After hanging up,Wang Youcai suddenly remembered,This worker is injured like this,Should let his family know,What if something happens?So he went to find Tianwa。

“President Wang!Where is Wu Wu from this person?,Should call him over,He knows how to inform his family“Tian Wa said。Wang Youcai glanced at Tian Wa’s other worker,I saw the blood on both of them,Looks quite uncomfortable。
At this moment, Ni Xiaoli called,Wang Youcai takes it,I heard Ni Xiaoli curse on the phone:“ This dead old Liu,He said this mine was contracted to you,You are responsible for these things,So he doesn’t pay more for the money,only,He will immediately pay your 50,000 yuan to make up for you“
“Ok!I know,Where you go to buy clothes now,Buy two sets of men,Just buy a set for Tianwa,Then buy another set of bigger ones,Hurry up and bring it to the door of the emergency room“Wang Youcai arranged for Ni Xiaoli on the phone。
At this time, Ni Xiaoli is very knowledgeable,She didn’t say anything,He immediately agreed。Wang Youcai quickly called Wu Wu again。
Ten minutes later,Wu Wu ran in in a panic,Wang Youcai told him about the situation。Tian Wa told the injured name。Wu Wu,Take a breath and say:“Okay,He just installed a phone at home“
Wu Wu said,Took out the phone,And started looking for the phone。Tian Wa glanced at him and said:“Go out to fight,Don’t be too scary,Said he was injured,Just come here to wait“
It seems that this critical time,Wang Youcai still has trouble thinking about some things,This worker was injured,Family comfort is also a science。Don’t watch this Tian baby fight and kill,Some things are considered very thoughtful。
“Did the doctor say how long the operation will take??“Wang Youcai couldn’t help asking Tian Wadao。
“Three or four hours!Come in and sign up,Just now in order for the provincial experts to perform surgery on your wounded,This procedure also saves a bit“Tian Wa hasn’t opened her mouth yet,A male doctor walked out with a signature pad,To Wang Youcai。
Surgery in the hospital,Wang Youcai is clear in his heart,So-called signature,Which is the hospital’s waiver,Anyway, no problem will be fine,If there is a problem, only the patient is not good,So he didn’t even look at it,Picked up the pen and signed my name on it。
Wait for the doctor to leave,Tian Wa whispered to Wang Youcai:“President Wang,Or do you go ahead,It will take three or four hours here anyway“
“Don’t talk nonsense,Mr. Wang is away,In case something happens during the operation,You can do it lord“The other big worker asked,He seems to be a little scared。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“Nothing,I’ll just sit here and wait!“
At this moment,Wu Wu ran in,He whispered:“There is no car coming here at this time,I have to call a car to pick you up,Mr. Wang is troubled here”

Wei Zhong frowned slightly,Glanced at Wang Teng,Suddenly asked。

And with Wei Zhong’s words finished,at this time,Wang Teng sees here,obviously,Wang Teng suddenly laughed。
Looks at Wang Teng,Wei Zhong’s move,There is also a feeling that there is no silver three hundred taels here。
And Wang Teng’s side,Wei Shasha came out。
“You don’t know him,Is it,Don’t you know me anymore?”
Wei Shasha’s words are finished,It made Wei Zhong in front of him,The whole person was completely dull on the spot。
Now,Wei Zhong didn’t even know,Him now,What should I do?。
Everything,It seemed that they all started to develop toward the opposite that Wei Zhong didn’t want to see。
at this time,Even Wei Zhong himself,Also laughed twice:“Missy,What are you doing here?”
Wei Zhong’s words,Doesn’t sound tempered。
But what about Wei Shasha,Took out the phone,Open the recording directly:“Wei Zhong,You should listen to this recording first before talking。”
Wei Shasha finished,The recording is playing intermittently。
Its content,A large part,Are all around this。
So for these,Actually Wei Zhong listened,Frown。
Because of these,Exactly the ones he conspired before。
Now it’s completely on the bright side,We can’t help Wei Zhong have the slightest excuse。
And this time,Wei Zhong gritted his teeth,I raised my head and looked at Wei Shasha in front of me。
“Humph,Even if I did it,So what can?”
Since this matter has been known to Wei Shasha,Then next,In fact, there is nothing to say。
what’s the matter,I’d better see the real chapter directly under my hand。

suddenly,She stopped,Speak softly:“Oh no,The footsteps suddenly disappeared,Won’t we be dumped??”

