Niu Niu frowned。

There is also the way of hospitality?
“There are one or two of the banquets.,But I see that they have their own players.,I didn’t go to bother.!”
“Um,and then!”
“Then I went to a closer place to stop,Think about the time!”
“After that, he heard someone dropped water.?”
“How did you know?”
“I am inquiry.!”
“Too,Everyone must know now.!Just find a passerby and ask.!”
Hezi is a bit annoyed,
“I have some bias.,Nothing in the vicinity。I learned the water in the village.,Thinking people,Water saving people!I didn’t expect those people to save people.,The springs are very fast!I haven’t had the house of the house.,Just sending me and the person who has the skin of the skin.!”
“If you give you a chance,You don’t get water!”
“It must be,That is a life!Just don’t don’t help you and you,I didn’t expect that they can actually be so rogue.!”
“You just missed missed,Break the bureau of others!They are not willing to!”
“Who is a bureau?”
Whez is some don’t understand,I have saved a disease.。
“Naturally, the county king’s wife!”
Even if it is a disease,She doesn’t want him to live alive.!
Idyllic baby
308chapter season finale
“rest assured,What do they can’t take us?!”
Niu Niu comfortably patted the hand of the grass,
“Later,You go with me to see someone.!”
“fine,You are going with me.!At that time, you see my eyes.!Hurry!”
All the way,I haven’t eaten something delicious.。This will see the hot meal.,The other Niu Niu also can’t take care.。
“When are we going??”
Eating,Niu Niu moving a chair,Sitting in the yard of the grass,Quietly appreciate pine cypress standing tree。
Hezi looks a relaxed gesture,Some guidelines in my heart。
Is there something such a thing that should be careful??
“Wait for a while.!”
Niu Niu is calculated in his heart。
Big Brother will come alive.!
“Niu Niu!”
I want to Cao Cao,Cao Cao arrived。
“Big brother!”
Niu Niu quickly stood up from the stool,I haven’t seen Su Yuqing for a long time.。
Looking at it again and black,at the same time,People are also more strong。
“How do you come now??”

This is not a problem,Put on the road,Really blocking the road,That is the realm of the front,Non-power。

He has a rhymestone,Silver ice stone,Under the premise of transcendment of the realm,The skill is not a problem。
Fish, right, also wake up from the sense of feelings,Two people look at each other,Here is a smile。
The two did not speak,Summer withdrawal array,Extreme stone stone。
This black mountain does not know the head,If you can’t leave for a short time,Need to resist。
All completed,The two are stuck in the ground,The speed is increased to the ultimate。
All the way。
After night,They are still in the black mountain range。
The storm is coming again,Roker thick day crazy growing,Rushing horizon,It’s like a group of magic。
The defensive array of them,It’s even awkward.。
Summer and fish right weight is still as before,Each closed door,Go to the vitality between life and death。
Although this planet is very dangerous,It is also a small opportunity for them.。
Especially the fish right,This polar environment can be encountered for her.。
So,Both people accelerate the road during the day,Practice in the big array at night。
Seven days later,I finally walked out this black mountain range。
Summer realm is again improved,Break through the whole,The skill has also reached one。
This kind of successful breakthrough,I have to let the fish rightow called the summer monster.。
certainly,She doesn’t know,Summer can break through so fast,In addition to its own talent,Maximum hero,In fact, it is half a road of left small fish.。
Just like Gogjian gets the Holy King inheritance,Actually obtained,It is also the life of the highmare,So so fast。
This practice,Not inheritance,Instead, similar to the mortality。
The life of the life is equivalent to the way,A repair、realm、Experience、Experience、And life information,Combining in the god。
Can be taken directly to improve。
“With your current strength,Competition a number of guards can be successful。”
On the way,Fish Rail Made a positive judgment。
She feels the summer,Sex a certain change,The breath is more and more。
She faint guess,Summer is very likely that the water system and fire energy are integrated together.。
Summer laughing,“Everything is unknown,If a primary peak is as long as a corner,Competition will be more intense。”
Toned,Positive color,“Moreover,Huanglong Road,Competition Guardian quota,Be strong,Reflecting only the lowest level,Tong Xuanjing、Pantry,Even the holy king may appear。”
Next,The two continue to hurry,Just night,The madness is raining again.。
Compared to the black mountain range,Other places of the arabes are more crazy,Greater strength。
Ok after a day,The two finally saw a huge stone forest.。
“Where should I be a transfer array?。”
Fish, right, surprised。
Usually,Regardless of large or small transfer arrays,Need a huge stone column array to stabilize space。

