“Ten thousand?Should be more than,It won’t be 100,000?”Lu Youshan was surprised。

Master Fang shook his head blankly。
“one million?No way!”This time it was Lu Youshan’s turn to be surprised,Sneered。
Master Fang still shook his head firmly,Lightly:“Add another zero!”
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Chapter six hundred and eighty one Fuchun Mountain Residence
“Ten million?Oh my God!”Mr. Li next to him suddenly exclaimed。
I bought a painting for 600 yuan ten years ago,Actually worth ten million?Mr. Li’s face turned red all of a sudden。
Lu Youshan was also quelled,Muttered:“No way?There are so many?”
At this moment,The Master Fang nodded his head in a genuine manner,Smiled:“Of course,This price is only the current market,If you can find the right buyer,Only a lot more。”
“More than 10 million?”Lu Youshan’s eyes are straight this time。

“Hello there,excuse me, may I ask,Did you see one wearing a white t-shirt,Come in with a girl carrying durian in a milk box?”

“That lady just left。”
Just left?Can’t,He is standing at the door,Didn’t see it?
The waiter saw his doubts,Explain with a smile,“Mr,Our shop has two doors,She walked from there。”
Voice down,Huo Yun pushed out the door as fast as the wind,Standing in front of the store and looking around,There seem to be more people on the street than before,I can’t find the girl who makes him bewitched。
If he did not calculate wrong,She came out from that door,To chase it out,No more than one minute,This is less than sixty seconds,Let him miss the beauty。
The heat of the day is gone,The coolness of the night falls,The hustle and bustle continues regardless of time,There are more pedestrians on the street than during the day,I can see countless backs at a glance,Huo Yunhe felt for the first time that the country has too much population,In the blink of an eye,So big,I can’t find it in the crowd。
A deep sense of loss came to my heart,It can be said,Without the girl knowing,Love her at first sight,But because of a bad mood,Did not come forward to strike up a conversation。
Nowadays,He saw the girl he liked again,Take the initiative,Still a step too late。
in fact,He doesn’t believe in love at first sight,I don’t know how it feels to fall in love at first sight,but,The shock when I saw her,I’ve been thinking about it in my heart for so many days,When I saw her again just now,The heart is pounding again,Then I was sure that I really fell in love with that girl at first sight。
He doesn’t know the girl’s name,I don’t even know if she is single,Just chased it out recklessly,In case she has a boyfriend,Or married,Wouldn’t I be a joke??
Looks handsome,The top-dressed man ran out in a panic,The waiter at the fruit supermarket didn’t know what was wrong,Waited a while and didn’t see him return,Just grab the fruit and chase it out,I saw him standing on the opposite side of West Point House, looking around,Don’t understand what he is doing,Trot over,Call him carefully,“Mr,Your fruit。”
Huo Yunhe looked back blankly,Caught the waiter’s puzzled eyes,Suddenly wake up to my gaffe,Somewhat uncomfortable,But he is used to facial paralysis,An unfamiliar person cannot see that he is unnatural。
Thank you faintly,Take the fruit and walk towards the car,The moment you open the door,Still looking up,I still haven’t seen the figure that moved his heart,Can only start the car and leave。

A few words are like a thunder exploding in the ear,All the people in Sword City were stunned in an instant,Co-author,The boss of the entire Dahua country is here?Such a strong strength,Even a strong man at the level of the green pheasant has meaningless resistance in front of him!

