cn world at home.,Dermatology,But I am very optimistic about you.,So through the opportunity to go to Caizhou,Take me,That is to delay for a while。”
“then you”
“if not,You think I am so submerged。If I don’t want to,Will you get you??”
Li Zhili drums with Gao Bo’s ears。
No wonder,Gao Boyi finally know why this girl will dedicate。
“Auntie has been flying in the mother,Furthermore,Don’t be hard。”
“Then you still have to go to me to talk about the problem.?”Li Mu Tan glanced at Gao Baoyi。
Gao Bao nodded,But the opportunity is rare,He doesn’t want to leave this.。
Gao Bo Yi is booting Li Zhiling’s right hand,Put it on your left hand,Full mouth:“lady,look,Our hands,How husband and wife。”
Li Zhin looked at the high Bohai is full of old,And old knife wounded big hand,I also saw my http://www.sh-luyu.cn tender and delicate hands.,I haven’t felt now.。
Her first heard that there is a couple of husband and wife.,I look an arms of Gao Baoyi:“How to speak this?”
“You don’t think it is more than my hand.,Is your hand better??I have a bloody killing outside.,You are beautiful in the family,How much?”Gao Boyi continues to instill your own 歪 理。
Li Zhu Tan’s eyes,Holding Gao Baoyi,I am afraid that the other party will immediately disappear。
“Look back,The man is in a dim light。You write really。I hope you don’t go outside.,It is really not peaceful now.。”
“All said,That is to abandon the description。I don’t kill.,One day in case,A person I can’t afford to sleep with you,Do you say that I am promised or not?”
Gao Biyi throws a difficult question。
Li Zehua naturally knows how you look,There is no way to answer http://www.bcaofan.cn this question.,Can only sigh in secluded。
“Now I will talk to my father-in-law.。”
“Will you come to Qi Prefecture??”
“Um,Have time to go。”Gao Baoyi smile,Quietly feel this rare temperature。
Wife appearance is too big,If there is no such thing,It’s just to find things for yourself.!In order to be in the future, it is not forced to wear a green hat.,Gao Boyi feels that he has to work harder.。
“Don’t forget to make friends,You don’t come to me.,I will go to the temple.。”
Looking at Li Tan with a pretty face with tears,Gao Boi nodded,Decline。Turning moment,His face is no longer gentle,Only sinister!Originate,The whole person is cold and hard!
Who dare to grab my wife?,Who will he dare to kill?!
Gao Bo Yi came to the gazebo,Argade:“Father-in-law,Xiaoyu is a gift。”
“Just talked about it?”Li Zuli asked with a smile。
“Uh-huh,Talk about it。Please ask the father-in-law。”Gao Boyi certainly won’t think that Li Zulsheng is waiting for him here, just in order to talk about children’s private feelings.。
NS95chapter serious situation
“You are playing the tiger,In fact, I am present.。Self-old hero,If。That day later,I will give you a woman with Xiaosan.。However, Van Tan has always had a master.,Say to see it again,So I will be by her.。”
Li Zuheng is not a strong person,Did not spend in front of Gao Biyi。
“Father, the father-in-law, you have worry?China is still a family event?Xiaoyi can have a bitter?”Gao Bao asked on the horse。
Li Zugui deeply saw him and said:“Nature is a state,But it is also a family entry。
Van Tan is not married to you,There is always two choices between royal and hill.。
We Li Jia’s status,Now I am relying on my today’s right.。Men can’t stand the Han people,Jinyang is also a big camp of military households,There, let’s insert it.。Even if you can marriage with the faster,We are only attainful.,Do you understand this truth??”
A hundred years of dynamics,Millennium,This truth comes from the later generation Gao Baoyi naturally understand。

