Chengdu Tianfu New District: Opening the window to see the field to see the green park city construction and speed

Tianfu New District Focus on Industry Development. Tianfu New Area is available in the new network of Chengdu, February 14th: Chengdu Tianfu New District: "Say the window to see the field, push the door to see the green" park city construction "recharge" author Yue Yixiang has eaten breakfast, live in Tianfu New District, Chengdu, Hu Guihua Walking with the neighbors to the park where you are not far away, the children laugh at the side, they will exercise while chatting. For Hu Guihua, 70 years old, this park has become a "card point" of her casual exercise.

"I didn’t know what was a park city. Since moving to Tianfu New District, I really realized that ‘opening the window and seeing green’.

"Hu Guihua said a huge change in residents near Tianfu New District.

What she said "Park City" is the direction in Tianfu New District is continuous efforts.

  Gu Lijun, deputy director of the Tianfu New District Planning, introduced that park cities are fully reflected in new development concepts, leading to urban development in ecological civilization, building mountain, building lakes, forests, hostel, city, environment, and industry height New Model of Urban Development in Mori City Forms in Harmonious Unity. He said that the park city is not only a city that is full of green, which makes people feel comfortable, but also a high-level stage of urban development. The Tianfu New District is constantly exploring the road of building a city in the city.

  Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan, comprehensively building a park city Xin Tianfu in Hu Guihua’s daily casual exercise park, the first sewage treatment plant in Tianfu New District of 100,000 tons is in an orderly manner, which is Sichuan Province. First buried sewage treatment plant.

Tianfu Center, Western Expo City and the sewage between Chengdu Science City have been released after the treatment plant reaches the surface level IV class, and some reflow into the Luxi River as an ecological supplement, part of the public building cleaning or road and green. Xinglong lake view. Qiu Wei, deputy director of the Tianfu New District Planning and Construction of the Land and Resources PPP Project Center, introduced the space design combined with the ground landscape and underground sewage treatment plant, is an effective attempt to create a "park city" process in Tianfu New Area.

"Let the sewage plant transform from ecological negative assets into positive assets, not only provide ecological leisure, but also make the value of the space on the ground, which is also an embodiment of the ‘park city’ ecological value.

"If the sewage treatment plant is like a heartbeat next to Xinglong Lake, then in the integrated gallery of the underground area under the Tianfu New District, it is like a blood vessel. The treated water is transmitted to various terminals through these gallery. Re-use. The reporter saw that 8 types of power, communication, radio television, regeneration water, gas, etc., the reporter saw that 8 types of polls and accessories wearing uniforms were patrolled with staff and the maintenance robot.

In the monitoring room, the gallery running data in real time is displayed on the computer screen, and everything works in order and efficiently.

  Qiu Wei introduced that Tianfu New District Integrated Pallery is an intention to use the underground space resource, focusing on the corridor of municipal pipelines. As of December 2018, Tianfu New District has basically built approximately 32 km from Yazhou Road, Hanzhou Road, Xiamen Road, etc. Among them, nine of the national integrated gallery pilot city project, a total of kilometers, will eventually form a comprehensive pattern of "four horizontal, three vertical, nine". Wild things, ecological construction is inseparable from water.

As the largest artificial ecological lake in Chengdu, the lake area is 4,500 mu, and the water storage capacity is more than 10 million cubic meters of Xinglong Lake. It is like "mirror" inlaid in Tianfu New District. It shines on the winter warmth, shining, tour people are Walking on the lakeside ecological green road, cycling, a piece and beautiful view. Beautiful Tianfu New District.

Tianfu New District is for map Xinglong Lake not only beautiful, or is also an important mesh node of Tianfu New District Ecosystem.

Zhao Wei, deputy director of the Landscape Administration of Tianfu New District Planning, pointed out that in the case where the water flow is not strong, it is especially critical.

He said that the Luxi River is the main water supply river road of Xinglong Lake. In 2018, Tianfu New District has completed the aquatic rectification of the upper reaches of the Luxi River. The downstream rectification work in 2019 will be carried out in accordance with the plan. Zhao Wei said that Xinglong Lake Water Ecological Rehabilitation Remediation has been included in the focus of the 2019 Tianfu New District Construction Park City. The project integrates flood control function, municipal function and wetland landscape function. With the continued park city construction, the surroundings of Xinglong Lake will be integrated into more live scenes to create a landscape. Not only can you meet the individual needs of tourists, but also let the huge urban open space of Xinglong Lake beareuse the city’s foreign travel.

