Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“What does this have to do with me?I brought you guys here,You should let me go,You guys like this,Grace and revenge”

“Ha ha!You are too naive,Are we human?I tell you,We are demons,Met us,That means,Your doom has just begun。Cooperate with us honestly,As long as we transfer this baby out of the country,Then you are free,Otherwise, don’t even think about going back to this poor place in your life”
Woman talking,And put his arm around Xia Jian’s neck。Suddenly she jammed Xia Jian’s neck suddenly,A woman’s hand is like a pair of iron tongs,Very powerful。Looks like this woman has good skills,Should be a man of skill。
Xia Jian pretended to be suffocated,He shows no signs of resistance。The van goes very slowly,Fortunately, there are almost no vehicles on the highway at this time,Otherwise this speed,The car behind is not dead。
at last,Van on the highway。Just past the gate of the toll gate,Several police officers rushed out,Let them pull the car over for inspection。
The woman sitting next to Xia Jian can really act,She immediately put her head tightly in Xia Jian’s arms,She put one arm around Xia Jian’s neck,A hand reached under Xia Jian’s clothes。Xia Jian felt a biting cold。
“Be honest,Otherwise, I’m a buckle machine,You will die here”
Woman exhales like silk when talking,And there was a good smell of perfume floating from her body。Xia Jian can feel it in the dark,This woman should be young,And she’s a beautiful woman with taste。But what I didn’t expect was that the other side of her was so terrible。
The police opened the car door,Let the driver get out of the car and check the documents。The flashlight shines in the car,The boss sitting in the deputy scolding position told the police:“To attend a relative’s wedding in the south,All adults without children”
“The two behind,Sit separately,take inspection”
The flashlight reaches the last row,Hit Xia Jian’s face。Which woman loosened her arm around Xia Jian’s neck,Moved a little aside。The police inspecting was going to leave,Don’t know why,He suddenly pointed to Xia Jian and said:“Take out your ID”
Let Xia Jian take out his ID card,The woman sitting next to Xia Jian fumbled for a while,I touched Xia Jian’s wallet and took it out,Then I found Xia Jian’s ID card by the light outside the car window, pulled it out and handed it to the police.。
Which policeman took a look,And said to Xia Jian:“We suspect there is a problem with your ID,please wait a moment,We will verify immediately”
“Hurry up then!Don’t affect us on our way”
Which woman said a little unhappy。
The police ran over with Xia Jian’s ID。Smart Xia Jianma realized,The police recognized him,That’s why。What can be wrong with his ID,He knows best。The police said,It’s nothing more than to say to these people。
Xia Jian didn’t guess wrong,Yao Junli must have said his name when calling the police,And what car does he drive,Even if it’s the license plate number,,She should be able to tell what brand of car。
The inspector at the Pingdu Expressway entrance is Wu Qiang, the Criminal Police Captain of the Pingdu Public Security Bureau。Because Yao Junli finished reporting to the police,I directly called the current director of Pingdu City,The director heard that Xia Jian, a well-known entrepreneur in Pingdu City, was hijacked,It’s pretty good,Immediately rushed to the bureau to direct himself。
Wu Qiang was sent to the most important highway junction for investigation,When he spotted a slow van,I felt something was wrong。So he made arrangements in advance for the police to investigate。

“Their company said me like that,I can’t keep silent,I am innocent,Why are they being promoted like that?”Xia Shuyue had to say。

