so,How can Yin Gui?,Will you don’t know them??

And now,After seeing this scene,Yin Ce at this time,The whole person’s brow is slightly frown。
“only,Why are they good end?,Run coming to find me?”
“Since this,So next,How to do this,I feel,Let’s everyone,Can start at any time!”
When Yin Gu is in front of his eyes,For these things,How to do it?。
In fact, in Yin Gui’s heart,How could it be not understood?。
Just in front of you,at this time,Situ Ying has arrived。
“Yin Polic,Do you feel very incredible?,did not think of,We will be here.?”
When Situ is talking to his eyes,This,It is to let Yin Ce’s heart burn in anger.。
For something such,In fact, in Yin Gui looks。
His inner depths,There is only one thought。
That is,He should do these things at all things,It is the key to completely solving it.。
These,At this time Yin Ce is,It is the face of cold light。
For these,Yin Cao said directly。
“Situ Ying,You have not exempted,Too self-righteous。”
“Here is my Yin Home,But not casually,Who can come to trouble!”
Yin Ce’s words,Completely put the overbearing and confident,Exhibit。
But in front of you,Situ Ying saw this scene,Some is something that is not good。
“Oh,Yes,but,I am still coming.。”
Situ Ying said,Indeed to the truth。
But in affinity,Yin Ce in front of me looked at this scene,It’s even more biting his teeth.。
“Since it is coming,So,You will die for me.!”
When Yin Ce is exported,The guards of those who are around him,When I saw this scene。
These people have begun to speed up speed,The situation is quickly impacted in front of you。
After all, I will follow it.,What kind of way is this going on?。
In fact, do something else,Instead, it is nothing to say.。
around,Those Yin Jia’s guards,See this scene,Also, there is a mix,The Situ Ying, who is in front of him.。
“Humph,woman,You actually dare to come to us Yin Jia mess.,Since this,So next,Give me a death!”
“This is of course,Let’s everyone,Still talking to him, so many nonsense??”
“all in all,Start now,Let’s everyone,It has been completely settled.!”
Surround,Those people have not forgotten to talk about their eyes.。
This,In front of these people,More more, the more I feel excited.。
After all, now,In fact, what kind of way this is going to do this?。
In fact, they look at them.,For these things,Their heart,It’s very clear.。
but,Situ Ying naturally,It is clear that this is。
so,When Situ came over,Situo said directly:“Give me up,Kill them!”
Along with the words of Situ Ying,Surroundings,It’s a strong,Quick arrival。
“Say something wrong,So next,I think we are everyone.,It is also time to solve this thing.。”

74th Army Brigade: Multi -point synchronization for delivery training at sea

Organize the search for alert, guide vehicles to enter, and carry out man -loading … Not long ago, a brigade of the 74th Army joined hands with joint support, national defense mobilization, local traffic warfare and other parties to rely on local ports and large -scale civilian ships to carry out multi -point synchronization loading, carry out development Sea delivery training. The brigade is close to actual combat needs, and strictly organizes maritime delivery.

Faced with the "enemy love", the brigade defense unit collaborated with local public security and Guoan forces to search for regions to search for reconnaissance and establish alert defense, guide loading echelons into the loading position, and quickly concealed the ship according to the combat marshal. In the strange environment, the whole element is carried out, the real -compilation, installation, and real match completion complete the conversion of the combat reserve level, the mobile assembly is continuous day and night, and the formation of the formation is fast -loading … It is a great test for officers and soldiers.

According to the brigade leadership, they focus on planning and conducting the troops to act in the standard of war, refine the spirit of officers and soldiers ‘fighting, and test the troops’ delivery capabilities.

Sailing all the way, "enemy love" all the way.

Above the Bobo, the formation was hidden by the foggy weather, and the officers and soldiers suddenly found that there were unknown ships followed.

The Hangdu Command immediately issued an instruction, and the emergency team quickly dispatched to warn it. In this delivery training, the brigade focuses on coordinated commands and military -civilian linkage. It organizes 14 key issues, 5 special operations drills, and collects more than 100 combat data simultaneously, effectively refining troops’ combat capabilities. (Sheng Zicheng, Tan Yiqing) (Editor: Chen Yu, Ren Yilin) ??Share let more people see it.

Hebei: Create a people’s mediation upgrade version of the judicial office

Original title: Create a people’s mediation and upgrade version of the Judicial Institute Hebei deployment to carry out the "three -year action" to create a "three -year action" to create a people’s mediation upgrade version of the judicial office. —— 2024).