  The landscape is dependent, and the beauty is natural.

Longquan City Forest Park in Tianfu New District is moving from a simple ecological barrier to urban green and citizen park.

  Peng Yong, deputy director of the Tianfu New District, deputy director of the urban and rural areas, Tianfu New Section (hereinafter referred to as the Forest Park) of Longquan City Forest Park, involving 5 streets in Tianfu New District, 22 administrative villages, residents 7 Ten thousand people, the current forest coverage rate is 47%. "Beginning in 2018, we advance the forest forest coverage in 6700 acres per year, and strive to reach 70% of the forest coverage in the park in 2035.

"" Green Shui Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan.

"Peng Yong said, further driving the development of the surrounding industry, the construction of infrastructure cannot be ignored. At present, 120 kilometers of rural roads have been built, running through 5 streets, rural bus reach entrance, and the number of viewing platforms are also increasing.

In 2019, Tianfu New District will also revitalize the residence of specialty small towns, through the development of farmland industries to increase residents.

31 provincies maart CPI wordt vrijgegeven: 26 De prijs steeg, heb je gevoeld?

  In maart werd de nationale CPI overgedragen van de vorige maand tot stijgende%.

Uit de context van de ring daalde CPI en de toename van een percentage punten van vorige maand.

  China Nieuwe Jingwei Client Clinical Card Discovery, Zhejiang, Tibet, Xinjiang, Peking, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shanghai, enz. Maart CPI opgenomen in hetzelfde jaar, de provincie Groei komt uit de laatste maand (13 provincies) verdubbeld. 5 provincies zoals Guizhou, Heilongjiang, Hainan, Chongqing, Hubei, etc.

  In de bovengenoemde 26 provincies zijn 16 provincies zoals Zhejiang en Tibet meer dan 5 provincies in Hebei, Jilin en het nationale niveau toegenomen. Daarnaast, Peking, Tianjin, Anhui, Hebei, Jilin, Fujian, Hunan, Yunnan, Ningxia, Guangdong, Sichuan en andere 11 provincies, met negatief.

  Bovendien daalde de bovengenoemde negatieve groei 5-provincies, maart CPI van vorige maand.

Onder hen heeft Chongqing de grootste en bereikt een procentpunt. Het is vermeldenswaard dat 4 provincies zoals Guizhou, Hainan, Chongqing en Hubei negatieve groei zijn geweest in de vijfde opeenvolgende maand.

  Hoe gaat de toekomstige prijs? Macro-rapport van Citic Jiandou wees erop dat de consumptieprijzen van bewoners in maart en het tweede kwartaal na het Spring Festival in het algemeen zijn geweest, en de CPI is meer negatieve groei, dus de consumptieprijs van bewoners is niet groot in het tweede kwartaal, maar Het lage baseffect is 4,5 De maand CPI zal duidelijk naar boven zijn, en wordt verwacht dat april meer dan 1% is, en de CPI is in mei bereikt. CPI is in het jaar afgewezen. Jaar CPI is ongeveer jaar op jaar.

Baoji Space Liquid Dynamics Manufacturing Industry Base Project successfully landed

Recently, invested 3 billion yuan Baoji Space Liquid Dynamics Industry Base Project officially settled in Baoji High-tech Zone. This is both a Baoji Gatriological Strategic Emerging Industry, and the major measures of the regional aerospace equipment manufacturing center. It is also the Baoji High-tech Zone to adhere to the industrial chain investment. Promote the specific performance of high quality development with high quality investment projects.

Capture investment information.

In the second half of last year, Baoji High-tech Zone negotiated with Shaanxi Aerospace Power High Technology Co., Ltd. (listed company listed by the Aerospace Promotion Technology Research Institute), I learned the Aerospace Promotion Technology Research Institute has the construction of commercial aerospace liquid power equipment. The intention of the base is immediately realized that this is a great opportunity to make full advantage of the strength of the regional equipment manufacturing strength, and build a new chain of the aerospace industry. Under the introduction of the high-rise of the Aerospace Technologies, he actively promoted the leadership of the research institute. Stand out and achieved the opportunity. "A hand project" promotes investment work.

