Yang Wei and Taiyuan Long Princess have children,It is also a blood with a high home.。If you want to sing to the Gao Baoyi,The family is clear and sooner or later.。

He can see it,Northern family supports Gao Baoyi’s strength,With the other party“Binding level”,Differently a bit far。
“Alang,Cui Shi is coming。”
The old servant whispered outside the book.。
Cui Shi is Cui Jishu,He came to find Yang Yu in the middle of the night.,Needless to say,Just to discuss things tonight.。
As long as the eyes are not ignorant,I saw that Gao Bao almost almost turned away.,He must not be good for。What is going on?,What is the back?,Then I don’t say it.。
This is very like a place with a high ocean.,That is, I don’t like to play the card according to the routine.,And Gao Baoyi has a huge intelligence,But there is no madness and madness of the ocean,It can even be said that it is an angry.。
Long time,This person’s power is more terrible。
He may change the chance to change。
Cui Ji Shujin entered the study,The face is the same as Yang Wei,Are full face。
“Gao Bo Yi is not in advance with you?I always feel,He has to make a big movement tomorrow.。”Cui Ji Su is worried。
He is a big official from the family.,But he is not the words of Boling Cui,Family interior,Self-funded rules and processes,Not to say who is the official,Who is the length of the family。
He also felt today,The family is sloping to Gao Baoyi.,It seems that this didn’t take this moment.。
But think about it.。
Beforehand,These people are in。
Gratify,These people are still。
After passing through Gao Cheng and a high ocean,Two have been ancient,However, the family is still good.。
Iron hits,Emperor,What’s more, Gao Biyi is not an emperor.,He is mostly half a power contest.。People can’t see Gao Bao Yi is normal。
“Before,I told him the things of the Yucheng granary.,Food sent from Chen Guo,Has been in the position。”
Yang Wei said Shen Sheng。
As for the South Chen, why agreed to make a large-scale salt to change food transactions with North Qi,He is also a heard,But there is no exact message。
It is said that it is the secret of Gao Bao to send Chen Chang, Chen Chang, Chen Chang, Chen Chang.,Then Chen Guo banned the army Houan took over!
And I also heard that this one is not in peace of mind.,Instead, encounter wind waves in the Yangtze River,Sinking with the ship,Life and death!
There are many things in this way.。
“So,Since you don’t miss more,Gao Bao wants to do something?”
Yang Wei and Cui Ji Shu two face each other,There is no answer。
NS902chapter Two hands caught two hands very hard(2)
Spring sleepy autumn lack summer snoring,Crazy tossing overnight,Gao Baoyi is the gas that is affected by the family.“Vent”Come out。Rao is a strong,Some backache is also a backache when you get up in the morning.。
“Alang,Recently, I have to go to the princess there, and I have never been here.,I always feel a bit uncomfortable.。”
Light drill Li Zhilin hides in the blanket,Stretch your hand and catch Gao Biyi。
“I see,I am just afraid of giving a wrong signal.,It is also not late after it.。”
Gao Biyi has not seen high recently.,Naturally, there is his consideration inside,Or,He is deliberate,Don’t want to give people a wrong signal in the middle of the family!
It’s too close to the Gao Lang.,Will make people think that you want to be a dog as a lifetime,Unhappy,This will cause quite unnecessary troubles.。
certainly,Sulk,Naturally, transmitting a signal to the Gaogue Royal,That is, His Gao Bao has his own ideas and intended.,This will also cause non-discussing。
The two harm is light,Where is the perfect thing in the world?。
“Alang,The power of the family is under water,You don’t look at them.。I won’t let me marry the world when I was.,I can’t take us after the wife。”
Li Shini is afraid that Gao Bao is impulsive,Worried。
“When did you regenerate a daughter??Is it not very lonely??”
Gao Biyi asked。

“I originally thought that Xie San Ge was tired of teaching.,Have a negative education,Can’t think of……It is Ming Tegua to Drag, thank you.。”

