31 provincies maart CPI wordt vrijgegeven: 26 De prijs steeg, heb je gevoeld?

  In maart werd de nationale CPI overgedragen van de vorige maand tot stijgende%.

Uit de context van de ring daalde CPI en de toename van een percentage punten van vorige maand.

  China Nieuwe Jingwei Client Clinical Card Discovery, Zhejiang, Tibet, Xinjiang, Peking, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shanghai, enz. Maart CPI opgenomen in hetzelfde jaar, de provincie Groei komt uit de laatste maand (13 provincies) verdubbeld. 5 provincies zoals Guizhou, Heilongjiang, Hainan, Chongqing, Hubei, etc.

  In de bovengenoemde 26 provincies zijn 16 provincies zoals Zhejiang en Tibet meer dan 5 provincies in Hebei, Jilin en het nationale niveau toegenomen. Daarnaast, Peking, Tianjin, Anhui, Hebei, Jilin, Fujian, Hunan, Yunnan, Ningxia, Guangdong, Sichuan en andere 11 provincies, met negatief.

  Bovendien daalde de bovengenoemde negatieve groei 5-provincies, maart CPI van vorige maand.

Onder hen heeft Chongqing de grootste en bereikt een procentpunt. Het is vermeldenswaard dat 4 provincies zoals Guizhou, Hainan, Chongqing en Hubei negatieve groei zijn geweest in de vijfde opeenvolgende maand.

  Hoe gaat de toekomstige prijs? Macro-rapport van Citic Jiandou wees erop dat de consumptieprijzen van bewoners in maart en het tweede kwartaal na het Spring Festival in het algemeen zijn geweest, en de CPI is meer negatieve groei, dus de consumptieprijs van bewoners is niet groot in het tweede kwartaal, maar Het lage baseffect is 4,5 De maand CPI zal duidelijk naar boven zijn, en wordt verwacht dat april meer dan 1% is, en de CPI is in mei bereikt. CPI is in het jaar afgewezen. Jaar CPI is ongeveer jaar op jaar.

87.6% of visited students are more willing to go to famous enterprises

Original title:% visited students is more willing to go to the enterprise internship For the school students, a good internship history can not only exercise, but also lay the foundation for future findings.

Recently, the China Youth News Social Survey Center adopted a survey conducted by 2049 students in schools,% of the intervieweed students said that they were involved in the name of the company. The internship experience of famous enterprises is a nice study and exercise opportunity. In an interviewed student, specialist students account for%, undergraduates account for%, and graduate students account for%.

  % Is more willing to go to famous enterprises, and the Internet big factory internship will start school to be a large quarter of Shen Fun, currently do product managers in a well-known Internet businesses.

She felt that the big business platform is large, and the internship is also more, "the large number of users of large enterprises is large, the project process is standardized, the seniors are rich in experience, and it can grow rapidly here."

  "If there is an opportunity, it must be willing to go to the big factory." Li Zijian in Hangzhou thinks that the big platform is more helpful to improve the field of view, but also help his professional planning, "But the small company can also act as a starting place, first Learn skills ".

  The data shows that% of the visited students are more willing to go to the famous enterprises, the Internet big factory internship, and% of the visited students are unwilling, and the% of the visited students say bad.

  "If big business and small businesses have internships to make me choose, then I am willing to choose big companies." Henan University of Technology, undergraduate students, Wang Ji Cheng (pseudonym), I think it can learn more in large companies, write in job hunting resume. One advantage, "I will feel that there will be better development in the future after the study of well-known enterprises.

Many students around me have experienced internships in the factory. If I haven’t, I will worry about finding the work. "For the place where the intern attracted intern,% of the visited student believes that the platform is large, can learn more % Of the visited student thinks is a famous gas, which can become an additional item in your resume.

Other aspects: there are many opportunities, may leave rotation (%), high welfare, get a considerable internship subsidy (%), good atmosphere, and more small partners have a good job (%). % Inter-student believes that famous enterprise internships is a good study and exercise opportunity "school does not occupy the advantage, then I hope that the resume is even more eye-catching.

"Li Yan (pseudonym) is a graduate student, she is more willing to practice in a well-known Internet corporate internship, she feels more advantageous for the resume, graduation is more advantageous," I also feel that I can be in the big factory. " To learn, improve Internet thinking, exercise work ability. "Li Yan internship department is a studio, which is new in this year. Because the business has just started, there is relatively important intern, even intern is more important Task. This makes Li Yan have a strong sense of participation in the practice of internship. Relatively speaking, more exercise and help ". For the internship experience of famous enterprises, the investigation,% of the interviewed students believe that it is a good study and exercise opportunity, and% of the visited student believes whether it is in famous enterprises, internships It is also the most important than harvest. There are also% interviewed students to worry if they are not in the core department, may only be harming, and% of the visited students think that there is nothing to learn, write the resume. Good look. Shen Fan Li feels that there is a large factory internship experience You can give your resume to get a good foundation for future schools. It is also a matter of experience. This should be a big thing. "Even in the non-core department, it is not necessarily harvest.

As a student to internship, it is important to think more, rest, timely summary, learn and grow from work content. "

  "Whether it can learn to be in the big factory is also different." Li Jun, director of the Nankai University Employment Guidance Center, believes that the idea of ??going to the big factory internship is normal, because these companies are in the head status in the industry, Having high performance and reputation, often providing a complete training system, growth system in an internship, "Of course, there will be some drawbacks in the big factory internship.