Xia Chenglong, who was recovering from his injuries, was also awakened,Co-author,The real boss is here?Although he is one of the six thrones of the military,,But in fact, I haven’t seen this big guy.!It seems that the battle between himself and the old man Huomu shocked too many people!
Even if it’s not a relationship,Such a big man appeared in front of me,How many people can disrespect?Xia Chenglong quickly walked out of the closed room,I came directly to the real dragon,Paid a military salute,As a strong man asking the gods,Even in front of the real dragon,No need to bow,Just show it,Besides, Xia Chenglong is not a bully,For real dragon,What I do most is respect。
“long time no see,Xia Chenglong!”
Zhenlong smiled and looked at the guy in front of him,It really is a talent,Especially the aura flowing down Xia Chenglong,That tyrannical and steady force is like mountains and rivers,Only practice each realm to the extreme,To be able to reflect this powerful momentum。
The rest of the people also nodded slightly,Xia Chenglong’s combat effectiveness is definitely much stronger than they expected,If you can reach the concentrating state,Absolutely capable of earthshaking existence!
“I don’t know if Real Dragon is here this time?”
Xia Chenglong looked at these guys in front of him,Was he just beheading a guy who asked the gods??Does it need such a big battle??Everyone is a powerhouse in the concentrating state,I can offend these people.!
“some things,You can’t know now,We come here this time,nothing else,Just want to see if you are the one we want to find!”
Real dragon nodded,Wave your hand,The shackles on the green pheasant are instantly lifted,Just waved,Can trap a big monster like the green pheasant,This strength,Conceivable。
“Rest assured,Just make trouble,If those guys in Hong Yuntian come out to trouble you during this period,Just go back directly,In addition,Rest assured,Those in the concentrating state just dare to appear,We will definitely do it,So you don’t have to worry!”
With these words from the real dragon,Xia Chenglong is more relieved,After all, Hong Yuntian does have a guy in the concentrating state,If those guys come here,Even if his cultivation level has reached the half-step concentrating state,Not enough to see the opposite,not to mention,There are many brothers who are not very strong beside me.!
“Military affairs,It should be almost done now!”
Suddenly,Real dragon seems to have thought of something,Looking at Xia Chenglong in front of you。
A few years ago,The real dragon once issued an order from a novice,Passed to the hands of the Sixth Throne。
Gradually reduce the development in war,And during this time began to hoard a large number of troops and elite。
It is clear,What big event is this planning!
“Please rest assured,Everything is done according to the will of the true dragon,The battlefield on the East China Sea has basically been cleared,The army has also doubled!”

Naturally, it is impossible for China to spend that much money just to buy a batch of planes.:How much tax did Lao Tzu’s order create for you??How many jobs?Also make many requests。

PS:Bros,Sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
Little Macdonald’s face was a bit unsightly right now。
Can be biased,He still doesn’t know how to refute,Because in the world,High-value goods like airplanes,Has broken away from its original commodity attributes,Became a special carrier:For any country that wants to purchase Boeing and McDonnell Douglas aircraft,As long as you can’t produce this aircraft,The U.S. government will make some special requests all the time,For example, for China,The U.S. government asked China to not use these aircraft for military purposes,Do not disassemble the engine without permission、System components such as avionics systems and imitate them……
Naturally, it is impossible for China to spend that much money just to buy a batch of planes.:How much tax did Lao Tzu’s order create for you??How many jobs?Also make many requests。
First1053chapter go out
Chen Geng shook his head,Tao:“Nothing。”
Little MacDonald looks at Chen Geng,Although he didn’t speak,But the look in his eyes clearly showed what he meant:I don’t believe it!
“I understand why you think so,After all, strictly speaking,The major shareholder of COMAC is not me,China Aviation Industry Department,”Chen Gengdao:“But Mike,Don’t you forget,I am also the second largest shareholder of COMAC,If McDonnell really wants to introduceF150,Am I not making money??”
Little MacDonald admitted that Chen Geng made sense,Although he is not clear about the role of the Chinese government in this matter,But no doubt,For McDonnell Douglas introductionF150Technology of this matter,The Chinese government is absolutely happy to see it happen,Pursed his lips and thought for a while,Little MacDonald:“Dude,If McDonnell refused the offer,Does it affect the sales of McDonnell Douglas in the China market??”
“What do you say?”Chen Geng shrugged。
Some things needless to say are too clear,But everyone understands:Compared to McDonnell DouglasMD-11,Just completed the airworthiness certification work、Airbus that has not been officially delivered to customers330Isn’t it more advanced??Or China Air China Group must buyMD-12,If you bought Boeing747Will die?Not necessarily?
In that case,at thisMD-12The research and development of McDonnell Douglas has exhausted all the strength of McDonnell Douglas、This order from China is for McDonnell Douglas,Why China Airlines must buy your McDonnell Douglas products?
“Ok,”Got this least wanted answer,Little Macdonald smiled helplessly:“I will think about it。”
Although Chen Geng didn’t say,But Little MacDonald thinks this is what China is purchasingMD-11Preconditions for signing the contract:Do not introduce ourF150,We won’t buyMD-11。
For the current extreme lack of funds、For little MacDonald, who urgently needs to make this year’s sales report more attractive,Although he was very entangled,But the reality did not give him too many choices。