The high-rise of Mingjiao recognized the handwriting of the roof day.,Obviously, the above content is also recognized.。
That then look at Shaolin……
If they have just been punishable,Undoubtedly it is confident now,Chengkun、That is, the circular is really in the intentional pit, and it is undoubtedly.,Shaolin……It’s not good to say it.、Or one of the mains behind!
“Chu Show!Yangzhi’s suicide note,What is written??Can you give an old man??”When I heard, I also saw it wrong.,Take the initiative to ask。
Ming teaches everyone to hear,It’s all for Shaolin.。
The empty wage also feels not to do——After all, like Yin Tianzheng,Usually the character is guaranteed,Will not no reason,It is so regardless of the insults of the identity.,And the demon ghosts of the usual issue can be different。
“I said that,The reputation of this matter,Nature, if you want to see……”Chu Deirers said。
Empty,I also said that after a little thinking.:“Amitabha,Old, just want to verify,Above,Whether it is true……Evidence constituting the Yuan Zhen Shi for the education!If there is anything,Old……When this is the case!Not see,Unknown。”
The empty smell is a sudden oath.,Chu Deiren nodded:“Showi,Take a look at the old monk。”
Except“Should cut your tongue”some type of,Other people are not opposed。
Although disdain,But this old monk has dare to video,Do you still believe。
Everyone is also staring at the empty,After all, it is just a teacher who teaches.,They can’t afford to。
I saw the back of the sheep skin.,After a change in the face……Tone,After the eyes closed,No more talk。
Everyone doesn’t understand this.,The empty smell has also been recognized that Chu Tai and Mingjiao is not a message.,Start repairing the mouth!
“Chen Shan!You are not old,How to be with Chengkun、Coloring with Mongolia?When is Chengkun to tell you this secret path??”Wu old said,Use your own green wave incense knife,Take the face of Chen Shan,I have already raised rash on my face.。
“shut up!I am Chen Shannan,岂 岂……”
Chen Shannan just opened,Surrounded around、Seven mouthfuls,Such as“Ceiling?Top is you.?”Salmonism,Another wave of baptism……
And don’t say Chen Shanli,I can’t stand it at this time.,Directly peeled his posture!
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 636 The facts are already clear.
Positive gas“Mongolian challenge”Target,Explea the upper wind of justice……
Plus“People more popular”and“Can say the glory”,Deadly suppressed the air flames of each major。
Although it is true if everyone is adding together,Affairs is more than the people who are being present,But now most of the martial art,I have already admitted that I am“Be exploited”、“Collected”、“Unreasonable”。
After all, one is the real gathering, I caught the Mongolian.,Even the small tail of Shaolin and gang,Even the Emei does not seem to be clean,This undoubtedly gives them good reasons.;
Second, it is the reason why it is more realistic.——Now you have already nest,Artificial knife、I am fish meat,If you want to threaten,Everyone can still have a hard neck,I have to tell myself is used.,And also“evidence”,That is most people who choose to choose the situation.!
Extinction is naturally unwilling,Still want to call the teacher,I am a great righteousness of the rivers and lakes.,but……
For this class,Chu Deirens have long been there others.。
She said her,We said our——She demonstrates a bad track,We use a bigger voice to say,Mingjiao、Reflective,She is enemy and her education,That is to vent the private fear、Collusion……
In short, it is not correct to answer any sentence.,Just buckle this hat,Anyway……Be much higher than the sound,Absolute advantage,I can’t hear extinct sounds.。
When the gas alliance is in the seven-mouth eight tongue,Also very skillful,Still specially pulling——Such as a blame“Main”,On the one side, praise the fullness、Beibei help, etc.,There is no counterfeiting of the Emei invitation.……
Use them to set off,Emei is not well。
Lushan School、Some of the portions of Changle,Even got to accuse Shaolin、Refers to the row of gangs——Lushan School is not used,Originally, I want to shake the status of Shaolin.,Wuyue Sword School and Mingjiao have no hat,Just to improve your own influence,It is only everywhere.,Now there is a chance to combat Shaolin,Will not let go。
As for the Changle help……