This requires students to have more accurate grasp of their needs, goals, and directions, choose the best for you.

In large business internships, you can feel the environment, advanced philosophy of famous enterprises, and in small business internships can experience the strength of the company’s climbing stage, it is more likely to come into contact with core business, and a good experience. "Zhongqing report · Zhongqing Net reporter Sunshan Intern Huang Chu Chu Xing Feng (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Xiong Xu) Share more people to see.

Always keep punishing corruption high-pressure hustle and regular basis for review and investigation – 2019 Review and Survey of Tianjin Discipline Inspection Monitoring Organization

  In 2019, the discipline inspection and supervision authorities at all levels of Tianjin were investigated 5,902 investigations. It gave 5,245 parties, suspected of criminal transfer of 356, of which the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission was investigated and investigated for 130 municipal management cadres …… It again shows that under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the Municipal Party Committee, the city has rot to reverse, and there must be firm determination.

In the past year, the city’s discipline inspection and supervision organs have deeply grasp the major judgment of the Party Central Committee, adhere to the total tone of "steady demanding" work, steadily and stabilize the punishment, and stabilize the people’s expectations of the people’s anti-corruption, deepen the symptoms of specimens, The anti-corruption struggle is overwhelming and the victory is constantly consolidating. Strengthening political assignments to persist in punishing corruption and high pressure long shocks, consolidating the development of anti-corruption struggle against corruption, the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels, respectively, the implementation of the three conference requirements of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Eleventh Plenary Session of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, highlight key points Repairing, curbing increment, the incremental increment of the party’s 18th National Congress, especially after the 19th National Congress of the Party, I still don’t know the fear, I found together to investigate and deal with it; The priority investigation and punishment that has been fully exposed, and has become a priority investigation and punishment of severe administration of the party and anti-corruption.

  Focus on political issues and economic issues, violation of laws and discipline, serious investigation and punish Li Guo Wen, the Jubi, the Jinan District of Jinnan Province, the original chairman of the Tiangui Metallurgical Group, Zhu Mingpeng, the Secretary of the Xiqing District Committee, and other serious violations of political discipline political rules, The city’s discipline inspection and supervision organs investigate and deal with 97 cases of political discipline, and promote party members and cadres to know the fear, save the fear, and the rules. Adhere to targeted treatment, accurate punishment, close attention to major projects, key areas, key positions, focus power concentration, intensive, resources and enrichment, and strict investigation of violations of party discipline and position violations, duty crimes, targeting national enterprises Leading cadres violates violations, 726 disciplines, 624 people, continuously forming a strong shock; for corruption and style of originats occurring around the people, investing in 1164 cases, dealing with 1562 people, including 373 people in poverty alleviation, Strictly investigate the problem of black-related corruption and "protective umbrella", and investigate and deal with 234 cases, 266 people are punched, and the effectiveness of the people’s anti-corruption is continuously improved, happy, safe.

  Establishing "a plate of chess" thoughts continue to enhance the anti-corruption work of the discipline inspection and monitoring organs to strengthen the system integration, pay attention to collaborative and efficient, accelerate the promotion of unpopularization, can not rot, do not want the curved system mechanism, and continue to promote anti-corruption to high quality development.

The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission established 10,000 internal and external collaboration system mechanisms, strengthening up and down links, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, 130 cases of the supervision committee of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, and transfer more than 70 pieces of suspected duty crimes; strengthen the external connection, do The cooperation between the warranties and public inspection laws, establishes case discussion and transfer prenatal intervention mechanism to ensure the smooth development of the review and investigation. At the same time, build the city to pursue the anti-escape system, and achieve seamless docking with many departments, effectively collaborate, form a whole, and resolutely lay the international chasing and chasing hard, "Tianwang Action" is 4 people paying 14 people in the case, realizing the crime of duty crimes "Clear" in the escape. Do a good job in reviewing the "second half" article, and promote the case to promote teaching, to make changes in case, to promote the construction of the same force, and strive to achieve the "three non-" mechanisms. Effectively play the role of typical violations of laws and discipline, accurately propose discipline inspection and supervision, carry out various forms of warning education, focus on power concentration, intensive resources, resource enrichment departments, and industry, promote the reform and institutional construction of key fields, and make up the system The short board, forming decision science, implement resolute, supervising power operating mechanism, eliminating corruption and breeding soil and condition.

At high pressure punishment and party spiritual education, 202 people took the initiative to invest in the discipline inspection and supervision, fully highlighting the superimposed effect of "three do not".

  Throughout the "four forms", the maximum effect of the investigation committee, the supervision committee of the Suggestion Committee, to the positioning of the political organs, and give full play to the office advantage of the company, and clean up the relationship between the law, implementation, and strictly govern the party demand, put discipline in front, violation Resolutely discipline, not to discipline, or wait until illegal to discipline; at the same time, it is divided into bonus and double, strictly in accordance with the supervision law to perform duties, and transferred to the judicial handling of the joint transfer of duty crimes. Use the party’s policy to ensure that every case has achieved good political effects, jurisprudence and social effects. Throughout the operation of the supervision and discipline "four forms" Form, doing severe management and thickness, excitation and constraints, both punishing a small number, and most education.

Make full use of the first form, properly use the second, third form, and decisively apply the fourth form, strictly undergoing regular basis for reviewing the investigation, adhere to the truth from fact, to achieve one, two, two, strengthen the rule of law, Rules awareness, program awareness, evidence, strictly in accordance with the provisions, rules, procedures to conduct review surveys, ensuring that each work is affected, people, history.

