A command order,The Shenmei army is like a precise war machine,Big army,Monillary。Gao Biyi also let Chen Zhen bring people in the big flag,Strongness。
Don’t say,It is light look,This army is very“King domineering”the taste of。
Zhou Jun,Yu Wen’s black face looked opposite the opposite army getting closer,Some regrets in my heart。
Previous impulse,Give Hulun Town to kill the flag,Recall now,In fact, you can fight backwards.。
But the words come back,If you don’t kill the Town at that time,The military is absolutely shake。Especially here, there is a military order of He Ruoyi!
He is impossible to kill,But this is always a personal“Cooker”Bar?Otherwise the military law can play?
He Ruunun as a general,He will certainly direct a part of the horse.。If this person is received by Gao Bo Yi(This possibility is not small),A little put a little water while war,So the place he commanded,Absolutely become a breakthrough in Qi Jun!
Yu Wenzhen does not dare to bet,Or,I am alone.,I have no gambling capital.。
After killing Hulun Town,He obviously feels,The nerves of the army are tight.。He Rukun is almost in addition to He Ruoyu and Liang Shi Yan.,Even he can be slaughtered,Anyone else dare to slack?
“You are a pioneer,Don’t let you down。”
Yu Wen said to the He Ruoxi behind him.。
“Bamboo!The end will be dying!”
He Ruo,The tone is no longer the generous and passion of the beginning of the job.。
He seems to be in the heart of his father Hulun Tun.,grown up。
In fact, people’s psychological age,Sometimes there is no absolute linear relationship with physiological age。Parents are at the time,Children will always be children,Always have parents top in front。
Once the parents are not there,All things have to be up.,At this moment,Original“child”,Talented to real long“grown ups”。
As a gift now。
certainly,“Avenge”What is something,He never thought,It is impossible to do it.。There are too many helpless life,Tragedy occurs,It is often unable to stop,I can only look at all happened.。
This is the sorrow of life,It is the sorrow of the times.。As He Rukun said to He Ruozhen,Everyone is a head, don’t be in the belt of belt.,Unclear,The head is falling.。
Hand-held person,Often died in violence,Instead of fate。
Qi Jun came this moment,He Ruoyu’s heart is very calm。
“call out!”
A bed, a bed, not far from Yuwen, a spear,But not in the middle of the target,Just squatting on the ground,The lance is constantly shaking。
The goddess army soldiers after the robbery,But it seems that I haven’t seen it at all.。They are red,Lifting the shield in the front of the dead,Speed is extremely amazing!
Never visit Yuwen 邕,The strong momentum of the opposite Qi army was shocked.!
Army and military,As long as one is more,I can see the good or bad,Especially the kind of temperament,Is helmet and weapons can’t cover up。
this moment,Yu Wenxia is unprecedented in unprecedented!
“His Majesty!Qi Jun copied from the right wing bag!”
A commander of the soldiers and apantan knee pour in front of Yu Wen。
That army is so beautiful,Just like there is no armor in your body.!In front of the army,The tired army with the Tiger is completely different from the tiger.。
Don’t say Yu Wen,It is the size of Zhou Jun.,They were shocked by one in front of them.!
You run continuously,Ten kilometers per day,I can’t sleep well.。After a period of time, I have a good rest every day.,Hot-fitting athletes,The status is naturally a difference of 100,000 thousand miles!

this matter,Fang Yu doesn’t want to talk more。

Furthermore,Fang Yu and Li Yan only met today。
“I want to tell you……Recently, a handsome man was chasing her……You have to work harder!”
Finished,Li Yan left in a hurry。
Fang Yu rubbed his temples,What’s all this?!
First12chapter Exchange terms!
“Is the movie good??”
Fangjia Pharmacy。
Fang Yu poured a glass of boiled water,Fang Deyun is finished,Just came over and asked,Eyes full of concern。
“Quite good looking……Just not enough popcorn……”
Fang Yu took a sip of water,Serious look。
“I’m asking how you are doing?”
Fang Deyun gave his son a white look。
Is this deliberately changing the subject?!
“I went back beforehand……”Fang Yu helpless。
“Forget it,I will rest for a while!”
Fang Deyun shook his head。
Looks like he wants to have a cup of tea from his daughter-in-law,A little hard!
Almost in the evening。

