“Thank you!No need to,I only need the room card”Xia Jian said eagerly。

Yao Junli says:“You give your phone to the front desk clerk”Xia Jianyi listen,Quickly handed over the phone,The waitress just responded,Then put8106Found his room card,Handed it to Xia Jian。
Almost trot upstairs,Xia Jian dare not delay,Opened quickly8106’S door,Xia Jian leaned in and sneaked in,What makes him thankful,The bathroom door is closed,Lights inside,There was a rushing sound,This shows that someone is taking a bath,But it’s definitely not Li Na。
Li Na should be in the room,Xia Jian moved lightly,Walk inside,Only the bedside lamp was turned on in the room,Looks a little dim。
In front of a big bed,The clothes of men and women were thrown in a mess on the ground,Follow the foot of the bed and look towards the bed,Xia Jian could hardly believe the scene before him,This turned out to be true。
I saw Li Na naked,Hands and feet are tied up,The mouth was strangled with a tape,Quilt on the bed,It might be due to Li Na’s resistance,All on the ground。
What’s the situation,Isn’t she making a movie??Xia Jian until now,I still don’t believe in the situation,Li Na found Xia Jian,Pedaling hard on the bed,Motion him to come quickly。
Xia Jian just woke up like a dream,Ran over in a hurry,Looking at Li Na naked,This time he,No distractions,Both hands quickly liberated Li Na’s hands and feet,And took the strap off her mouth。
“Give me my coat on the floor”Li Na is crying,Said eagerly。
I did lose a pile of clothes on the ground,Have underwear,With coat,And also men’s clothes,Since she wants a coat,It seems she has no time to wear underwear,Xia Jian hurriedly found Li Na’s top and skirt,Just lost it。
Li Na shuddered,Just put on the coat,When preparing to wear shoes,A man’s voice came over in a low voice:“you this**,Still feels not enough,Found another one?”
Xia Jian surprised,Turn around quickly,I saw one in his forties,Middle-aged man with a fat body,Wrapped in a bath towel and smirked at them。
When Li Na saw this person,Like a mouse saw a cat,She shivered and said:“Manager Chen,Will you let me go tonight?I can’t stand it”
“Bastard,You fucking pretend to meb,What kind of formation you have never seen,I even made such a show tonight,Sister Wang won’t spare you“Middle-aged man talking,Reach for the phone on the coffee table。
Li Na suddenly jumped over,Grabbed the middle-aged man’s hand,Crying:“Manager Chen,Don’t tell Sister Wang,I will disappear from Pingdu tomorrow“
“Li Na is late!Look at you now,Dress like this,How coquettish。I have been pretending to be pure all these years,I have endured you for a long time“Middle-aged man talking,Swipe your arm,He threw Li Na to the ground。


First1649chapter conquer
In the office of Guo Jiangang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee。Chen Jiang is drinking the fragrant tea made by the secretary himself,With a happy smile on his face。Secretary Guo is sitting opposite him,He didn’t drink tea,But smoking a cigarette。
“Mayor Chen,Which Xiaowei heard you arranged to Pingyang Town,And it’s Xia established?“Guo Jiangang raised his brow,Speak softly。The newly appointed Secretary of the Pingdu Municipal Party Committee,Don’t look at his height,But his face has an awe-inspiring majesty。
Chen Jiang smiled and said:“Pingyang Town is the best town in our city,Since he is a relative of the leader,Then I will say anything,Also let him go to a comfortable place。Besides, this young talent of Xia Jian,Very useful for the development of agriculture,Let Xiao Wei follow him,Maybe I can learn something”
“I don’t think so。Xiao Wei just graduated from a prestigious university,I am impetuous when I come to the grassroots work,He doesn’t like anyone。When this Xia Jian didn’t come,I’ve heard of his name。You put these two people together,Blame it for nothing”Secretary Guo took a breath,The look on his face is a little worried。
Chen Jiang smiled and said:“Xia Jian is stupid,Don’t offend Xiao Wei!”
“I’m still a little worried about this,You still have to take care of it when you are free。In case something happens,I can’t explain to the old leader”Secretary Guo said,Squeezed out half of the cigarette in the ashtray。
Chen Jiang hurriedly responded:“I will take it to heart,Don’t worry”
Xia Jian has been busy all this time。He has to run in every village,Fortunately, the newcomer Wei Xiaoming is quite diligent,He ran to do many things。
this day,Xia Jian had a little disagreement with Secretary Lu,The two were a little unhappy during the meeting。So when he returned to the office, he felt sulking,At this moment, the new secretary Wei Xiaoming walked in。
He first poured a glass of water for Xia Jian,Then smiled and handed it to Xia Jian’s hand。He laughed and said:“Mayor Xia!You really don’t need to be so angry”
“is it?Do you think I am careful??”Xia Jian took over the tea cup in Wei Xiaoming’s hand,Can’t help but ask such a sentence。
Wei Xiaoming turned around and closed the door,Then said with a smile:“Secretary Lu looks like a layman in business,He is nonsense about local investment”
“Is there any way?He is the number one in our town,Do you say i can’t listen to him?”Xia Jian said,A little helplessly shook his head。
Wei Xiaoming laughed and said:“It’s not wrong that he is the secretary,In the party and government building,You really can’t go against him。But in the rural development plan,You decide。But if you just listen to him,The people who suffer。You are not guilty of him,But blamed the people of Pingyang Town。Which is more important,Don’t need me to say!”

