In fact,Neolithic stuff,Although very old,But basically it’s research value,Collection value will not be very high,Only a few special exceptions,It’s different like Topaz Pig Dragon,It’s still a favorite。

“do not worry,My friend won’t let you lose in price,As long as things are true。prior to,He asked for a price of more than 5 million。But i see the one you got,Not very good,May be slightly lower。”Zhou Xing told Hu Yang。
Populus nodded:“Yes you can!Brother Zhou’s friends,Is my friend,Negotiable price,It doesn’t have to be five million。”
People around listened,stunned,five million?Just this stuff?Everyone feels numb scalp,Unbelievable。
hang up the phone,See everyone’s expression,Hu Yang asked:“Why is this expression?”
“Hu Ge,Brother Zhou said five million?”Huazi couldn’t help asking。
Hu Yang smiled badly:“What do you think?Brother Zhou’s friend wanted to buy a topaz pig dragon from Hongshan Culture for a price of more than 5 million.,But the requirements of that appearance must be higher。Like this,Not very good,If you can give two or three million, just laugh!”
Even if Hu Yang said that,Everyone still sighed。Especially new viewers in the live broadcast room,Antique once again refreshed their three views。
“This boss,Good person!”Lu Daqiang couldn’t help but send a good person card to the stall owner。
is not that right?Except Xu Hong、The three of Huazi and Jiezi,Everyone else got a treasure here,This situation is really rare。
I don’t know how to say Brother Hu and the others are lucky,Or the stall owner’s luck is too bad?
Nothing else,If the stall owner knew this fact,It is estimated that I will take sleeping pills to fall asleep for half a year。
Xu Hong is not in a hurry,He is the same as Populus,30,000 antiques look down on。And Jiezi is not particularly interested in these things,She is fascinated by calligraphy and painting。
Huazai has no other ideas,He followed Brother Hu,Often get benefits,I don’t care if there is any gain this time。

This tactic,The old captain clearly wants to sacrifice all the ship-based drones,In exchange for the last twenty seconds of precious time!

There are more than one hundred drones on board Taishan,The shape of these drones is very expensive,And it’s very versatile,All consumed in this place,It’s really reluctant。
but,The order of the old captain has been given,No one can violate,The two had to type a series of instructions on the keyboard like flying fingers。
In an instant,Belly door opening,The drones buzzed out in groups,Quickly plunge into the battle group below。
The number of drones has increased,Sure enough to stop the crazy attack of those bees。
And in the free attack mode,Even if I blew myself up by those weird metal bees,At most, it’s just one or two drones involved in the power of the explosion.,The overall strength has not been affected。
The cautiousness of the old captain,Once again proved that he was correct。
Time goes by every second,Seeing that there are still tens of seconds left to enter the acceleration time,And the swarm below is still entangled by the drone swarm,It’s about 100 meters away from Qinshan,Never close。
The swarms below blew themselves up,At the same time there was a loud noise,Also produced a large cloud of black fog。
quickly,Below the Taishan ship,Black mist,Can only faintly hear the drone’s machine guns,And the explosion of those bugs,But I can’t see the real scene below。
One thousand two hundred and twenty one chapters Devourer
“Countdown to five seconds,Fives、four、three.”The two have a calm face,Place your palm on the handle of the thruster,Just wait for the countdown to end,Energy filled,He pushes the pusher,The Taishan ship will exceed the speed of sound 16,Leave this ghost place。
suddenly,The energy filling indicator in front of the second officer turns from green to red,Flickering frantically。
“not good!Our energy is falling sharply!”The second pair was shocked,Yelled immediately。
The old captain turned around suddenly,Regardless of danger,Unlocked the magnetic equipment on the seat,Three steps and two steps,Rushed to the second officer。

“This is how to play,What you like is this kind of miniature non-radiative flare bombing,Is there still a radiation flare bombing??I give you a chance to choose!”

