Thought of here,Tian Lu’s mouth rises,Shrugged,Take a deep breath,Secretly mocking people who have nothing to do with them and worrying about prying into others’ privacy。

First227chapter Hard to recognize
Ding Kelan is a low-key,Doing things silently is easy to achieve results。When a department manager is in a meeting,Suggested that he would go to various departments,To the department、Care for staff,More mobilization,The most important thing is to reflect affinity。
Ding Kelan agrees with everyone’s proposal,Shishiwu agreed with a smile,Indicates that I will go to research another day。
The top executives of the company follow the instructions of the administration department,I got used to calling Ding Kelanakey,The following staff also formed a consensus,Address in speechakey,Almost obscured the real name。
It’s better to hit the sun,Ding Kelan did not deliberately choose a day to transfer to the department to understand the truth,After finishing the official business on hand,Go directly to each department to check the facts,Did not say hello to the department before coming,Randomly called several department heads,Visited several departments together,Observed the operation and the work of the staff。
Transferred several departments,Everywhere, I talked to relevant staff about the work situation of several departments,Pass、ask,Have an understanding of the general situation。
Came to the planning department,The employees are doing their jobs,Didn’t notice anything special about the visitor,If the leader comes,That’s what the manager went to receive。
Xia Meihan introduced to Ding Kelan the division of personnel in the planning department、Performance、System management,Introduced recent work and ongoing work。When I heard that a promotional video was being filmed according to the script,Already in post editing,Ding Kelan is interested,He told Xia Meihan,After the production of the image promo,Be sure to report it to him first。
Xia Meihan saw that the boss was keen and attached great importance to,Frightened,Decided to pass the best quality promotional video to the boss,This is an important work for the Planning Department to strive for Ding Kelan’s approval。
By the way, Tian Lu and Chen Amei at the other end thought they could see the new boss of the inspection department,Just because I have to make a promotional video,Wasn’t in the planning department for a while,I missed the highlight moment of meeting the new boss。
Later, I heard from my colleagues,It turned out that the new boss came to inspect this afternoon,I knew I should dress up better,The new boss is not only handsome,And mature, steady and generous,Looks very attractive。
Tian Lu pretended to stare at them,A group of flatterers are ashamed of their words。
Not long,They were notified by the Administration Department,The manager of the planning department and the staff who made the image promotion video come to the conference room to review the film.。Because before,Xia Meihan reported to Ding Kelan about the proof of the promo,Only then did the Administration Department inform Tian Lu and Chen Amei to review the film together。
meeting room,Meeting room dim after turning off the lights,The light and shadow effect of the large screen is very clear。
Xia Meihan and Tian Lu、Chen Amei sit down,The promotional video scrolls on the screen,Let’s see if there is any correction,Then wait for the boss to come over and watch again、Review、give opinions。
Wait and wait until the boss comes to review the film,Excitement and excitement are extinguished。
Just when they received the leader watching the promo with a calm mind,But I saw a dark figure in the first row taking the tea from the administration department,Have a tasteful sip,Knock on Erlang’s legs and stare at the big screen intently。It turns out that Ding Kelan had already arrived in the conference room unknowingly。

Lin Yoona returns to the room after the meeting,Ask Xiao Fan:“How’s it going?Did Chu Yao and Yiming handle the matter??”Xiao Fan nodded。