(Xu Liwang Guanghua).

Central News Office held the fifth issue of "Neticon Youth Classroom" activities

  Recently, in order to learn from the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party of the Communist Party of China, continue to deepen the "unforgettable, remember the mission" theme education results, organize party members and cadres, especially young cadres, continue to learn about the party history, new China history, Central News The Office of the Office held the fifth issue of "Netcom Youth Classroom" activities, invited researchers of the Central Party History and Literature Research Institute, and Chen Jian, secretary-general of the Secretary of the Party of China, China, surrounded "Why can we confuse – from the party "The 19th Four Plenary Session" decided to "say to" the theme of the youth cadres as a special lecture and exchange interactive. Comrade Chen Jian has from "Can ensure the political stability of the country", "can mobilize the enthusiasm of the people’s participation in national construction", "can promote the continued rapid growth and super-development of the economy", "can promote the people in thinking The mental close unity, "can enhance the people’s well-being and ultimately realize common prosperity", "can do the top six aspects of the national chess and concentrated power", "The superiority of my country’s national system and governance system is reflected. Historic and reality, theoretical and practical, nationality and global combination, for everyone to have a wonderful party class. Through learning, the Central News Network Office has deeply understands the new China from standing, and the hard exploration and history of the rich, further strengthening the patriotic feelings, enhances history, and further strengthen the road self-confidence, theory self-confidence , Institutional confident, cultural confidence. The current activity is organized by the Central News Network Office Policy and Regulatory Bureau and the Branch of the Net Air Hospital, and the units of each unit shall participate in more than 140 young cadres.

De openingsceremonie van ‘s werelds geavanceerde productieconferentie heeft een geavanceerde fabricage Shandong sterk geluid uitgegeven

Originele titel: de openingsceremonie van het Gevorderde Fabricage van de Wereld geavanceerde productie van Shandong Sports World Advanced Manufacturing Conference, en de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van de productie-industrie – uitgegeven geavanceerde productie Shandong Strong Colleges en productie van hoogwaardige ontwikkelingsplannen, hand Bij het verwerken van wederzijdse uitkering-samenwerking Een win-win hoofdstuk.

Op 1 november werden de openingsceremonie van de First World Advanced Manufacturing Conference en het hoofdforum gehouden in Jinan. De Algemene Vergadering wordt gezamenlijk gehost door het ministerie van Industrie en Informatietechnologie en de Shandong Provinciale volksregering. In de openingsceremonie en het hoofdforum, experts van nieuwe materialen, high-end apparatuur en industrie?n, ondernemers, ondernemers in de Ontwikkeling van ‘s werelds geavanceerde productie-industrie. De nieuwe uitdaging is verenigd en de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van de geavanceerde productie-industrie zal werken. "Allereerst wil ik mijn dank uitspreken aan de organisatoren van de Algemene Vergadering, deze bijeenkomst toonde de vastberadenheid en wijsheid van hun strijd om zich te ontwikkelen, wat een zeer tijdige en geschikte timing van de samenwerking in de productie-industrie is.

"Toen de Industrial Development Organisatie van de Verenigde Naties, de directeur-Carlos Magrinos die op de video sprak, bezorgde de Shandong de wereld geavanceerde productieconferentie in Shandong zeer gewaardeerd.

Shandong is de enige provincie met alle 41 industri?le categorie?n in het land, en meer dan 100 belangrijke industri?le producten zijn de eerste in het land gerangschikt. Op dit moment wordt de nieuwe industri?le revolutie doorgevoerd naar de geavanceerde productie-industrie het wereldwijde productiepatroon en bevordert de diepte-aanpassing van de industri?le keten.

Op dit moment houd ik de geavanceerde productieconferentie van de wereld, die de verantwoordelijkheid is van de Nationale Strategie Shandong, en weerspiegelt ook het bewuste bewustzijn van Shandong Accelerated Construction and Manufacturing, het realiseren van hoogwaardige ontwikkeling. "Deze conferentie concentreert zich op Shandong-prestaties, stuurt een productie van een sterk geluid en verrijken verder de sterkte van de productie van Shandong en grote provincies, en activeert internationale uitwisselingen en samenwerking in de geavanceerde productie-industrie, de digitalisering van Shandong Industry, is altijd in de Land ‘One Side’, het cre?ren van een geavanceerde productiebasis met wereldwijde concurrentievermogen. De relevante persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor de provinciale afdeling van de industrie en de informatietechnologie. Op het grote scherm is een projectproductie van Shandong High-end-apparatuur opmerkelijk.

In het licht van grote veranderingen in de productie-industrie van de wereldwijde apparatuur, is innovatie nog steeds de eerste drijvende kracht voor het ontwikkelen van ontwikkeling. "We samenvatten de productie-industrie van de wereldwijde apparatuur, heeft ‘vijf veranderingen, de vraag, de vraag, de modusverandering, technologieverandering, patroonverandering, voor deze nieuwe wijzigingen bevorderen we krachtig lage carbonatatie, service, interconnect, intelligente en wereldwijde transformatie-upgrade.

"Shandong Heavy Industry Group General Manager Jiang Kai zei.

"Shandong is een belangrijke uitvalsbasis in het land, en is de focus van de lay-out van onderzoekstechnologie-groepen.