“will not,They should sit down and rest,Don’t move,Otherwise it will be found”Xia Jian said very decisively。
that’s it,Everyone standing in place,Listen carefully to the sound in front,After a long time,There are rustling footsteps ahead,Dragon Ball did not say a word,Continue to lead everyone forward。
The temperature in the mountains is getting lower and lower,Xia Jian feels that the temperature is a bit irritating,He couldn’t help but look at his watch,It’s too dark,He didn’t see anything。
“Everyone hold on for a while,It should be bright soon”Dragon Ball said quite experienced。
“It’s not bright again,This person will freeze to death“Fang Fang said softly,Even she said it was cold,Let alone ordinary people。
It took another ten minutes,Everyone suddenly shines,Only then discovered,They have reached the top of the mountain,No wonder the light is so good。The top of the mountain is almost full of stones,So fewer trees,This go,Also a lot easier。
Behind a big rock,Suddenly there was a hoarse voice:“Pharaoh!How i feel,There are always people behind us”
“You fucking nonsense,No one,This ghost place is a primeval forest,In addition to our human activities,The rest are beasts,Go down the mountain and go to sleep!”Said another man’s voice。
The hoarse voice suddenly sighed and said:“Sleep fart!If Brother Mao gives me a reward,I have to sleep with this sleep”Two men talking and laughing,Walk down the mountain。
at this time,White fish has appeared in the east,It seems naive is almost bright,Dragon Ball asked quietly:“Do you want to follow??”
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“no need,Anyway they are under the mountain,It shouldn’t be hard to find,Everyone take this opportunity to rest,Add energy,Let’s wait until dawn”
Everyone,Squatted behind the big rock,Opened their respective equipment,Fang Fang and Heiwa are soldiers,And Dragon Ball used to hunt in the mountains with his father,So all the essentials they bring are very complete。
Although Xia Jian doesn’t have both of these aspects,,But somebody got his equipment for him,So what others have,He still has no shortage。Drinking mineral water,Eating compressed biscuits,Xia Jian suddenly felt how this scene resembles the movie。

“Do not,Not available,If someone directly gives us a million,We will run the horse,Anyway, you have no such image.,I don’t have anyone doubts。”

Liu Jiashan is also a one that is given by Xu Qiang.。
“Row,Then listen to you,Do you feel that Li speaks with the wind??”
“Hey-hey,People still have more money?
This Zhao Xiaoli is a bait,Li Hui Feng is a big fish,And I feel that this Zhao Xiaoli is not generally related to Li Hui’s relationship.,Otherwise, how can a woman be like a large pig farm??”
“Besides,The other party is not like a high degree of talent,You don’t say that you have a doctor to go to the vegetable factory as a director??
I doubt that your brother is sold to the wife.!”
Xu Qiang’s analysis made Liu Jiashan’s three views of the entire person.。
Although he always feels that you are not something,But the wife wants to share this kind of thing to share with others.。
Especially still so beautiful daughter-in-law,Think of he feeling some hot。
“Have a few more?”
Although he feels that Xu Qiang explained that the ten nine nine is really,But if it is not??
After all, if this is really good,His cousin must be poked in the village.,Zhao Xiaoli is more like a woman.,It will also be pointed out。
A woman does not recognize unless you don’t want your husrm.,Otherwise, how many people can stand more?
“Hey-hey,Eight-class grasp!After all, this Zhao Xiaoli seems not to save oil lamps.,And I feel that I seem to have a chance.。”
Xu Qiang said this,Liu Jiashan has changed。
“Hadron,I warn you,Dake money,You can’t move people,That is a woman in my brother.,The principle of this is still there.。”
Looking at the seriousness of Liu Jiashan,Xu Qiang is also a glimpse。
He didn’t think that Liu Jiashan has such a side.。
“Hey-hey,Liu Da Ge,Don’t you think??
And I don’t move the boss, I have already moved.,You don’t object to your brother.,You say what you mean in this.?”
“Live in the moment, why not do it in time?”
The first thousand two hundred and seventy-seventh chapter brainwashing
Liu Jiashan was a glimpse by the other party。
Because he doesn’t understand how Xu Qiang is meaning。
“What do you mean by you??”
“Forehead,You don’t understand this?”
Xu Qiang did not expect himself for a long time,Actually there is a feeling of a kind of cow piano。
Originally, Liu Jiashan took him to deceive money.,Now this result seems to be lied to Liu Jiashan.,Completely reversed。
“That is, let’s live and enjoy it.,Take someone else,Merry is the first,Do you feel that I am talking??”
“Do not say anything else,You don’t care about your cousin.,People who are happy, still let you experience?
People can be the best to give Li boss。”
“You can still stop the boss of Li?”