“I bought you a Tier 3 Force suit,Lest you be hacked to death!”Li Ming chuckles,indeed so,Li Ming has a permanent star grade 5 Mo Yun。And another moyun vine was also given to Hong,After all, Hong’s power is relatively weak,But the realm is high,Stronger use of Mo Yun Teng。And Thor does lack a defensive weapon。

“flood,And Thor,I follow your request,I bought you Tier 3 force weapons!”
“As for the seven of you!”Li Ming glanced,“I have also brought you each a set of Tier 2 Force suits and Force weapons.。Atani,I asked you to practice the arc cutter in the virtual universe, right?,This weapon is for you。”
Atani,Among the ten spiritual teachers bought by Li Ming, he ranked second in strength.,After studying some secrets, he broke through the field,Of course it’s only the domain one,This arc cutter can also display the second form。And the number one‘Reiji’,Is a piece of debris dropped by the Meteorite,His mind power increased even more。
“Thanks master!”Atani’s appearance is a young girl,Has light green hair,At this moment, I took the arc cutter from Li Ming。
And Thor put a hand on Li Ming’s shoulder,Whispered in a voice that the entire spacecraft could hear:“Wow,Li Ming, your spiritual teacher is very beautiful,Are you old bachelor planning。。。”
“Thor,Buy it for you‘Lightning Blade’Still can’t seal your mouth?!”
“Ha ha~”
“But really,Li Ming, you are over fifty,It’s time to find a wife!”Hong Ye joked。
“。。。。。。”Li Ming was speechless,I will be urged to marry now。
A few days later,The black dragon spacecraft landed on the white mercury,The managers of Baishuixing came out to greet。
“Master Li Ming!”
Bowed respectfully,This is a group with long white hair,White-haired ape man with three eyes on the head。
They are residents of White Mercury。
After Li Ming bought the entire White Mercury,Although these local natives are not his slaves,But also works for him。Unless they are willing to move again。But the human race of this white-haired ape,Very low strength,The pedigree is slightly higher than that of humans on earth,Adult members are generally at the beginner level,The strongest is also a star,It is also very difficult to wander in the universe。
White Mercury is a long-term sub-zero planet,Usually covered in snow and ice,Each revolution cycle is only a few days(Earth time)Will be above freezing temperature。Even though some plants and crops in the universe are tougher than those on earth,But it’s rare to grow on White Mercury。
Which resulted in,White Mercury is very barren,Not a habitable planet for humans。
About tens of millions of years ago,There is a branch of ape-man tribes migrating to this planet in the universe。Although the ape-men of this tribe are weak,But very hardy,After migrating to this planet, I barely survived。

Li Jiacheng is screaming:“Comer,Come soon!”

The mediocrity in the family guards round the clock,As long as he has a little movement,Someone will come in soon,This time he broke his throat and no one answered。
“People……Where are people dead……Come soon!”
“You don’t need to call,They really became dead!”
An indifferent voice sounded from behind,Li Jiacheng hurriedly turned and looked,I saw a young man with a stern face。
“you……who are you,How did you come in!”
“Aren’t you trying to kill me?”
Chen Xiu sneered:“You don’t even know who I am,I am Chen Xiu!”
“Chen Xiu!”
Li Jiacheng was in horror,He hurried to the bedside table and took out a revolver from the drawer and pointed it at Chen Xiu。
Chen Xiu didn’t stop him,Just sneered:“I can bring Luming’s head to your bed in your sleep,Do you think a mere pistol is useful to me!”
Li Jiacheng’s heart trembled,Trembling,He knows how good Lu Ming is,That’s a superman who can pull up weeping willows。
Such a superhuman head is on the bedside table behind him。
And the person who chopped off Lu Ming’s head is the one in front of him who used his gun at the young man。