Then turned around and said to Lin Yoona:“You prepare,Then tell Gu Jin they,Then we will start together,Actually we should be almost ready。”
Lin Yuna said:“Yes,I have been organizing some things for the past two days,So actually there is nothing to prepare,I’m ready for your clothes or something。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“More and more virtuous。”Lin Yun’er glared at him angrily,Then I went to call Bai Chen。
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Two Properly arranged
Xiao Fan called the staff on the island to arrange,Because after all they are going on vacation these days,Although it is a short holiday,But also arrange well,So that everyone can relax。
Xiao Fan has always been very serious and careful in everything,He never deals with anything perfunctory,Because in Xiao Fan’s opinion,Whether it’s vacation,Work or work,It must be treated with a serious attitude,Only in this way,This person can live more comfortably。
What’s more, he thinks everyone is a little tired these days,I should have a good rest,So Xiao Fan called the manager of the hotel over there,Let them prepare the room,And arrange some other things。
So they don’t have to worry about other things when they go,You can just relax and play,Xiao Fan has always been careful about these things。
As long as it is for the good of the people around,In fact, although he always looks cold,Or it doesn’t look very interested,For something,But in fact, my heart is hot。
He hopes to protect the people around him,Can help these people get the happiness they should have,In that case, he himself would feel very happy。
Then Lin Yoona also called Bai Chen and the others,Made an appointment,Basically they will leave tomorrow。
Xiao Fan also told Chu Yao to follow Yiming,Let the two of them prepare well,Then let them not think too much。

At this moment,Assist the Great God Jiangnan to speak:

Happy today,I also give everyone a wave of benefits,Ten Huawei’s latest mobile phones,The lottery conditions are the same as before。
The latest phone,It seems to be seven or eight thousand?Ten stations are seven to eighty thousand,Worthy of the rich,When you feel good, you throw money。but,Everyone likes this kind of local tyrant。
Don’t talk about players,Even the anchor is excited,Pay attention,Public screen speech:《Yongle Festival》,Then wait for the draw。
result,Hu Yang successfully completed the task of 100,000 attention。
The long-lost voice comes from the system,Congratulations to him for completing the task of 100,000 followers,Successfully upgraded the intermediate treasure hunter。
Populus close eyes,Feel the change in your eyes at that moment,Not only the eyes,I feel like a drop of wind oil in my brain,Sober a lot。
Subsequently,Two new tasks:
the first,Add 100,000 followers again,Access to primary perspective。
second,A million followers,Can upgrade treasure eye to advanced。
Get!The system is a bit silly,But still awesome,Even the perspective eyes came out。Upgrading advanced treasure hunting eyes is a bit difficult,Temporarily can only overcome perspective。
I just don’t know what the perspective eye is for,Can’t be used to spy on girls?That’s too evil。Populus thought:It seems,The system is a little bit rude。
“Thank you everyone,This kind of activity will be frequent in the future。I hope,Everyone is not just for the lucky draw,I can also notice the traditional culture of our country from my live broadcast。
Today’s live broadcast,It ends here,Everyone who hasn’t eaten eats,See you tomorrow about the same time。”

The two bodyguards Yan Que left behind are also masters,It was found that something was wrong,Just draw a gun and shoot,But still failed to stop Xiang Chen and Yao Yao from rushing into the attic。

Looking for cover while shooting,But apart from strict justice,The responsiveness of several people is first-rate,Short time,No one can kill each other。
It’s just,Seems to be suffocated enough to want to exchange injuries with others,Life for life,But whether it’s Xiang Chen or Yao Yao,Neither of them are fools,How could you do such a cool thing?。
“Come out!You two are very good?What’s wrong now?”
Yan Zhengyi’s excitement,Side shot,Ask questions。
The two bodyguards left behind by Yan Que were a little helpless,The boss’s brother is obviously messing around,But the two of them who accompanied the prince to study,Not good to say,Can only wait cautiously,Everything made Yan Zhengyi have fun。
everybody knows,Opportunity to use firearms,Is determined by the capacity in the magazine,In this attic,No one has a chance to change the magazine。
But it’s just as if you don’t know。
Everyone is pushing away,Strive to kill the opponent with one shot,Only Yan Zhengyi is firing unscrupulously。
“Their bullets are running out!”
Yao Yao looked at Xiang Chen,Signaled that he still had two bullets,And Xiang Chen and Yao Yao made a three gesture,Yao Yao suddenly became big。
With the sound of the last shotgun falling,Xiang Chen and Yao Yao also counterattack at the same time,No chance to add ammunition at all。
Just one shot exploded the ammunition prepared by Yan Zhengyi,The gunfire left,No one hit each other。
Expected thing,But a little disappointed。
“The enemy,give it to you!”
Yao Yao told Xiang Chen,Arm hard,The whole person jumped out。
Have to admit,The bodyguards who can be brought around by severe lack still have a certain professionalism,At least he was not defeated by Yao Yao,Two people work together,And fight Yao Yao back and forth。