Xia Jianchang took a breath and said:“What are you talking about?Fang Fang is your best friend,Something big happened in your house,I told her to let her go to watch the door,Actually let her accompany you。Moreover,I heard that the relationship between you two is a bit strained recently,Take this opportunity to get closer,May not be a good thing”

“You really have such a good heart?”Xiao Xiao stared at Xia Jian,As if to see the essence of the problem in his eyes。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I have never been wicked towards you”
First0712chapter Encounter again
Sent away Xiao Xiao,Xia Jian sat down and had a cup of tea,Only then did I retrieve all the information of the Eastern Wholesale Market,Since this project is going to be caught by him again,He has enough homework,Otherwise, ask three questions,Isn’t that a big joke。
Xia Jian called Wang Lin,Let her and Dragon Ball come to his office。Although Wang Lin said he was transferred to Pingdu to work,But she is still there in the group office,After all, she is the vice president。At the moment she and Dragon Ball are waiting in her office for Xia Jian to arrange work for them。
Door opened,Wang Lin and Dragon Ball came in one after another,Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian,Asked softly:“What is Mr. Xiao’s situation now??”
“Out of danger,Went to the general ward”Xia Jian said,Motioned for the two to sit down on the sofa in the office。
Xia Jian walked over,Sat down opposite Wang Lin and said:“You go to the hospital later,After seeing President Xiao,Just go home and rest,Go back to Pingdu at night!”
“Don’t be so hurry,There are currently no new projects in Pingdu,I’ll do something for you here!“Wang Lin said,Gave Xia Jian a little affectionate look。This time she comes,And Xia Jian have almost no time to spend time alone。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“How come there are no new projects?After you go back,Hurry up and contact Ouyang Hong,Eighteen villages above Zhangwang Village in Pingyang Town,Except for a part of Sichuan that was developed and utilized,The rest of the mountains are not barren,Is to grow crops with little profit“
“You understand so clearly,Is there any new idea?!“Wang Lin asked a little surprised。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Only keep learning,Will not be eliminated by the times。Where did you sample the soil,We dragged Zhao Hong to the Provincial Agricultural Research Institute for testing,See if this kind of soil is suitable for growing apples,especiallyYTRed Fuji“

“What are you talking??My righteous father has been in Beijing……What happened to Guo Gia??Before you still have a master of the battle??Is it that it was attacked at that time??”Shangguan Haizhen does not understand what Chu Deirers say。