"Zhao Xiaochen, voorzitter van de groep van het onderzoektechnologie, zei dat de Groep vertrouwt op het onderzoek en de ontwikkeling van het onderzoekscentrum van de belangrijkste materiaal in het ge?ntegreerde circuit, en helpt Shandong om sleutelmaterialen innovatie en industri?le basen in ge?ntegreerde schakelingen in Shandong te bouwen.

Op de economische werkconferentie die aan het eind van vorig jaar wordt gehouden, stelde Shandong "openstaand battlefield van produceren, de Duitser, en versnellen de provincie van geavanceerde productie." In de "2021 Dialogue Shandong-Duitsland · Shandong Industrial Samenwerking Exchange-conferentie", verdiepen de twee partijen de innovatie-samenwerking en zoeken de ontwikkeling van industrie?n. In Duitsland, Kong Hanning, de voorzitter van de National Science and Engineering, is het uitzicht op de geavanceerde productieconferentie van de Wereld een andere mogelijkheid om samen te werken tussen de twee partijen: "Ik ben trouw aan de First World Advanced Manufacturing Conference zal de twee kanten helpen Gezamenlijk delen van innovatieve cultuur. "" Invisible Champion "-concept De oprichter van Simon Gu en Consulting Company gelooft dat" China’s MKB en de ‘Invisible Champion’ in het proces van globalisering moeten inhalen.

Shandong hecht veel belang aan de teelt en de ontwikkeling van het gespecialiseerd in de nieuwe MKB-bedrijven. Het heeft 362 nationaal niveau specialiteit nieuwe "kleine reuzen" ondernemingen opgebouwd. 3424 Provinciaal-niveau Speciale nieuwe ondernemingen en 501 Single Champions, 709 Home, het aantal Unicorn-bedrijven behoren in het land. Shandong blijft opbouwen van marketisatie, rechtsstaat en internationale bedrijfsomgeving, waardoor vruchtbare grond voor geavanceerde productie-ondernemingen biedt.

"Mitsubishi Electric (China) is beoordeeld als een nationale groene fabriek door het ministerie van Industrie en Informatietechnologie, die de promotie van Shandong-projecten zal verhogen en deelneemt aan het tij van de groene productie en ontwikkeling van de Shandong.

"Mitsubishi Electric (China) Co., Ltd. Director Yingchuan Gong Zhi zei.

(Wang Jian) ??(Editor: Nie Jun, Liu Yingxi) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

2020 Xinhuanet Thoughtful Annual Meeting is about to land in Hangzhou

  The West Lake, the landlord is dyed. It is the most beautiful when Hangzhou. Xinhuanet thinks will open on Hangzhou on November 28th. The pulling path is pulled down.

  Xinhuanet Sist is the Xinhua News Agency National High-end Zhicin Public Hords Research Center, and the True Annual Meeting is the high-end line of the high-end line hosted by Xinhuanet, with the theme of "China’s Economy, the next course", exploring economic development power and local development path , Provide new, depth views for national strategic decisions and public policies. Since 2014, Xinhua Net Thought Annual Conference has been held in Beijing, Hainan Sanya, Guangdong, and other places, and its topic is closely built in the era of the times, covering the "New Economy under the cross-boundary perspective". "After the 19th China’s economic and world economy, "reform and then start", "China’s power and opportunity in China" , Zhang Jun, Zhu Yunlai and other authoritative economists and industry experts will give advice for the next context of the Chinese economy.

  This Xinhuanet Sist Annual Meeting was hosted by Xinhuanet, Xinhuanet Sist, Xinhuanet Zhejiang Branch, will invite relevant experts to the scene.

The meeting will be held in the form of "opening ceremony + main forum + parallel forum + closed door", where the theory of the altar surrounds the "New Bureau of the New Bureau: The Potarti and Challenge of China ‘s Economic Recovery", parallel forums To the Future City of ’14th Five – five: The Wisdom of Governance Changes "," The’ Wen Travel + ‘New Art State of the East Event "is discussed. On November 28th, Xinhua Net Thoughtful Annual Meeting, Waiting for Jun! () Editor: One-term: Liu Zhiyuan second trial: Xu Lejing third trial:.

Baoji Space Liquid Dynamics Manufacturing Industry Base Project successfully landed

Recently, invested 3 billion yuan Baoji Space Liquid Dynamics Industry Base Project officially settled in Baoji High-tech Zone. This is both a Baoji Gatriological Strategic Emerging Industry, and the major measures of the regional aerospace equipment manufacturing center. It is also the Baoji High-tech Zone to adhere to the industrial chain investment. Promote the specific performance of high quality development with high quality investment projects.

Capture investment information.

In the second half of last year, Baoji High-tech Zone negotiated with Shaanxi Aerospace Power High Technology Co., Ltd. (listed company listed by the Aerospace Promotion Technology Research Institute), I learned the Aerospace Promotion Technology Research Institute has the construction of commercial aerospace liquid power equipment. The intention of the base is immediately realized that this is a great opportunity to make full advantage of the strength of the regional equipment manufacturing strength, and build a new chain of the aerospace industry. Under the introduction of the high-rise of the Aerospace Technologies, he actively promoted the leadership of the research institute. Stand out and achieved the opportunity. "A hand project" promotes investment work.

In recent years, Baoji City adheres to investment in investment as a "one hand project". In the prevention process of Baoji High-tech Zone, the main leaders of all levels have brought the team to the Research Institute to introduce negotiations. In particular, the municipal party committee, the municipal government shall have a long-term follow-up coordination of the municipal government, and the main leaders of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government pay close attention to the progress of the project, personally pay the service guarantee work, and support land, policies. Leaders at all levels, especially the high concern and attachment of major leaders, and is an important factor that projects can successfully land.