The power of attack suddenly disappeared。

Talk long,But everything happens in a moment。
A moment of idioty,Immediately disappear。
But just a momentary pressure,Also let thousands of students can’t afford。
“Ha ha。”
at the same time,A cool laugh is from all sides.。
“call out”Accompanied by sound,Distant horizon,A shape is like a meteor。
The last moment is still far http://www.aoliangzhiyi.cn away,Next moment, I arrived over the top of everyone.。
Those new and old students falling,A pale standing,It’s not comparative.。
This is a young man wearing a green dress.,Surface looks,In 20 years old,Eyebrow eye show,Smile。
He stepped from half a step in half,Hug,“Disguise the dean,See you。”
The new and old students who have just standing are all wrongly。
Original anger,Mask cold cream,Killing the “Sui Shu”,It is full of eyes.。
Angry expression disappears。
Change is a strong unconvived。
“you……Jiang Wei?”
“Jiang Wei?
you,You break through the Linghai?”
Hidely,Including the big state of the country,Su Zhidao is all around.,Look excited,Gaze。
“Really you,Jiang Wei!”
Young man open mouth,A very clean smile,“it’s me,Every teacher,Such as fake。”
“Hahaha……”Seven Qinghai strong people http://www.iyinrui.cn have laughed。
As you can see from their look,Not loaded,It is happy from the heart.。
New and old students behind,And people from major city pools,Face each other。
But very quickly,Anyone seems to think about?,Immediately changed color。
“I think of it.,It’s him!”
“The enchanting of the Eastern College 30 years ago,Jiang Wei!”
“What!this……It’s him?
How can this be,Break through the Linghai in the past 30 years?”
“……”In the discussion,About Jiang Wei’s http://www.bellivip.cn name,I also spread it quickly。
Especially the old students of the Academy of Academy,Nature also knows this name。
Thirty years ago,The Academy of Pagang came out of a enchanting genius.。
That one,Only he has been admitted to the pokes in the hospital。
Just from that,The big summer country seems to exhaust all air transport.,Thirty years,No one has been admitted to the pool of Wushuai。
Even qualifications for the assessment。

Fang Fang glanced at Wang Lin and said:“Just want to drink,No reason。Just drink with me,Can’t ask too much,Otherwise i will be angry”

“Row!Let’s only drink tonight,Just talk about Fengyue,Everyone is happy。If anyone violates the rules, he will be fined for drinking,This is the rule,No matter who it is tonight,We all have to obey“Wang Lin said very seriously。
Xia Jiannong didn’t understand,What are these two women doing??The two of them sang a harmony,Just get him drunk。Xia Jian thought of this,Can’t help but smile to myself。He knew,Fang Fang, don’t look at her like this,Actually started drinking,Even Wang Lin may not be able to drink it,As for Wang Lin??At best, he can be http://www.owanbao.cn tied。
The dishes are not yet on the table,Two bottles of liquor are already set。Fang Fang boldly opened the lid of the wine bottle,And started pouring some of them。The cup uses three cups,A bottle of wine down,Three cups just finished。
“President Lai Xia!We have not had a drink for a long time together,Not drunk tonight“Fang Fang raised his glass。It looks really scary,But Xia Jian is drinking,Never been afraid,It’s a big deal drunk and vomiting last time。
Wang Lin does not show weakness,Lift the cup and touch,I drank a big product first。Xia Jian has a look,How can I fall behind。As the saying goes“A thousand cups of wine every confidant,Don’t be speculative“The three of them,In the case of entrepreneurial groups,The time to work together is really not short。
When the dishes come,Three people eating,While drinking。They are really talking http://www.seening.cn nonsense,Suddenly Wang Lin smiled and said to Xia Jian:“You hit someone in Xiping Village this time,Thanks to Fang Fang for secretly showing up,Otherwise it won’t be easy to settle“
“Ah!I said why Wang Laowai suddenly changed his mouth,Fang Fang helped“Xia Jian asked with a big smile。
Fang Fang smiled and said:“Easy work,I just asked Zhang to show up,Sometimes these things can’t be dealt with,Taking a crooked route can sometimes get half the result“
“Ok!This family is not reasonable,Reason with them,Is like playing the piano,It’s really commendable that you can think of this,I thought I might go in and experience life,Unexpectedly, Wang Laowai changed his words halfway and was willing to reconcile,It seems your function is not small,I respect you“Xia Jian said it and died。
Drink like this,Two bottles of wine。Although Xia Jian was not drunk at this time,,But it started to feel a little dizzy。Fang Fang glanced at Wang Lin,A slightly drunk question to Xia Jiandao:“President Xia!We have been together for several years,I always have a question for you,I don’t know if you can give me this answer today?“
“Just ask,Look so serious,I feel a little funny。Mr. Wang called the waiter to serve another bottle of wine,See Fang Fang talking cautiously,Note that it is not in place“Xia Jian said with a smile。
Fang Fang took a breath,Said with a smile:“You said it yourself,Can’t go back。I ask you,When you first arrived at the venture group,Do you like Xiao Xiao?”
“Really like”Xia Jian didn’t even think about it,Speak directly。
Fang Fang nodded,Ask a bit bitterly:“what about http://www.azrat.cn now?”
“It’s meaningless to ask you this,Knowing she is no longer in this world,How do you let me love her?”Xia Jian looked straight,Obviously a little unhappy。