Just feel that this is very outline……
“Do you have you can’t read your own??Previously at the Heroes Conference,Zhao ignorant!Guo Ju Xia has been killed by him!”Chu Deirers said some angry,Kick Lu Wenhuan in front of,After that, stepped on the road.:“Say!Guo Junxia was killed by iron,You as a robe in Fuyang,Not ready to do something??”
Shangguan Haizhen re-opened a word of Chu Deirers,This is basically understanding,Chu Deirers said“story”,What is the logic?。
No wonder before the hero meeting,Chu Deirers will call Guo Zhaibei“Zhao ignorant”……
“you、How can you think so??”Although Shangguan Haishu is not a stupid person,But from a small acceptable information,Her rightest is completely positive image,And the things that Chu Deirers said,In her, it seems that there is no logic,Naturally, I can’t believe this.。
“Oy……”Lv Wen Huan screams at this time。
The Chu Deiren stepped on it.——no“Cry”Are you very disappointed??Who is rumor?,I use it to die.?
“stop!”Shangguan Haishu hole is stopped,At the same time, the foot is slightly invisible.。
“Is Shangguanzhuang owner?,Abandon Luner first,I will take myself.,Re-use the token of the Longshan Villa,Command the Yangyang defending army?”Chu Deirers suddenly called Shangguan Haibang’s intention。
“superior、Shangguan Mi!The troops are on me.,You have the token of the Laundong Villa,My soldiers will not recognize it.!Can you go?!”Lu Wenhuan shouted。
Shangguan Haishu ignorant enough!
At this time, the proceedings outside the house are also spotted.,I have come in.,However, the Chu Deiren has been directly pulled up.,Break the roof,Then you have a long saying……
“Iron god Hou Zhao ignorant to seek Guo Ju Xia!The court strictly checks the support of Guo Junxia in Xiangyang City,Zhu Jun can’t run!”
Chu Deire’s voice,Spread throughout the entire Fuyang City……
Chapter 934 Zhao ignorant plan
Special moment,Shi Ladu means!
Chu Deirens to make Lu Huan,After the next side of the city,A Signal Signal Give the outside of the Xiangyang Knights and the gang of the disciple Guo Mrs. Guo have already prepared it.
Although I didn’t move the official sea,But it is as a“Fish bait”。
Anyone of Lu Huan,I want to touch the sea,Chu Deirers are secretly locked
Shangguan Haizhen after the Chu Deirers left,It is indeed specially to inform what she believes that the general,Some of them are credible,Some of them are the benefits of the Rawlong Villa.!
Where is she expected to be a sense of perception of Chu Deirers?,Not inferior to the month before breaking through?
Chu Deirers will pass Lu Hao to Guo Mrs.,I have laid back in the chaos.。
I don’t equal them to organize soldiers.,Be deer“Order name”The status is made by the Chu Deirers by the low to low.,The general will be able to resist a pot of one pot.!
As a result,The resistance in the city is also very small,When you are in peace,There is no battle in the city of Xiangyang City.,Everyone has already made,It is agreeable。
The soldiers are also from the notice、And in the Qikoukou in a large number of preaching,I learned what happened!
Guo Ju Xia was actually Zhao, who was being protected from the Lailong Villa.,The court must clear the Yuxiang Shoujun,It is said that it is prepared to let the ruling mountain village to check,But all people have expressed their advice to Guo Qiaoxia.,Will strictly analyze
Lu Shaoxiao and Lu Command make a deep sense,Already complained to the Langshan Zone、Killing loyalty,Songyang will also swear to Guo Zhaibei to discuss fair!
Request Lin’an,Zhao ignorant,Otherwise, Fuyang Army has to enter Lin’an“Qingjun side”。
This is the version of ordinary people and the soldiers.,The version of the rivers and lakes is more specific.,Not only pointing that Zhao ignored the Dafa to cultivate the Qiao Ju Xia,And go out more than 20 years ago,Zhao ignored the disabled,After that, it is trapped in ancient three-way。
How much is it believed?,It has been such a statement on the rivers and lakes.。
One time,Is a sensation!
Zhao ignored and didn’t expect,Guo said that he would like this so much.,Maybe he will leave Guo Jumin life,Instead of grass let Murong processing。
After all, the original plan,It is directly framed Guo Zhaoxia and Yunyuan collusion,After that, the Longshan Zhuang Save Yang in the Danger。
Although this is a one,Xiangyang Knights fixed to half,But the total will remain,Can also take the service。

quickly,Tie Li and Chen Jing ran back,They both looked depressed。Chen Jingren hasn’t come,The voice came over。

“Over,A heavy rain just now,Broke the road up the mountain,and so120I can’t climb the mountain。It is said that it was broken for a long time”Tie Li said,Butt twisted,The whole person fell on the sofa。A heavy rain just now,Make these women become sloppy。Especially Chen Jing,Messy hair,Clothes are wrinkled。
Gu Yue was anxious when she heard it,She couldn’t help but push Xia Jian and asked:“This is how to do?I don’t know how long your needle can last?”Tie Li on the side,Also anxious。
“Don’t worry,There are more solutions than difficulties。No, let’s deal with it briefly,Get a stretcher to carry Xia Fei down the mountain。But the place where love hurts is not fixed,It hurts when you move”Xia Jian said,I walked around the room a little anxiously。
Xia Fei saw that even Xia Jian became anxious,She laughed and said:“What can you do though,I work hard,I am not afraid of pain”Xia Fei said,Also shook his fists twice,Cheer yourself up。Xia Jian saw that Xia Fei was so strong,I suddenly had an idea in my heart。
First2053chapter Expert
Just do it,Xia Jian personally went to the Peak Management Office of the scenic spot。Have helped,A simple stretcher was quickly made。Then the scenic area management office also helped send two staff,Help Xia Jian and the others carry the stretcher down the mountain。
Road collapse,Right on the hillside,When Xia Jian and the others carry Xia Fei wherever,120Where is the ambulance?。
With the help of everyone,Xia Fei was carried to the ambulance。Chen Jing and Gu Yue followed the ambulance。Xia Jianbian and Tie Li walked down the mountain,The car that came with Tie Li then went to the hospital。
When Xia Jian arrives at the hospital,,Xia Fei has been carried to the operating table,But no one dared to dial the two silver needles Xia Jian gave to Xia Feiza。
Xia Jianyi went to the hospital,Xia Jian called to the operating room。He didn’t even breathe,So he pulled out the two pain-relieving silver needles on Xia Fei’s leg。Pull down this silver needle,Xia Fei’s face changed。
But since I came to the hospital,Everything here can only be born in the hospital。Xia Jiangang came out of the operating room,Someone called him behind:“young people!Please stay”
Xia Jian heard the voice,So he stopped and looked back。Seeing is a man with white hair、Elderly male doctor in a white coat。
“Hello there!Are you calling me?”Xia Jian said very politely。
The elderly male doctor nodded and said:“Yes,I’m calling you。My name is Chen Yifei,Is the vice president of this hospital,Can we take a step to speak”
Xia Jian hesitated,Then nodded,Follow Vice President Chen to his office。This doctor’s office,Except for human organ models,All kinds of films。On the wall,Everywhere on the table。