Although the battle was short-lived,,But a discerning person knows that the Five Elements Island is over,With increasing casualties,The signs of a one-sided battle soon appeared,At this moment,Two dazzling lights fell rapidly from the sky。

Manager Luo, standing next to the handsome flag, has a warning sign,Suddenly looking up,Can’t help but be astonished,Two rays of light in the dark sky swoop down like comets,He recognized that the white light behind was Tianzun Li Tan,And the blue light in front should be the exotic monster that the two heavenly masters will design to capture tonight,Just what is the black stone on the front of the blue light?
Just a little dazed effort,The black stone expands sharply,When I can see how long the radius is,Only when a god realized it was a mountain!
One thousand one hundred and sixty-nine chapters Panicked
Manager Luo seems to have forgotten to avoid,The ability to move mountains and fill the sea in this way can only be touched by the powerhouse of Tianzun level,But as far as he knows,In the entire world of freedom, only the holy emperor and the fire heaven dare to do so easily,Could this extraterritorial monster have the ability to surpass them?
A radius of tens of miles is shrouded in the shadow of this mountain,The entire Chinese army camp,Even more than half of the battlefield,All the vigilant supernatural beings stopped fighting,Fleeing all around,But more silly、The guy who was stunned by this sight。
The mountain fell with a huge roar,Prestige is like overwhelming,Many people close to you can’t protect,Its eardrum was pierced on the spot,Others are quickly drawn into the invisible wind by the pattable suction,Shattered instantly。
Many low-level gods have never seen such a terrifying doomsday scene in their entire lives,But there are also many old people,Such a scene reminded them of the terrible moment when the Ancestor Mainland was destroyed,Can’t help but shudder。
The free world is a spindle-shaped space,No continent,The so-called islands are all land fragments moved from the ancestor mainland,The barrier of the entire space is supported by 36 psionic energy pillars,If you lose the protection of this barrier,The free world will quickly disintegrate under the ruthless impact of the void storm。
But the barrier is not completely closed,There is an open space channel at the end of the spindle,There are spirit stone drive mechanism control,The timing is mainly to release the foul air,Tianzun also relies on this channel to explore the outside world,So it is also called the golden channel。
in fact,The free world is much more fragile than imagined,Watch the top of the mountain,Otherwise, the golden channel will be completely penetrated,Very likely to bring disaster,Manager Eli looked up at the huge shadow and forgot to dodge,He doesn’t have the recklessness of worms shaking trees,But have the courage to die with the free world。
The mountain whizzes away like a little ant,The so-called battlefield is already in a mess,The huge void left by the mountain and the wind is shocking to the viewer。
“Daoyou stop!”
“Everything is negotiable!”
Li Tan is shouting in the sky,He is not without the power to stop,But can’t catch up,The monster outside the domain doesn’t know what method was used,Actually let this mountain fall faster than imagined,Li Tan is already terrified,So I suddenly gave up the idea of destroying this thief。
“evildoer!You don’t stop?”Brahma and He appeared on the other side of the blue light,But he can’t catch up,So threatened,“If you don’t stop,I threw the boy’s bones into ashes!”

“It’ll be fine in a while。”The old voice suddenly became very loving,Juvenile softhearted,From the inside and outside of the hall,The decay is about to collapse,Does this mean the death of the elderly,Even more strange is,Except for him,Everyone turned a blind eye to this dangerous scene?