“Ok,”Chen Geng responded,Thought for a while,Added:“This cost price,Is the real cost price plus20%Profit。”

Wang Dazhi suddenly screamed,Boss, this is a bit dark。Nodding:“do not worry,I know。”
I know why my boss came to the ice city this time,After saying these things,Without waiting for Chen Geng to ask,Wang Dazhi took the initiative to introduce this to Chen Gengf120Airworthiness verification in cold areas:“This cold test,Mainly to verify the actual effect of the wing’s anti-icing and hoeing system in such alpine regions,In addition, the various systems of the whole machine must be tested, such asapusystem、Air Conditioning System、Hydraulic system、Can the radar system and other subsystems work normally in this low temperature climate?。”
Finished,Wang Dazhi said proudly:“Although the flight test has not started normally,But according to our experience when we came,This test should be no problem。”
Chen Geng smiled and nodded:“I also think the problem is not big。”
The dimension of the Netherlands is very north,Almost at the same latitude and longitude as Hei province,Therefore, the aircraft designed by the Dutch do very well in terms of low temperature adaptability.,andf120Itself isf100Extended version,For insurance considerations,Wing、Vertical tail、The flat tail, including the various pneumatic surfaces above and the corresponding anti-ice hoeing system, has not undergone any changes.,inf100Under the premise of passing the airworthiness test in cold regions,in casef120Fail the corresponding test,It can only show that the procurement team of COMAC is in trouble。
But even so,Before the test is over,Chen Geng still dare not take it lightly:Why do you always have to go through the airworthiness verification process again as long as it is a new model?It’s because as long as the aircraft has been slightly modified,I’m not sure where there will be a little problem,This is the experience summed up by countless blood and tears in the past。
For this test,COMAC borrowed a hangar with a steel roof from a military airport near Bingcheng through its relationship,Don’t expect any air conditioning and heating for this kind of steel structure hangar,The only advantage is that it can prevent rain and snow,So that everyone will not be able to inspect and repair the aircraft under the rain and snow. The insulated hangars with air-conditioning systems in Europe and the United States cannot be compared.,But at this time in China,It’s already a very luxurious configuration。
When Chen Geng and his team came to an airport temporarily borrowed from Bingcheng,One by one, the engineers and technicians of the COMAC Group, who are wearing thick and fighting bears, are facing the indoor minus20Excessive temperatures are carefully inspecting the aircraft,Make detailed preparations for the next airworthiness verification,Wang Dazhi stepped forward,Just about to let everyone suspend their work to welcome Chen Geng’s arrival,Was stopped by Chen Geng:“Don’t delay everyone’s work……Just find someone to tell me about the situation。”
Since the boss said so,Wang Dazhi also nodded,Pulled the secretary and whispered a few words,Secretary nodded,Then he ran at a small pace to a person wearing a thick down jacket and thick leather boots and whispered something.,A moment later,This person quickly came to Chen Geng。
Chen Geng just noticed,This guy who wears something like a bear is still his old acquaintance,Immediately happy:“Lao Nie,how about it,Can this climate still adapt??”
Nie Guang gave a wry smile,Said to Chen Geng in a small voice:“It’s too cold in Northeast!”
“You still turned over the years,If you came five, nine, six, nine years ago,Can freeze you southerner to death,”Chen Geng smiled:“Bear with me,It’s over in a few days anyway,After going back, have a good hot pot and go to the cold……Ok,Tell me about your current work。”
Nie Guang also knew that his boss came so far,Not to chat with myself,Nodded:“Chairman,The cold zone airworthiness test will be carried out in three hours,What we are doing now is to inspect the hydraulic system and oil system of the aircraft,Previously, we have completed the inspection of various wing systems and avionics systems,No problem,As long as there is no problem with the hydraulic system and the oil system,Airworthiness test can be carried out。”
Chen Geng nodded:“What do you think of this airworthiness verification?”