“Let’s talk about our life god realm,There are four big oceans,Three continents。These three continents are Yanyu continent、Youyun continent、Gushan continent,And the four big seas are the Qingkong Sea、Moonlight Sea、Ice wind sea。And the largest area,In the most central position“Source sea”,Where we are now in the south“Yan Yu Mainland”Songfeng。”

And the three big continents and four big oceans of the God Realm of Life,Controlled by the seven great gods!We also often call these seven great master gods as the seven master gods of the world of life!”
“of course,The great god is disdainful of managing mundane affairs,Usually everything is managed by the masters of each province。We are now in Songfeng Mansion,And the area I went to this time,Leishan Mansion!The radius of Leishan Mansion is about 800 million li,It’s a house for the smaller ones!”
“but,Even a smaller government,The strong within its range、There are so many families,Most of the gods have been within the confines of this mansion all their lives。So many strong,Are enough for ordinary upper gods!”
“This time according to the rules,We will put you on“Thunder Mountain”In the range,You better find a tribe to join。Now no one dares to provoke you under the protection of our Yan Yu Army,But when you are alone,Even higher gods are dangerous。
The voice has not fallen,Outside the metal spacecraft, a group of high-level gods in all kinds of clothes came out of the ocean,With weapons in hand,Naturally the so-called robber。But once I saw the logo on the metal spaceship,So scared and fled。
The gentle middle-aged aunt has a gloomy face suddenly:“You see,These are the robbers in the world of life,The most annoying,But the strength is not weak,Dozens of middle god bandits joined forces,Can also threaten the upper gods。”
At the same time, the middle-aged woman turned her hand,Fifteen finger-sized white stones appeared in the hand,Floating in front of fifteen god-level powerhouses including Wright:“This source stone is the currency in the world of life,Every one of you gods has taken one。Wait till【Thunder Mountain】Will put you down,When the time comes, you can venture into the realm of life by yourself。””
Wright took a look at the【Source stone】,Cube,Side length is about one centimeter,Exudes a faint green light,Wright can perceive the little but high breath of life inside。
“I don’t know if I can exchange inkstones in the God Realm of Life、Yunshi and Mingshi?Or is it difficult to exchange?”Wright muttered to himself,In the cemetery of the gods,He killed many gods from the underworld and hell,The main thing is to get the space ring of the three upper gods including Sadista.,But a lot of it comes from hell、Common currency of heaven and underworld,Wright calculate,If possible1:1Convert everything into source stone,A source stone worth more than 30 billion yuan。
Of course Wright doesn’t know,These three two are to come to Magnolia mainland,But exhausted countless wealth,Only 30 billion source stones are left。This wealth is astronomical to ordinary high gods,It can only be regarded as a normal value for the powerhouse of the six-star elf level。
The three of Wright stayed on the golden spaceship like this,Three months have passed in a blink of an eye,
Since arriving at Leishan Mansion seven days ago,People in white robes put down a group of gods and sanctuary from time to time。
at this time,Including Wright,There are only eleven people who come from the material plane in the golden spaceship、
finally,In the seventh round,The female upper god at the bow suddenly spoke to the three of Wright:“The three of you,This batch of one upper god and two middle gods,You can go down。”It seems that there is a higher god named Elek among the three,Her attitude is a little more polite—At least said in advance。
Talk about it,Wave of hand,The metal wall around the three of Wright melted,Then a strong repulsive force threw the three out of the spacecraft。
The three quickly controlled their figure,Then I looked down carefully。
“Wright、Elek,You see below!”Cecilia seems to have discovered something。
Wright looked down,There is a desert underneath,Not big,Slightly smaller than the blazing desert of the Magnolia continent,And in the desert there are dense purple bugs,At a glance,At least a million,And every insect beast is a sanctuary level existence!
At this time, a figure flew up from the edge of the desert。