“Back again,If you want to follow the model,I also want to hype myself,Increase your visibility,Can also do this。”Reporter Wu doesn’t know what Xia Yueshu is thinking,Xia Yueshu didn’t know what to say,After all, it’s a local reporter。
“Do not,misunderstanding,I’m not trying to hype myself,I am a little common man,Why hype yourself,I really want to simply declare that I am not that kind of person,I can’t let them pour dirty water on me in front of everyone。”
“Ok,I can help you,But you should know,The press conference fee is a bit high,Have you considered?”Reporter Wu finally nodded and said。
“Ok,I also know it will be a little high,But I don’t know,You tell me,How much?”Xia Shuyue asked straightaway。
Reporter Wu spread his five fingers,“This number!”
“five hundred?”Xia Shuyue asked childishly。
Reporter Wu shook his head and smiled,Xiao Xia Shuyue’s innocence and foolishness。
“Five thousand?”Xia Shuyue asked with her eyes wide open。
“Minimum 50,000,Like this kind of conference,We all understand,It’s actually a disguised propaganda,Costs are high,This is not pure news,You should understand,If it is real news,May only need venue fee,The cost is not that high,Understand?”Reporter Wu tries his best to speak plainly。
“Row,I know,Fifty thousand is fifty thousand,you help me。”Xia Shuyue pretended to think seriously,Finally nodded and said。
“You really want to spend this money?I can remind you in advance,Money spent,You may not be famous,A third-rate little model like you is not a person,It’s hard to go out,A lot of money。”Reporter Wu counts money with hand gestures。
“Try it first。”Xia Yueshu drinking coke,That expression,As if I became a big money,It doesn’t hurt to spend fifty thousand yuan,If before,Dare not even think。
“I’m talking about the lowest,I mean the minimum is 50,000,Don’t be too happy,The real cost must be higher,Higher than this number。”Reporter Wu looks at Xia Yueshu,Fifty thousand yuan,To a fresh graduate,Logically speaking, it is a large number。
128 Heart black
Even for high-income people, their income is two to three years,She doesn’t believe that Xia Shuyue can get so much money out,The point is that she doesn’t seem to feel bad about this amount of money at all。
“OK,Hard work for you,Help me run it,I will put the money on your card tomorrow,Give you fifty thousand first,Tell me if it’s not enough,OK?”Xia Shuyue asked reporter Wu with a smile。
“Row,no problem。”Reporter Wu of course nodded。
Two people eating barbecue,I finished it soon,Xia Yueshu added another thirty strings,Having a good time。

The teenager laughed,The Five Temples contradictions have a long history,It seems that it started from the ancestor,But he doesn’t care too much about it,There is mutual restraint,But intergrowth is more important,The so-called heaven and thick soil give birth to everything,Five elements are indispensable,This is the way that heaven and earth fit into circulation。

After being burned in flames,The teenager suddenly realized a lot of things,He leaned over and grabbed a handful of black sand that was burned by the fire,Take a closer look,Nodded secretly,Palm together,The black sand has turned into a very fine powder and leaked from the fingers。
The golden yellow sand has been completely changed,On the surface it is the result of incineration,In fact, the chaotic rules changed its properties,The source is the blood of the boy after Bibotan soaked,This is also the reason why the white chaotic mountains and rocks become soil。
“Are you going to withdraw?Don’t make Lao Tzu go crazy。”
Teenager smile,Then waved,The milky white halo enveloped the whole body turned into a thick mist and drifted away,Shrouded like light smoke on those eight fireballs like the sun。
The fireball gradually changes,Move closer together、Fusion,Then the dazzling white light became soft,Dim soon,Finally shrunk into a cloud,Wandering back to the boy,Turn into a halo again,But this layer of halo is more dazzling and solid than before。
That tall figure looks interesting,I forgot why I screamed at the boy just now,“juvenile,You are good at it,When will the Holy Fire Temple come out such a magical technique?”
The teenager wants to laugh again,But can’t laugh,Only then did he deeply realize that big eyes often scorn everything.,The ancestor continent including the free world,All too primitive,Too behind,Low-end practice system,No matter the ordinary Tianzun,Still a high-level supernatural power,Can’t touch the power of rules。
Only a very small number of top powerhouses can barely comprehend the rules,Such as Huo Tianzun and Shenghuang,Another example is the creator of the Five Elements Temple I just saw,They all fall into this category,He could see the chaotic properties in the milky halo at least at a glance。
By contrast,The palace lord of the Houtu Temple in front of him is a little worse in level,Although he cultivated the divine power techniques of Ancestor Mainland to the extreme,Can’t break through that line of horizon comprehension rules,It’s hard to become a real top power。
Unconsciously,The young man has stood by one he didn’t know、But in the eyes of high-level supernatural beings, it’s difficult to see the problem.,This is certainly related to his encounter in a mysterious place,More importantly, he belongs to the mysterious place.,Bibotan’s repeated washing,Gave him great benefits。
“This is not the power of the Holy Fire Temple,This fire comes from Lieyang Palace。”The teenager had no intention of joking,But have to explain,I’m afraid it will consume a lot of tongue but it is difficult to say clearly,A word with a bias,The teenager is still a little guilty,Don’t think this old man is tall and mighty now,In fact, it’s just a ray of soul,It’s not good to cheat like this。
“No wonder,But you are young,How is it related to that old monster?”
Juvenile headache,It seems that lying is asking for trouble,A lie needs more lies to cover up,Had to bite the bullet,“A little chance,Jinwu Sacred Palace Introduction。”
“wrong,You lied to me。No one knows that the old monster and the golden crow are not dealing with each other?How can it introduce you?”
“indeed so。”Teenagers don’t want to waste time,“Old Palace Lord,I have already broken your yellow sand,Can you say goodbye to it after some explanation?”
“Hey,How can you be so cheap at a young age?”Although the old man scolded,But there will be no further action,He looked at the black sand,Long sigh,“Having broken my divine power,I speak naturally,The mantle cannot be passed on to you,But there are a few things for you,Half yours,Half take care of my disciples and grandchildren。”
Just finished,The old man grabs it,I have an khaki bag in my hand,Suddenly his complexion became more serious,“Who is the head of the Houtu Temple??”