Quality service promotes project landing.

In order to promote the project as soon as possible, Baoji High-tech Zone is actively contacting relevant departments in accordance with the requirements of "Golden Store", and the proposed plot is used to use the "Take the land" model. Before the project is signed, it will start the line, surveying, and cultural inspect. Survey, etc. , Planning, construction, etc. Chain investment is a large industrial cluster.

It is based on the Baoji Space Liquid Dynamics Industry Base Project. Baoji High-tech Zone is distributed according to the industrial chain, and actively contacts the key projects such as the intelligent manufacturing base and satellite ground sub-station in China. Aerospace, navigation, control, satellite, rockets, etc., an aerospace technology equipment industry gathering area, forming a strong competitive industrial cluster in the country and the world.

Phoenix also hometown, Baoji Say. Next, Baoji High-tech Zone will use "investment" to develop industry and project research and judgment, optimize business environment, improve the level of service, and give full play to the comparative advantage, continue to strengthen the chain of strong links, and make big safety space equipment manufacturing The industry will help the city’s economic high quality development.

(Local Contributed Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce) (Editor: Sun Ting, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Bescherm de kleur van de onderwaterwereld

  Versterking van Sanya City, Sanya City, Sanya City, prachtige zilver sandpass in een gebogen jade strip en de zee is duidelijk. In de afgelopen maanden, de Zhangyang en de teamleden hebben geen tijd om te genieten van de schoonheid, en ze kunnen niet zorgen voor de warmte, en ze zijn begraven van het koraal kwekerij op de wal. De baden bad is een off-onderzoek personeel, een onderzoek medewerkers van de Nanhai Ocean Institute van de Chinese Academie van Wetenschappen, en betrokken is geweest bij koraalriffen. In de afgelopen jaren, de impact van de menselijke ontwikkeling en het gebruik activiteiten en de wereldwijde klimaatverandering, koraalrif over de hele wereld geconfronteerd met nieuwe uitdagingen.

In dit verband hebben alle wetenschappers en mariene professionals bescherming is actief op zoek naar de technische oplossing voor het koraalrif herstel, en het Zhangyang team is een van hen. Zhang Yanyang zei: "Vandaag de dag, met de toename van de bescherming van de koraalriffen, voeg een positieve vooruitgang in koraalrif bescherming en reparatie in ons onderzoek team." Betere bescherming, het bevorderen van koraalrif natuurlijk herstellende koraalriffen Het wordt voornamelijk verspreid in tropische en subtropische wateren, wat een koraalskelet bestaande uit calciumcarbonaat, dat wordt gevormd gedurende duizenden jaren.

  "Het belang van de koraalriffen in de mariene ecosystemen is als tropische regenwouden.

Hoewel het koraalrif slechts goed is voor minder dan 2 ‰ van de oceaan gebied, is 25% van de soorten die geboorte geeft aan een verscheidenheid van mariene organismen.

"Zhang Yanyuan zei:" Het kan worden gezegd dat er een rijk onderwaterleven biologisch systeem waar sprake is van een koraalrif.

Ze garanderen niet alleen de mariene biodiversiteit en de stoeprand onderzee?r woestijnvorming, maar ook een grote hoeveelheid voedsel, toeristische mogelijkheden, enz. "Volgens rapporten, zijn er twee belangrijke methoden die op dit moment te voorkomen dat de voortdurende daling van de koraalriffen: de ene is de bescherming, door het verwijderen van de factoren die ervoor zorgen dat de afbraak van koraalriffen, zoals menselijke vernietiging, vervuiling, overbevissing, vijand schade, enz., laat het koraalrif ecosysteem zelfherstel Een andere categorie is kunstmatig reparatie, versnellen en ondersteuning van het herstel van ecosystemen van het koraalrif door menselijke middelen.

  Bij het bevorderen van het natuurlijke herstel van de koraalriffen, heeft mijn land voortdurend gestegen inspanningen.

Ocean Environmental Protection Law, Wildlife Protection Law, visserij, Nature Reserve ordonnantie en andere wetten en regels zijn inhoud met betrekking tot bescherming van koralen rif. Daarnaast heeft mijn land ook lid geworden van de internationale verdragen zoals het International Trade Verdrag over het Verdrag inzake biologische diversiteit, met inbegrip van 5 nationale en provinciale natuurgebieden met koraalrif bescherming, nationaal speciale beschermingszones (Ocean Park) 1.

  "Coral kwekerij" helpt kunstmatige ecologische herstel van het natuurlijke herstelproces van de koraalriffen is lang en moeilijk, en sommige moeten honderden jaren zijn. Daarom is de methode van het herstellen van de natuurlijke en kunstmatige combinatie is uitgegroeid tot een consensus in de industrie.

  "Het bouwen van een ‘koraal kwekerij’ is een middel van koraalrif kunstmatige ecologische herstelprocessen.

"Neem een bad yang ge?ntroduceerd," We moeten een frame van ‘nursery’ aan de kust, en dan zet hem in de zee.

Dan zet een aantal vinger grootte koraal vulling ledematen zorgvuldig cultiveren op ‘nursery’, zodat ze sneller groeien.

"Het koraal fair ledematen zijn opgegroeid, en het personeel is als" boom", en de gezonde koraal is geport naar de zee gebied geschikt voor de teelt.