He is a very smart person,At least one common person can come to today’s height,His wisdom has been overwhelmed.。

So Chen Tianwu felt,Even if you can leave Coral Island,They also hide the chasing of the world snake。
In addition to the world snake,There is also extremely east、Reverse entropy、Destiny。
In the form of collapsed form, it is fully pressed in an environment in human civilization.,High-end power,The law is not too great advantage。
Chen Tianwu laughed in myself.,The rescue Anna seems to have no difference between the moth.。
Think here,His right hand pinched the Pinna Icy and Riffine palm。
Chen Tianwu’s palm has not been transformed,Or human flesh。
Because I have been holding Anna,The palm has been frozen,Blood circulation is slowing down,But he is still unwilling to let go。
“It’s fine,The thunderous shirt of the pointer is a completely form,She can restore the reason to be optimistic about the one end of the humanity.,You can also overcome the collapse will restore reason。”
Chen Tianwu, this sentence is like a peaceful,Also as yourself。
If the last end is dead,Then he will not regret it.。
Anna is his only concern in this world.,Can and your beloved girls together,It seems that there is nothing wrong with。
“Anna。”Chen Tianwu gentlely looked around Anna,The other hand lifts a pendant from the neck。
After taking force,Ang swayed in front of the retired Anna:“Remember this pendant??”
“You are still there.?”Chen Tianwu smiled,Self-speaking:“You are always so careless,Be sure to lose it.?”
Say,Chen Tianwu stretched long neck and saw Anna Bai’s neck,Where is the abnormal snow?,Nothing at all。
He smiled bitterly,After all, I have only seen one side.。
Anna as the captain of the Snow Lotus Powers,The refugees who have been rescued in these two years count,Anna also……Remember yourself??
“but it does not matter,My life is because you are only alive.,No, no now, I am now.。”
Chen Tianwu seems to try to touch Anna’s face with the hand of the necklace.,His left hand is a mechanical limb,There is no temperature in touch。
The trembling hand is going to touch Anna’s face.,Chen Tianwu stopped the action。
Take Anna’s right hand and Anna’s palm,Palm in hand is low temperature tear,Blood is solidified in the first time,Frost。
He wants to touch Anna,Use your own body,Want Anna feels your temperature,Even if the palm is already to be completely freezed。
Take a little bit of Anna Snow White, a little hand,Quiet Anna suddenly began to whisper。
“What’s wrong?”Chen Tianwu is somewhat nervous,Stop the footsteps that continue to escape。
Anna’s sluggish face appeared on a tear,The mouth is talking about a deep memory。
Chen Tianwu approached the ear.,Listening to the words in the Qing’an Na。
“I,Anna·Sariit,Oath here!”
“I will be loyal to life.,Effective bishop,Dedicated to my life for lofty goals。”

to this end,The gods spent a lot of effort、Resources to build,Almost all of the ancestor mainland,Strive to achieve the holy emperor’s vision。

