Promote talent gathering around the "four districts and one highlands"

  Talent is the most valuable resource and a key factor in determining the success or failure of the cause. At the stage of high -quality development in Guizhou, the development momentum is gradually changing from mainly relying on resources and labor elements to transform to the main relying on innovation -driven.

Struggling to achieve the strategic positioning of the "Four Districts and One Highland", Guizhou is more eager for talents than ever. The construction of a comprehensive reform demonstration zone and a new highland for the comprehensive reform of the western region must rely on talent power and release talent vitality.

Bold testing, bold breakthroughs, and active changes need to be a strong support for talents who have the courage to take the spirit and pioneer innovation. The quality of talent work is directly related to the success of reform and opening up. On the other hand, the reform and opening up work includes unreasonable restrictions on breaking talents, educational, talent, and talent, so that more gold will glow in the land of Guizhou, and more heroes will show their best in the colorful Guizhou.

  To build a model area of ??the results of the results of poverty alleviation, it is necessary to comprehensively promote the revitalization of talents, and then realize the revitalization of industries, culture, ecology, and organization. In many ways to attract talents to enter the countryside, bring together a group of high -quality "new farmers", change the situation of lack of high -level talents in rural areas, and the vitality of rural rejuvenation can be fully stimulated.

  To build a digital economy development innovation zone requires more talents.

Not only requires industry leaders with high data business management capabilities and technological research and development capabilities, but also a group of composite talents with cross -domain knowledge background, not only understanding big data technology and understanding of related industries.

  To build a pioneering area for ecological civilization, it is necessary to solve the problem of lack of talents in the field of ecological and environmental protection.

Accelerate the introduction and cultivation of leaders of scientific and technological leaders and discipline leaders to carry out research research, help the province to achieve green low -carbon transformation, and transform more scientific research results into the effectiveness of ecological environmental protection in Guizhou.

  Talents are the key to winning the new road. The talents of talents gather "four beams and eight pillars" that support high -quality development, looking forward to the magnificent blueprint of the "four districts and one highlands". (Wu Shaoan).

Two-phase shot,The blood volume of the skateboard is naturally falling。

But it is also at this time.,Skateboard shoes seem to have pulled out the hatred range of the defensive tower。
next moment,She turned back directly,FlatAIt is necessary to shoot it later.,Improving the figure that is chasing it.。
Palace clear text is very clear,I want to break up at this time.,Only from first anti-tower skateboard。
If you can’t do it?,Maybe he really wants to be forced to the tower.。
so,He chasing skateboard shoes,It’s not a little.。
next moment,Again, a ice crystal arrow,啪 打 身 身 身。
But at the same time,A pair makes everyone feel that some mistakes appear.。
After the skateboard, after this time,She actually attracted the hatred of the defensive tower.。
wrong,It should be,Skateboard shoes are not completely pulled out of the hatred distance of the defensive tower,It is again turned back.。
Even in the third,EvenUziIt seems,He has already pulled enough distance。
But actually,He is still not pulled out enough distance。
Subsequent,A shell that is hosted by it,Start molding from the scenaries above the defensive tower。
Although the palace is unexpected,But the action in your hand does not have a stagnation.。
Cold ice shot,Long legs full of strength in subsequent bending。
then,A ice crystal arrow is emitted from,The precision shooting over the skateboard body of the Zhengcang rose。
This ice crystal arrow,With the damage of the defensive tower。
Even the skateboard shoes are handed over to their treatment,But his blood is still not enough.。
Two damage intersect,The blood volume of the skateboard shoes is behind this,Directly。
I saw a blocked by Buron.,But at this time, Kalmar is already opened.。
Palace Qingwen did not choose to take care,After all, he is also difficult to catch up with a heart-running Karma.。
The person who chased the other side of the battlefield,Things will become simple。
Olaf at this time,Obviously, I believe that this wave can succeed in the tower.。
So he didn’t leave himself.,Directly deeper the enemy。
His benefits are obvious,It is directly to make enough damage.,Use a second ax,Kill the Burulum in the tower。
Not to say,After the cold is given,Buron stayed for a life。
Difficulties,Also obvious。
Before Buron dying,Give him a layer of passive。
This is just now,Palace Qingwen is after the treatment of the treatment,Bringing positive radiation。
At this time,Skateboard shoes are dead,Karma is far away。
Scene,It is directly caught in some embarrassment.1V1Scene。
but,When the breeze in the summoner canyon, the breeze begins to blow.,The hands of the blue long bow,I have already moved again.。
next moment,Ice crystal arrow full of technology,Directly from the bows and arrows,Olav shot towards not far away。
Olav is naturally not going to fight,Direct ax,Throw in the direction of the ice shot。