“Not turning a blind eye,They can’t see,Except you and Qiu Kejian,No one can see。”
“Is Qiu Kejian Uncle Qiu??”
“Not bad。”
“Because you and him are the same kind of people,All mortal,The five-element body rare among mortals。”
“Five Elements?”
“Too many questions,child,Later you will understand,But i can’t wait。”
“Please promote the new palace lord。”The ceremonial officer once again sang and urged。
Juvenile helpless,Stepped and turned,Various lighting objects have illuminated the square in front of the temple like daylight,The square is crowded with people from the Five Elements Island,My torch’s tall and burly figure is still conspicuous,But at this time he is also very serious,Didn’t even dare to look up into the hall,Young man,Sat in the seat。
Seems to be an ordinary sitting,The teenager only feels slightly cool in his buttocks,But the whole hall trembled very briefly,Soon settled down,The boy found that the stone pillars in the temple began to crack at a speed visible to the naked eye,Even the walls on the left and right have large cracks,But all this,Except for him,Invisible to everyone。
The old man beside Yun began to read the Five Elements Palace sacrificial text aloud,This long prepared ritual is very boring and obscure,The boy barely understood a few words and ended,The effect is that the five elements begin with chaos,Heaven and Earth Rubbing the Five Elements,And deduced everything。
In the depths of the hall, there is suddenly a burst of colorful light,The photo-printed whole hall is very bright,Everyone inside and outside the hall bows down,Shanhu,“Five elements aggregation,Heaven and earth live forever!”
Xiaguang breaks down into several beams and circled in front of the boy’s seat for several times.,Once again merged into a thick beam of light, rushing out of the hall without staying,Straight to the cloud,Disappear instantly。
“Congratulations to the lord,The ceremony is complete!”Li Yun once again led the crowd to salute the youth,The old man reading the sacrificial text suddenly burst into tears,Sobbing,And the boy was immersed in an old sigh。
“He has gone,Let me out!”The young man got up and said something out of his head,And left the hall,Everyone had to file out。

And he didn’t know it took so long,Eat the first time you wake up。

Two bags of compressed biscuits,Four cans,And the remaining pieces of chocolate,Ate all,Then I feel the whole person is alive。
No one urged him,Wait till he finishes eating,Ningbei Zhicai said to start。
The cave entrance numbered fifty at the moment above the abyss,Chen Du standing in the rushing water。The view here is very wide,I can see almost every hole around the abyss,More than fifty sand worms hung upside down in the holes and swayed left and right。
This is a pretty weird picture,But Chen Du has watched for three days,Have witnessed it three times,Every time around nine o’clock, sandworms come out,About an hour,Will return to the cave。
He knows that this group of sandworms is keeping the unknown big formation running,Jade platform in the water deeper under the feet,That giant tripod is the eye,He has seen,But didn’t have a chance to look closely,Was taken away by Ningbei Zhizhi。
Actually he is not a land duck,Before awakening,He is also a great swimmer,But after awakening,He became a weight in the water,There is no chance to go swimming。
The moment the great change comes,He thought he was dead,Many people died,I can’t even retrieve the body,He’s not dead,Not even shit。
right now,He is here,And the people who recovered their lives from the abyss platform,Except for the four Taoist leaders,No one else left,Stay in the space under each grotto to practice。
Except for the underground space that Gan Yifan and Xu Wan discovered as a warehouse。There,Now a mess,Many swords and bamboo slips described by Xu Wan,Almost completely emptied。
Who moved away,He still doesn’t know,But I heard Ning Beizhi mentioned the discovery of the ground after the great changes in the abyss。
Five mutants from neighboring countries,Five backpacks,Four dead,Catch one alive,Backpack all recovered。
Through this matter,He suddenly felt that he was too at ease all these years,Sora has a metal ability,Possess the extraordinary ability to manipulate metals,But rarely have the opportunity to display,Nest in the military base,Almost none of the assignments have participated。
He now looks at the sandworms swaying around,Just thinking about this。

At the urging of Xia Jianren,Alice and Ruth stopped as scheduled,Except for the two of them,There are also four U.S. nationals travelling together,This surprised Xia Jian。