It is clearly proposed that in the next three years, Hebei Province will take the standardized construction of judicial institutes as the starting point, vigorously strengthen the construction of the judicial institute’s organization, improve institutional mechanisms, optimize functional configuration, improve security capabilities, and promote high -quality development of judicial institutes.

According to the implementation plan, Hebei Province will actively build the people’s mediation and upgraded version of the judicial office, focusing on serving major strategies and key tasks such as the planning and construction of the Xiong’an New District, the coordinated development of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei, and the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization. Tips do not go out of villages (communities) or villages (streets).

Guide the promotion of industry professional people’s mediation, strengthen the construction of personal brand mediation rooms, actively promote legal services to participate in the people’s mediation, strengthen complaints, interviews, and police dynamics docking, and link to resolve major and difficult contradictions and disputes. We will improve the working mechanism of community correction and promote the successful return of resettlement and help.

Provide grassroots public legal services.

Promote the planning, integrated construction, and resource sharing of the Township Institute and the Township (Street) Public Law Service Center. Focusing on the implementation of rural revitalization strategies and rural construction of the rule of law, we will actively carry out legal services.

In -depth promotion of the "decimalization" of the law of grass -roots laws in accordance with the law, promoting legal entry, enterprises, rural areas, and networks, and forming a general pattern of commonly connected and extensive participation. Implement the citizen’s lifelong rule of law education system, strengthen the propaganda and education of farmers’ rule of law, steadily promote the implementation of the "legal understanding of people" training projects in rural (community), and normalize the activities of "sending the law to the countryside" and "sending the law into the community".

Guide the establishment of a demonstration village (community) in the demonstration village (community) of democratic rule of law, and promote the formation of a good rule of law in rural (community). Actively promote the administration of grass -roots governments in accordance with the law, coordinate and guide the work of party committees and government legal advisations of townships (streets), and be a staff assistant to the construction of grass -roots party committees and government rule of law. Strengthen the construction of organizational teams. Hebei Province will promote optimization of judicial settlements, set up judicial offices in development zones, agriculture, forestry and pastoral areas, and marketing markets, and continuously expand the coverage of judicial office work. Adopt a variety of methods such as government purchase services and development volunteers, to enrich the strength of the judicial institutes, and explore the establishment of judicial associates in the judicial office. Establish and improve the position access regulations of the positions of the staff of the judicial institute, and gradually enrich the legal professionals with legal professional qualifications to the front line of the judicial institute to improve the quality of the team.

Vigorously strengthen education and training, actively promote the implementation of relevant policies, and stimulate the vitality of the team. Strengthen the construction of security capabilities. Improve the work system, deepen the disclosure of the administration, improve the measures of the people and the people, improve the level of business housing facilities, unify the appearance of the judicial office, facilitate the masses to do things, and facilitate the supervision of the masses. Promote the construction of informatization, build a unified grass -roots work management information platform, and strive to achieve data "one entry, multi -party sharing", and gradually improve the ability of government services and legal services to "do online and hand in hand."

Self -service equipment is set up in conditional judicial institutions to build a convenient service system combined with online and offline.

(Reporter Gao Shan) (Responsible editor: Fang Tong, Fu Zhaoyu) Share let more people see recommended reading.