Activate effective demand to develop silver -haired economy (Golden Taiwan TV Line · Follow health aging ③)

  On the one hand, on the one hand, the silver -haired economy that provides multi -level, diversified products and services for the elderly is widely optimistic; on the other hand, the market popularity of aging supplies and services is not as expected. In addition to the illegal acts such as consumer fraud, the commodity market regulatory authorities they are satisfied with, but also pay attention to the use of supervision to promote the healthy development of the industry. With the deepening of the aging population, to meet the increasingly diverse life needs of the elderly It is also related to the well -being of the people and social harmony.

  On the one hand, the silver -haired economy that provides multi -level, diversified products and services for the elderly is widely optimistic; Products of.

In response to this issue, our reporter interviewed experts and scholars, industry insiders and elderly consumers.

  There is a gap between the market supply and the demand for the elderly, and the effective demand has not been fully activated. "In recent years, I bought 5 winter cotton clothes and down jackets for the elderly at home and physical stores. Mr. said, "Either the clothes are too heavy, or the sleeves are not suitable for sleeves, waist circumference, etc., and uncomfortable wear.

"Mr. Zhou said that some cotton clothes and down jackets did well in light, thin, warm, etc., that is, some details are not practical and inconvenient. convenient.

There is also the style that is too fashionable and the price is relatively high, which is not in line with the consumer needs of the elderly. "

  Mr. Li, a reader in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, also has similar feelings. He bought a pair of sofas for his parents. After arriving, his parents felt that the style was good -looking and the quality was good, that is, "sitting down and standing."

In this regard, Li Zhiye, the chairman of the old furniture company, explained: "Young people generally like short and soft sofas, but the sofas used by the elderly should not be too low and soft. To use high -density sponges with high hardness, other people will feel inconvenient to get up, and soft sofas can easily lead to poor blood flow. "The deputy director of the Chinese Aging Science Research Center, the party, believes that the current market is suitable for the elderly. There are still fewer choices. The market price of some elderly products is different from the consumption level of the elderly.

The consumption decisions of the elderly are more complicated. To consider whether the spouse and children are supported, they must also take into account the peers and social perception. These factors have caused their consumption to be more cautious. "At present, the lack of consumption power for the elderly and the high cost of enterprise production coexist, and the demand for pension consumption has not yet been effectively activated.

Huang Shisong, senior researcher of the National Development and Strategic Research Institute of Renmin University of China and director of the Aging Industry Research Center.

  "However, with the development of economic and social development, the consumption power of the elderly will become stronger and stronger, and the willingness to consume and consumption preferences will also change, which also indicates that the silver -haired economy has a very broad market.

Huang Shisong said that at present, there are many general daily life service projects on the market, and services such as long -term care, rehabilitation care, psychological comfort and other services, old -age cultural creativity, living, online consumption and other products and other aspects. There are not many services, it is difficult to meet the diverse and multi -level pension service needs of contemporary elderly people. The standardization level of elderly supplies and services needs to be improved in November 2021. "It is proposed that relevant departments should formulate elderly supplies and service directory and quality standards to promote the certification of pension services.

At present, there are corresponding national standards such as the basic standards, division and evaluation of the basic standards, division and assessment of the service quality of the elderly in the community during the day care center of the elderly in the community. Lei Yang, director of the Standardization Department of the Social Welfare Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, said that the relevant departments attach great importance to the aging industries from the top -level design perspective, but relatively speaking, there is still a gap compared with market demand whether it is national standards or industry standards. Elderly supplies include all aspects such as clothing, food, housing, and use. "No rules are unsuccessful, and no corresponding standards will directly affect product quality." Lei Yang said that relevant departments are currently actively improving various standards. Companies with powerful companies can do a good job of corporate standards first. And operating corporate standards. Huang Shisong believes that from the perspective of the investment environment, the business environment of the pension industry still needs to improve. "At present, the pension institution has changed from the approval system to the filing system. There is almost no threshold for registration, but there are still more restrictions on the formal operation.

"Huang Shisong said that" one photo and multiple points "operation is an effective measure to promote the branding, chain, and large -scaleization of pension services, but in actual work, it is difficult to open outlets and cross -regional operations in different places.

This requires relevant departments to establish information sharing and collaborative management mechanisms.

  In the long run, the top -level design of the aging industry is still needed.