Fox Demon Plane,Wangquan Hegemony sent a clone to check the situation,I found it was less than three days before I left,The two world time flows are different,therefore,He ordered the top leaders of the Yiqidao League to evacuate the headquarters,I want to calm my mind,Get ready,Break through the fourth order。

“I want to travel to Zhongyu,I’m afraid I don’t have time to go。”
Fighting plane,Nalan Yanran, who has reached Tier 3, looked at the group leader’s inquiry,Said,I have reached the limit,Need to go to Zhongyu to find opportunities,Make yourself stronger。
“I have more than enough energy”
Three planes of fairy sword,Sedum shook his head,Gave up this idea。
“I am managing Chentangguan,Things are a lot better after being a general soldier,Can’t go。”
Devil’s Plane,Nezha hasn’t closed his eyes for several days,Three months have passed since I became the general soldier,These three months,Chentangguan is developing with visible changes,Now the wealth of Chentangguan is well known in the vicinity,There are countless refugees who come to request to join every day,Nezha’s image in the hearts of the people of Chentangguan has also undergone tremendous changes,They say that Nezha is a born sage,Human Blessing。
“@Zhang Sanfeng,How about this time we two join forces?”
Qin Time Plane,Ying Zheng stroked the Shihuang sword in his hand,It feels based on the introduction of the group owner,Own Daqin can’t eat so many monsters。
Heavenly Plane,Zhang Sanfeng thought that this action would be enough for his own Wudang faction to have thousands of people,Many changes,For so long, I have always purchased those monster beast meat from the group to improve the strength of the disciple,Now the third rank of Wudang faction is alone,The second order is also hundreds of people,and,Know how to fight,It’s not too difficult to deal with Tier 3。
“Since there are no group members to sign up,Just you two,My friendship provides a small thousand world core source,You two can directly seize the power of Heaven and Earth Palace in the Dryad World,Or creatures,The monsters and ghosts are brought back directly to raise and play,After you leave,I will give the core origin of the Little Thousand World to the world consciousness of the Dryad plane,So you just let go。”
chaos,Li Qiuxian said that this time he has directly discussed with the world consciousness of the tree demon plane.,So the group members go and play。
Chapter Thirty Four return to the past
“Heaven, Man and Nether World,You and I in the world by means,You choose one of the remaining heaven and underworld Zhang Sanfeng。”
Qin Time Plane,Yingzheng ordered Fusu to summon all the ministers to the court,Discuss specific matters with Zhang Sanfeng in the chat group。

Still in pajamas,Sitting on the steps with Korean Xiang,Xiang Chen doesn’t feel cold either,Randomly glanced at Yan Xiaoyi and Han Genji downstairs,Two people are like mice seen by a cat,Quickly disappeared into Xiang Chen’s vision。

“Xiang Chen,You are in my eyes now,Is the most shameless representative,I don’t want to talk to you!”
Seeing everyone retreat wisely,Han Yuxiang hit Xiang Chen’s leg with a heavy punch。I originally wanted to perform two-finger meditation on Xiang Chen’s waist,But I feel that that is not only too cheap, Xiang Chen,And still don’t let go,So those who can’t tell are good,Just leave it to fist to vent!
Hit Xiang Chen’s leg with a punch,Han Yuxiang feels relaxed a lot。
“Big sister,Even if you don’t want to talk to me,But you have to tell me,Where do you come from so atmospheric!You broke into my room,You are the one who fought me,You are still angry now,I’m angry too!”
Xiang Chen leaned weakly on the stairs,It doesn’t look like you are awake。
“You have great powers,How did you find me?”
Pretending to be unintentional,But when talking,Xiang Chen’s extra light has always been put on Han Yuxiang’s body,Dare not miss the slightest。
“Your business license is still the green channel I entrusted to you,Now you forget who helped you!”
I heard Xiang Chen complaining by my side,Han Yuxiang’s face is finally better,But the more I answered Xiang Chen,Han Yuxiang’s face will be uglier,In the end,Han Yuxiang directly punched Xiang Chen again。
Han Yuxiang two punches in a row,Let the sleepiness in Xiang Chen’s mind go without a trace。
The blood surging in an instant also opened a new door for Xiang Chen,Yes,The business license of this inn is handled by a Korean-speaking Xiangtuo,Of course she knows where she will be,But how does she know the room she lives in??Xiang Chen’s gaze glanced at Xiang Yan Xiaoyi’s position,The latter noticed when Xiang Chen’s gaze turned towards him,Yan Xiaoyi has never felt so light as a Yan in her life,A breath of effort,Yan Xiaoyi has disappeared in the foreground。
His own soldiers betrayed so easily,Xiang Chen himself is very helpless about this。
“Officer Han, wait for me,I go take a bath!”
Helplessly shook his head,Xiang Chen got up and walked towards his room。