And Xin Zhao looked up,I saw a golden energy ball in Lena’s left hand,And the energy ball in the right hand is a little red,It feels a little unharmonious。
“Don’t work, sister, you do it,I will start!”
Facing this circumstances,Xin Zhao from the heart。joke,If you let Rena do it directly,Isn’t there a little less place on earth where humans can inhabit??
To protect every inch of the earth,In order to protect the earth, the beautiful home of mankind,He is indispensable to Zhao Xin。
Sacrifice the ego,Fulfillment。
Thinking like this,Xin Zhao feels that his mood has been sublimated again。
“cheap~People believe,Where are you laughing wretchedly,Hurry up,Qilin is ready!”Seeing Xin Zhao there in a daze,Lena knew right away that he hadn’t thought of anything good。
Qilin worked hard to adjust her state there,At this time, her state of mind is mostly restored,After the stress disappears,She feels strange to the sniper rifle。
It feels like she touched a sniper rifle for the first time。
But this shouldn’t be,She has been training for so long anyway,Hold this sniper rifle in your hand,It’s definitely not bragging.。
Caress the sniper rifle carefully,Qilin is working hard to find a familiar feeling for herself。
Xin Zhao’s figure soon appeared in the sniper field of vision,And he was actually jumping at Qilin~Stock dance!

Wang Shaoxiao is from a financial background,Always settle accounts first。to be frank,He really didn’t understand this time,Even suspected,Does this big ocean horse fall in love with our brother Menglin?,How else would you come up with such a stupid cooperation plan?。

They injected one billion dollars into Menglin Group,This price is almost able to buy the current Menglin Group,But the other party is just doing equity swap,And with their shares in Menglin Group,You can’t beat Lu Menglin’s rule at all。
And the strength of the other American company,Especially their blood test technology,It is likely to become another new outlet in the future。
If this new technology is introduced
If you enter China,Can imagine,China’s huge population,What huge commercial value and profit this new technology will bring。
But the other party is willing to pay one billion dollars,Also exchanged shares with Menglin Group,The condition is only to use Menglin Group’s network promotion channels in the future.。
In Wang Shaoxiao’s opinion,It’s just a lot of money,Take the initiative to send money back!If Lao Mei is such an IQ,Then there will be peace in the future。
“I have one more condition!”Lu Menglin didn’t hold up the wine glass,But smiled unhurriedly。
“What?Gangster,Stop playing with me!?”Wang Shaoxiao almost cried in her heart,There is still a smile on my face。
He can’t understand,The other party’s conditions are so generous that they are stupid,You have to add more?Is she really a fool??Don’t become a snake swallowing elephant!Wang Shaoxiao’s heart activity is quite intense,Winking hard at Lu Menglin。
Elizabeth was also taken aback at this moment,Squinted,Staring closely at Lu Menglin’s face。
If the opponent is not a powerful Secret Medicine Venerable,But to be someone whoever,She will definitely go back on the spot,“Little Yakuza,You don’t go too far!”
The Ten Billion Club is the number one organization in the world,Its power is beyond doubt,If anyone dares to tease it,We must be mentally prepared to endure the thunder of this behemoth。
In Elizabeth’s concept,The Ten Billion Club and myself have released enough kindness to this Lu Menglin,And also helped him,If he is still not satisfied,If you continue to choose greed,,There will only be one result,That is destruction,And it’s complete destruction。
Elizabeth stared at her face,Because she wants to see clearly,Is this kid greedy??Still dazzled by desire,Can’t figure out where you are!In fact,Ten billion clubs anywhere on earth,Face anyone,Have enough initiative,Their huge wealth,Huge resources that can be mobilized,Can let them easily gain the upper hand。
“you,What do you want?”Elizabeth speaks in the vernacular,I immediately felt that I was still too weak,Can’t help but get a little angry。
Have no idea!
Besides being the company president,It’s a sacred master,Own extraordinary power,If you didn’t say a word,You can reach out and pinch yourself to death。
Elizabeth’s thoughts in her mind,Get angry。

The world is amazing!