Party Junwu suggested that it is necessary to study and introduce the mid -to -long -term development plan for the aging industry, and formulate subdivided industrial policies in the fields of aging culture, health, aging manufacturing, livable aging, aging services and aging finance. Model innovation, brand promotion, and regional industrial cluster cultivation are arranged. The development of the old furniture production enterprise founded by Li Zhiye is a microcosm of the development of the silver hair economy. In 2008, Li Zhiye’s enterprise invested in the opening of elderly supplies stores, selling more than 1,000 elderly supplies including blood glucose meters, blood pressure meters, wheelchairs, and massage chairs.

However, sales have been bleak, and more than a dozen stores have been closed one after another. The enterprise then turned to the development and manufacturing and dedicated to the elderly supplies of the elderly in the development, manufacturing and dedicated to the elderly.

"At the end of last year, the State Council issued the" Fourteenth Five -Year Plan "national aging cause development and pension service system planning. The Ministry of Civil Affairs and other departments proposed that within 5 years to support 2 million special difficulties, disabled, and disabled elderly families to implement a suitable aging transformation.

We seize this opportunity and participate in the reconstruction project. The development of enterprises is inseparable from the rise of the silver hair economy.

"Li Zhiye said. Strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of the elderly, and create a friendly social environment for the elderly and friendly consumption environment for the elderly.

Judging from the reader’s letter, maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly is one of the topics that have attracted more attention. Mr. Chang, Changquan County, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, recently left a message on the "Leadership Message Board" of the People’s Daily Online that a local medical device Co., Ltd. and a water purifier shop attracted the elderly to come to the door by leaving gifts. The products can cure all diseases. "A jade bed is 10,000 yuan, and a water purifier that is known as the water brush after filtering does not require more than 6,000 yuan in water purifiers, and a electric therapy instrument is more than 7,000 yuan … In fact, these are deceiving. use.

The hard money saved by the old people made them cheat.

"Mr. Zhang, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, said that his mother went to a bank deposit, and as a result, he bought insurance under the inducement of bank staff. The family retreated the insurance the next day after discovery, but in the next few days, his mother continued to receive the sales sales. Advertising telephone. "Advertising customer service claims to be the application we filled in on the website, and also said that if we refuse, we must bear the economic losses caused by it. Relevant departments are urged to strengthen supervision and resolutely investigate and deal with the behavior of deceiving the elderly.

"Mr. Zhang said.

  Huang Shisong said that the consumption environment of the elderly needs to be further cultivated.

On the one hand, the infringement behavior of the pension field has not yet formed an efficient and coordinated consumer rights protection mechanism; on the other hand, it is necessary to improve the consumer rights protection mechanism for the elderly in order to allow the elderly to rest assured to consume and avoid worries.

Taking health products as an example, some merchants have consumer fraud, but they are not enough for fraud and crimes. The nature of the case is difficult to define and obtain evidence, and it is difficult for relevant departments to form an effective blow. How to unblock the information channels between multiple departments and form a joint force to accurately crack down on illegal crimes, it also needs to be improved at the institutional level.

  The party Junwu believes that in addition to the illegal acts such as consumer fraud, the market regulatory authorities must also pay attention to the use of supervision to promote the healthy development of the industry.

The reason why the elderly is deceived is because there is a need in this regard to lead the development of the industry in accordance with the needs of the elderly, which not only allows criminals to have no opportunity, but also allow the elderly to enjoy a better life.

Just finished,Just see the summer, not happy, watch a circle,Then follow the nearest garbage pile of void。