One party wrinkled frown,He is not in the action of the Emperor Palace,He is a school city citylevel 5Vertex,The first place,He has absolute confidence。

Earthly,His brow,A hint of ice is on his face,He looked up,Suddenly the pupil is shrinking!
On the sky,I don’t know, I fall.,Gently fall,Like a bit of star,Gentle falling。
Midsummer in the urban city,Students’ summer vacation,The hottest time in the year,At this moment,Snowing。
“Do you think you can only have a thermal energy formula??”Qinggang faint smile,“Do you feel cold now??”
“Boring theory。”One party is laughing,Jumbled,Directly,moment,Just arrived in the past!
Be close to one party,The Qing Palace does not panic,Just random backward,at the same time,His right hand slammed forward!
“what!”Parallel pupil,Just backward,But it is already too late.。
A little blue,Instant outbreak!
Like the magical gorgeous scene, in the middle of the two people,Countless white fog instantly diffuses,Package the body of the two,the difference is,The meter of the Qing Palace seems to have anything to protect,White fog did not post his body,And one party is completely engaged。next moment,Big block of ice instantly condensed,Embrace in the middle of the body,The speed is spreading for four weeks,Instant,Everything within 50 meters of the square is sealed by ice.,The center of the center is more frozen into an ice sculpture.。Whole school is white,Falling snowflakes,Like the cold winter。
‘Extreme freezing point’Full output outbreak!
“”Yushuaxun is sluggish to look at this beautiful picture of this beauty,I stayed in a time.。
The outbreak of the ice is only bypass two people.,One is the Qing Palace,The other is her,Obvious,This is intertwined in the Qing Palace.。
“Do you think that I just did this sentence only for my http://www.mosashop.cn field??”Looking at the side of the frozen,Qing Palace said,“When my ability is wrapped in the field,The effect can be completely different.,and,This extent must not be your life,only”The words of the Qing Palace have not finished,His light gold pupil suddenly shrinks,Body flashes,It is already a bit late.。
A huge ice bombard,Directly in the half of the Qing Palace,next moment,Ice sculptures originally frozen,White hair teenager pale figure emerges from the ice cubes!
“It’s really fun.!”One side of the face with a trace of blush,Can look, more crazy,He haha laughed,“You can’t kill me at a point.!Hahahahaha!interesting!It’s a fun guy.!”
“but,You are a little bit。”Juveniles slowly walk from Ice,Scarlet’s eyes flashing crazy,“you say,How can I kill you??”
“Braw”A sound,The mask on the face of the Qing Palace broke a gap,http://www.beatscn.cnA silky silk flows to the face of the mask,啪 滴 滴 地。
Iron bridge。
now,Two figures are confrontation。
“give up,You can’t knock down me.。”The teenager of the hedgehog shook his head helpless,Put down your right hand。
His opposite,Tea girl is looking at him with a frost。
Haruate has been released,Conan,Self-examination of the book friends group,Group number5 8 2 9 6 7 9 8 1
(This chapter is over)
NS198chapter Don’t give up your life casually
“What do you want to do??”Mechanical face is gloomy looks on opposite,Hand arc 噼 噼,But I can’t break the Lei Pool half-step。
In front of the upper right hand is like a copper wall,No matter what the current can’t penetrate,Even the swords of the iron sand that came out for a moment, decomposed into debris after encountering the strange hand.,Revert to iron sand。
“All said,Just stop you here.。”The upper strip has been returned to the right hand,Slightly showing a headache,“This kind of thing is obvious.?”
“You give me ahead!”Meiqin is crazy,The upper strip said that it looks unpleasant,But all nonsense,No one can see you to stop me here.,But I am not asking this.!
“Do not let。”The upper strip slowly shakes his head.,“Don’t think that I don’t know what you have to do.。”
“what?”Meiqin polar,“you know?what do you know?”
“If I don’t know anything,Then I will not be here now.。”The upper strip looked up and saw a native piano.,Sigh,“I am from a person’s please,Specially come here to block you,Don’t let you go to the battlefield。”
“By someone?”Meiqin’s body suddenly stiff,I widened my eyes and looked at him.,Lips slightly jitter,But if you can’t say it?。
“What do you know?!”Earthly,Meiqin raises his head,Amber scorpion with a fear,“Who let you come here?!”
“I know a lot,Including your sister。”The upper strip shakes his head,“And that disgusting experiment。”
“”Hear here,Meiqin is like a lot of power.,Slowly,One is on the railing of the bridge。
Did it have been known??