If you don’t see it with your own eyes,Who can believe that this shy and shy waiter in front of me is actually leaning back several years later《Die Hard》This series of films successfully created a tough guy image on the screen.?!
But now?,Old cloth who is only twenty-four or five……Should be called Xiaobu,Comrade Xiaobu has a respectful smile on his face:“Mr,What do you need?”
Although the man in front of me is Asian,But Comrade Xiaobu dare not even underestimate the other party’s thoughts:Guests who can appear at this dinner party in Chrysler,There is no simple。
Why did he rack his brains to serve as a waiter at this banquet?,I just want to try my luck、See if you can get an opportunity,The Asian man in front of me just met Li at the door·Mr. Iacocca talked for nearly three minutes,He sees it,I’m pretty sure the Asian man in front of me is a person of status and status——Otherwise, why would Chen Geng meet him??
Chen Geng didn’t know that all of this was Xiaobu’s caution,He was also immersed in the pleasure of instructing classmate Xiaobu to work,I looked at Comrade Xiaobu, who was kind of flattering and cautious.,Said:“Can you get me a cocktail?”
“Cocktail is it?no problem。”Student Xiaobu nodded immediately:“Miss you?”
“Also bring me a cocktail。”
“Two cocktails?Two please wait。”
Student Xiaobu was very happy to help Chen Geng and Rosemary get wine,Rosemary looked at her boss excitedly:“boss,Is this waiter special??”
“Oh,It’s nothing,I just think this kid’s body is more suitable to be an actor,”Chen Geng said casually:“Maybe you can become a big star in the future。”
“You say him?A hotel waiter,To be a star in Hollywood?”Rosemary thought about countless possibilities,But there is no such thing as possible,Eyes widened:“Are you sure you are not joking?”
PS:Bros,Today’s second time is coming to night,Sleep or sleep until you wake up comfortable,This kind of sleep divided into two sleeps feels really bad,Just one day or two,Like this every day,I feel like people are going to split。

boom!There was a loud noise from downstairs。

Followed by,Many heads poked out from the windows upstairs,Looked down in surprise。
The black Audi was hit and flew to the side of the road,The entire rear door is deflated,And sounded a piercing alarm。
violence!Too violent!Everyone at this moment,There is only such a single thought in my mind。
Especially those who follow in Porsche911The students behind,They even opened their mouths wide,I can’t believe what I saw。
The performance of the imported sports car is really good,Under such a violent impact,The car body just shuddered twice,Even the airbag did not pop out,The front bumper is slightly deformed,No problem。
And the black Audi car that was hit by it was miserable,The lower half of the door hangs diagonally,Even the car frame is deformed。That look,Really embarrassed。
Chen Jiannan, who originally leaned on the car body,I was almost shot flying by this sudden collision。
now,From the eyes of Nan Ge who is still in shock,A terrible hostility gradually escaped,He is really angry!
however,The most exciting facial expression is Xu Yan,He was still eloquent last second,Said with a grin,As long as this car is here,No one dared to care about my business!
Don’t know the next second,I heard a loud noise behind me,Then I saw my father’s car,Got knocked into the flowerbed,All over,Terrible。
This face is too timely, right?!It’s really caught off guard!Xu Yan opened his mouth wide,I didn’t know how to react for a while。
“me,What do i do?”Porsche sports car,The salesman trembles,Stuttering。
This car is sold from him,Also hit his hand,Commission from car sales,Probably not enough for one-tenth of the cost of repairing the car!
The ups and downs of life come too fast,It’s really sad and happy,Helpless!
“Nothing!none of your business!Anyway, I just bought insurance!Besides, it’s the other party’s responsibility,take it easy。”Lu Menglin patted the sales brother on the shoulder,Very embarrassed to say。