A handle of the iron sword,There are countless gaps。
Iron sword falls in the summer hand,Under the moisture of the god,Ambulous,A faint flare。
Happen,The coldness of the cold Sadsen makes the survival of temperature,The killing of the bones is like a battlefield that is filled with smoke.。
Full of priests,Silk is like a breathing is generally flashing,The runes on which they have lived together.。
“this……Propriator?This is the tool?”
The Yanli Master also concealed the horror of the face.。
He didn’t think of it.,I have seen a legendary tool.!
Look at the murder of this sword,Although the sword http://www.zhengxingguanye.cnis full,The inner array is absolutely no damage。
Summit nodded,Revenue revenue,Laugh,“Yanli Master,I am so luck today.。”
I am trust you is luck.,I am a fool!
Yan Li master, even if it is stupid,Also notice that the summer is unusual。
One is luck twice,Which three times four times or luck?。
Moreover,Three babies found,All are taken by the summer from the deep pile of garbage。
This kid does not speak Wude.!
Look at the face of Yun Yun,Good intention to teach him experience and 诀窍。
But this little child is a master of experience.。
Be too shameful.。
The face of the Yanli Master is a young color。
But he also knows,Summary,Not ridicule,But there is no point to break,Deliberately give him the stairs。
“Ha ha,Summer, a small friend is in the sky.。”
Yan Li Master also squeezed a smile,“Walk away,We continue to walk,I have a feeling,Summer small friends, you will have a big harvest today.。”
“Ha ha,That is the master of the master。”
The two continue to step by step。
I can’t get a hundred meters,Summer facing a high garbage pile of two people,Again again。
Among the stacked defects,One half-footed,Chemical light,Summer palm。
He pushes the real yuan,Activate its internal array,Ambulous。
This paternal Ding Ding,A flour flame rise,Temperature Hawran。
“This is also a secret treasure,There are array。”
Summer 哝哝,Also, “This should be the Ding furnace for refining?”
Yanli Master:“……?w(?Д?)w”

Give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine to promote the construction of healthy China (think about duties)

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Give full play to the unique advantages and role of Chinese medicine prevention and disease, and contribute to the Chinese dream of building a healthy China and the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

"The development of Chinese medicine is not only an important part of the strategy of healthy China, but also one of the focus of the current reform of the medical and health system. It should give full play to the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and make this valuable resources play a more positive role in the construction of healthy China. Essence

Suggestions: highlight the clinical advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, and build a national public health emergency management system with equal emphasis on traditional Chinese and western medicine. The combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine and Chinese and Western medicine is a major feature of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia.

In response to the basic shortcomings and supply of public health services and emergency treatment reserves, establish a major and efficient and efficient disease prevention and control mechanism for Chinese and Western medicine to prevent and control and control the country. It is very important to build a national public health emergency management system with Chinese characteristics and Chinese and Western medicine. Strengthen the construction of traditional Chinese medicine work platforms in the disease prevention and control institution, incorporate traditional Chinese medicine hospitals into the scope of the construction of major epidemic prevention and control and treatment bases, and provide a strong guarantee for maintaining people’s health. Give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and create a perfect system of traditional Chinese medicine science and technology. Following the laws of traditional Chinese medicine, adhere to the innovation of normal innovation, continuously improve the system of Chinese medicine scientific and technological innovation systems, and strengthen the construction of scientific and technological innovation bases.

The construction of a group of national key laboratories is deployed in basic research fields such as Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine to bring together the advantages of scientific research of life sciences and Chinese medicine to create a national strategic technology forces. Achievements. Inherit the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine culture and realize the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional Chinese medicine culture. Traditional Chinese medicine is an excellent traditional cultural resource. Inheriting the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, it continues to give its era connotation. It is a powerful measure to spread and promote Chinese culture.

Digging the cultural resources of traditional Chinese medicine, combing and excavating the essence of classical medical citizens, and tracing the academic sources of traditional Chinese medicine. Cultivate the leading talents with cultural self -confidence, humanistic literacy, and national academic heritage. Adhere to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine prevention and improve the health and health service system of the whole life cycle. "Treatment of disease" is an important manifestation of the advantages and characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine advocates "prevention as the first", integrates prevention of health care, disease treatment and rehabilitation health, and meets the people of all aspects of the people Essence Establish the concept of great health and great health, and transform the cure of diseases into centered on people’s health, allowing Chinese medicine to participate in the health and health services of the whole life cycle, and play a more important role in the healthy Chinese main battlefield.

  Attach importance to the ecological advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and promote the reasonable development and utilization of ecological resources of Chinese medicine. The sustainable development of traditional Chinese medicine resources is a major measure to promote the construction of ecological civilization. Pay attention to the ecological advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, realize the sustainable development of traditional Chinese medicine resources, pay attention to protecting the ecological environment, establish a standardized base and traditional Chinese medicine resource protection zone, improve the protection system and measures of traditional Chinese medicine resources, and promote the sustainable development and promotion of traditional Chinese medicine resources. Ecological civilization construction is benign interaction and complement each other. Digging the advantages of the traditional Chinese medicine industry, and give play to the important role of the Chinese medicine industry in the transformation and upgrading of the economic structure.