Wu Wu is really military style,A few minutes,He has rushed over with a bunch of brothers。Wang Youcai told him about the situation just now。Wu Wu has understood what Wang Youcai meant,Boss, I want to help this woman。

He glanced at Xu Lihong and said:“You have to repay our boss,Something like you,Except for our boss,No one dares to control“
“I’m already from Big Brother“When Xu Lihong said this,,Secretly glanced at Wang Youcai,So pretending to be shy and lowered his head。
Wang Youcai listened,So happy,He laughed:“I love to hear these words, sister“
Wang Youcai’s voice just fell,A guy with yellow hair came over,He whispered to Wang Youcai:“Brother Yong invites you to talk in the alley,If you don’t come,Brother Yong said you will regret it”
“Get out!What bullshit Yong brother,Not popular now”Wang Youcai shouted angrily,Then waved,Take Wu Wu and others towards the alley。Xu Lihong obediently follows Wang Youcai,She is nervous to die,Because she has experienced Zou Yong’s lewd power。
An old deep alley,Illuminated by a dim street lamp,There is a feeling of traveling to ancient times。There are dense houses on both sides of the road,Every room has been baptized for years,The vicissitudes of life。
This should be the demolition area,The rich have already moved away,Those who stayed on guard are the working class。And some tenants from other places。
The alley is a bit deep,When Wang Youcai took people inside,I found that not many people came in and out。Suddenly a clearing appeared in front of me,It should have been demolished and vacated。Right on the edge of the clearing,There is a very old big locust tree,The trunk is very thick,Branches and leaves stretched out,Blocked half the sky。
“Hahahaha!Really kind,So many people came to me,It seems to be a big show tonight”With sound,Seven or eight young men came out from under the big locust tree,It was the guy who claimed to be Zou Yong who took the lead。But he looks pretty young,Less than 30 years old。
Wang Youcai looked at each other,I found that the number of people on the other side is about the same as theirs here,It seems that I still bring a bit less。But since it’s already here,He is not afraid,Because of Wu Wu by his side。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“Less nonsense,What do you want?“
Zou Yong did not expect that Wang Youcai would have such a cowhide,He couldn’t help asking:“Excuse me?I want to see how many catties you are?Pingdu City seems to have never seen someone as arrogant as you“
“Hahahaha!Are you worthy?hurry up,Do you want to pull or spread,Swift point,I don’t have any spare time to play with you here“Wang Youcai said,Wave of hand。Wu Wu behind them took a step forward,Ready to start。

The screams quickly spread throughout this medicine hill,These rune masters from the penal institution fell to the ground,Nail sinks into the skin muscle,I seem to have pulled the poison spot off,Soon they made themselves bloody。

not far away,Female student Liang Sifan stared blankly at these senior Fu brothers,I couldn’t help showing a bit of fear on my cheeks。
I feel better than being frozen into an ice sculpture,At least consciousness will be lost,Don’t be so miserable like this。
“You don’t think I have only one dragon,The talisman of Shenfan Academy is capable of this?”Zhu Minglang raised a smile,With sarcasm。
Liang Quan’s eyes are angry,He is the only one to react,And used Fudun to resist the people who read poisonous violence。
But all his men were recruited。
This is not the worst。
The cage talisman requires the talisman to cast spells continuously,Maintain the suppression of the entire rune array,This process cannot be interrupted,Interruption means that the cage talisman will also fail。
The Shadow Talisman also won’t last long,That Bingchen Bailong has regained his freedom!
“Lord Santo,You should freeze them,I……I’ll go back to the teacher of Mingshili。”Female student Liang Sifan begged。
“Sifan,What do you ask this demon?!”Liang Quan angrily said。
“Second uncle,You can’t beat others,Besides, if the Lord Zhu is a demon,We are already under the yellow spring。”Liang Sifan said。
“Nonsense,This guy set up a poison storm trap before we came,Otherwise, where would this kid be……”Liang Quan in the gray robe is about to scold,Halfway through,But I feel an extremely cold air coming。
Liang Quan looked down,I found my feet were covered with ice at some point,These ice bodies are crawling up their bodies like poisonous snakes。
Liang Quan immediately lit a fire talisman,Want to melt the ice,But the flame is bright,The temperature is also high,The frozen ice still passed through his chest,Is climbing on his neck!