In recent years, Baoji City adheres to investment in investment as a "one hand project". In the prevention process of Baoji High-tech Zone, the main leaders of all levels have brought the team to the Research Institute to introduce negotiations. In particular, the municipal party committee, the municipal government shall have a long-term follow-up coordination of the municipal government, and the main leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government pay close attention to the progress of the project, personally pay the service guarantee work, and support land, policies. Leaders at all levels, especially the high concern and attachment of major leaders, and is an important factor that projects can successfully land.

Quality service promotes project landing.

In order to promote the project as soon as possible, Baoji High-tech Zone is actively contacting relevant departments in accordance with the requirements of "Golden Store", and the proposed plot is used to use the "Take the land" model. Before the project is signed, it will start the line, surveying, and cultural inspect. Survey, etc. , Planning, construction, etc. Chain investment is a large industrial cluster.

It is based on the Baoji Space Liquid Dynamics Industry Base Project. Baoji High-tech Zone is distributed according to the industrial chain, and actively contacts the key projects such as the intelligent manufacturing base and satellite ground sub-station in China. Aerospace, navigation, control, satellite, rockets, etc., an aerospace technology equipment industry gathering area, forming a strong competitive industrial cluster in the country and the world.

Phoenix also hometown, Baoji Say. Next, Baoji High-tech Zone will use "investment" to develop industry and project research and judgment, optimize business environment, improve the level of service, and give full play to the comparative advantage, continue to strengthen the chain of strong links, and make big safety space equipment manufacturing The industry will help the city’s economic high quality development.

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10,257 fishing boats 16,480 fishermen realize the shore

Original title: 10,257 fishing boats 16,480 fishermen realize the on-board on the morning of August 23, Zhangzhou City Hejiang County, the Yangtze River and the Chi Shuihe River, a boat written by "scientific research monitoring" is slowly moved to the Chiba River. The crew Li Qingyu is a return of fishermen in the Yangtze River. "I started fishing in the Yangtze River and Chi Shuihe in 1986, officially returned to the shore in 2019.

"Li Qing Yu did not lose its loss because of this business, he supported the" Yangtze River Ten Years Ban "policy began this year." In order to protect the mother river, fish can not catch again. Li Qing Yu is a member of Sichuan 16,480 refrigerated on the fishermen in the upper shore. After returning to the shore, Li Qing was selected by the Aquatic Biological Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, became a Chi Shuihe River Basin Investigator, assisting the research institutes to monitor fish sampling monitoring.

In order to protect the fish resources in the Yangtze River Basin, at the end of September last year, 10,257 fishing boats involved in the Yangtze River Basin in Sichuan Province, 16,480 fishermen have fully realized the shore. What is the ban? "The Yangtze River Ten Years Forbidden Dish" "Forbidden is the productive fishing of natural fishery resources. Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Aquatic Products Bureau, Sichuan Province is an important ecological barrier and water source destruction in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. The province’s water system is the Yangtze River system, and the surface water resources account for the Yangtze River system. 1/3 of the runoff, the basin area is close to the total area of ??the Yangtze River ‘s economic zone, and the strategic status is important.

The national "Yangtze River Ten Years" involves "a river and two lakes, Qihe" – Changjiang Diflu, Poyang Lake, Dongting Lake, Minjiang River, Minjiang, Chi Shuihe, Jialing River, Wujiang, Han River, Dadu River. Among them, Sichuan Province involved "a river Wuhe".