The mining and utilization of the value of the Chinese medicine industry plays an important role in adjusting the economic structure and promoting the construction of healthy China. The advantages of excavating the Chinese medicine industry should follow the laws of traditional Chinese medicine development, coordinate the service model, industrial development, and quality supervision, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional Chinese medicine industrialization and traditional industries, and promote the high of Chinese medicine drinks, Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine industry. Quality development helps healthy Chinese construction and economic structure transformation and upgrading. (The author is a member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Dean of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine) "People’s Daily" (18th edition on November 18, 2021).

“Different beasts and this world’s collapse,Also at the three thousand soldiers, there will be this kind of thing when the beast is fighting for the beast.,so”

Han Jiang shook his head:“I have no idea,But there should be a solution。”
“We have a wisdom of wisdom.,If not his words,I think people will only become more miserable now.,But he is only the development of delaying collapse,I have a true root treatment perhaps,May not。”
“That”Sightseeing:“My hometown encountered a broken,You have to help me。”
Three minutes quickly passed,Shiberian also has Hurry Transportators that have arrived in this city.。
Bringing a bud,The main player is Brownia,Wenrti and Hib。
Fu Hua and Qi Yana out of treatment with another collapse is still in the mission,De Lisa went to the reverse entroon headquarters to meet。
“My friend is here.,I will introduce you to know it later.。”Han Jiang looked up and saw Hubleyan who slowly landed in the sky.,Say the star watch。
The star is also looking up with the sky.“Float”,“Float”Many different beasts that will fly to interference when they land。
Only see“Float”Rays,Those other beasts are like the dumplings.。
soon,Houbury is falling in the ground,On the deck, dozens of female Wuzhen is cleaning the rest of the collapse.,The rest of the combatants have left from the open hatch.。
“What is the situation in Hanjiang here?。”
The buds were obviously coming to the cold after seeing Hanjiang.,But the collapsed thing is tight,Let her endure the words in his mouth。
Han Jiang returned:“There is a refuge below,Refuge administrators know that other refuge is probably,Let people follow before rescue。”
Bud Qiaohimai,At the same time, there are medical staff and some female Wu Shen immersed.,During the command period,I don’t think so gentle if I don’t think she is usually.。
“this,my friend,Watchtock,Everyone knows。”
Wenrti and Hidden two people whispering behind Bronia,“Is De Lisa??”
“Should not be a long academy。”Hi Lier affirmed。
Bononia nodded,There is no expression:“Hello,I am Brownia Ziheck。”
“Hello you,I am watching star。”
Chapter 592 What will our future?
The two have gone each other.,It is not two people.。
Bronia Several people observed watching stars,At the star also observed the other person。
What is thinking about why you are so big?,Most people who come are girls。
Although most of the leadership of the Huang Empire is also women,But the proportion is not so high。
Bronia’s people think about them together:Legs are so long……
“Search for a few refuge’s tasks, please,Strive to rescue more survivors,Stat thinking of casualties as soon as possible。”
The buds are filled with the captain of each squad.,Going to Hanjiang。

Ministry of Transport: Fully promote the establishment of physical workload as soon as possible

  China Network Finance May 31st News The National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference on May 31 to interpret the situation of a solid economic and stable policy and measures deployed by the executive meeting of the State Council.

The responsible comrades of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Commerce, and the People’s Bank of China attended the press conference and answered questions from reporters.

  The following is a record of text: Reporter: The State Council executive meeting proposed that a new group of engineering projects should be started to promote effective investment. We noticed that the Ministry of Transport has just issued the "Work Plan for the Implementation of the Implementation of the Implementation of the Implementation of Major Projects of the" Fourteenth Five -Year Plan "for the" Fourteenth Five -Year Plan ", which mentioned major engineering packages and key projects. Can it introduce the relevant situation? How to further advance? Zhao Chongjiu, deputy minister of the Ministry of Transport: Our Ministry has thoroughly implemented the Party Central Committee and the State Council on expanding effective investment decision -making and deployment, effectively exerting the important role of the transportation industry in promoting investment and steady growth, and solidly promoting the construction of transportation infrastructure. From January to April this year, the investment in fixed assets of transportation exceeded 910 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of%.

  The 11 major transportation projects you just mentioned include: the highway channel Unicom project, the side of the coast and the coastal roads into Tibet channel project, the "Four Good Rural Road", the Canal connectivity project, the coastal port improvement project, modernity Comprehensive transportation hub projects and other aspects.

  Each project package consists of several specific engineering projects, especially of 102 major projects in the national project, and the transportation projects led by the Ministry of Transport are included in each engineering package for priority.