“No matter how leather he is, he is only a village official,I don’t believe he can turn the sky”Ma Xiaofeng said,The corners of the mouth rise slightly。Unconvinced。

Chen Jiang smiled and said:“Don’t take it lightly,You know this person is great after dealing with it,Even Mayor Wang can’t help him”Chen Jiang is talking,I looked at Ma Xiaofeng a little displeased。
Ma Xiaofeng felt Chen Jiang’s dissatisfaction with her,She smiled and said:“Mayor Chen,I will be careful,Just wait for him Xia Jian to resign automatically!”
Chen Jiangyi listen,I couldn’t help laughing out loud。
When Xia Jian opened his eyes,Found myself lying in a hotel,And my clothes are gone,Only left a pair of underwear。Xia Jian tried hard to remember what happened last night。
When several of them drink,Xia Jian felt that he was not drunk,It should look like seven to eight。Later they came out of the box,Yao Junli took them to the fourth floor againKTV。In the process of singing,Drank wine and beer again,He drank too much this time。
As for the rest, he doesn’t remember at all。How to go upstairs,How did you take off your clothes?,He doesn’t know。A nausea strikes,Xia Jian quickly stood up。When he ran to the bathroom,This nausea is gone。
Xia Jian stood in the bathroom for a while,Found a lot better。I turned around and found that his clothes were all washed,Hung in the bathroom。Xia Jian couldn’t help but burst into laughter,He doesn’t know who took this dress off for him。
Touched,Found that the clothes were all dry,He put it on。When he just finished washing,There was a knock on the door。Xia Jian opened the door and took a look,Seeing Yao Junli standing at the door with a smile。
Xia Jian asked with a smile:“Where are the two of them?”
“Ouyang is still sleeping,Guo Meili hurried back to work。How are you?Is it better??“Yao Junli said,Walked in。
Xia Jianshun closed the door,Hehe smiled and said:“Still a little disgusting,How much wine did you give me?Made me fragmented,I’m not at peace with what happened later“
“I don’t know,You are brought up by the service。Actually we didn’t fill you up,You are happy to drink,Drink alone,I feel an unreliable anger in my heart。So we didn’t stop you,Just let you drink enough“Yao Junli said and sat on the sofa。
Xia Jian glanced at Yao Junli and said:“You won’t take my clothes off for me!“
“I want to help you off,But Ouyang and Guo Meili watched,How am i embarrassed,So I called the waiter to help you undress。But the two of them drank almost,Fortunately, it came up in time,Otherwise, people have to go back up“Yao Junli said and laughed。
Just in time,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He took out a look,Zhao Hong called during the call。Xia Jian is busy,Zhao Hong said anxiously on the phone:“Where are you?Just received a call from town,Mayor Ma asked you to come to town for a meeting,And it’s the name and surname for you to participate“
“It’s ok,Did she say the specific time?“Xia Jian asked softly。
Zhao Hong paused and said:“She said,Let you come at nine o’clock,Do you want me to accompany you?You are so impulsive,I’m afraid you will make the relationship stiff the first time you see her“
“Nothing,I’m relieved,I said nothing would conflict with her“Xia Jian finished,Hung up。He glanced at his watch by the way,Found it’s eight o’clock。

“why?”Juvenile curious,Xindao, the guardian, should he find it unhappy?

“Temple rules,If the palace owners who have officially sat in the temple want to explore the inside of the temple,Can only go by yourself,How far can go。”
“There are such rules?”
“That is natural。”
“The past palace masters you mentioned,except me,How many more?”
“Count you,Since the birth of the Temple of Five Elements, there have been five palace owners,Except you,There are two from Houtu Temple,One from Yishuidian,One more,Also from the Holy Fire Temple,These four old palace masters are dead。”
“Oh?So I haven’t seen the master of the two halls of Jinfeng and Jumu.?”
“What are their usual deeds?”
“In the memory of the Holy Spirit,The Young Palace Master can also go to the depths of the hall to check。”
“You’ll save trouble。”Juvenile sneer,“If you were not blinded by big eyes,Destroy the memory of me and the Holy Spirit,Why should I ask you??!”
The guardian shivered,I just closed my eyes,It’s afraid of the boy beat him,But stubborn inside,The masters of the past dynasties have explored and comprehended the mysteries of the deep hall by themselves,It won’t say if it’s killed,As for the memory fusion of destruction and the Holy Spirit,In addition to being guilty,Just bite your teeth and play dead。