That day,Xia Jian brought Tong Juan and a company bus,Pick up at the airport in person。When Alice came out of security,She almost ran towards Xia Jian,I can see that this woman still likes Xia Jian very much。
Because everyone knows the meaning of this meeting,Get back to business soon,They went to Donghu Park first,Then I went to the Leading Group。Under Xia Jian’s instruction,Gu Yue gave this reception a huge momentum。I also invited some local secondary media。
It’s best for everyone to have a substantive discussion in the conference room,Time was limited to four minutes by Xia Jian。The last is the reception dinner。Everything goes in order,Every link is very reasonable and reasonable。
Put on the banquet,Xia Jian replaces wine with water,Circulate among the people,Even if he does,No one will doubt,The vice president of the leading company will use boiled water to fill the liquor。
Once the banquet is over,Xia Jian arranged for someone to send Alice and Ruth back to the hotel,He pretended to be drunk,Took a taxi back to his community。
As soon as he entered the gate of the community, he went straight to the underground parking lot,Where does he stop the day before yesterday4SA Mercedes-Benz from the storeSUV,He didn’t want such a high-end car,But Gu Yue said it was a problem with the company’s image,Besides, it was bought under the name of the company,He Xia Jian has no say。But the right to use is still there。
Open the car door and go up,Xia Jian sat on it for a while,Started the car,Go straight to the hotel where Alili and the others stayed。Some things seem to be done by yourself,It’s really nothing difficult,Like this driving,He practiced all morning,He drove the car by himself the next day,In addition to the two days of commuting and driving a practice,He feels that his car skills have passed。
It’s past eleven o’clock in the evening,GZThe nightlife here is just beginning,But there are a lot fewer cars on the road。Xia Jian turned on the radio,Listening to the melody of the city,While driving the car comfortably。
Unconsciously,Soon we arrived at the hotel where Alice and the others were staying。After Xia Jian parked the car,He went straight into the elevator,Go straight to Alice2806Room No.。
Hear a knock,Alice opened the door in a silk pajamas,As soon as Xia Jiangang entered,This passionate woman gave Xia Jian a big hug。
Embraced by women dressed like sexy,It made Xia Jian really excited。After two people sit down,Alice said with a smile:“Aren’t you drunk?I thought you wouldn’t be coming?”
“There were too many people during the meal just now,To make this play more realistic,So I can only hide and talk to you,Can you understand this“Xia Jian explained to Alice first,So as not to misunderstand others。
Alice laughed:“how come,If i’m really angry,I won’t open the door for you just now,dont you agree?“
Alice talking and laughing,Stood up,Opened the gift box,Take out a bottle of red wine full of English,Then opened。
Beautiful Wine,At this time again,Xia Jian felt a little scared,Just in case,Isn’t it a bit embarrassing。

After Lingju’s brother and sister recovered,Lingju was the first to look at Jingpu Road excitedly:

“senior,Can i come to help then?”
Jingpu nodded and said:“when……”
Of course Jingpu’s haven’t finished,Suddenly froze,Can you come too???
Jingpu has no objection to this beautiful fairy sister,There is a normal person,Talk to myself or something,Jingpu is still very happy,And it’s so pretty。
but……What does this mean??
I didn’t agree to let others come.??
It’s impossible……It’s Lingjing……?!
When Jingpu still hadn’t recovered,Na Lingjing suddenly looked at Jingpu Road with excitement:
“Senpai let my sister come with me too。”
Jingpu blinked,It’s okay to let your sister come……only……When did Lao Tzu tell you to come too?!
At this time, Lingju is looking at Jingpu with piercing eyes,I’m afraid that Jingpu will reject me,That kind of little scared look,Jingpu really can’t bear it。
Jingpu is a bit speechless……You cultivators……I usually eat too much meat,So I want to change some Chinese cabbage??