For example, the National Expressway Large Channel Unicom project focuses on the main set of the main skeleton of the national comprehensive three -dimensional transportation network, prioritize the national highway main line and inter -provincial connection sections, and promote the construction Earlier, the main lines of the national highway with large traffic and busy traffic are expanded to ensure the completion of the newly reconstructed highway during the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period to 10,000 kilometers.

  On this basis, combined with the project construction timing arrangement, 16 projects with large investment scale, large social impact, and high technical difficulty were proposed. As the first batch of key projects for the construction of a strong country of transportation, it was promoted. For example: Sichuan -Tibet Railway and supporting road projects, Beijing -Hong Kong -Macao Expressway Guangzhou to Shenzhen section reconstruction and expansion project, Shenzhen -Middle Channel Haizhongqiao Tunnel main project, Western Land and Sea New Channel (Pinglu) Canal Project, Xiaoyang Mountain north container terminal project, Ningbo Zhoushan Port and Airlines Facilities, Hubei International Logistics Core Hub (Ezhou), Haikou Xinhai Port Comprehensive Transportation Hub, and so on.

  These major engineering projects focus on the 6 -axis, 7 corridor and 8 channels of the national comprehensive three -dimensional traffic network main skeleton, and take the network, supplementary network, and strong chain as the focus of construction. The high -quality development of facilities will play an important traction role, and it will also have a strong support for current investment, stable growth, and stable employment. To this end, our ministry will further increase the work with relevant departments and localities, adopt practical and effective policy measures, and make every effort to promote the construction of transportation infrastructure. The first is to make every effort to promote the preliminary work of the project. The second is to actively coordinate and dock on relevant departments to do a good job of factor protection and ecological environmental protection related work. The third is to establish a coordinated promotion mechanism, strengthen daily scheduling, solve the problems in the project process, promote the project with conditions to start, and form a physical workload as soon as possible. (Editor -in -chief: Peng Yanzhang) 1. All works of "Source: China Network Finance" on this website are all works legally owned or have the right to use on this website. 2. Do not reprint, extract or use other methods without authorization of this website.

Those who have authorized the work on this website shall be used within the scope of authorization and indicate "source and author".

Those who violate the above statements will be held accountable for their relevant legal responsibilities.

Wolf smoke waiting in the city。lt;/Pgt;

This venom,Almost no one trust!lt;/Pgt;
Waited for a long time,Yudang City has no movement,I didn’t see the wolf smoke.,There is no change here。lt;/Pgt;
Yang Su is very anxious,Opposite to the forest,And Wang Yuansun’s five hundred people,Fireworks。What should I do if I delay the fighter??lt;/Pgt;
“Don’t move。Everything is constant!”lt;/Pgt;
I don’t know how long I have passed.,Gao Biyi saw a shore with a slight firing, slowly leaning against the export。lt;/Pgt;
Then there is a heart-stopped person to go to the boat,I rushed to ride the horse toward the direction of Yu Yicheng.,Gao Baoyi’s heart is not in the belly.。lt;/Pgt;
“Chen Dinghou should have to have。All in the spirit,Sweeping oil is ready,Bear’s people on a boat,Just call them with steep!”lt;/Pgt;
When you go, you went wrong.,When you return to the mountain,Will it follow??lt;/Pgt;
Ha ha,Gao Bao will give this 桀骜 桀骜“bad boy”An unforgettable lesson。lt;/Pgt;
If this can still live。lt;/Pgt;
“But,What should I do if there is a throne??”lt;/Pgt;
Yang Su is not a good trust in the southern south of the southern San;/Pgt;
“Miss,We will hit the city of Yuncheng.?What have you been?lt;/Pgt;
Do you think the Sudokan is so good??Because they are in order to shoot the city!lt;/Pgt;

Registered IPO Weekly: Six people have passed the meeting, and 5 are terminated for review

  This week’s science and technology board and GEM have added 1 newly accepted enterprise, six companies have passed the meeting, 5 companies have registered to take effect, and 5 companies terminated their review.

  This week (March 21, 2022 ~ March 25, 2022), one new accepted enterprise, 6 enterprises have passed the science and technology board and the GEM, 5 companies have registered to take effect, and 5 companies terminate the review. The overall review of the science and technology board and the GEM: As of March 25, 2022, the Shanghai Stock Exchange accepted a total of 715 enterprises, of which 2 were in the acceptance state, 45 were in the inquiry stage, and 13 were in the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee. During the review stage, 44 were in the registration stage, 440 were registered, 18 were suspended and the financial report updated, and 153 reviews were terminated.