“All right,Hold me tight。”Qin Feng pretended to say calmly。

Shangguan Yuxin hugged Qin Feng’s neck obediently,But the next second she didn’t dare to look at Qin Feng again,His face gradually turned red again。
So Qin Feng can’t care about anything,Holding Shangguan Yuxin,Jumped out from the window on the second floor。
Shangguan Yuxin never expected,Qin Feng’s experience of superhuman feeling,Turned out to be jumping off the building!
After Qin Feng hugs himself steadily,,Shangguan Yuxin still can’t recover for a long time。
I didn’t even dream of it,I jumped off the building。
If someone sees at this moment,Will make people think,It’s my lover holding Xiaosan,After being found,The two jumped off the building,How old are you,A poignant love story。
Thought of this,Shangguan Yuxin patted her forehead,I’m shooting too many TV series。
A series of Oolong,Make two completely unfamiliar,Even before,I can’t imagine two people meeting,Gradually become familiar。
Walked for a while,The two came to the place where Qin Feng parked before,No delay,Qin Feng drove to the heaven and earth。
Shangguan Yuxin saw from afar,Sister Qin waiting anxiously at the door。
“Sister Qin……”After getting off the car, Shangguan Yuxin flew to Sister Qin’s side,Holding tightly to the only one who misses himself。
“Are you OK,You scared me to death,I will never leave you alone again。”Sister Qin said regretfully。
“Nothing,Don’t you think I’m good?”Shangguan Yuxin said happily,It’s not like someone just kidnapped,As if she was not tied up。
“Uh uh,Just come back,Just come back,No one is bullying you?”Sister Qin wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes,Looking up and down Shangguan Yuxin。
“No no,Nothing at all,I’m fine,I just changed a place to sleep。”Shangguan Yuxin said lightly,She doesn’t know how much people at home care about her。
“All right,Go in for dinner,She’s starving,I keep calling my stomach in the car。”Qin Feng and old two are talking here,I forgot to eat。

No less than every month15Ten thousand U.S. dollars?

No less than200Ten thousand U.S. dollars?
White looked at Chen Geng dumbfounded,I think Chen Geng is going crazy。
Although he has never worked with a used car dealer before,But I know a little bit about this industry under the influence,A used car dealer wants to apply from the bank for a month15Ten thousand dollar car loan,Almost sold100to150Just a car,On average, it’s a day to sell4To5Car,Can sell in one day4To5Second-hand car dealer,The ones that are right are large used car sales groups with many years of experience,What qualifications does Fernandez have to compare with those big companies?
First6chapter Four promises&First customer
“I’m not stupid,It’s clear that you have to sell at least a month100A car needs so much loan,”Seeing White’s dumbfounded look,Chen Geng knew what this guy was thinking:“rest assured,Since we are compatriots,I won’t make you embarrassed,such,You go back and tell your manager,As compensation to you,If the loan amount I apply for each month is not up to15Ten thousand,I don’t even want a cent rebate……”
White’s face flushed、A burst of white,Before Chen Geng finished,He suddenly interrupted Chen Geng,Gritted his teeth and said:“Every month10Ten thousand!brothers,Every month10Ten thousand,Per year150Ten thousand,If you are sure to do this,I will help you fight25%Rebate。”
“Ha ha……No need,”Chen Geng waved his hand,Since White is so interesting,Chen Geng:“That `s a deal,per month15Ten thousand U.S. dollars,25%Rebate,Your bank promised,Let’s sign a cooperation agreement,If you don’t agree,Then I will switch to another bank to cooperate……”
Talking,Chen Geng winked at White:“as far as I know,Auto credit business has never accounted for a high proportion of your bank’s business、And your bank always wants to expand this part of the business volume?As long as your bankers are not stupid,They will agree。”
These words,Chen Geng said with confidence:Taking the current situation of the US used car market,If I can’t sell every month100Car,Not to be laughed to death?
White went away happily and worriedly,After all, he still didn’t dare to agree。
25%The interest rate rebate is not a small amount,He needs to go back and report to the manager of the credit department、Negotiate,But he also told Chen Geng clearly,No problem,If Chen Geng can really apply monthly15Million car loan,The bank has a very high chance of agreeing to this rebate ratio——Union Community Bank’s rebate to some large car sales companies in Detroit has reached30%,Just want to remove these big customers from Mellon、Poached from the hands of a big bank like Chase,It’s just that people simply don’t like small and medium banks like United Community Bank.。
White left happily,He already feels the good life is beckoning to him。