“The old man in the Hall of Five Elements?……Of course it’s amazing,It’s like a general convener for a few brothers to get together,Anyway, this guy is very capable,of course,He is also very rigid,And he’s so picky,Say he approves of you,I just treat you as my own。”

“I do not know how?”
“The whip mark on your face,Is it smoked??”
Young shocked,In the main hall of the main peak,He has a very special feeling for the atmosphere in the whole temple,That is very familiar,Very kind,And arrogant emotions,This kind of breath is more like some kind of living emotional catharsis,It’s not just the sulphur smell released by the icy rocks。
and also,The teenager can clearly feel that the hall is aging,Before entering the hall, he must carefully observe the huge pillars in front of the hall,Feel different every time,That is a kind of bleakness that has passed by,A feeling that everything returns to nothingness,A kind of vicissitudes that fade away,I don’t know how many years the Five Elements Temple has been standing,Will eventually get old。
The boy seemed to understand the hall and sighed,I am also surprised that I have such a weird feeling,This is the emotion he has never had in the more than ten years on the mainland。
Chapter one hundred and thirty Earth Fire Bead
Recklessly came to this volcanic vent full of lava,It is also inspired by the Five Elements Temple,If it is according to what Huo Ling said in front of him,This whip is a kind of guidance?
“Then……Can I really get back to my original state??”
“What’s so good about the original look?”Huo Ling sneered,Extremely contemptuous,“Mortal body,Can neither fight,Can’t eat,Totally dross,What you are about to recover should be the body of our god of earth fire,Possess the supreme divine power,You will be the greatest god in the history of the Holy Fire Temple,wrong,It’s not enough,Far from enough,Since I got a whip from the five elements old man,That’s not for nothing,You are the heir of the Five Elements Palace,Naturally, we want to continue the inheritance of the entire Five Elements Palace in the name of the God of Fire,of course……”
“I still want to look like myself……”
“You want a fart!”Fire spirit furious,It’s not just because the teenager interrupted its frothy boasting,I am worried that this kind of mentality will be unexpected in the next integration,Since its birth, it has been waiting for an opportunity to escape from the bottom of the black fire cliff,I don’t know how many years I have waited,Even if it refines the Earth Fire Orb,Even if I waited for Lihuo,But still can’t be sure it’s the best opportunity,So it has been cited but not published。
Earth Fire Orb is the key to the combination of Fire Spirit and Destined Person,It is also a guiding object that instills all the spiritual power of the gods,Fire Spirit exhausted all its abilities,Absorbed all the essence in the lava of the earth fire,To refine such a,It can be said that this bead is Fire Spirit’s half-life,It cherishes,If you can’t wait for the real destined person,It will never use。
Secondly,The appearance of Lihuo once gave Huo Ling great hope,This person’s body has almost perfect fire attribute conditions,And in the early years, I met Tianhuo chance in the Holy Fire Palace,Cultivation is the best choice,But unfortunately,Li Huo’s character is too violent,More importantly,He never got the recognition of the old man in the Hall of Five Elements,So Lihuo is not the best candidate,Until the stunned teenager appeared。
Objectively,The boy is far worse than the fire,Far too far to be comparable,Just an ordinary mortal body,Without any divine power,It is difficult to discover the potential of fire attributes,It’s nothing,When Huo Ling saw the boy for the first time,I even raised my eyelids lazily by an inch,Quandang is a lowly creature who accidentally entered the Black Fire Cliff,The only ending,Is burned to ashes by lava fire。
It doesn’t matter whether you are disappointed or not,If there is a little bit,Those guys hiding in the dark,Black Fire Cliff is uninhabited all year round,All of a sudden,But there is no suitable person,Fire spirit is too lost。

“Hehe……No way is right。I can’t remember the direction when I went to the intersection just now,I specifically asked the old man at the grocery store。