Summer with the moon in the crowd,Walking on the street。

“Brother,This city is so strange,Some places look like international metropolis,And some places are dirty……”The moon said with the mouth。
“Mixi is like this。”
Summer laughing,Whisper,“The gap between the rich and the poor is very,The key is that drugs are too flooding,Even causing the entire country……”The moon seems to be nodded.,“Still good。”
Summer smiled again,“From the public security environment,There is indeed no country in this world that can be better than our Huaxia.,Many people who are unknown,I always have a good abroad.,Even foreign monsters are more than domestic circles……Waiting for them to see it,Many bustling urban in many countries,Some areas are very confusing……”He shook his head,Terminate this topic,“Let it go,Let’s go to the bar here to turn a circle.。”
Summer road,“Go to Mo Catho’s best bar。”
……Next,The two stopped a taxi,All the way gallop。
About two hundred minutes,Stop in a gate name called Patasas。
Pay off,Both people enter the bar。
Entrust,The moon was shocked by the pattern inside.。
Complete black and white elements,Give people a mysterious sense of dizziness。
Surrounded by passion,Emotional emotions,Pick the sensitive nerve。
In the dance floor,Significant beautiful girl jumping with pole dance,Show their extraordinary endurance and flexibility,Visible blood spray。
There is also a customer,Most of the Moshi of Moi Give is high,Show your own male side,And women are even bold,Some movements see people red ear。
“The design is not bad here.,Just this atmosphere……”The moon swept around,For this mystery, it is quite horrified.,But there are some uncomfortable men and women in men and women.。
Even if she has been mixed in the entertainment circle,After that, it will be transferred to the mall.,But from the heart,The moon is a conservative woman。
“Is this abroad?,There is also more openness than this。”
Summer is free to say a sentence,Then go to the bar.。
They haven’t taken two steps yet,Just stopped by a strong Moschogghan Han。
Dadman,Soon, it is aligned with the moon.,Eye God is getting colorful,“Haha,Oriental woman,Eastern women are very popular here.。”
Moon does not understand Spanish,But the opponent’s eyes make her very uncomfortable,The manner flashed to the summer。
Summer doesn’t speak,Previous step,Stare at each other。
Big Han Some accidents,Suddenly, I opened my mouth.,Gaze,Spanish,“Boy,How is this woman gave me??”
Summer faint spit out a word,At the same time。
The big man is consciously reached,It’s a late step.,Tall and healthy body, after the end of the body。
“You dare to do?”
Big man,Now scream。
But the summer is as if I haven’t heard it.,Take the moon。
The eyes of the big man suddenly became fierce,I immediately chased it up.,And reach out to catch summer shoulders。
At the same time,“Dare to do it for me,I see you looking for death.!”
Summer suddenly turned,Right arm。
Five fingers,Claw。
The speed of terror is brought together。

Wang Youcai froze for a while,So he walked in the direction Chen Xiaoju pointed to him。Thinking of Ma Hongfang, this woman,Wang Youcai’s heart is still itchy,After all, they have been together for a while。

It looks more than ten meters into the alley,A few words of auspicious chess room attract attention。Wang Youcai hesitated a bit,He opened the door and walked in。In a not very big room,Four mahjong tables were set up。Every table is full,And even a lot of people are standing around。
Wang Youcai walked in,Did not attract these people’s attention。He carefully saw all the people sitting at the tables,Ma Hongfang was not found,She seems to have left。
Just when Wang Youcai was about to leave,Suddenly a door in the middle opened slightly,A very sexy woman came out from inside。Wang Youcai took a closer look,She happens to be Ma Hongfang。
Ma Hongfang wiped her hands,Walked over。She walked out the door ,I saw Wang Youcai with silly eyes。A happy face on this woman,About to speak,Wang Youcai turned around,Walk outside the Mingmen。
How can Ma Hongfang not understand what Wang Youcai meant,She hurriedly followed from behind。At the alley,Wang Youcai stood down,He waited for Ma Hongfang to approach,Then he lowered his voice and said:“I thought you ran away with someone?So it’s still here?”
“Nonsense!I am always here。Just lost the phone,I can’t ask your phone number,So I haven’t contacted you。Oh!I have been to the mountains,But there is nothing left。Even the house you lived in was demolished”Ma Hongfang said,Chong Wang has a sweet smile。
Wang Youcai reached out secretly,Asked gently on Ma Hongfang’s cocked buttocks:“What’s the situation now?With another man?”
“You say me again,I ignore you。Who is?Who do you think of me?Am i in your eyes,Just ran out to sell?”Ma Hongfang said,Face changed。
Wang Youcai takes a look,Can’t help but secretly joy,He used his hands hard,So he hugged Ma Hongfang。He lowered his voice and said:“Find a place to have a good chat。Haven’t seen you for so long,Really miss you”When Wang Youcai said this,,Which hand he is holding Ma Hongfang is not idle。
Ma Hongfang gently pushed him away and said:“You’re still such a rascal。People come and go in this alley,How bad it is to be seen by others。Don’t forget,I’m a married woman”
“Alright!Don’t say it’s useless。There seems to be a small hotel behind,I’m going to open a room”Wang Youcai asked in a low voice。Ma Hongfang did not say a word,Wang Youcai understood what she meant,Walk quickly towards the depths of the alley。

Let people’s livelihood temperature release in "strict and tight"

    The severe and complex epidemic prevention and control situation requires strict and compact epidemic prevention and control. Of course, at first sight, it is inevitable to worry about whether people’s livelihood care will fall? Judging from the situation in Hebei, under the strict and tight, people’s livelihood care is not lower, but higher! This meeting emphasized that the normal life of the people of home epidemic prevention was fully implemented, heating measures were strictly implemented, the normal operation of facilities such as hydropower news networks, strengthening the supply of food, drugs and living necessities, increasing the elderly, disabled people, pregnant women, children and children and children and children and children and children and children and children and children and children and children and children and children and children and children and children and children and children and children and children of children and children go. The people of difficulties care about care.