But it is certain,It is this red light,Cut off the copper and iron golem directly!

The strength of copper and iron golems,It should be much stronger than some upper main level dragon beasts,But was easily cut down……
Several noble disciples at a time,Have begun to re-evaluate Zhu Minglang’s strength!
Zhu Minglang is already at the highest point,There are several giants of generals around him,And they are all holding a purple brocade box。
Just when people think,When he is about to be the first person to remove the purple brocade box,He slowly turned around,And stood at the highest point,It seems to be ensuring that all the disciples in the tomb of the Ninth Army can see themselves。
“Everybody,People within my sight,Can roll。”
“All the brocade boxes on the tomb of the Ninth Army,I wish Ming Lang alone!”
Zhu Minglang said。
What he said,Speak lightly。
But everyone here was dumbfounded!
On the continuous walls of the Institution City,Tens of thousands of people。
And in the rich castle,I don’t know how many powerful influencers are。
Zhu Minglang stands at the highest point,His two words,It uses spiritual power,The people on the tomb of the Ninth Army can hear,Anyone watching this competition can also hear!
Huo Shangjun of Zi Zonglin,There is a Ziyunlong on his left,A golden dome dragon on the right。
Don’t say that Huo Shangjun himself was shocked,These two king-level dragons around him,I also seem to understand the words of this human being rampant to the sky,The dragon’s mouth opened for a long time and couldn’t close……
What situation!
These two dragons are here,Is it transparent???
A bald-headed monk-robed youth from the mighty Wu Zong,He just climbed the tomb hill of the Ninth Army,I looked up and saw Zhu Minglang,I heard Zhu Minglang’s words,I couldn’t help touching my smooth head,Showed a weird look。
Wen Mengru of Mianshan Jianzong,She frowned,Those eyes stared motionlessly at Zhu Minglang。
In memory,The boy who broke into the Mianshan Sword Sect,It’s this arrogant look that makes you want to catch him beaten dozens of times!

Li Ming’s deity、Deity、Dharmakaya and other memories connect and converge,Immediately knew what was going on。。

“Emperor Yequan、Black Rotten Emperor,Sure enough, the scum of Feixue Holy City began to take action against our Three Realms.。”Li Ming’s eyes flashed with cold,
Less than 100,000 years after he got the inheritance of the master,A big event happened in the Three Realms。
Thunder God Tianzun has fallen。
Thunder God’s grumpy temper,There is no good reputation in the Three Realms,But after all, one of the eighty-one true chaos gods,His fall was immediately traced。
Daojun Bai Ze of the Three Realms can’t calculate,But Da Mo Daojun invited by Li Ming has calculated a lot of things。
The death of Thor Tianzun,It’s actually related to Changqing Jianxian, the disciple of Emperor Chiming。
Immediately,Digital power(Realize the world of the strongest way)Shot,Captured Evergreen Sword Fairy,Use spells to ask why you killed the Thunder God Tianzun。
Hou Yi personally asked。
Naturally, Evergreen Sword Fairy couldn’t hold the secret technique of Hou Yi, who was already the second master at that time.—Even Hou Yi is biased towards the burst of mental power rather than the illusion in terms of mental power.,But I also practiced some mind-power secret techniques,Can directly search in the soul of Evergreen Sword Fairy。
Can this search,Evergreen Sword Immortal will immediately disappear。
no doubt,There must be a powerful person behind this,Evergreen Sword Fairy voluntarily or forced to make a natal oath,Do not disclose its information。
So Hou Yi probed,Evergreen Sword Immortal fell directly。
Who is standing behind this Evergreen Sword Fairy?Is an undercurrent force in the Three Realms,Or foreign enemy?
of course,High probability is a foreign enemy!After all, most of the powerful people in the Three Realms have made their own destiny,Not betraying each other。