  The Shenzhen Stock Exchange accepts a total of 840 companies in GEM, 5 of which have been accepted, 204 are in the inquiry stage, 14 are in the audit stage of the listed committee, 66 are in the submission stage, 330 have been registered, 57 Family suspension and financial report update, 164 reviews were terminated.

  本周新变化:  3月21日~3月25日期间,上交所新增受理1家科创板IPO申请;1家公司在本周二度进入问询阶段,有10家公司更新了信息;上During the review stage of the Municipal Party Committee, the two companies had passed the meeting this week and 1 updated the information; submitted the registration link, and the one company submitted registration this week, and the two updated the information; in terms of the registration results, the 4 companies registered this week to take effect. The three companies updated the information; 14 companies were suspended due to the renewal of the financial report; the two companies were terminated for review. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange has no new application for the GEM IPO; 39 companies in the inquiry stage have updated the information; during the review stage of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, 4 companies have passed the meeting this week, respectively, which are Foshan Lianlian Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " Lien Technology "), Shiyan Taixiang Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" Taixiang Co., Ltd. "), Beijing Jiaman Clothing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" Garman Clothing "), and Guangdong Dingtai Hi -Tech Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" "" Dingtai Hi -Tech "), of which Taixiang shares are listed companies; 1 company submits registration; in terms of registration results, 1 company registered this week to take effect, 7 registered companies have updated the information; 37 companies have suspended the audit review ; The three companies terminate the audit. Among them, the two were withdrawn from the initiative, and the review was not approved. Discover requirements. The newly accepted IPO company situation: From March 21st to March 25th, the Science and Technology Board has added a newly accepted IPO application for the GEO of 1 company to Chengdu Huagi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chengdu Huayi" ), The number of shares intended to publicize the shares will not exceed 95.6 million shares to raise 1.5 billion yuan. The raised funds will be used for chip research and development and industrialization, high -end integrated circuit research and development and industrial bases, and supplementary funds. Chengdu Huagai focuses on the research and development, design, testing and sales of special integration circuits to provide the overall solution of signal processing and control systems as the direction of industrial development. The main products cover the two major areas of special numbers and simulation integrated circuits. From 2018 to 2020 and in the first three quarters of 2021, Chengdu Huagai’s operating income was 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, and 100 million yuan, and the net profit of home mother was 4.2 million yuan, -1 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, respectively. Essence During the same period, the company’s own raising and national distribution R & D projects totaling R & D investment were 10,000 yuan, 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, and 100 million yuan, respectively, accounting for%,%,%, and%of operating income during the same period. Chengdu Huagai prompts risks that there are risks such as insufficient technical continuous innovation capabilities, supplier production capacity and fluctuation of procurement price, wafer supply chain stability, downstream demand and product sales price fluctuations, and the continuity of project special funds.

  This week, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has not added the application of the GEM IPO application. After the meeting+registration: From March 21st to March 25, the IPO application of 2 companies in the science and technology board has applied for the meeting, namely Hefei Xinhui Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huicheng Shares") , Shanghai League Science and Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "League of Science and Technology"), it is planned to raise 100 million yuan and 100 million yuan respectively. The applications for the IPO of the science and technology board of Huicheng and League of Pharmaceuticals were accepted in November 2021, and they entered the inquiry session in December of that year. The problems of Huicheng shares are mainly questioned by on -site inquiry: the sustainability of gross profit margin and business growth; explaining whether the use of relevant borrowing meets the regulations of foreign exchange management and whether it will affect the stability of the issuer’s control.

  The main issues of Lianke Pharmaceutical’s on -site inquiry are: measures that are mainly or planned to improve their own business, which mainly depends on the current status of a single product; some intangible assets used in 2012 and 2020 are in different countries or in different countries or Whether the patent of the same ethnic group applied for the region constitutes the repeated capital of the same patent. For the registration link, this week, a company’s science and technology board IPO application is submitted to the registration, which is the Hefei Crystal Incident Circuit Co., Ltd., and it is planned to raise 12 billion yuan.

  In terms of registration results, 4 companies’ science and technology board IPO applications are registered this week to take effect this week, namely Zhejiang Hechuan Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jihaoxi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Jingye Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Hefei Hefei Jingsong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. intends to raise funds of 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 100 million yuan, and 100 million yuan respectively. It is worth noting that the IPO application of 14 companies this week has an IPO application for suspension of review. The suspension of 13 companies is "the company and the intermediary agencies are affected by the epidemic. Inquiry and other work, apply for suspension of review to the upper extension. " Zhong Juxuan Technology Co., Ltd. actively requested the audit because of the issuer and sponsor. In addition, the IPO application of 2 companies this week has the termination review of IPOs. They are State Grid Smart Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Fengtian Electronics Co., Ltd., and the reasons for the termination are "the issuer withdrew the issuance of listing or sponsor to withdraw from sponsors".