“I am Qin Feng。”Qin Feng answered the phone,Say in an extremely cold tone。

And this tone,Jiang Yan never heard of,Wang Mengmeng has never heard of it,The whole room,Only Su Rou has heard of it。
Su Rou couldn’t help but shiver,She knew Qin Feng was getting angry,Because she heard Qin Feng’s tone last time,Still a few years ago,Qin Feng took a group of them,To beat the countless people,The wheel fights to the end,Everyone can’t hold on。
that time,Qin Feng used this voice,Said something:“deserter,Kill without mercy!”after that,A group of seven people,I don’t know how many people killed the enemy。
same,Qin Feng’s simple words,The other person on the phone,Also feel biting,It’s the kind of cold。
“Qin Feng,Finally, you have shown up。”But short-term horror,The other side also spoke。
“I am always here,It’s just that you want to find me in this stupid way。”Qin Feng sneered。
“No matter what method is used,As long as I can find you。Just a good way。”Er Gouzi said on the phone。
“Speak,Your purpose。”Qin Feng doesn’t want to talk too much nonsense,Because he thinks this person is not the main person who kidnapped Shangguan Yuxin,Judging from the tone of his speech,Just a brave guy,But it sounds like someone else。
“Very simple,I let you pay
。”The person on the other end said harshly。
“longevity?Don’t worry, I must live longer than you!”Qin Feng said with a smile,He was nervous at first,But this call made him feel that things were not as bad as he thought。
I thought it was a big kidnapping of 2 billion,Would be a brainy person,Now it seems,The other side has ten**Is poor and crazy。
“Who asked you to call?”Just when Qin Feng thought so,Another person said something like this,And hang up directly。
Qin Feng said,Such a kidnapping,Shouldn’t be that kind of person,Did this kidnapper come from a group?。
“how about it?What did the kidnapper say?”Sister Qin saw Qin Feng put down the phone,Ask the first time。
“Do not worry,Shangguan Yuxin will be fine for now,Now for sure,The kidnapper came at me,If you don’t see me this rabbit,They won’t sprinkle Guan Yuxin’s eagle。”
Qin Feng didn’t expect to meet Shangguan Yuxin,He was targeted,Someone who seems to have something to do with me,Will be implicated。
Time passes by,It’s noon in a blink of an eye。
“**Teach us……”The familiar cell phone ringtone broke,Silence in the room。

In the car,Liu Xing keeps small movements,“What are you doing?”

“I am a little nervous,You said,Is it really good to marry the princess like this??Actually,I think,Blue girl is still good!”Liu Xingyu is amazing。
Although many people have that premarital phobia these days。But if Qin Feng is driving at this time,I will definitely hit the surrounding mountains directly。Liu Xing is still dead,So as not to harm women。
Things have developed to this point,You miss other women?
“You are not a premarital phobia,You just change!I moved myself with deep emotions before,You scumbag!”Qin Feng spit out,Didn’t save Liu Xing any face at all。
But the latter smiled,“Actually Qin Feng,You are almost like me。anyway,The three girls at the time,Who do you like?More,Are there more girls around you??Yang Xi’s relationship with you must be a higher level than ambiguity。lover?”
“You look for?”
“I’m wrong!”Liu Xing’s recognition speed is naturally very fast。After all he knows,The gap between Qin Feng and him is no longer the distance between heaven and earth。
Even now,He didn’t even understand what the dark period is all about。
Therefore, once Qin Feng is found to be angry, he will automatically cut off,no way,Although Liu Xing doesn’t show much respect for Qin Feng,I never even admitted that he is a younger brother, Qin Feng is the boss。
But after all, their identities are not equal。As long as it’s not a friend,Some jokes can’t be done。Not to mention this deliberate mockery。
Qin Feng’s mouth,No further investigation。
Arrive at the palace in this awkward atmosphere。
The respect of the King of the Netherlands makes Qin Feng feel a little strange。Because as a king,You should pay much attention to deportment,But at this time the king not only waited for their arrival outside the door。Waiting like a little servant。People who don’t know think this is the king who pretends to be。
“Yo,Lord King,Meet again!”After getting off,Qin Feng couldn’t help but smile。

Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled:“General Will,You don’t need to pay half!I just said,I will pay the money。”

“It’s not a question of money,Is not necessary!If those gang mutants dare not be obedient,I will teach them how to behave with guns。”General will rage。
Lu Menglin stretched,Replied:“General,Mutants are also human,They are all flesh and blood thinking humans。If you hope they can help,Just use my method!Everyone came out,I still have to talk about face。Force them with guns,And invite them with banknotes,It feels completely different。”
“unless,You don’t want to use their power at all,But purely to consume the power of mutants in the city?”Lu Menglin asked with a smile again。
General Will’s face sank at hearing,Shook his head,Did not answer positively。
This old general naturally has his considerations,After all,The mutant in the red zone is in his eyes,Not someone in need of protection,His mission is to end the spread of the red zone,As long as you can kill the Horned Flies,Let the red mist no longer increase,Even if you sacrifice all the mutants in the red zone,He did it too。
That’s why the old saying goes,Be merciful!As soft-hearted as Lu Menglin,So care about the character of others,In the eyes of General Will,It’s really not a climate。
“up to you!Everyone rest for a night,Tomorrow at noon,Depart on time。”General Will screamed。
Everyone nodded repeatedly,Watching General Will leave。
The old general left,The atmosphere in the yard has eased a lot。
Everyone looked at Lu Menglin in unison,Complex emotions in the eyes。
After all, the people here are all mutants,It’s just that their luck is better,Does not appear in the red zone,And also joined the blue zone military,That’s why I was treated differently by General Will。
Sometimes think about,Those big people are really conflicted,On the one hand, they have to use the power of mutants to act,On the one hand it resists the mutant。
No wonderHAgent after mutation,I would rather be a gang leader in the red zone,Hiding under the ground all day,Not willing to leave the red zone,Go back to the outside world。
“Lu Menglin,Do you say we can leave the red zone?”Girl Li suddenly reached out and knocked someone on the shoulder,Asked。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“Should be able,So protect yourself。Just live,Everything is possible。”
Hear this answer,There was a smile on the girl Li’s face,

But Situ’s, er, Huangpu’s are all in the old capital of the south,And it doesn’t seem to be in harmony with the royal family,So the royal family helped up the two big families Canghai and Zhuge,To help me stabilize the imperial power。

“Little prince!”
Xia Chenglong was also stunned when he saw the guy behind Canghai Guanshan,How could this guy appear in this place,The sword I released was just a relatively ordinary weapon,Even a first-class family shouldn’t want it so urgently,But he actually caught the big fish of the royal family!
The little prince is also a little embarrassed,As a member of the royal family,I was actually seen by my affiliated members that I didn’t even have a decent weapon,I really can’t hold on to some face、
“It’s good for Dragon King to come in!”
“Thanks to the emperor,not bad,I don’t know if the little prince came this time……”
Xia Chenglong’s eyes narrowed slightly,Although this little prince is the youngest child in the royal family,But talented,And is very close to Murong’s family,If you can get the help of the little prince,Then I can definitely solve this matter more easily!
“You should understand the matter,I still don’t have a weapon to take advantage of,I happened to see your sword in the auction house,So I want you to sell it to me!”
The little prince blushes,Sorry。
“Isn’t it just seeing the outside??Treasures are for human use,Everything depends on fate,Fate has arrived,You can give it to the little prince without spending money,If the fate is not enough,Then I can only say it is a pity!”
Xia Chenglong smiled slightly,These things are not for sale,at this place,Friendship is more valuable than these things。
“The little prince didn’t know what to think of the Murong’s and Baili’s marriage?”
Xia Chenglong was too lazy to cover up,Since it’s here,Then the other party must understand his mind!
“In my opinion,Two marriages,Will have many benefits,I can also have a better relationship with the Seventh Prince,only,Murong Qianxue and I are cousins,Naturally, I understand that for cousin,What is most important!Obviously Murong Qianxue doesn’t want to be with that Baili Hongtu!”
The little prince also has a headache,Actually able to exercise,But one is afraid that Murong Qianxue would disagree,The other is afraid of the Seventh Prince,That is, the child born by the mother of the Baili family is not compatible with her!
“After all you know,My current power is relatively weak,After that thing a few years ago,The royal interior is not very stable!”
The little prince sighed,I really don’t have enough energy!
“Little prince,If you can get the support of one of the six thrones of the military,Then,How much confidence do you have in this matter??”