Meng Into is worthy of the Alliance of the Federation of Things,Soon found a clue for the pure land of ancient Buddha。He thought this was a turning land.,Along the clues along with the Qing,Flower a hundred years,They finally found the entrance to the pure land。

It is a paled portal in front of you.,Flooding、Decaying breath,The sacred solemnity with the legend of China Buddha Zong Pure land is different http://www.schongji.cn from。
The Qing Dynasty felt the connection between her and the outside world.,And the feelings of your own cave be changed if there is no,And the avenue of your own practice is replaced here.。
Meng Yintong is better,His cave is in the body of the body。
now,He can play the biggest combat power,But fall,Also means thorough falling,Fidelity,In this strange place,The hole is not much likely to hide,Even more than half of the opportunity to escape from time and space。
But after entering a time and space,He never wants to go in the second time.。
The paled portal appears to be terror!
Before,In addition to the paled portal,No road,And there is no other space around the portal.。
Qingling’s contest invaded around the door,Did not get any feedback。
That is complete virtual。
Traily in,The next thing http://www.ntddtl.cn is that it is also virtual.。
Enter the paled portal,It seems to be the only way to explore the pure land of this ancient Buddha。
Qingling said faintly:“It seems that only enters this door,In order to touch the secret of the turning land。”
Xie Yi Meng Shentong pale portal so deeply fear the,His depth:“I am afraid there is not a pure land,But the magic soil。”
Green Spirit did not refute,This possibility does exist,“Hit the door look。”
With the power of two three robbery Heaven’s Soldiers,Even behind the door hides a terrible Xie Yi,At least, come out alive。
She ‘s hand,Invisible force attack on a pale portal。
In the dynamic portal,It seems to open up。
And now they look very dignified blue ling。
Meng Shentong not look to the portal,But look to the blue ling extended hand,At the moment actually grow faint gray Shiban。
This is a very terrible curse,Even Heaven’s Soldiers will be caught。
She did not hesitate,Daoguang flash ray,His hand to Zhanla。
Shiban covered hand fell on empty,Constantly twisted expansion,As if what terrible things you want to revive old。
Pale portal also opens,Inside is a vast sea of blood,Floating above a giant ancient Buddha corpse。
An outbreak of the space forces of terror,Abruptly erased pale portal。
While blue ling and Meng Shentong appeared in a Death Star Suzaku star field。
“It seems we are looking in the wrong place。”
“Fortunately, you re-seal the portals that Xieyi。”
“Only temporary,That Buddha statue sea of blood above the corpse too old。”
Speaking“Buddha”with”ancient“,She aggravates,And she also saw it from“Buddha”Wish。
It wants to be a“Black lotus”?
This wish is like a curse into her heart.。
NS201chapter Meeting with God of God(Request subscription)
Sweet,Three robbery,Flamingo“Glazed”!
In the lungs of the ancient star,Xiong benfruit,Horrible hot air,Can easily get angry,At this time, the glass appeared in the fire.,She is a small black lotus in front of her eyes.。
This big person who can shake the Sarazarian domain。Compared with the past,She has changed a lot,Small black lotus,If the servant is generally humble。
“Take a great respect,Those walks belong to a tissue called mythology,I doubt that someone is from the fairy world.。Or mythical itself is an organization that belongs to the land fairy。”
Suzaku family is extremely old,Aware of many secrets,She launches Suzaku’s forces,Intentionally,Excavation of many secrets in these years。
“Um。”Black lotus is very calm。