  In maart 2008 heeft de Zhangyang ging de Coral Ecologie en Coral Reef Biology Discipline Group in de Zuid-Chinese Zee Oceaan van de Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Van 2010 tot 2012, werd zijn onderwerp groep geteeld om de koralen van de Xisha Islands, kregen tienduizenden koraal primros, en gericht in het koraalrif. Later, hebben de onderzoekers ontwikkelde ook een zwevend bed koraal-fuel vari?rend kwekerij en toegepast op koraalrif reparatie.

  "Floating bed kinderkamer wordt geplaatst op de hoogte van 1-2 cm nabij de bodem, die klein door de golven, een grote koralen en het skelet kwetsbare koralen te kweken. De maand kan toenemen 3-5 keer. Als ze groeien 10 tot 20 cm lang, moeten we het transplanteren om het koraalrif te repareren, gebruikt om het aantal van koralen in de regio te vergroten.

"Momenteel is het probleem waar het ticket in het zuidelijke deel van de Zuid-Chinese Zee en de Xisha eilanden 300 mu heeft overschreden, en" kan koraal kwekerij" een koraalrif ecologisch herstel te voorzien van koraalriffen voor meer dan 40.000 stammen per jaar.

  Kunstmatig kweken koraal moeilijkheid is niet klein.

Zhang Yanyang zei: "In de daaropvolgende onderzoek, zullen we ook op lange termijn, continue monitoring van verschillende koraal groeiomstandigheden uit te voeren, verken de groei van verschillende koralen, en verzorgen de theoretische basis voor de uitbreiding van koraal fokken schaal en het koraalrif van ecologisch herstel Aan het. tegelijkertijd New verkenning zal worden uitgevoerd in het koraal teelt methode. "Onderzoekers moeten een goede baan in koraalrif ecologisch herstel en bescherming, maar ook aandacht besteden doen om het voorafgaand aan het fundamenteel onderzoek, graaf het mysterie van de evolutie van het koraalrif ecosystemen te vinden overeenkomstige biologische bescherming technologie. "Iedereen heeft te gaan van de kleine dingen om je heen, de bescherming van het koraalrif ecosysteem.

"De badkamer doet denken aan het publiek, weigert koralen en kunstnijverheid of souvenirs kopen, stap niet op, pick-up koralen, gebruik maken van kleine plastic producten in het leven, te verminderen plastic vervuiling in de oceaan; verminderen de uitstoot van koolstof, vertragen het tempo van de opwarming van het zeewater warming, enz. Deze kunnen in staat zijn om de kleurrijke kracht van de zee te beschermen (Verantwoordelijk: Zhao Xinyue, Bai Yu). Sharing meer mensen laten zien.

Culmina Unión de Puente de Ferrocarril de Alta Velocidad Marítimo – China-América Del Norte