of course,Just looking at the ball in your hand does not touch much,But what happened next was extremely terrifying。

I saw the originally small aura spread to the ground,Then I walked around the building in front of me,Finally bottom up,Enclose the five hundred square meters directly。
The scary thing is that the people inside haven’t realized what happened。
After the grey aura completely surrounded the building,It’s actually corroding,Or it’s more appropriate to swallow。
That power ruthlessly swallowed the entire venue,Including the people inside also disappear。
See the building decrease a little bit,The people inside felt fear,So they attacked desperately,Desperately wanting to get in touch with the outside world。
This includes the warrior who entered the holy realm,He attacked desperately after discovering the problem。
Useless,Nothing works。
Everything disappears in this grey aura cover,They did not expect,Suddenly there will be a heinously powerful,A lore on them。
Wait for everything to end in this silent battle,Black robe talents show their true colors,As the leader of the Fighting Tournament in Lingxiao City,Of course Mr. Huang has the ability to do all this。
The same thing happened in another branch venue,It is also a ninth-rank enters the holy master,He used similar methods when he came here。
Cover all areas within a few hundred meters,The purpose of this is naturally to avoid causing outside discoveries。
All the people in the aura hood are lying on the ground,With an expression of fear and pain。
heavy,Unimaginable power,As if there is a huge,The unshakable mountain is pressing on them,To squeeze all the internal organs。
The only Elder Wei who can stand and endure the bitterness。
A martial artist above the fifth rank,This is beyond what he can bear。
For such questions,Old man Ma is actually thinking,But he did it。
“Do you believe in personal charm?”Compared to the usual more serious old man, looking at this lingering warrior,“Some people possess the qualities of gods,He will let you help for no reason。”

COFCO Fulinmen Suibin Rice Poverty Alleviation Project Commercialized

COFCO Fulinmen Suibin Rice Poverty Alleviation Project Commercialized
Sauna, Yewang learned from COFCO on April 21st that new products of COFCO Fulinmen Suibin rice have been launched.The rice project is a poverty alleviation strategy tailor-made by COFCO for Suibin County, Heilongjiang Province, and realizes the transformation from local specialties to commercialization.Bin County belongs to Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province, and sits at 5.The 5.49 million millimeter-level provincial Liangjiang Wetland Nature Reserve is known as a national-level ecological demonstration zone and has the reputation of “hometown of fish and rice”.However, the overall development of the local economy is seriously slow. After 2002, Suibin County was again assessed as a national poverty county in 2012.Since 2018, COFCO has formulated the “Finished Poverty Alleviation Work Plan for COFCO 2018-2020”, which is targeted at poverty alleviation in Suibin County.COFCO has tailored the poverty alleviation strategy of “leading the company, building a company, and developing industry” in rice planting for Suibin County.Led by COFCO and the Suibin County Government, the collective unit was assembled to jointly invest 70 million yuan to establish COFCO Trading (Suibin) Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.Coastal rice industry chain.At present, the incidence of poverty in Suibin County has been reduced to zero.82%.To support production, Suibin rice has been scientifically planted, rice varieties have been optimized, and processes such as standardized packaging and transportation have been implemented to realize the transformation from local specialties to commercialization.In April of this year, COFCO Fulinmen Suibin rice new product was launched.Sauna, Ye Wang Ouyang Xiaojuan editor Li Yan proofreading Li Shihui