The feelings of people’s livelihood flow in deployment with temperature.

  The more severe the epidemic prevention and control situation, the more need to do a good job of the people’s livelihood.

The control of the control is by no means a simple one. How to protect the materials, how public emotions are guided, and how the masses’ demands are satisfied. It can be said that the demand for people’s livelihood protection and public services is higher.

In response to the coldness of the epidemic, the temperature of the people’s livelihood must be fully released in strict and tightly, ensuring that every appeal of the masses can achieve fast, closed -loop and temperature treatment. Emphasizing strict and tightness, not tolerant of everything, relying on compulsory execution in everything.

Respecting the wishes of the masses and guiding the masses to do it consciously. This is the deserved meaning of people’s livelihood. Moreover, in terms of effect, consciousness is naturally better than forced. The meeting guided the masses to consciously prevent epidemic prevention, and the emphasis on the chain of the epidemic spread, which also highlighted its strong people’s livelihood.

  Anti -fighting epidemic is a national action. The people are the main forces of this struggle. In a critical period of resistance, how to condense the maximum joint force, and then rely on the people to resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control and prevent the battle. Highly inlaid in the epidemic prevention and control.

Implement the front lines of the grassroots, implement the first line of the foundation of the foundation of the foundation to solve the actual needs of the masses’ food supply and medical purchases for practical problems. A series of requirements have been made as soon as possible. On the battlefield of the epidemic prevention and control, we will abide by the people’s livelihood and hand over a high -quality people’s livelihood answer sheet. Resolutely be the political protection city of the capital, to grasp the people’s livelihood in one hand, condense strength, and resist the disease. The good news that doomed to prevent and control the epidemic will continue to win this tough battle together.

Nanjing Bank Hangzhou Branch Youth League Committee carried out theme group day activities

  "It is recommended to organize more friends or" script kill ‘and other young people such as the activities such as the event "" It is recommended to increase the recitation club "… In response to the current difficulties of various branches and the needs of the youth of the members of the group, the branch secretary of the branch committee Ge Fuping and other members conduct other members.Answer on the spot and communicated in depth with the young representatives of the members present. At the same time, the branch commission of the branch will effectively solve the attitude and determination of the actual difficulties proposed by the young members.Help the village rejuvenation to the enterprise to send a real assistance to this Youth League Committee activity at the "Learning Lei Feng Memorial Day".The branch has carried out financial support for rural revitalization specialty products and service promotion activities in Fuyang Rural Enterprise.

Niu Niu frowned。

There is also the way of hospitality?
“There are one or two of the banquets.,But I see that they have their own players.,I didn’t go to bother.!”
“Um,and then!”
“Then I went to a closer place to stop,Think about the time!”
“After that, he heard someone dropped water.?”
“How did you know?”
“I am inquiry.!”
“Too,Everyone must know now.!Just find a passerby and ask.!”
Hezi is a bit annoyed,
“I have some bias.,Nothing in the vicinity。I learned the water in the village.,Thinking people,Water saving people!I didn’t expect those people to save people.,The springs are very fast!I haven’t had the house of the house.,Just sending me and the person who has the skin of the skin.!”
“If you give you a chance,You don’t get water!”
“It must be,That is a life!Just don’t don’t help you and you,I didn’t expect that they can actually be so rogue.!”
“You just missed missed,Break the bureau of others!They are not willing to!”
“Who is a bureau?”
Whez is some don’t understand,I have saved a disease.。
“Naturally, the county king’s wife!”
Even if it is a disease,She doesn’t want him to live alive.!
Idyllic baby
308chapter season finale
“rest assured,What do they can’t take us?!”
Niu Niu comfortably patted the hand of the grass,
“Later,You go with me to see someone.!”
“fine,You are going with me.!At that time, you see my eyes.!Hurry!”
All the way,I haven’t eaten something delicious.。This will see the hot meal.,The other Niu Niu also can’t take care.。
“When are we going??”
Eating,Niu Niu moving a chair,Sitting in the yard of the grass,Quietly appreciate pine cypress standing tree。
Hezi looks a relaxed gesture,Some guidelines in my heart。
Is there something such a thing that should be careful??
“Wait for a while.!”
Niu Niu is calculated in his heart。
Big Brother will come alive.!
“Niu Niu!”
I want to Cao Cao,Cao Cao arrived。
“Big brother!”
Niu Niu quickly stood up from the stool,I haven’t seen Su Yuqing for a long time.。
Looking at it again and black,at the same time,People are also more strong。
“How do you come now??”