When the free world first came into being,Beautiful,A miracle,All the forces were shocked by the holy emperor’s great hand,But soon after entering the free world,People of insight found many problems,One of the deadliest,They ignore mortals。
One thousand two hundred and twenty one chapters Swallow Brahma and
If all mortals can’t become divine beings,Can’t live forever,A serious problem is that,Mortals cannot enter reincarnation after death,Because according to the holy emperor’s idea and design,It didn’t leave any space for the underworld underworld of the original ancestor continent.。
in other words,The free world constructed according to the Holy Emperor’s vision is an incomplete world full of loopholes,Can’t even call it the world,At best a refuge,And it’s full of self-talking things。
Many people of insight pointed out similar major loopholes,Not only was it not adopted by the Holy Emperor,I was severely reprimanded,After that,People keep coming up to point out the drawbacks,People are constantly being reprimanded,Gradually it’s gone。
Many visionary Tianzun were sent out by the Holy Emperor to explore the void,And never come back,As the signs of the collapse of the ancestor mainland become more and more obvious,The holy emperor and the great forces that were once began to move to the free world,As for the mortal people,It’s just that the forces have brought a little bit of interest,Leave the rest alone,Ancestor mainland is equivalent to being abandoned,of course,Netherworld。
Everyone clearly noticed,There is no Netherworld Palace among the major palaces and forces that moved with the Holy Emperor,And two houses are missing,The Underground Palace and the Great Sunlieyang Palace。
The Five Elements Palace, which is juxtaposed to the above two houses as the third house,Has actually been wiped out in history,Only some inheritance that is not mainstream,Scattered,Was finally assigned to live on a small island,Is now the Five Elements Island。
Among them, the underground palace and the nether palace can be regarded as the land boundary of later generations.,The Sunlieyang Palace and the Imperial Court can be regarded as the heavens of later generations,Many mortals are naturally the subject of the human world for later generations,And the Five Elements Palace is integrated into the Three Realms,Leaving outside the Three Realms again,Very special,The three realms of heaven, earth and man, which are indispensable for future generations, are so rigidly separated。
and so,The present free world is at best a part of the heaven,The Great Sunlieyang Palace was completely out of the control of the Holy Emperor before the destruction of the ancestor continent,And the Netherworld Palace is more miserable,It is said that the ancient god Nether Shenjun was missing after a battle with the holy emperor,Some of the Tianzun strongmen under its banner left or were killed,Then disappeared。
After the destruction of the continent,The imperial court has a mainstream view,Nether God Lord Rebellion,And the Netherworld has been destroyed with the destruction of the ancestor continent,But many old people know the more real inside story,It is the Holy Emperor who dominates another scene of conquest history,Bloodbathed the Netherworld。
The whole event,Li Tan and Brahma probably know,But after the voice of doubt gradually disappeared,Many people have forgotten the history of Sannomiya,And no one will criticize the various deficiencies of the free world,Those who have the guts are going to explore the void,Voluntary,Saint emperor‘Inspire’Away,In short,There is only a fire god。
But right now,Huo Tianzun and Shenghuang also disappeared into the chess game together,They have no chance to witness the sudden appearance and spread of brown spots,Maybe a sign,But none of them declared,Who knows。
Now the boy said the dead soul,Is the biggest flaw in the free world,Old people know,No one said,Based on the coercion of the Holy Emperor,And moved to the world since the thousand years,There has indeed been no major mistakes。
Because the supernatural can’t die,Occasional conflicts and killings,It’s not a big deal for the divine being who died,And mortals who are about to die will be thrown into captivity,That is a small island dedicated to stocking mortals,Special measures imposed by the Holy Emperor,The dead mortals will gradually be annihilated,The dead will be trapped on the island forever。

Emotions some excited white stars,Even again to reach out to the location of the night。

Originally, I want to avoid it.,But I think that Bai Star is not good, I thought I was disappeared.,So I can only be hilarious by it.。
Dragon Palace,A huge fungus swims in the hard shell tower,Not only the guard,Even Nitton, in the palace, I also saw it.。
But they have not blocked this,The shark star has already informs the Nipton that he just saw.,Nitton believes that nights have the ability to protect white stars。
“His Majesty,Need to send a team guard to keep up with the White Star Princess?”
“no need,Dai Ken’s ability, you also know,More people are not helpful。
I have never seen the white star so happy.,Let her enjoy the freedom.。”
White star as a mermaid,And the body is so huge,The speed of the parade is naturally very fast,And because of the first time,The little girl is even more excited to be chaotic.。
“How do you really don’t have a good look?,Is it not good to do it??”
“no,no,Can come out with Bai Xing,I am also very happy.。”
Looking at the white star with a tend to cry,Night is busy,The latter finally broke into a laughter.。
There is only white star with a happy family,http://www.baby201314.cnBecause the position at this time is a bit awkward,So I am also happy.。
At this time, the night is stuffed in the double ditch of the white star.,Compared to a so-called hero,More like mascots……
Robin is not good,As early as possible, I still have an archeology.,Directly。
Night, I also want to refuse Bai Star to put myself to the chest.,But seeing the other side of tears,He chose to compromise again.。
no way,After all, it is a little girl who is not free for more than ten years.,More tolerant……
Seventh 188th chapter Flying One Piece·Dai Kenjiu
Because the night and white stars don’t know the location of the sea,When two people went to the sea from the mountain,Robin is already here.。
Looking like a white star in the chest, it is like a doll.,Robin’s expression is a taste。
And the night is a face of life.,He is a big hundred fighter,It is also a person in the entire big sea.。
“Don’t you say something important??How can I appear in this place?,fraud!”
Looking at a smiling Robin,Night can be a complaint full,He feels that he has been deceived.。
“I have never thought of,I only know after I am inquiry.,Sea Zhaosen is a place where history is sleeping.。”
Robin is a smirk,Then I don’t care about the night’s resentment.,Start with your own archaeological operation。
White Star is a quite curiosity to all of the surprises.,More than ten years,She didn’t have a step in the hard shell tower.,I look at something now.。
“The world outside is really wonderful.,I don’t know the sun and rainbow said in the book.,Is it more beautiful?。”
Bai Star is now very happy,Out of crazy for a long time,Also don’t want to go back。
After paying homage to your mother,And inform the mother to make yourself to the joy of good friends,Little girl is for yourself this year’s birthday,It’s just satisfied that you can’t satisfy it.。
Just prayer in Bai Star,A huge ax,Flying again from the air,And the goal is the next white star。