There was a car parked on the side of the road,Car lights up。Xia Jianneng looked vaguely,The driving is a woman,Exactly what it looks like,He really didn’t see clearly。

Tompu walked over,Talked to the woman in the car。The woman motioned to the trunk,Tompu walked over,He opened the back box,Raised a password box from inside。
This guy is still a bit thief,He paused,Looked towards Xiajian Station。Xia Jian in the Dark,Holding toy gun in both hands,Looking like he’s aiming。
The woman in the car didn’t notice anything unusual,Just listen to her cursing in English:“You’re such a bad luck,Let me send money here in the middle of the night。You remember,The money must be given to me tomorrow morning,Otherwise my husband found out that I moved the company’s money,He will take me to court“
“I will,Goodbye!“Tom Pu said,Never looked back,Came over to Xia Jian with the password box。
The two went back to the sports car again,Xia Jian asked Tom Pu to open the password box,Xia Jian took it,In the dark he vaguely saw a box of neatly sized banknotes,But not true,He still doesn’t know at all。
Xia Jian learns how others look at money in movies,He reached out and took a stack,Shook it in his hand,Then put it back。In fact, four hundred thousand dollars is not much。
“All right!This thing is over,Don’t make any trouble with Alice in the future,Otherwise we still won’t let you go”Xia Jian said,So he took out the car key and gave it to Tompu。
Tompu smiled and said:“I will send you back,You can’t walk back to this horrible place!”Xia Jian understands what this guy means,He is testing him。
“You go!You really think I’m here alone,Our people are lying in ambush in the trees,Don’t say it’s a car,There are also helicopters”Xia Jian really said something big this time。
Tom Mupu,Then I got into the car dingy,Ran away like a gust of wind。
Xia Jian quickly took out his mobile phone and dialed Wang Lin’s number,Fortunately, his call Guo Meili organized him an international roaming,Otherwise, it will be troublesome。
One call,Xia Jian quickly told Wang Lin his approximate location。Actually, Wang Lin’s car was parked not far from Xia Jian,But she didn’t dare to come over,After all, she still has to mix in the United States。
Wang Lin drove over with Ruth,Xia Jian got in without a word。As soon as he got in the car, he said to Wang Lin:“Don’t go back to the city,Let’s go directly to Jack’s farm”
“What about Alice?”Ruth asked worriedly。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“It’s been so long,Alice should be sober,Call now,Let her immediately bring the things that should be brought to Jack’s farm“
“Let me do it!SMWe can’t go back to the city,Why don’t we return home together this time?!“Ruth said softly。
Wang Lin sighed and said:“ Is this too much loss for you?“

Things got to this point,Xia Jian couldn’t care much。He stretched out his hand,So he put the unsuspecting Xia Fei on the bed。When Xia Fei reacts,,It’s too late。Xia Jian’s powerful hand pressed her waist,So she can only kick with both feet。