Wolf smoke waiting in the city。lt;/Pgt;

This venom,Almost no one trust!lt;/Pgt;
Waited for a long time,Yudang City has no movement,I didn’t see the wolf smoke.,There is no change here。lt;/Pgt;
Yang Su is very anxious,Opposite to the forest,And Wang Yuansun’s five hundred people,Fireworks。What should I do if I delay the fighter??lt;/Pgt;
“Don’t move。Everything is constant!”lt;/Pgt;
I don’t know how long I have passed.,Gao Biyi saw a shore with a slight firing, slowly leaning against the export。lt;/Pgt;
Then there is a heart-stopped person to go to the boat,I rushed to ride the horse toward the direction of Yu Yicheng.,Gao Baoyi’s heart is not in the belly.。lt;/Pgt;
“Chen Dinghou should have to have。All in the spirit,Sweeping oil is ready,Bear’s people on a boat,Just call them with steep!”lt;/Pgt;
When you go, you went wrong.,When you return to the mountain,Will it follow??lt;/Pgt;
Ha ha,Gao Bao will give this 桀骜 桀骜“bad boy”An unforgettable lesson。lt;/Pgt;
If this can still live。lt;/Pgt;
“But,What should I do if there is a throne??”lt;/Pgt;
Yang Su is not a good trust in the southern south of the southern San;/Pgt;
“Miss,We will hit the city of Yuncheng.?What have you been?lt;/Pgt;
Do you think the Sudokan is so good??Because they are in order to shoot the city!lt;/Pgt;

Registered IPO Weekly: Six people have passed the meeting, and 5 are terminated for review

  This week’s science and technology board and GEM have added 1 newly accepted enterprise, six companies have passed the meeting, 5 companies have registered to take effect, and 5 companies terminated their review.

  This week (March 21, 2022 ~ March 25, 2022), one new accepted enterprise, 6 enterprises have passed the science and technology board and the GEM, 5 companies have registered to take effect, and 5 companies terminate the review. The overall review of the science and technology board and the GEM: As of March 25, 2022, the Shanghai Stock Exchange accepted a total of 715 enterprises, of which 2 were in the acceptance state, 45 were in the inquiry stage, and 13 were in the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee. During the review stage, 44 were in the registration stage, 440 were registered, 18 were suspended and the financial report updated, and 153 reviews were terminated.

  The Shenzhen Stock Exchange accepts a total of 840 companies in GEM, 5 of which have been accepted, 204 are in the inquiry stage, 14 are in the audit stage of the listed committee, 66 are in the submission stage, 330 have been registered, 57 Family suspension and financial report update, 164 reviews were terminated.

  本周新变化:  3月21日~3月25日期间,上交所新增受理1家科创板IPO申请;1家公司在本周二度进入问询阶段,有10家公司更新了信息;上During the review stage of the Municipal Party Committee, the two companies had passed the meeting this week and 1 updated the information; submitted the registration link, and the one company submitted registration this week, and the two updated the information; in terms of the registration results, the 4 companies registered this week to take effect. The three companies updated the information; 14 companies were suspended due to the renewal of the financial report; the two companies were terminated for review. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange has no new application for the GEM IPO; 39 companies in the inquiry stage have updated the information; during the review stage of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, 4 companies have passed the meeting this week, respectively, which are Foshan Lianlian Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " Lien Technology "), Shiyan Taixiang Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" Taixiang Co., Ltd. "), Beijing Jiaman Clothing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" Garman Clothing "), and Guangdong Dingtai Hi -Tech Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" "" Dingtai Hi -Tech "), of which Taixiang shares are listed companies; 1 company submits registration; in terms of registration results, 1 company registered this week to take effect, 7 registered companies have updated the information; 37 companies have suspended the audit review ; The three companies terminate the audit. Among them, the two were withdrawn from the initiative, and the review was not approved. Discover requirements. The newly accepted IPO company situation: From March 21st to March 25th, the Science and Technology Board has added a newly accepted IPO application for the GEO of 1 company to Chengdu Huagi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chengdu Huayi" ), The number of shares intended to publicize the shares will not exceed 95.6 million shares to raise 1.5 billion yuan. The raised funds will be used for chip research and development and industrialization, high -end integrated circuit research and development and industrial bases, and supplementary funds. Chengdu Huagai focuses on the research and development, design, testing and sales of special integration circuits to provide the overall solution of signal processing and control systems as the direction of industrial development. The main products cover the two major areas of special numbers and simulation integrated circuits. From 2018 to 2020 and in the first three quarters of 2021, Chengdu Huagai’s operating income was 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, and 100 million yuan, and the net profit of home mother was 4.2 million yuan, -1 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, respectively. Essence During the same period, the company’s own raising and national distribution R & D projects totaling R & D investment were 10,000 yuan, 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, and 100 million yuan, respectively, accounting for%,%,%, and%of operating income during the same period. Chengdu Huagai prompts risks that there are risks such as insufficient technical continuous innovation capabilities, supplier production capacity and fluctuation of procurement price, wafer supply chain stability, downstream demand and product sales price fluctuations, and the continuity of project special funds.