The four tires of the off-road jeep made a series of harsh grinding noises on the road,There was also a clear abnormal sound mixed with this sound of grinding,Simultaneous flutter of the front hood,A glaring scratch 30 cm long appeared in front of you like a knife。

This is the scratch caused by the warhead’s instant contact with the inclination of the hood,Quan Xingguo quickly judged,Dangerous here,The imaginary sniper really appeared。His hands and feet seem to move faster than thinking,Put in gear、Boom the throttle,The car galloped again in the roar。
Looking at the co-pilot again, Li Tianzhi did not know when he had already turned over to the back row,Leaning down and observing the road in the rear window,“Should be fine。”
Quan Xingguo does not answer,Observe the inverted mirror,Speed up,There are a few big drops of sweat hanging on the forehead,That’s the cold sweat that I am afraid of。If the reaction was a little slow earlier,The point of the warhead is not the hood,But the windshield of the co-pilot,It seems that the other party’s goal is Li Tianzhi, no doubt。
Not long,The off-road vehicle drove away from this small hilly area。After the toll gate, drive for another 20 minutes,The car enteredSZUrban area,No exceptions have been encountered since then。
The two are speechless,After parking the car in the square in front of the station,Quan Xingguo made a few cheeks with both hands,Turning to look at Li Tianzhi,“You said,Will it be him?“
“Ling Feng?“Such a name quickly popped out of Li Tianzhen’s mind,Its ghostly shadow is impressive,Then he shook his head again,”do not know,Not very similar in technique。“
“brothers,Look at the posture,I’m afraid there is still danger on the road behind,You might as well go back to the base with me temporarily,It’s not too late to leave when things come to light。”
Li Tianzhen smiled and shook his head,“I’m not that weak,I really want to see who is thinking of me。But you,Pay special attention when you go back。”
“Don’t worry about me,Hold this。“I know I can’t persuade the other party,Quan Xingguo is no longer wordy,Handed Li Tianzhu a watch,This is the last time I went to Qingshui,The piece that Wu Fang gave him,Was confiscated by Yunshan police,Xu Wen got it back together with everyone’s guns for some reason。
Seeing the other party so carefully,Li Tianzhen is also welcome,Wearing it on your wrist with a smile,Put on the backpack and got out of the car,“Be careful all the way back,brothers。”
“Take care。”Quan Xingguo nodded,Watching Li Tianzhen pass the ticket gate,Until the figure disappears into the waiting hall,He just started the car Left the train station slowly。
Small meeting room on the second floor of the South Building of the base,Xu Wen and a middle-aged officer glared,The two quarreled loudly just now,Even patted each other on the table。I’m panting now like a cockfight,Seems to be brewing a more fierce attack in the next round。
“Stop here。”The middle-aged officer finally suppressed his anger and sighed,Slowly retracted his eyes,“The chief has a last resort。”
“He has no choice but to do my ass。”Xu Wen sneered,“I just ask you,Who changed the list?Who left the news again?”

How to say this,From the perspective of professional people doing professional things, there is nothing wrong。

But from the perspective of managers,Wang Yufei is obviously irresponsible。
“I probably understand!I will discuss these issues with Mr. Ge later。”Yu Xingwei nodded and said。
He is too lazy to discuss company issues with Wang Yufei,This is asking the blind。
But I was very happy to talk to Wang Yufei about technical matters。
Yu Xingwei came with the purpose of joining Changxiang Technology,I was embarrassed to ask,Now you can open up and ask,I’m not bored on the road。
The car drove directly to Tan’s Restaurant on Yong’an Street in Beijing。
Regardless of the per capita consumption,The boundary of Yong’an Street shows that it’s a matter of eating dinner,Ge Lingyue is much more professional than Wang Yufei。
If you change Wang Yufei, please eat,80% is in the canteen in Huaqing。
When the car stops,Ge Lingyue is already waiting at the door。
This also made Yu Xingwei once again feel the importance of Changxiang Technology。
I feel a lot better。
“Mr. Yu,welcome,welcome!”
“President Ge,No accidents in the future,You are my immediate superior,Take care。”
“Mr. Yu is too polite,What’s wrong with future work,I also hope that Yu always can give me your advice。”
The two are very polite,Started a routine business tout。
If you are not used to this occasion,Wang Yufei will think that adults are too terrible again。
The welcome ceremony came to an end soon,Ge Lingyue looked at Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin,Said with a smile:“Today there are some special guests,President Wang should feel very happy。”
“Ok?And guests?I know?”