Two-phase shot,The blood volume of the skateboard is naturally falling。

But it is also at this time.,Skateboard shoes seem to have pulled out the hatred range of the defensive tower。
next moment,She turned back directly,FlatAIt is necessary to shoot it later.,Improving the figure that is chasing it.。
Palace clear text is very clear,I want to break up at this time.,Only from first anti-tower skateboard。
If you can’t do it?,Maybe he really wants to be forced to the tower.。
so,He chasing skateboard shoes,It’s not a little.。
next moment,Again, a ice crystal arrow,啪 打 身 身 身。
But at the same time,A pair makes everyone feel that some mistakes appear.。
After the skateboard, after this time,She actually attracted the hatred of the defensive tower.。
wrong,It should be,Skateboard shoes are not completely pulled out of the hatred distance of the defensive tower,It is again turned back.。
Even in the third,EvenUziIt seems,He has already pulled enough distance。
But actually,He is still not pulled out enough distance。
Subsequent,A shell that is hosted by it,Start molding from the scenaries above the defensive tower。
Although the palace is unexpected,But the action in your hand does not have a stagnation.。
Cold ice shot,Long legs full of strength in subsequent bending。
then,A ice crystal arrow is emitted from,The precision shooting over the skateboard body of the Zhengcang rose。
This ice crystal arrow,With the damage of the defensive tower。
Even the skateboard shoes are handed over to their treatment,But his blood is still not enough.。
Two damage intersect,The blood volume of the skateboard shoes is behind this,Directly。
I saw a blocked by Buron.,But at this time, Kalmar is already opened.。
Palace Qingwen did not choose to take care,After all, he is also difficult to catch up with a heart-running Karma.。
The person who chased the other side of the battlefield,Things will become simple。
Olaf at this time,Obviously, I believe that this wave can succeed in the tower.。
So he didn’t leave himself.,Directly deeper the enemy。
His benefits are obvious,It is directly to make enough damage.,Use a second ax,Kill the Burulum in the tower。
Not to say,After the cold is given,Buron stayed for a life。
Difficulties,Also obvious。
Before Buron dying,Give him a layer of passive。
This is just now,Palace Qingwen is after the treatment of the treatment,Bringing positive radiation。
At this time,Skateboard shoes are dead,Karma is far away。
Scene,It is directly caught in some embarrassment.1V1Scene。
but,When the breeze in the summoner canyon, the breeze begins to blow.,The hands of the blue long bow,I have already moved again.。
next moment,Ice crystal arrow full of technology,Directly from the bows and arrows,Olav shot towards not far away。
Olav is naturally not going to fight,Direct ax,Throw in the direction of the ice shot。

Just finished,Just see the summer, not happy, watch a circle,Then follow the nearest garbage pile of void。