The old fox originally had eyes wide open,Look at Qin Feng,After being chopped off by his palm, I fainted,Fell to the ground softly。

Qin Feng kicked him again after watching,Scolded,“You immortal,Let’s see Lao Tzu, I’ll kill you,My surname is no longer Lin。”
So Qin Feng reached out and grabbed the clothes behind the old fox,Picked up the old fox from the ground like a chicken,Walked to the old fox’s room with Sakura View。
Qin Feng opened the old fox’s room the same way last time,The door to the underground kicked the old fox straight down。
Suddenly the clanging sound came from the cold basement,The old fox rolled from the entrance to the underground factory。
Qin Feng slowly walked in after hearing the voice,Going down the factory leisurely again。This time is totally different from last time,This time I lost my breath,A few more icy flavors and bleak feelings。
Qin Feng went down and took a look,At this time the basement is empty,Tools randomly placed everywhere,If you don’t look carefully, you don’t know what these tools are for。
Qin Feng had seen it before,These are all things used to make that stuff,Now a bunch of people who seem to be placed randomly are left on the ground,There is no place to go。
Qin Feng turned his head and looked at the house of the person who had worked here,Now those fences are all opened,The things inside are still randomly placed。
And the excrement was not cleared away in time,It’s already suffocating。
After Qin Feng looked around here,,Then he regained his eyes on the old fox lying on the ground。
At this time, the old fox had been scarred from falling down from a height。
And the face that was originally full of wrinkles was cracked in several places。At this time blood is constantly leaking out。
but,Qin Feng won’t pity him,After all, he is a man who has done enough bad things。
He kicked the old fox again and said,“Hey,Undead,To the place,Why are you still dizzy??Wasn’t it very capable just now??Still want to control Lao Tzu!Why is it like a dead dog now?”
That old fox was kicked by Qin Feng,The body also moved,But there is still no sign of awakening。
Qin Feng looked at it for a while and said,“Tut tut,Sure enough, old is old。It’s been so long,Not awake yet。I still have to let Lao Tzu help you。”

“Xin Zhao,Don’t die!”

“Xin Zhao,Please come alive,I promise you everything, OK!”
Lena is watching Liu Chuang and Rui Mengmeng fighting,Suddenly my ears move,Then froze。
‘Qilin said Xin Zhao was dead just now,Did she use the Deicide 1 armor-piercing bullet??’
‘Do not,Shouldn’t,That’s special military supplies,When it’s not fighting,Won’t give Qilin the authorization!’
“Go back with me!”
Although I know Xin Zhao will not die,But even if there is only a chance,Lena wouldn’t bet。
On the one hand is the reluctance in her heart,Another point is because,She spent a lot of resources on Xin Zhao,Have not received benefits,Are these resources going to be drained?!
Why Xin Zhao and Rui Mengmeng can equip weapons so quickly,And why can the second team of Xiongbing Company be formed so quickly,It’s not that Ducao sold Xin Zhao for a good price。
Even if it is Lena,I also feel a bit painful price。
Qiangwei watching Liu Chuang and Rui Mengmeng fighting there,In the time of ignorance,Was pulled up by Lena and ran back。
Seeing Lena in a hurry,Qiangwei decided to say hello later,Look at her expression,Obviously, I don’t want to answer any questions.。
Thinking in my heart,Qiangwei followed Lena to Qilin’s side,When you see Xin Zhao’s face full of blood,And the blood that Qilin got on reaching out,Qiangwei froze。
‘Is this fatal??Xin Zhao is dead,And it was killed by Qilin!’
What an international joke!
Lena took a deep breath,Then opened the dark communication。
Lena:“Lianfeng,Check Xin Zhao’s physical condition?”
Lianfeng:“I’m busy,I’m going to transfer to you,She is responsible for your physical condition!”
Yuqin:“You finally think of me,Xin Zhao is healthy, right?,He is in good health now,What happened?”