“You better be honest with me,Otherwise I will make your two feet unable to move”Xia Jian said coldly,Suddenly reached out and pressed Xia Fei’s left calf。
Xia Fei only felt a numb calf,Suddenly lost consciousness。This woman didn’t understand until now,Xia Jian really didn’t blow it,At least he is very familiar with the acupuncture points of the human body。And the hand he showed just now,Has made her afraid to move。
Xia Jian lifted up Xia Fei’s back clothes again,It’s not Xia Fei’s charming back that shows up in front of them,But with many scars,It hurts to look at…“
Xia Jian couldn’t bear to look straight,Two fingers moving quickly,Accurately found the acupuncture points on Xia Fei’s waist,One touch。Just listen to Xia Fei scream:“what!pain!It hurts in the leg“
“It hurts。Explain that the meridians are connected,But it is blocked in the legs,If you use acupuncture,If you exercise hard,,You can’t say that this leg is fully recovered,But at the very least you won’t be lame when you walk“Xia Jian said,Two fingers swam away。
Xia Fei at this time,Just a little bit of enjoyment,She gasped and said:“it depends on you!You are a dead horse when a live horse moved。Any situation,I won’t blame you“
“Xia Fei!you are awesome“When Chen Jing said this,I turned my face a bit sadly。
Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore,But with both hands,Massaged Xia Fei’s waist。Xia Fei continues to increase as Xia Jian’s hands are increasing,her*The sound is constantly improving。Can feel it,Xia Fei is very enjoyable。
Wait for the massage to finish,Xia Jian took out the silver needle,Look for the acupuncture point and stick it down。Xia Jian’s movements are light and skilled,Almost in one go。
When this series of actions is completed,Xia Jian’s forehead is already sweating。Chen Jing quickly found a towel,Wiped off the sweat on Xia Jian’s face。
“You are so amazing!It’s really a real person。Have such a good craftsmanship,Why don’t you bring it out?“Chen Jing laughed and asked Xia Jiandao。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“I’m not a medical professional,But a coincidence,Encountered expert advice。So it’s not enough to practice medicine,So we can’t talk about things today,Otherwise I don’t recognize you as a friend“

“Their company said me like that,I can’t keep silent,I am innocent,Why are they being promoted like that?”Xia Shuyue had to say。

“Back again,If you want to follow the model,I also want to hype myself,Increase your visibility,Can also do this。”Reporter Wu doesn’t know what Xia Yueshu is thinking,Xia Yueshu didn’t know what to say,After all, it’s a local reporter。
“Do not,misunderstanding,I’m not trying to hype myself,I am a little common man,Why hype yourself,I really want to simply declare that I am not that kind of person,I can’t let them pour dirty water on me in front of everyone。”
“Ok,I can help you,But you should know,The press conference fee is a bit high,Have you considered?”Reporter Wu finally nodded and said。
“Ok,I also know it will be a little high,But I don’t know,You tell me,How much?”Xia Shuyue asked straightaway。
Reporter Wu spread his five fingers,“This number!”
“five hundred?”Xia Shuyue asked childishly。
Reporter Wu shook his head and smiled,Xiao Xia Shuyue’s innocence and foolishness。
“Five thousand?”Xia Shuyue asked with her eyes wide open。
“Minimum 50,000,Like this kind of conference,We all understand,It’s actually a disguised propaganda,Costs are high,This is not pure news,You should understand,If it is real news,May only need venue fee,The cost is not that high,Understand?”Reporter Wu tries his best to speak plainly。
“Row,I know,Fifty thousand is fifty thousand,you help me。”Xia Shuyue pretended to think seriously,Finally nodded and said。
“You really want to spend this money?I can remind you in advance,Money spent,You may not be famous,A third-rate little model like you is not a person,It’s hard to go out,A lot of money。”Reporter Wu counts money with hand gestures。
“Try it first。”Xia Yueshu drinking coke,That expression,As if I became a big money,It doesn’t hurt to spend fifty thousand yuan,If before,Dare not even think。
“I’m talking about the lowest,I mean the minimum is 50,000,Don’t be too happy,The real cost must be higher,Higher than this number。”Reporter Wu looks at Xia Yueshu,Fifty thousand yuan,To a fresh graduate,Logically speaking, it is a large number。
128 Heart black
Even for high-income people, their income is two to three years,She doesn’t believe that Xia Shuyue can get so much money out,The point is that she doesn’t seem to feel bad about this amount of money at all。
“OK,Hard work for you,Help me run it,I will put the money on your card tomorrow,Give you fifty thousand first,Tell me if it’s not enough,OK?”Xia Shuyue asked reporter Wu with a smile。
“Row,no problem。”Reporter Wu of course nodded。
Two people eating barbecue,I finished it soon,Xia Yueshu added another thirty strings,Having a good time。