A handle of the iron sword,There are countless gaps。
Iron sword falls in the summer hand,Under the moisture of the god,Ambulous,A faint flare。
Happen,The coldness of the cold Sadsen makes the survival of temperature,The killing of the bones is like a battlefield that is filled with smoke.。
Full of priests,Silk is like a breathing is generally flashing,The runes on which they have lived together.。
“this……Propriator?This is the tool?”
The Yanli Master also concealed the horror of the face.。
He didn’t think of it.,I have seen a legendary tool.!
Look at the murder of this sword,Although the sword http://www.zhengxingguanye.cnis full,The inner array is absolutely no damage。
Summit nodded,Revenue revenue,Laugh,“Yanli Master,I am so luck today.。”
I am trust you is luck.,I am a fool!
Yan Li master, even if it is stupid,Also notice that the summer is unusual。
One is luck twice,Which three times four times or luck?。
Moreover,Three babies found,All are taken by the summer from the deep pile of garbage。
This kid does not speak Wude.!
Look at the face of Yun Yun,Good intention to teach him experience and 诀窍。
But this little child is a master of experience.。
Be too shameful.。
The face of the Yanli Master is a young color。
But he also knows,Summary,Not ridicule,But there is no point to break,Deliberately give him the stairs。
“Ha ha,Summer, a small friend is in the sky.。”
Yan Li Master also squeezed a smile,“Walk away,We continue to walk,I have a feeling,Summer small friends, you will have a big harvest today.。”
“Ha ha,That is the master of the master。”
The two continue to step by step。
I can’t get a hundred meters,Summer facing a high garbage pile of two people,Again again。
Among the stacked defects,One half-footed,Chemical light,Summer palm。
He pushes the real yuan,Activate its internal array,Ambulous。
This paternal Ding Ding,A flour flame rise,Temperature Hawran。
“This is also a secret treasure,There are array。”
Summer 哝哝,Also, “This should be the Ding furnace for refining?”
Yanli Master:“……?w(?Д?)w”

“Different beasts and this world’s collapse,Also at the three thousand soldiers, there will be this kind of thing when the beast is fighting for the beast.,so”

Han Jiang shook his head:“I have no idea,But there should be a solution。”
“We have a wisdom of wisdom.,If not his words,I think people will only become more miserable now.,But he is only the development of delaying collapse,I have a true root treatment perhaps,May not。”
“That”Sightseeing:“My hometown encountered a broken,You have to help me。”
Three minutes quickly passed,Shiberian also has Hurry Transportators that have arrived in this city.。
Bringing a bud,The main player is Brownia,Wenrti and Hib。
Fu Hua and Qi Yana out of treatment with another collapse is still in the mission,De Lisa went to the reverse entroon headquarters to meet。
“My friend is here.,I will introduce you to know it later.。”Han Jiang looked up and saw Hubleyan who slowly landed in the sky.,Say the star watch。
The star is also looking up with the sky.“Float”,“Float”Many different beasts that will fly to interference when they land。
Only see“Float”Rays,Those other beasts are like the dumplings.。
soon,Houbury is falling in the ground,On the deck, dozens of female Wuzhen is cleaning the rest of the collapse.,The rest of the combatants have left from the open hatch.。
“What is the situation in Hanjiang here?。”
The buds were obviously coming to the cold after seeing Hanjiang.,But the collapsed thing is tight,Let her endure the words in his mouth。
Han Jiang returned:“There is a refuge below,Refuge administrators know that other refuge is probably,Let people follow before rescue。”
Bud Qiaohimai,At the same time, there are medical staff and some female Wu Shen immersed.,During the command period,I don’t think so gentle if I don’t think she is usually.。
“this,my friend,Watchtock,Everyone knows。”
Wenrti and Hidden two people whispering behind Bronia,“Is De Lisa??”
“Should not be a long academy。”Hi Lier affirmed。
Bononia nodded,There is no expression:“Hello,I am Brownia Ziheck。”
“Hello you,I am watching star。”
Chapter 592 What will our future?
The two have gone each other.,It is not two people.。
Bronia Several people observed watching stars,At the star also observed the other person。
What is thinking about why you are so big?,Most people who come are girls。
Although most of the leadership of the Huang Empire is also women,But the proportion is not so high。
Bronia’s people think about them together:Legs are so long……
“Search for a few refuge’s tasks, please,Strive to rescue more survivors,Stat thinking of casualties as soon as possible。”
The buds are filled with the captain of each squad.,Going to Hanjiang。

Wolf smoke waiting in the city。lt;/Pgt;

This venom,Almost no one trust!lt;/Pgt;
Waited for a long time,Yudang City has no movement,I didn’t see the wolf smoke.,There is no change here。lt;/Pgt;
Yang Su is very anxious,Opposite to the forest,And Wang Yuansun’s five hundred people,Fireworks。What should I do if I delay the fighter??lt;/Pgt;
“Don’t move。Everything is constant!”lt;/Pgt;
I don’t know how long I have passed.,Gao Biyi saw a shore with a slight firing, slowly leaning against the export。lt;/Pgt;
Then there is a heart-stopped person to go to the boat,I rushed to ride the horse toward the direction of Yu Yicheng.,Gao Baoyi’s heart is not in the belly.。lt;/Pgt;
“Chen Dinghou should have to have。All in the spirit,Sweeping oil is ready,Bear’s people on a boat,Just call them with steep!”lt;/Pgt;
When you go, you went wrong.,When you return to the mountain,Will it follow??lt;/Pgt;
Ha ha,Gao Bao will give this 桀骜 桀骜“bad boy”An unforgettable lesson。lt;/Pgt;
If this can still live。lt;/Pgt;
“But,What should I do if there is a throne??”lt;/Pgt;
Yang Su is not a good trust in the southern south of the southern San;/Pgt;
“Miss,We will hit the city of Yuncheng.?What have you been?lt;/Pgt;
Do you think the Sudokan is so good??Because they are in order to shoot the city!lt;/Pgt;