PUTIAN, 13noviembre, 2021 (Xinhua) -. Vistaaéreadel13denoviembrede2021delpuentemarítimodelabahíadeMeizhouenconstrucción, comopartedelferrocarrildealtavelocidadFuzhou-Xiamen, enlaprovinciadeFujian, íneaferroviariamarítimadealtavelocidadentrelasciudadesdeFuzhouyXiamenenlaprovinciadeFujian, enelestedeChina, seunióelsáítimodelabahíadeMeizhouesunadelaspartesmásimportantesdelferrocarrildealtavelocidadFuzhou-Xiamen, quetiene277kilómetrosyestáenconstrucció, 7kilómetros, ysuconstructordijoqueeselprimerpuenteatirantadoextradosadodelpaíómetrosporhora, seesperaqueelferrocarrildealtavelocidadreduzcaeltiempodeviajedesdelacapitalprovincial, Fuzhou, hastalaciudadturística, Xiamen, enunahora (Xinhua / LinShanchuan) FUZHOU, 13nov (Xinhua) – UnnuevopuentequeformapartedelalíneaferroviariamarítimadealtavelocidadentrelasciudadesdeFuzhouyXiamenenlaprovinciadeFujian, estedeChina, seunióhoysáítimodelabahíadeMeizhouesunadelaspartesmásimportantesdelferrocarrildealtavelocidadFuzhou-Xiamen, quetiene277kilómetrosyestáenconstrucció, 7kilómetro s, ysuconstructordijoqueeselprimerpuenteatirantadoextradosadodelpaíómetrosporhora, seesperaqueelferrocarrildealtavelocidadreduzcaeltiempodeviajedesdelacapitalprovincial, Fuzhou, hastalaciudadturística, Xiamen ,, 13noviembre, 2021 (Xinhua) – Vistaaéreadel13denoviembrede2021delpuentemarítimodelabahíadeMeizhouenconstrucción, comopartedelferrocarrildealtavelocidadFuzhou-Xiamen, enlaprovinciadeFujian, íneaferroviariamarítimadealtavelocidadentrelasciudadesdeFuzhouyXiamenenlaprovinciadeFujian, enelestedeChina, seunióelsáítimodelabahíadeMeizhouesunadelaspartesmásimportantesdelferrocarrildealtavelocidadFuzhou-Xiamen, quetiene277kilómetrosyestáenconstrucció, 7kilómetros, ysuconstructordijoqueeselprimerpuenteatirantadoextradosadodelpaíómetrosporhora, seesperaqueelferrocarrildealtavelocidadreduzcaeltiempodeviajedesdelacapitalprovincial, Fuzhou, hastalaciudadturística, Xiamen , ENUNAHORA. (Xinhua / Linshanchuan) Putian, 13noviembre, 2021 (xinhua)–Vistaaéreadel13denoviembrede2021delpuentemarítimodelabahíadeMeizhouenconstrucción, comopartedelferrocarrildealtavelocidadFuzhou-Xiamen, enlaprovinciadeFujian, íneaferroviariamarítimadealtavelocidadentrelasciudadesdeFuzhouyXiamenenlaprovinciadeFujian, enelestedeChina, seunióelsáítimodelabahíadeMeizhouesunadelaspartesmásimportantesdelferrocarrildealtavelocidadFuzhou-Xiamen, quetiene277kilómetrosyestáenconstrucció, 7kilómetros, ysuconstructordijoqueeselprimerpuenteatirantadoextradosadodelpaíómetrosporhora, seesperaqueelferrocarrildealtavelocidadreduzcaeltiempodeviajedesdelacapitalprovincial, Fuzhou, hastalaciudadturística, Xiamen, enunahora (Xinhua / LinShanchuan) PUTIAN, 13noviembre, 2021 (Xinhua) -. Vistaaéreadel13denoviembrede2021delpuentemarítimodelabahíadeMeizhouenconstrucción , comopartedelferrocarrildealtavelocidadFuzhou-Xiamen, enlaprovinciadeFujian, íneaferroviariamarítimadealtavelocidadentrelasciudadesdeFuzhouyXiamenenlaprovinciadeFujian, enelestedeChina, seunióelsáítimodelabahíadeMeizhouesunadelasparte smásimportantesdelferrocarrildealtavelocidadFuzhou-Xiamen, quetiene277kilómetrosyestáenconstrucció, 7kilómetros, ysuconstructordijoqueeselprimerpuenteatirantadoextradosadodelpaíómetrosporhora, seesperaqueelferrocarrildealtavelocidadreduzcaeltiempodeviajedesdelacapitalprovincial, Fuzhou, hastalaciudadturística, Xiamen, enunahora (Xinhua / LinShanchuan) PUTIAN, 13noviembre, 2021 (Xinhua) -. Vistaaéreadel13denoviembrede2021delpuentemarítimodelabahíadeMeizhouenconstrucción, comopartedelferrocarrildealtavelocidadFuzhou-Xiamen, enlaprovinciadeFujian, íneaferroviariamarítimadealtavelocidadentrelasciudadesdeFuzhouyXiamenenlaprovinciadeFujian, enelestedeChina, seunióelsáítimodelabahíadeMeizhouesunadelaspartesmásimportantesdelferrocarrildealtavelocidadFuzhou-Xiamen , quetiene277kilómetrosyestáenconstrucció, 7kilómetros, ysuconstructordijoqueeselprimerpuenteatirantadoextradosadodelpaíómetrosporhora, seesperaqueelferrocarrildealtavelocidadreduzcaeltiempodeviajedesdelacapitalprovincial, Fuzhou, hastalaciudadturística, Xiamen,The pawn Hora. (年华 / l INS Hanchuan).

5 Q northeast, Inner Mongolia, cold weather, heavy snowfall | authoritative interpretation

  November 7 to 8, the process of the current round of cold wave caused by heavy snowfall, mainly in Shandong, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and northeast China, big blizzard or snowstorm which, southeastern Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, central and western parts of Jilin places . Weather experts predict, until 8 at night, Inner Mongolia, northeast China new snow depth of 10-20 cm, local up to 40 cm. At 9:06 on November 8 Ri to Anshan, Liaoning appear snowstorm, snowfall in Anshan City Observatory millimeter (snow depth 34 cm).

Anshan urban traffic Heavy snow pressed the "pause button", bus outage, vehicles can not pass. (Map / text Bimeng Meng) Currently, the Liaoning Provincial Meteorological Bureau has issued a red alert Blizzard, especially from the beginning on the 7th night, Shenyang usher in "freezing rain + snow," the rare weather, snow thickness of 10-15 cm. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Meteorological Station at 10:50 on the 8th Blizzard issued a red warning signal, especially the emergence of Tongliao local snowstorm, snow thickness over 50 cm! Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Holingol usher in a wide range of heavy snowfall, the meteorological department rolling release information, provide support for the implementation of traffic control traffic control department of the State Road entrance. (Figure / Lu Wen Chuang) It is understood that the precipitation northeast of large, long time rainfall, due to the changing temperature stratification, phase precipitation is very complex, it will undergo many changes, rain, sleet, snow and even freezing rain.

So, the northeast, Inner Mongolia, the cold, snowy weather exactly why so strong? Xiao Bian invited many experts to interpret authority. Comprehensive meteorological observation system products (Yan-day value-day) national ground station 24 hours maximum snow depth monitoring products. Source: China Meteorological Administration meteorological center Production: Kang Jiaqi experts interviewed: Meteorological Station chief forecaster, Liaoning Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Meteorological Station chief forecaster Zhou Chunxiao Zhang Guilian # 1 Why northeast and Inner Mongolia, in the course of this round of cold, snowfall is so large snow thickness so deep? Zhou Chunxiao: Overall, is the rapid development of multiple weather systems, heating and air caused by the intense intersection. Specific analysis, in the 500hPa high altitude, cold vortex strongly developed, low trough moving eastward northward, guide surface cyclone explosive development, creating a deep low pressure system from low-level to high altitude, power lifting strong conditions; the same time, the southwest airflow delivery to the Northeast adequate the warm air, water vapor abnormal stronger. On the one hand, there is strong dynamic lifting and cooperation with the moisture convergence; on the other hand, the system moves slowly, the snow lasted for a long time, resulting in significant rain and snow, the cooling process.