Phabiz,Gao Bi took the shoulder of Zheng Minmin.:“Since the last cold, it will,I think your brain is a lot.,I just wonderful,It’s just that I am.,The effect is far more than you said that you have said.。”

“real?”I heard this, Zheng Minxin heart,I can’t wait to grab Gao Bo Yi to someone else.。
“But isn’t it true?,You are not the value of Raiders,Please, I can still eat meat.?”
The two launched a laughter,Easy mood is very easy,after all,Pu 坂 broke the city,Zhou Guo has no worry.,Even if it is a Turkic person in the entry,At this moment, the first advantage has been lost.。
Chen Guo in the south,Various problems,I lost Jing Jing and two Huai,Not afraid。And Zhou Guo now opens the portal,Already a death countdown。
Qi State,Gao Bo Yi has been fully controlled by Yucheng,Jinyang,Qizhou,Three major main force。Huainan,Wang Lin also calm the scene。
Day of Qiao Yang,That is the time of the world。
Zheng Minmin has been busy in the military,a big part,It is about how to arrange things in Luoyang.,Including resettlement,Envelope,It is intended in Luoyang.。
Gao Baoyi inside and outside,Every step is precise,with a clear purpose。
Zheng Minmin is sincerely loves this man,The moth is in the fire.。Inner, decoction,It’s very different from the weak temperature in the weekdays.。
“Greater host!”
“Greater host!”
“Greater host!”
Gao Boyi walks all the way,There are uniforms who will be passionately。
Greater host,Forever,omnipotent,Uncomfortable battle!
“Long live!”
I don’t know who shouted this in the city.。
“Long live!”“Long live!”“Long live!”“Long live!”
The sound gradually gathered into a group,Hinge,Form resonance in Puchacheng,It seems that you can hear two words.。
this moment,Gao Biyi is not to feel yourself“Treatment”。
Pu 坂 is all over,Will Zhou Rang still far??Will the emperor still far??
At this moment,Two wearing Qi Jun!,It looks like the soldiers in the weeks.,Quietly raise the goddess army,Aiming Zheng Minmin。
Whoever people?
Gao Baoyi’s eye angle is seen.,A great horror in my heart。
If it is Zhou Jun, it is not unrest,But the two are the people of the gods.,Aiming at Zheng Minmin rather than him Gao Baoyi。
That’s very problematic.。
Gao Boyi hugs Zheng Minmin will fall down,There is a arrow behind it.。This arrow is an arrow,Powerful,As long as it is not a key,No life is worried。
“It’s not good.。”
Gao Boyi does not feel the feeling of painful pain,Because the stroke of the arrow is on the paper armor,It’s still behind,I can live in tomorrow.。
The bamboo pole will take the sword.,I follow several pro soldiers behind them.。
Today’s things suddenly,I can’t blame them.。
“Alang!What’s wrong with you?”

First2702chapter Beg

I saw in the private room,Ouyang Hong、Qin Xiaomin、There is an unexpected person,That’s Cai Li。
Everyone see Xia Jian is here,All stood up。Xia Jian walked over with embarrassment,He laughed and said:“I wanted to visit you in the provincial capital,Unexpectedly, it turned out that you visit me”
Ouyang Hong came over,And Xia Jian gave a light hug,Qin Xiaomin and Cai Li are the same,They changed the old handshake into a hug,The meaning of this is self-evident。
After everyone is seated,Yao Junli quickly let the waiter serve the dishes and wine。Xia Jian is the only man among these women,He wanted to take the initiative to greet everyone,But these women won’t let,Don’t even let him do the pouring。
A few glasses of wine,The atmosphere slowly became active。With regards to everyone,Xia Jian explained to everyone the incident of his tribulation from beginning to end。The women who listened have widened their eyes,All surprised。
In fact, for Xia Jian himself,He also felt like he had a dream。He always thinks,Things like this usually appear in movies,I didn’t expect it happened to him。
Just when everyone was chatting,Xia Jian’s phone rang。He took out a look,See it is a strange landline number,And it’s local。Xia Jian was taken aback,He had to connect。
One call,An old voice came from inside:“Are you President Xia Jianxia?”
“I am Xia Jian,Who are you?”
The voice on the phone is a bit familiar,But Xia Jian couldn’t remember who this was。
I only heard a cough on the phone,Followed by:“Xia Jian!I am Wang Degui。I have something to ask you,Please see if we are a villager, save my son and get rich!”
“what!What’s wrong with Wang Youcai??You first make it clear”
Xia Jianyi listen,Stood up in shock。To know,Lao Wang’s family is a big family in Xiping Village,Not to mention their three sons,The people of the Guangwang clan are amazing。Then why did Wang Degui call him for help??
Just listen to Wang Degui’s voice on the phone and say in a low voice:“I don’t know the specific situation,I only know he was beaten,After the rescue, I finally saved,But the person is still in the intensive care unit。My mother and I fell ill as soon as I heard the news,Can’t get out of Xiping Village,I can only ask you about this”
“Don’t say that about the old village chief,Anyway, we are all from Xiping Village,You just ask me。I just came back from the field,Don’t know this at all。what do you want me to do,Just say”
Xia Jian heard Wang Degui say this,He is still quite nervous。Isn’t Wang Youcai still celebrating the New Year at home??How come……
“Xia Jian!Which of my two sons I don’t want to beg them,You have the money。If the city cannot be cured,You just think of a way to send him to the big city for treatment。As long as he can be cured,How much money will be paid by him,It’s not enough,Doesn’t he still have a hospital??sold,Or give you a credit。Anyway, I want him to come alive”