at this time,But I saw that man acted like wind,Even in the face of interception by four people,Don’t panic,Dribble,In a suspended state,Still push the ball forward with the knee,The fast counter-spinning football bounced back,Fell on that person’s feet again, Complete an exquisite breakthrough!

“Stop him!Even if you kick your leg off, you can’t make him shoot!”
Guoguang Middle School in the roar of the team captain,Whole team back to defense,But the opponent suddenly stopped at a position about ten meters away from the midfield line.,Then raise the foot——Volley!
The deformed football rushes towards the goal of Guoguang Middle School in a straight line,Goalkeeper swoops,Seeing to block the ball,But suddenly I heard a dull sound——
The football hit the goalkeeper,But the power has not diminished,And even pushed the 1.87 meter tall goalkeeper into the goal line,Hung heavily on the net!
First volume·Bahuang Martial Arts Chapter Fifteen:Lord of the Sword
Stadium score 5:0,The game continues,But Guoguang Middle School’s momentum is obviously weaker。
Many people around the stadium are already shooting with their mobile phones,No one noticed that there were two more people in the audience。
“That person is the master of the magic sword we are looking for,Ye Xiao,Big family,Originally a direct descendant of the first Ye family in Southeastern Province,But because his father did not follow the marriage set by the family elders,In love with a Hakka woman,Finally broke ties with the Ye family。”
“The year Ye Xiao was born,Abducted by gangsters,His father reluctantly asks the Ye family for help,Although recovered afterwards,But the mind is hurt,Was taken back to Ye’s house,Behave like an infant before the age of ten,Stop talking after twelve,To three years ago,Ye Xiao, who was 19 at the time, was on the 60th birthday of the Lord of the Ye Family,Show amazing force,Banquet,And threatened the Ye family to repay their mother’s murder,After rebelling against the Ye family……how is it,Heard the story of Ye Xiao,Any thoughts?”Bai Ze has calmed down now,After all, the target person has been found,The next step is to wait for the end of the game。
“……Standard Longaotian configuration。”The period before Zhao Feng’s rebirth,I read a lot of online novels。
“More than a standard,It’s a top match!Before Ye Xiao betrayed the Ye family,,The family has arranged a marriage for him,This marriage has a written contract,Even if Ye Xiao betrayed the Ye family, he couldn’t go against it,A month ago,Ye Xiao’s 22nd Birthday,Reach the legal marriage age,Marriage to complete a written contract as a superfluous son-in-law,And his wife is the only daughter of the local clan in Nanshan,Control a listed company with a market value of nearly one billion……So to say,Maybe you and I are in a Long Aotian novel with Ye Xiao as the protagonist?”Bai Ze’s last conjecture is obviously somewhat mocking。

“I don’t know why you were destined to mess with the world,Why become a great emperor,It also created today’s flourishing business world,Let the people of Dashang live and work in peace,No longer suffer from the evil of Yaozu,But now Dashang is indeed a human orthodoxy,Strength,Not weaker than Yaozu。”