  From March 21, 2022 to March 25, 2022, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange held twice of the GEM on the Municipal Party Committee for review meetings. Dingtai Hi -Tech, of which Taixiang shares are listed companies.

  Among them, Lien Technology accepted on June 30 last year and inquired at the end of July. The Shanghai Municipal Party Committee paid attention to the company’s actual controller and other related issues, as well as the gross profit margin and the gross profit margin.

  Taixiang was accepted on November 10 last year and inquired on November 19. This is a transfer company. GEM positioning, major dependence on Volkswagen Group, and financial investment.

  Karman Clothing was accepted at the end of December 2020. At the end of January last year, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee focused on the company’s R & D investment lower than the comparable company in the same industry, requiring it to explain the cause and rationality; The amount of goods is large. Dingtai Gaoke accepted on June 29 last year. At the end of July, inquiry, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee asked him to explain the reasons and rationality of the inventory at the end of the commodity period. Establishing and implementation of the control system.

  The flag shares failed, and the listed committee reviewed that the issuer failed to do the rationality of the labor procurement model. Sexuality is reasonable and fully explained. In the above major aspects, failed to reflect the issuer’s financial status, operating results, and cash flow, it does not meet the relevant regulations of the GEM.

  This week, one company submitted registration to Shenzhen Weite New Materials Co., Ltd.; one company registered and took effect, and it was the Chengdu Purieo Ophthalmology Hospital Co., Ltd.

Author: Android? Huang Siyu.

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The military grain in North Yixiang is unable to pay self,Currently, the food of the defenders,From Nanyang County!
The most important part of the grain road,Is responsible for the transfer of Huaizhou!
Now Huaizhou is falling,Nanyang Su Sheng closed portal,I don’t know if Dou Yi, I still don’t know that the Urchien’s army has arrived in Nanyang.,Now the North Yixiang County has been replenished.!I can’t even do it.。
Use a word to describe the situation of old sinus,Then it is called a sleepy beast.。
Old sin does not want to prevent Huaizhou,But he is only ordered to be stationed in Zhaibei,Huaizhou is the scope of Nanyang County。Ranking,His office“Dusheng North Yanyu Military”,There are some fishing.。
It’s not good to explain it with the court.。
What’s more, the soldiers in your hands are 10,000.,It’s really tossing。The North Qi army opposite the Huaihe River is already very hard.。
Old s s southern face is Hou Yu with County,The west is Wang Lin, Xiangyang,The east is the Qi army main people who lead to the Gao Changong Gong in North Qi Zong, but not elite,Domineering,But the old sin did not know,The northern retreat has been cut off by Duan Zhao Jinyang。
If light is watching the card,Old sinus can only do two things now。
The first one opened the city surrender。
The second piece of the neck,Let the hand open the city to surrender。
If you are in the county, the county, the county, the county,Local largest city,This 10,000 soldiers horses will be buried in North Yixiang County。
but!Underground situation,It is different from the table.。
at least,Dou Yi’s residual soldiers fled the Yangyang direction,Wang Lin will definitely be used as not seen,Never block it,Don’t say it to North Qi.。
I don’t know what the reason is considered.,Duan Yizhao did not help Dou Yugu Province。
As for what I said with Dou Yi with Dou Yi?,This line is as easy as drinking water,Up to more amazing,He had already forgotten a two clean.。
Dou Yi is only very curious,Taking Gao Biyi’s familiarity with Jingjing,As for the thrown Dou Tianwu, didn’t you say this Jedi??
Is there any problem??
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If the soldiers die,That is not a burger, but it is stupid.!
“Jiuhe Gao Baoyi table is wrong me.!We two,Why is it?。”
Shenzhou City City,Dou Yi flask。
“Duan Yiba Tao,But he does have a arrogant capital.。This suddenly captured the army of Zhou Guohuai,It should be that Duan Yu’s old book,The Jincheng Town Army on the side of Jinyang has a prohibition of the army.。”
What is the real main force of Duan Zhao?,For Dou Yi, it may be difficult,But for local land snake Wang Lin and Hou Hao,It’s too simple.。
Gao Bo Yi and Hou Yu are naturally aware of the name.。