The "Key Water Forwarding Scope and Time Notation" in the Yangtze River Basin of Sichuan Province last year, Sichuan Provincial Forbidden Points include the rivers and their first-level tributation in the Yangtze River Basin Sichuan, and the Yangtze River flow in Sichuan The first-level tributary and the Minjiang River, the Minjiang River, the Chi Shuihe, the Jialing River, Dadu River Dry Flow and the First Class Trich. According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Agricultural Rural Rural Department, in order to ensure the implementation of the policy, Sichuan Province is working hard to explore new mechanisms to adapt to the ban on bust for long-term. As of the end of July, 213 counties (cities, districts), including 213 counties (cities, districts), including 1,73 counties (cities, districts), together with more than 1,200 fishery law enforcement officers, more than 2,300 people, practical Consolidate the prohibition results. In addition, since this year, the province has carried out 3,557 joint law enforcement actions, investigating 3,151 people involved in fishery cases, and the public security organs defeated 46 gangs. The market supervision department inspects the main body of more than 360,000 (times), "water is not catching , The market is not sold, the restaurant does not do, the masses do not eat "the atmosphere is accelerating. "Sichuan is an important ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It is an important source of water conservancy and ecological construction in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. "The above person in charge said that Sichuan Province launched aquatic biological resources monitoring in the Yangtze River Water Basin, according to the preliminary masterpiece, the current Sichuan" one river five river "aquatic biodiversity and population volume recovery, Yangtze River The refundment work has achieved positive results.

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Chinese Communists’ spiritual spectrum 丨 self-reliance, hard work – Nanshanwan spirit

(Struggling Ben Years Lifting New Journey China Communist Party’s Psychotropic) Self-reliance – Nanchi Bay Spirit Review Xinhua News Agency Beijing October 29th Suggestive: Self-reliance, Entrepreneurship – Nanci Bay Spirit Xinhua News Agency Xie Xi Yao, Zou Mo In order to, the flower basket of the flower basket, listen to me, sing, sing, come to Nanciwan, Nangji Bay is a good place, good place … "Nansi Bay, a loud name, A red fertile soil.

  80 years ago, the anti-Japanese military and civilians represented by the eight-year army, played in the difficulties, developed in the hardships, established the banner of large production campaign in Shaanxi-Japanese War, created a great miracle I have written a magnificent hero epic.

  This is a scaled photo. During the anti-Japanese war period, the eight-year military three or five-nine brigade in Nanchang bay was produced (data photos); Photograph, Qi Xiaojun photo. Xinhua News Agency sent a monument to Qi’an to Tu Xin Road Yan’an Production Movement, stand quietly. On the inscription, "I have a good job, the whole food" eight big characters, which is bloody. Looking back at history, it is a difficult years, the day, the puppet army "sweeping" and "Qingxiang", the Nationalist Party’s stubbura for military surroundings and economic blockade in Shaanxi Gansun … Survival, Comrade Mao Zedong gave Eight words – do it yourself, full of food. What is the hero? Worser.

In the spring of 1941, the three five-nine brigade led the leader of the travel of the travel, and the war songs of "a head and one gun, produced self-given the Self-defending Party Central Committee" were in the Nanci Bay. "Battle" in this yellow land started on this yellow land, and the sleeping Nanci Bay was "awakened" by the soldiers – from the wild vegetable abdomen to the agricultural production planting area, from the search for scrap iron tools Sooned a textile factory, machinery factory, iron factory … In just a few years, the three or nine brigade established a series of comparative companies such as agriculture, industry, transportation and business, and launched an economic foundation that achieved complete self-sufficiency. . A large production campaign in Nanming Bay is a big production movement, supporting hard fighting, and has accumulated valuable economic construction experience. Mao Zedong once said: "This is a miracle that has never been in Chinese history. This is the basis of the material we cannot conquer.

"Hold high the banner, inspiring.

Self-reliance, not just the means of survival in the era of material shortages, it is the struggle of the Chinese nation basis points for sustainable development.

  Baota Nanniwan town of Yan’an City views (July 21 photo, photo UAV).

Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhang Bowen and She Yilu the way, Chinese people’s self-reliance, hard work, China has created a miracle remarkable. On a new journey to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, there must be a arduous task, there must be difficulties and obstacles even stormy sea, only adhere to self-reliance, hard work and Manner order without fear hidden perils, wind and waves.

  Investigation draw up a blueprint Nanniwan largest producer of exhibitions, historical photographs, a true record of the 359th Brigade in the barren hills on foot and on horseback moved into a spectacular scene.

  Nanniwan large-scale production in the memorial sculptures (July 22 photo).

Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhang Bowen and She Zhuzu stare, his thoughts across, can not help but doubt – Nanniwan, this year and humble remote wilderness, how to become the Shaanxi-Gansu first piece of "experimental field"? That time, under heavy blockade, in order to solve the "crisis of survival," Zhu repeatedly led the technical staff to Nanniwan on soil and water quality to conduct a comprehensive investigation, identified Nanniwan is a good place to block reclamation Mita; inspection Nanniwan soon, Mao Zedong wrote the liberated areas to guide economic development of important Lunzhu "economic issues and financial problems" and proposed a series of economic policies, there are still instructive; according to the prevailing situation of struggle and economic development, local government finances continue to improve institutions, improve the financial system, tax reform; pioneering history …… Nanniwan, not whimsical, but to establish the key decisions on facts, research foundation, is based on close ties with the masses, linking theory with practical necessity success.

  Investigation is our party’s heirloom, is to do all the work of the basic skills.

Hard work re-start, re-start of reform and opening, the face of a complex situation and arduous task, only lay a solid foundation of investigation and study, in order to accurately identify change, scientific strain, the initiative to change, firmly grasp the initiative.

  Yan’an Nanniwan airport officially opened to traffic, the actors were celebrating the navigation performance (November 8, 2018 photo) in Nanniwan airport. Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhang Bo and Wen She concerted poly Weili spring of 2021, the Americans Niezai Rui Snow footprints along revisit North.

Nanniwan village, 76-year-old party members Hou Xiuzhen two head made him memorable – one is Houxiu Zhen Liu Bao Zhai’s father. 80 years ago, as a deputy commander of the 359th Brigade and his comrades, a hand, a pistol, a reclamation "in northern Shaanxi Jiangnan" in the bush everywhere in; one is Hou Xiuzhen own.

20 years ago, who never went to school a few days the villagers of village cadres to lead the school to build roads, carrying a head, the barren hills became barren verdant mountains, and now the village out of poverty fairly well-off.

  Two old man, as a people.

  "I like to see and then Snow: Communists for the sake of the people always, always aroused enormous energy of the people.

"Niezai Rui said. Nanniwan Yan’an City of paddy (September 12, 2017 photo, photo UAV).

Xinhua News Agency reporters Shao Rui and She Lishi tells us that the party’s roots in the people, the party’s strength in the people.

Embark on a new journey, the Communists to people yearning for a better life for the goal, closely rely on the people create great historic undertakings. Practicing the development of people-centered thinking, uphold and improve the people are the masters institutional system, so that more reform and more equitable development results benefit all the people, efforts to solve the problem of uneven development is not sufficient and the people’s distress worry hope to promote human more obvious substantial progress overall development, achieve common prosperity of all the people …… all the people who are the people yearn for. Brave pioneers forward Nanniwan National Wetland scenery (July 22 photo, photo UAV). Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhang Bowen and She Rujin Nanniwan, rice fields flowers fragrance, National Wetland Park into a paradise for migratory birds, green countryside and glorified red tourism, bio-breeding, digital agriculture, ecology farm …… environmental protection and economic development and common prosperity symbiosis, show a new atmosphere vibrant.

  This is a make-up photograph, the picture shows Nanniwan of Yan’an during the war production scenarios (profile picture); the next picture shows the September 12, 2018, visitors pictures (Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xiaoshe) next to rice fields Yan’an Nanniwan . Xinhua News Agency issued from Japanese War wasteland Mita, open up the cause of Merino, create a border area of economic development in various forms, but now construction of the Northwest experimental field of agricultural science and technology, national rural revitalization model, the industrial zone, just Nanniwan spirit of self-reliance, hard work the revolutionary spirit, but also a courage to create, pioneers of the entrepreneurial spirit, heritage so far.

  Generation is a generation of mission. Currently, a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution accelerated evolution, accelerate scientific and technological innovation to improve the ability of the urgency of the highlights. Facing the world technological frontier, the main battlefield for the economy, the national needs, for people’s lives and health, we long way to go. Harvester in the town of Yan’an City Nanniwan rice harvest (October 23 2020 photo, photo UAV).

Xinhua News Agency reporters Tao Ming and She Jintian, we have to do a new era of "reclamation" and strengthen the original, leading science and technology research, we determined to win the battle key core technology for building a modern socialist country and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China make greater contributions dream. "We’re leaving a higher level of self-reliance of the road, the higher the level of implementation of reform and opening up, accelerate the construction of a new pattern of development as the main domestic large loop, double loop to promote domestic and international mutual.