for example“No team can never lose”,“IGObvious becauserookieIs the body uncomfortable??”

http://www.will-power.cn Shot of this,Also constantly enlightened between live broadcasts。
But unfortunately,These people disgusting people,How can you manage you?IGWhat did the fan say??
The palace is slightly sighing,He doesn’t know why these people do this.,He doesn’t want to know。
after all,Before he didn’t play a career,This kind of thing is already unrelenting.。
The original popularity team,After losing a few games,Just causing a lot of rhythm。
Not only the team’s arms have a thousand feet,Even the original popularity,They will make anti-their poison。
Far can be traced backS3Royal,S4ofEDG,And their teamADCNa Beauty。
close,BeS5ofLDGAnd Wei Shen,BesidesS6S7ofEDGFortress。
recent,that isS8ofRNGNS。
But fortunately,IGJust lose relatively less important moral cup。
Not like these teams,Carrying hope to go to the http://www.vm-online.cn World,Then the miserable defeat。
But even if this is the case,Current rhythm,All letIGThe team members are very difficult to accept。
This online people become too fast.?
After being attracted by this movement,Wang Hai also saw these contents。
After reading a small meeting,Wang Hai wrinkled directly,Then open the mouth:“Mobile phone is closed,Prepare for the game。”
IGEveryone is very clear about the Wang Hai.,In addition, his ability to show this time is indeed a more prominent.。
so,After hearing this sentence,ngIt is directly to put your own mobile phone,Then put it on the table。
“When resting in the parcel,Don’t play mobile phones。”
Wang Hai’s words,ngI can’t help but look up,It’s ready to resist。
But he just looked up,I found that Wang Hai is staring at himself.。
Toned to the mouth,ngSnoring“Um”A http://www.lyrczp.cn sound。
“Face these rhythm,Only your strength on the game,Is the most powerful root。”
Wang Hai said this sentence,Then I sat.IGCentral of the lounge。
“Now,Let’s do it.BPPreord。”
“Welcome back to Demasia Cup,The second game of the finals of the victor group,I am explaining Wu Di。”
“I am an explanation of zero。”
Both people introduce themselves,I can’t help but use some concerns.,LookIGAt this time。
“rookiePlayner,It seems to be at the time,The body is very uncomfortable.。”
“Yes,But he did not choose to give up the game.,Instead, it is laid on the forehead.,Also choose to play the game。”
In the picture,Shot of the lensrookie,His forehead on white is very conspicuous。
“come on,I must fight those faces.。”
ngSoundIGThe team is ringing,I also won the response of my teammates soon.。
“come on!”
“come on。”
“come on。”
“Fake oil。”
This bureauIG,After the wheel goes to them,Still choosing red square。
andTOPFormer three handsbanpeople,In this case,Choose the top three of the top three directlyban。
Cattle head、Luo and Egate directly enterbanPool。