  Morning, November 8th, the impact of strong snowfall, the traffic of Xingcheng City, Liaoning Hulu City is blocked, and the public will go to work. (Figure / Wen Suzhen) Zhang Guilian: Mainly because of the high-altitude tank of Xinjiang cold air, slowly strengthen the cold vortex during the east shift. Since the cold vortex movement is slow, it is easy to cause a long-term rain, snow, wind and cooling weather.

  In addition, the thickness of the snow is also related to the water temperature, the water content of the snow.

For example, the snow thickness of the unit precipitation will change significantly with temperature. When the temperature of the temperature reaches from -6 ° C to -8 ° C, the snow depth produced by the unit snowfall will be maximized; with the temperature rise, the unit snowfall The amount of snow covers a significant decrease. During this snowfall, the water vapor conditions are good, the temperature is suitable, so the snow thickness is also deep.

  # 2 Whether the process is extremely extreme from snowfall or snow depth? Zhou Chunxiao: At present, the process snowfall in the western Liaoning region has exceeded the historical extreme value since 1951, and the snowfall in some parts of the Nort-Part is continued, and there is also possible possible to break through the history of history. Affected by Northeast Clear Vortex and Siberia, on November 6th, Liaoning Jianchang County has a strong snowfall, and the wind cools the weather. As of 12:00, the snowfall millimeter, the snow deep centimeter, the creation of weather records since Jianchang County in 1951.

(图 / 文 文 一) Zhang Guilian: This snowfall is relatively large, the wisdom of the western Inner Mongolia, the central and eastern part of the south, especially in the central part of the South and the eastern part of the south, of which Chifeng City Southeast, there is a large blizzard in the south of Tongliao City.

The biggest snowfall appears in the Tongliao City Cullenqi, reaching 60 mm, and the local snow has reached 50 cm. From the 5th to 7th, there were 32 stations in Inner Mongolia, showing extreme events, of which 3 of whom broke through the history of history, namely Xili Xiwuqi, Tongliao Naimanqi Qinglong Mountain and Kurenqi. # 3 What is the situation in the rain and snow in the region in addition to snowfall? Why is there a frozen rain in some areas? Zhou Chunxiao: During the process, Northeast and Inner Mongolia have emerged from rainfall, to the rain to rain, snow or frozen rain, and then turn the snow.

  In the early stage, the cold high pressure of the ground wedged the bottom layer in the west, and formed a "near ground cold pad".

Southwestern warm moisture flows on the cold pad, so that at 850hPa, the obvious anti-temperature layer is formed, especially in the middle and western part of Liaoning, "cold-warm-cold" structure is formed from low to high.

Therefore, Shenyang is mostly in the northern part of Anshan, most of Jinzhou, Most of the Yingkou, Fuxin, Liaoyang, Tieling, Panjin Southern Region and Fushun City, Huludao City has frozen rain.

  On November 7th to 8th, the national meteorological observatory of Xifeng County, Tieling County, Liaoning City, had a rainy weather, and the maximum diameter of the electric wire reached 35 mm. The maximum thickness of the ice is 8 mm. The county meteorological bureau staff is the electricity ice The measurement and weighing, this observation data will be the basis for the SF power line guarantee. (Figure / Wen Qin Road) # 4 What is the impact of this cold wave for agriculture? Does "white disaster" will appear? Zhang Guilian: The cold wave is a kind of disaster weather that is the most harmful to livestock. It has a serious threat to livestock with strong cold trend, and the temperature has declined to make livestock have a cold, bronchitis and other conditions, and easy Causes "sheep" (when the sheep is pressed into a pile of pests into each other), resulting in a pile of abortion, sometimes the livestock will still fall, and it will freeze the livestock.

  At the same time, this cold wave has a large snowfall, the south of Tongliao City, southern Chifeng City, the south of the southwest of Xilin Goli is more than 15 cm, and the facility agriculture will be affected by low temperature. If the late Snow can’t be melted as soon as possible, it will form a serious "winter snow", and the feed reserves of the pastoral area and half farm semi-animal husbandry areas.

  "White disaster" is also snowstorm. Pastoral snowstorming refers to a long time, maintaining a long time, burning pasture, causing livestock to eat normally, causing a large number of livestock to drop and died in the pastoral area. # 5 What is the suggestion for the current agriculture? Zhang Guilian: It is recommended that the greenhouse greenhouse in a large temperature increase is a good night-time insulation work, take measures such as grass, cover the temperature, and use the ground hotline and other methods to prevent low temperature refrigeration to cause damage to the crop; The area of ??the facility agriculture, reinforcing the resistance of crops in cold weather; to reinforce the facility structure in time, and try to cover the greenhouse with cold film.

  In the pastoral area, the shed and forage is resistant to natural disasters to ensure the material foundation of the livestock amu winter and spring. After snowing, it is necessary to clear the snow on the roof, renovation and reinforcement livestock house (column), and actively do a good job in the warmth of livestock. Preventing the frost of the livestock from frost. The herders should pay attention to the forage. In addition to the hay, they should feed a small amount of soybeans, corn, and enhance livestock anti-cold capacity, prevent it.

  China Meteorological Newspaper Announced Experts: Zhang Guilian, chief predictor of Liaoning Meteorological Station, Zhou Chunqing, Chief Expropriarchamber, Chief Expectant, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Zhang Guilian.