"General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed.

  Visitors Nanniwan flowers in Yan’an tour (August 19 2020 photo, photo UAV).

The Xinhua News Agency (Qi Xiaojun photo) Nanniwan drawn from the inexhaustible spiritual power and valuable experience to maintain sense of urgency, Geng continued entrepreneurial spirit, will inspire generations of Chinese people rose to the challenge and hard work.

Cangzhou released free to avoid notice: Cheng Quanshi Municipal Public Security Bureau Standing Deputy Director (positive level)

  According to Zhangzhou Municipal People’s Government: On August 30, 2021, Zhangzhou Municipal People’s Government released the notice of Cheng Qiang and other comrades: Cangzhou Municipal People’s Government on Cheng Qiang and other comrades, the county, city, District people’s governments, municipal government departments, all direct institutions: study decided: Cheng Qiang, the executive deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau; No. He Zong Huai, a deputy director of the public security bureau; Sun Yongjin commented on the city’s Ningzheng provincial community, the full-time deputy director (positive level); Zhou Chengdong is a new functional district management committee in Ningzhen Full-time deputy director (positive level), eliminating the director of its Municipal Organs Affairs Management Office; Comrade Wu Lei is a deputy director of the new functional district management committee (deputy level) of Ningzheng District, Ningzheng, . (Responsible: Guan Fei, Li Vu) Sharing let more people see.

Changzhou, a taxi driver drunk crash is actually a peer office retaliation

Original title: Changzhou, a taxi driver drunk driving crash traffic police is found to have been in the past 5 am, and the Changzhou Public Security Bureau received alarm, said "A Ferrari, which is on the roadside. Hit, the perpetrator escaped. " After the police view the monitoring, it was found that a taxi and the passenger car were accidentally affected after collision with this Ferrari. It seems to be a simple collision accident, and the police found it in repeated viewing of this monitoring.

Liu Mou, who is 50-year-old this year, is a taxi driver. When he fought, he was driving home. A small bus suddenly overtakes from the left, causing a collision between two cars.

Liu was avoided, hit the red Ferrari, which was stopped.

The taxi driver Liu said: "Because I have a drink in the evening, I will hang up the reverse, and I ran forward.

"The passenger car followed, and the two cars dangerous like a ring and collisions again.

Finally, the taxi opened the passenger car into a bus company. Monitoring shows that less than 2 minutes, the passenger car is from another road, directly blocking the door of the bus company.

At this time, Liu felt that he was stared, he had to call. After testing, Liu’s blood test results were / 100ml and belong to drunken driving. Is it over here? not at all! The police found through monitoring, in fact, the small bus driver had premeditated.

At around 4:53 in the morning, three people appeared in the monitoring. It is the taxi driver Liu and another peer money and their friends have finished eating late. After Liu and Qian one launched a taxi, the passenger car who was stopped from the road was also launched, and then he hit with Liu’s car.

According to this doubt, the police survey found that this is actually a bureau set by Monet. She has a contradiction with Liu, I will find someone to learn Liu Liu.

The police station police station in the front street of Changzhou Public Security Bureau said: The taxi driver cannot have any drunk drunk driving record.

Money took this to find someone who hits Liu’s taxi and then reporting to the police to check Liu’s drunk driving, revoke his taxi business license, thus revenge.

"So, there is a money to come out to eat in the night, and drive a small passenger car waiting for" action ".

When Liu escaped, Qianmou was also pretending to care and set the real time to tell the association until Liu was blocked in the bus company.

At present, Liu took the public security organ by the public security organ by the suspected dangerous driving sin, and the next step will be transferred to the procuratorate. Waiting for him will be a penalty of 1 to 6 months, and its driver’s license will also be deducted for ten years. A few days ago, Qian and his tribes were also approved by the suspected of deliberately destroying the property.

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Anhui Medical University held an international Youth Scholar Forum to issue "heroes" to the world

People’s Network Hefei June 25 (Zhou Kun) is facing the world, nesting the phoenix.

On the morning of June 25, the First International Youth Scholar Forum of Anhui Medical University opened in Hefei. Through the forum, the security of the Annea has attracted high-level medical talents from the world to join hands with the first-class high-level medical universities in China to jointly open the new future of medical education.