“I just wanna tell you,Your origin,as well as,Sign up to join the Demon Slayer Army。”
Real Taiyi said with emotion,He thinks maybe his teacher is always confused,Miscalculated,But these are not important,The important thing is,Today’s big business is under Nezha’s governance,It can be said that the people live and work in peace and contentment,This is the focus of his attention,As long as the people can live a stable life,This is enough,What else is Nezha destined to live less than three years old?,What fate,All imaginary,therefore,Although I feel that what Nezha did is completely different from the mission of Magic Maru,but,That’s good,Don’t have to do it yourself。
but,Not long ago, I heard that Nezha planned to form an army of exterminating monsters and after the first war,Madam Taiyi is still unable to give up his human identity after all,Decided to go with Nezha,Although Nezha, as a great businessman, is very generous to the common people of Dashang,but,It’s a magic pill after all,Madam Taiyi is also afraid that Nezha gets red,Come to a slaughterhouse or something,That’s the misfortune of Human Race。
“Say it early,Join the Demon Slayer Army with the strength of real people,Is the blessing of my business,Humble place,Please also ask real people to follow me to the song,Then,Real people will contribute during the war。”
Nezha opened his eyes and looked at the real Taiyi who played the cards illegally,Said with a smile,I thought I was here to persuade myself,I didn’t expect to come to rely on myself,but,Nezha doesn’t agree,Polite invitation,Nowadays, there are not many powerful people in Dashang who have reached the third level,therefore,Nezha is very welcome to join Taiyi,Even if Taiyi looks really unreliable,but,The strength of Tier 3 is even parallel imports,It’s comparable to many second-order。
Chapter Ninety One Preparation before the war
“Say yes first,I prefer to drink,There is no shortage of wine every day。”
Real Taiyi looked at Nezha’s warm invitation,Said with a smile,He himself is a member of the human race,Now the big business wants to completely wipe out the chaos of the monster race,He will also help,but,The treatment requirements should still be put forward。
“Full wine,Real people have cultivated for many years,I don’t know if it’s nearly female?Do you want me to find some beautiful maids to serve real people??”
Nezha said calmly,Taiyi’s performance made him very puzzled,Could it be that the Taoists in your own world are such unreliable guys??Look at Zhang Sanfeng in the chat group,Now it has advanced to Tier 4,Looks like a respected elder,Look at the big fat man Taiyi in front of me,Let yourself have a different impression of Taoist profession。
“No need for a beautiful maid,I always like to drink good wine,Bad female sex。”
Real Taiyi waved his hand and refused,He dare not really find some beautiful maids to serve him,otherwise,It’s time for his master to clean up his insulting disciple。
“Oh,It turns out that there are things real people dare to think or do,People can not escape from doing wrong?Dao Chang has a very long life span now,Also need to remember,As the saying goes,There are three unfilial piety,No success is big,It’s a human tradition,Don’t give up at will。”


Chapter Five Hundred and Four Kindness is rare
Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island,There is a big pharmacy here,Can be said to be famous。
No reason,Because the name of this pharmacy only has three characters,“Bao Zhi Lin”。
Yes,That’s the one“Bao Zhi Lin”,the Grand Master,The pharmacy opened in Huang Feihong’s home of Ten Tigers in Guangdong,Today’s century-old brand“Bao Zhi Lin”。
Lu Menglin and Bacha Shitai came to this legendary medicine shop。
This medicine shop covers a large area,Hong Kong Island in a bit of money,Can open such a large shop,It can only be said that the golden signboard of Bao Zhilin is still loud。
There are more than a dozen clever boys in the drugstore,It’s like running around in an old restaurant,They saw a guest come in,Hurried forward,Hush cold and ask warm,Ask about the condition。
“Two distinguished guests,How can i help you?”A young guy came forward,Chong Lu Menglin and Ba Che Shi asked with a smile too。
These guys are very particular about questioning,Very good at observing beauty,If it comes from a sad patient or a patient’s family,They are usually more serious,Deeper。
And if it’s like the two in front of you,I usually buy Chinese medicine to adjust my body,Or based on nourishment,Then there is no need to worry,But to be more energetic,Be more festive to correspond。
“Let’s get medicine。”Lu Menglin responded with a polite smile。
“Holler!Did you bring your prescription??Would you like the old doctor in our shop to take a look?See 80 yuan once。”The boy smiled。
Bao Zhilin raises eight old doctors,All experienced doctors,Practicing medicine for most of my life,Very familiar with the pharmacology of Chinese medicine,This kind of service in their store is very considerate,Very fair,Only eighty yuan,You can ask an old doctor to look at the prescription。
If there is a problem with the prescription,The ruler and the minister upside down,Will cause serious problems for the patient,The old doctor in the shop will bring it up,Let the patient’s family consider it carefully,Don’t rush to medication。
They are equivalent to the last check before the patient takes the medicine,This is also one of Baozhilin’s popular services。