But here is strong for the people,Twenty years ago, I disguised as a police officer and drove a police car to ask for directions,The local villagers dare to give directions,Fudge me to the next town。
I just used the local dialect to smoke with that old man,Ask him another way。This old man this
427 General Tomb
“What is this?”
Yi Zhi Xing triumphed,Open the map carefully and say:“Treasure Map!”
“Treasure Map?”
Chen Xiu was a probe and saw the mountains and rivers on the kraft paper as expected.,There are many tiny prints on it,I wrote some Feng Shui vocabulary that Chen Xiu could not understand。
“Tell you the truth。Twenty years ago I came here to find a tomb of a general of the Northern Song Dynasty on the map。I already had a clue,Suddenly there is something else for me to deal with,I can only hide things here temporarily。
Just can’t think of,This possession is more than 20 years old,Let it rebuild the sky。”
“He speaks lightly,It is estimated that his office
428 Star Compass
“Fuding,You bastard。Why are you still alive!”
Yi Zhixing recognized the other party’s voice at once。

Smash the sea!

An instant,The huge force that seemed to be suppressed by the sea all burst out,Condensed completely in the sword。
The strong sword aura blasted from the sword。
Seeing this kendo edge,Zefa just nodded gently,Then stretch out a hand。
The hand slowly appeared black light。
Jian Guang was directly caught by that big hand,And Zefa just slid back a small step。
Seeing that Zefa took his strongest slash so easily,Leo couldn’t help but smile,A general who doesn’t lose is a general,I don’t know how many times stronger than myself。
If it’s not for feeling my attack,I’m afraid Zefa can break his sword energy with a single wave。
As for the blackness of Zefa’s hands,Not surprisingly, it is armed and domineering。
And it’s the most advanced armed color,Just covered。
“Nice attack,At your age under seventeen,Indeed has a very high talent in kendo!”quickly,Zefa speaks。
“Please guide!”Leo respectfully said,Facing the peak power on the sea,Leo will give enough respect。
“I have nothing to guide you in Kendo,As a tutor, I just make students stronger on their own path,As for personal methods, it all depends on the students themselves。”
“Yes!”Leo replied。

Asked,I know that she and Dad meet.,I immediately came in.。

Looking at her face is somewhat bad,He is a bit worried。
Blue Xin looked at her,Slightly smile,“Don’t you just leave??
How come back?”
Lu Haocheng laughed:“I am afraid that you are bored at home.,Come back to accompany you.,I have handled it in the company.,you do not need to worry。”
Blue Xin smiled and nodded,He is always like himself。
“Dad gone。”
He looked at an eye cafe,I am afraid that Dad is hard to be.。
“Um!He apologized for me.。”
Blue Xin laughs。
Lu Haozheng looked at her,“Blue,Your face is very bad,What happened??”
Lan Xin nodded,“Ah Cheng,Be a little bit,Just I received a call from Jiang Jing,She is saving me,Said that Gu Anan helped her to pick up five million luxury loans.,There is no way now,I suspect what preforms between the two people,I know that you are very popular.,Help me check it is true。”
She is now inadvertent to these things。
Lu Haozheng:“Gu Anan will help get Jiang Jingshi such a good heart??”
NS1014chapter:Look at the scene
Lan Xin nodded,“I think so,I met their two a few days ago.,And take Gu An’an’s character,How can I keep Jiang Jingyi a one-time loan out so much money??Check it, I am relieved.。”
Lu Haocheng listened to this,Extremely looks at her worried little face:“Blue,She is like you,Don’t you hate her??”Looking at her, I want to help ginger.。
His angry hate must not put a piece of people to the corpse??
Blue Xin looked at him,Mood is also very complicated,“Let’s see if it is true.。”
“it is good!”Lu Haocheng took out the phone and called a call to Lin Ye.。
Lu Hao Cheng:“Check out Jiang Jing,Is it really owed?500Wan ‘s delight?Is it an introduction to Gu Anan??”
Lin Ye:“it is good,Continental,Half an hour to give you an answer。”
“it is good!”Lu Haocheng hangs after the phone,Low laugh and look at Blue Xin,“Blue,First check it, is it true?,Half hour after half an hour,Let’s go home first.。”
Blue Xin smiled and nodded,“Um!You drive first.,Let Xiao Jun and Kiki pushed me back.。”
“also,I stopped the car and then pick you.。”
Blue Xin:“……”This man is really……
He always sticks her like this.,She seems to be a bit used to it.。