"Anhui Medical University is the first batch of" Ministry of Medicine, Provincial Medical University, Vice President of the University of Medicine, the Yangtze Medical Education Alliance, the first batch of local characteristics of the China and Western University] The first batch of local characteristics of Anhui Province. "Anhui Medical University Party Committee Gu Jiashan said in a speech, "introducing it, two-way, so that high-level talents have become the powerful power and innovation engine of the high-quality development of the school." "We will firmly grasp the first resources of talents, and the eyes of the child , The sincerity of love, the use of courage, the ya, the good thing of the talent, and the road to enter the sages, and fully implement more active, open and effective talent policies.

"Cao Yunxia, ??principal of Anhui Medical University, said," Let the school truly become the ‘fertilet’ of cultivating talents, attracting talented ‘magnetic fields, letting talent, respecting knowledge, respecting labor, respecting the creation of a common style. "It is reported that this international Youth Scholar Forum is carried out in the way in line on the line, and the school main forum, subject part of the forum, signing ceremony and campus visit experience.

The main forum is held in the form of live global live, and the forum is carried out by various colleges in various forms of discipline, interview, negotiations. In the forum contract, the school site and the intention of the intentional talents are signed.

(Question: Fan Xiaolin, Zhang Lei).

China Aviation Lithium Electric Hefei Base Project in Changfeng started construction

People’s Network Hefei November 8th (Yang Saijun) Hefei New Energy Automobile Industry adds strong engine, November 8th, China Aviation Lithium Electric Battery and Energy Storage System Hefei Base Project Promotion Association held in Changfeng County, Anhui Provincial Committee, Hefei The Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Fu Aihua, announced the project. It is reported that China AV is established in 2007, a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production, sales, and market applications developed by lithium-ion batteries, battery management systems and related integration products and lithium battery materials.

The total investment of Hefei base project is about 24.8 billion yuan, and it has completed 50GWH after completion. Among them, the construction project of this period has investing 10 billion yuan, and it has completed 20GWH after the birth of the year.

The new energy automotive industry is the key construction and cultivation industry of Hefei City. Hefei City grabs new energy vehicles development opportunities, and cultivates a large number of major projects and leading companies.

China AV is a "single champion" in the manufacturing industry. This combination is to inject new green "electricity" for Hefei to build new energy vehicles. It also opens up new sustainable development space for China Aviation. In recent years, the total amount of private economy in Hefei, Changfeng County, has continued to expand, from January to September, the county has 310 industrial enterprises, and the industrial added value increases year-on-year, and the growth rate has been in five counties and cities in five consecutive months. The county’s output value exceeded 70 yuan, of which 6 more than 1 billion yuan.

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The Ministry of Public Advanced Party is "Tsinghua University in Taiwan Digging Talent" Taiwan Personnel Representative: Simple Rent Office

On November 9, according to Taiwan Central News Agency, Xinzhu reported on November 8, there is an islement medium, and the Tsinghua Strait Institute established by the Xiamen Municipal Government and other institutions established a new bamboo office in Tsinghua University, Taiwan.

According to reports, the news provided by Taiwan Tsinghua University on the 8th shows that the Tsinghua Strait Institute is a service alumni established by some alumni, and is to rent to the Foundation of the Consortium, Renting it in the school’s space. According to the report, Taiwan Tsinghua University updated news in the afternoon, said that the Ministry of Education of Taiwan issued a document requesting the Tsinghua Strait Institute to stop using (office) and immediately evacuate.

According to Taiwan, the news network reported on November 8. There is a media report that Taiwan Tsinghua University Alumni Association and Xiamen Municipal Government, Beijing Tsinghua University, in Taiwan Tsinghua University, the establishment of the Qinghua Strait Research Institute, the National Party’s public opinion representative Lin Suming believes This is actually just the rental of office space, and there is no need to have an endless order in the branch of all schools.

Lin Suming said that the Tsinghua Strait Institute of Taiwan Tsinghua University Alumni Association is very simple to rent to the Foundation of the Foundation of the Consortium, renting the office space in Tsinghua University, Taiwan, and I don’t know why it is involved in digging talents.