But only in front of Li Hui Feng,She feels that Li is always I haven’t been to I have I haven’t been to.。

The first thousand and forty-five chapters
Wu Feizhen looked at Li Hui Feng from the inside.。
As for other teachers, he is too lazy to see。
Because he saw the fear from the eyes of the teachers,fear,Only Li Rong is calm。
“You are Teacher Li?”
“Correct,You are Wu Feiyang.?”
Li Xiangqi got up and down the other party,I feel that Wu Feiyang has not rumored.。
Although the other party,But it is obvious that it has been moved in exercise。
Especially the opposite side of the opponent, although the meaning of fierce,But the spirit of the spirit is not too much.。
Such a pair of model,At first glance, I was blown out of the body.。
“You are still the first to have a prove to ask my teacher.,Give you a chance now,地 apologize,I spare you rude to me.。”
Wu Feiyang looked proudly,God finally fell on Li Hui。
Li Hui Feng is also a glimpse by Wu Feiyang.。
He thought Wu Feiyang would not reason,Will be arrogant,But I didn’t expect that the other party actually an opening is this kind of mistake.。
“hehe,If I don’t want it??”
Li Hui is directly exhausted, I feel a funny laugh.。
When is the student has already begun to have a good teacher?,When is the teacher actually has already managed the child only Iweno。
Watching a teacher next to him,In the face of Wu Feiyang,Actually no one is blocked。
Li Hui Feng understands the big environment,These people have no blood.。
“Do not kneel?
That is ready to prepare。”
Said that Wu Feiyang walked directly to Li Hui Feng,A huge way:“Do you know how to write?”
“I am a teacher,You said that I know, I still don’t know.?”
Face Wu Feiyang’s provocation,Li Hui has been suppressing,After all, he is a teacher.,Can’t do it first。
But I was forced by Wu Feiyang.,He doesn’t mind tealing the other party。
“Then you should know,But you should know not to hit me in front of me.,Otherwise, it’s not good.。”
“Give you a choice,Beggared for mercy,Then drill over,Either let me fight you,Drag the dog。”
Wu Feiyang said that this is arrogant,But everyone knows his temper,More I know the forces behind him.。
No one dares to come out to obstruct。
“hehe,Then I will also give you this issue.,Which one you choose??”
Facing an aggressive Wu Feiyang,Li Hui has not been afraid.。
But Wu Feiyang is directly frying.。
“Good gallbladder,Since you don’t choose,I greeted you.。”
Said that a punch has smashed the head of Li.。
This punch is like,He has confidence, Li Hui Hui lived on the spot.。
As for the follow-up, how to clean up Li,He will definitely give Li Hui’s unforgettable memories.。