Ate cold medicine,Today is much better today.,Sure enough, the new crown is the most difficult to deal with。

Then this toss,Old problems and urinary stones,Painting is very difficult。
Write so much,It is a great harmfulness to explain itself.。Hood,Wash hands frequently,Gather,Reduce face-to-face,Avoid contact with people in public。Go home to spray the jacket,Wipe the phone75Alcohol,Hot water washing20Second or more。
These measures must be done。
Our family has a more than 30 days of irreying virus carriers,The incubation period of this virus,The longest has exceeded 40 days,Be careful not bad things。
All right,Just say so many gossip,Also useasThis platform is some popular propaganda.。First-hand information,It is always more convincing that you have to talk about it.。
I wish you all a happy work.,Stay away from the disease。
NS491chapter Hot pot ant sinium
Same thing,The response of different parties may be very different。
If you say that the section is elite, it is the case of Huaizhou, and the Yangyang, this matter is in Hou.,Can only count the blade holder on the neck,So, for Sin Yi, who is trapped in North Yiyang County,It is the disaster of the top!
The military grain in North Yixiang is unable to pay self,Currently, the food of the defenders,From Nanyang County!
The most important part of the grain road,Is responsible for the transfer of Huaizhou!
Now Huaizhou is falling,Nanyang Su Sheng closed portal,I don’t know if Dou Yi, I still don’t know that the Urchien’s army has arrived in Nanyang.,Now the North Yixiang County has been replenished.!I can’t even do it.。
Use a word to describe the situation of old sinus,Then it is called a sleepy beast.。
Old sin does not want to prevent Huaizhou,But he is only ordered to be stationed in Zhaibei,Huaizhou is the scope of Nanyang County。Ranking,His office“Dusheng North Yanyu Military”,There are some fishing.。
It’s not good to explain it with the court.。
What’s more, the soldiers in your hands are 10,000.,It’s really tossing。The North Qi army opposite the Huaihe River is already very hard.。
Old s s southern face is Hou Yu with County,The west is Wang Lin, Xiangyang,The east is the Qi army main people who lead to the Gao Changong Gong in North Qi Zong, but not elite,Domineering,But the old sin did not know,The northern retreat has been cut off by Duan Zhao Jinyang。
If light is watching the card,Old sinus can only do two things now。
The first one opened the city surrender。
The second piece of the neck,Let the hand open the city to surrender。
If you are in the county, the county, the county, the county,Local largest city,This 10,000 soldiers horses will be buried in North Yixiang County。
but!Underground situation,It is different from the table.。
at least,Dou Yi’s residual soldiers fled the Yangyang direction,Wang Lin will definitely be used as not seen,Never block it,Don’t say it to North Qi.。
I don’t know what the reason is considered.,Duan Yizhao did not help Dou Yugu Province。
As for what I said with Dou Yi with Dou Yi?,This line is as easy as drinking water,Up to more amazing,He had already forgotten a two clean.。
Dou Yi is only very curious,Taking Gao Biyi’s familiarity with Jingjing,As for the thrown Dou Tianwu, didn’t you say this Jedi??
Is there any problem??
At the beginning, he was installed in the championship.!
If the soldiers die,That is not a burger, but it is stupid.!
“Jiuhe Gao Baoyi table is wrong me.!We two,Why is it?。”
Shenzhou City City,Dou Yi flask。
“Duan Yiba Tao,But he does have a arrogant capital.。This suddenly captured the army of Zhou Guohuai,It should be that Duan Yu’s old book,The Jincheng Town Army on the side of Jinyang has a prohibition of the army.。”
What is the real main force of Duan Zhao?,For Dou Yi, it may be difficult,But for local land snake Wang Lin and Hou Hao,It’s too simple.。
Gao Bo Yi and Hou Yu are naturally aware of the name.。