In fact, he can’t completely determine whether it is really cerebral hemorrhage.,After all, the diagnosis is based on symptoms、Signature and combined with imaging。

At the very least, you should take out the head as the diagnosis of cerebral hemorrhage.CTandCTVascular imaging,Clearly discover hematoma,And initially judge the type of vascular malformation。Or head magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance blood vessel imaging,Show the relationship between malformed blood vessels and its relationship with the surrounding brain,Can also distinguish bleeding and calcification。Or cerebral angiography,In addition to sponge blood vessels,It is the most reliable and main diagnostic method for diagnosing other vascular deformities.,Gold standard。
Middle-aged and elderly patients suddenly occur during the activity or emotional excitement,Rapid appearance of focal neurosurgeons and headaches、Vomiting and other skull hypertension should consider the possibility of cerebral hemorrhage,Binding headCTan examination,Take the quick and clear diagnosis。
Generally,The main basis for the diagnosis of cerebral hemorrhage has six points。
The first point,Most50Years old,History of hypertensive arteriosclerosis。
Second point,Sudden disease when physical activity or emotion is excited,Headache,Vomit,Symptoms such as consciousness。
Third point,Fastation,Symptoms of limb dysfunction and increase in intracranial pressure within a few minutes or hours。
fourth point,Signs have nervous system positioning signs。
Fifth,brainCTScan inspection can be seen in the brain hematoma in high density area,Diameter15Blood swelling can be accurately shown,Determine the part of the bleeding,Hematoma,Whether it breaks into the brain,No cerebral edema and cerebrospheneous formation,A diagnosisCTScanning to see bleeding lesions,CTBrain bleeding almost100diagnosis。
Sixteenth point,Waist, visible blood brain fluid,I have rarely diagnosed brain bleeding according to cerebrospinal fluid.。
Light from front4Come to judge,The old man is very likely to be cerebral hemorrhage。
“Alert,Cerebral bleeding is not a big illness now.,Tianfeng People’s Hospital, there is a bleeding in the world,I believe the doctor there,Will be fine。”Zhou Ye,By the way, the Tianfeng People’s Hospital has played a wave of advertisements.。
Old lady whispering“Um”A sentence,Nor did you continue to ask。
Take a short while,An emergency ambulance came。
A moment from the car from the car,I saw Wichen at a glance.,“Another you are。”
Yes,it’s me again。
Dun Nima’s unlucky。
Zhou Ye has a helpless smile,“May be a cerebral hemorrhage,Inspired words5minute。”
The doctor said with a doctor.“Thank you”,Then start and nurse moving patients。
“Is this pancake fruit still eat??”Shu De looked to Wen Ye。
Zhou Ye watched the old man who was carried to ambulance,Cache:“eat。”
Anyway, I have to send an emergency.,The doctor who handed over to the other side was going to handle it.,Why do you have to waste time?。
Two people know each other,Sure enough, you have this thing.,Still there is a consistent agreement!
Zhou Ye originally thought that there was no one.。
After all, he is not in the hospital now.,He is the same as the pedestrians who come and go in this street.,It’s just a citizen in this large world.。
“Come help,Boy。”at120It has already got the patient and the patient’s family.,Doctor who follows the car。
Zhou Ye is a bit surprised120ambulance。
Carrying doctors and two young little nurse。
Tong doctors use a request:“Waiting for the life to save people,You know the situation of emergency,Now this point,Along there, Li Qifeng is in,Unfair,If you are fine,Let’s help,Today is more special,I don’t know what ghosts doing in the rescue area.,There are not many people。”
But the pancake fruit has not been eaten yet.。
Take Li Qifeng’s urine!This is an emergency,It is estimated that you have to have dinner.……
Zhou Ye is still hesitant,Weekly has been straight.120Ambulance:“bring it on,In fact, this pancake fruit is also taken out.,Let the emergency will be good.,Anyway, it is also available outside.。”
This is true of this。
Xu Lu and Zhou Ye quickly followed the car。
NS94chapter Emergency is a descendant
The patient’s life is above everything.!
“What is this?,Also think about eating pancake fruit!”Zhou Ye wrote his own crime。
Ambulance driving,The mood of the people in the car is like this car.。