  This week, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has not added the application of the GEM IPO application. After the meeting+registration: From March 21st to March 25, the IPO application of 2 companies in the science and technology board has applied for the meeting, namely Hefei Xinhui Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huicheng Shares") , Shanghai League Science and Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "League of Science and Technology"), it is planned to raise 100 million yuan and 100 million yuan respectively. The applications for the IPO of the science and technology board of Huicheng and League of Pharmaceuticals were accepted in November 2021, and they entered the inquiry session in December of that year. The problems of Huicheng shares are mainly questioned by on -site inquiry: the sustainability of gross profit margin and business growth; explaining whether the use of relevant borrowing meets the regulations of foreign exchange management and whether it will affect the stability of the issuer’s control.

  The main issues of Lianke Pharmaceutical’s on -site inquiry are: measures that are mainly or planned to improve their own business, which mainly depends on the current status of a single product; some intangible assets used in 2012 and 2020 are in different countries or in different countries or Whether the patent of the same ethnic group applied for the region constitutes the repeated capital of the same patent. For the registration link, this week, a company’s science and technology board IPO application is submitted to the registration, which is the Hefei Crystal Incident Circuit Co., Ltd., and it is planned to raise 12 billion yuan.

  In terms of registration results, 4 companies’ science and technology board IPO applications are registered this week to take effect this week, namely Zhejiang Hechuan Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jihaoxi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Jingye Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Hefei Hefei Jingsong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. intends to raise funds of 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, and 100 million yuan respectively. It is worth noting that the IPO application of 14 companies this week has an IPO application for suspension of review. The suspension of 13 companies is "the company and the intermediary agencies are affected by the epidemic. Inquiry and other work, apply for suspension of review to the upper extension. " Zhong Juxuan Technology Co., Ltd. actively requested the audit because of the issuer and sponsor. In addition, the IPO application of 2 companies this week has the termination review of IPOs. They are State Grid Smart Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Fengtian Electronics Co., Ltd., and the reasons for the termination are "the issuer withdrew the issuance of listing or sponsor to withdraw from sponsors".

  From March 21, 2022 to March 25, 2022, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange held twice of the GEM on the Municipal Party Committee for review meetings. Dingtai Hi -Tech, of which Taixiang shares are listed companies.

  Among them, Lien Technology accepted on June 30 last year and inquired at the end of July. The Shanghai Municipal Party Committee paid attention to the company’s actual controller and other related issues, as well as the gross profit margin and the gross profit margin.

  Taixiang was accepted on November 10 last year and inquired on November 19. This is a transfer company. GEM positioning, major dependence on Volkswagen Group, and financial investment.

  Karman Clothing was accepted at the end of December 2020. At the end of January last year, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee focused on the company’s R & D investment lower than the comparable company in the same industry, requiring it to explain the cause and rationality; The amount of goods is large. Dingtai Gaoke accepted on June 29 last year. At the end of July, inquiry, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee asked him to explain the reasons and rationality of the inventory at the end of the commodity period. Establishing and implementation of the control system.

  The flag shares failed, and the listed committee reviewed that the issuer failed to do the rationality of the labor procurement model. Sexuality is reasonable and fully explained. In the above major aspects, failed to reflect the issuer’s financial status, operating results, and cash flow, it does not meet the relevant regulations of the GEM.

  This week, one company submitted registration to Shenzhen Weite New Materials Co., Ltd.; one company registered and took effect, and it was the Chengdu Purieo Ophthalmology Hospital Co., Ltd.

Author: Android? Huang Siyu.