How to say this,From the perspective of professional people doing professional things, there is nothing wrong。

But from the perspective of managers,Wang Yufei is obviously irresponsible。
“I probably understand!I will discuss these issues with Mr. Ge later。”Yu Xingwei nodded and said。
He is too lazy to discuss company issues with Wang Yufei,This is asking the blind。
But I was very happy to talk to Wang Yufei about technical matters。
Yu Xingwei came with the purpose of joining Changxiang Technology,I was embarrassed to ask,Now you can open up and ask,I’m not bored on the road。
The car drove directly to Tan’s Restaurant on Yong’an Street in Beijing。
Regardless of the per capita consumption,The boundary of Yong’an Street shows that it’s a matter of eating dinner,Ge Lingyue is much more professional than Wang Yufei。
If you change Wang Yufei, please eat,80% is in the canteen in Huaqing。
When the car stops,Ge Lingyue is already waiting at the door。
This also made Yu Xingwei once again feel the importance of Changxiang Technology。
I feel a lot better。
“Mr. Yu,welcome,welcome!”
“President Ge,No accidents in the future,You are my immediate superior,Take care。”
“Mr. Yu is too polite,What’s wrong with future work,I also hope that Yu always can give me your advice。”
The two are very polite,Started a routine business tout。
If you are not used to this occasion,Wang Yufei will think that adults are too terrible again。
The welcome ceremony came to an end soon,Ge Lingyue looked at Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin,Said with a smile:“Today there are some special guests,President Wang should feel very happy。”
“Ok?And guests?I know?”

“Just win me one or two positions,Wouldn’t it be a few kilometers away from him to go all the way,Put this face there!”

Just chasing,Instead, let Lin Tianfu get further away,In desperation,Accidentally took this step,Actually grabbed a few feet ahead,This is“Xiaoyao Yufengbu”Step in。
A happy heart:“This Xiaoyao Yufengbu is more and more used to dodge enemy attacks,Can also be used to hurry!”
The second step is“Xiaoyao Yufengbu’,One step is several feet,After a few ups and downs, he caught up with Lin Tianfu。
Two people stand side by side,Can only hear the wind,The trees on the side of the road receded by。
Lin Tianfu takes a big step,Faster and faster,In an instant, it was far ahead of Chen Xiu,But just take a few breaths,Chen Xiu caught up。
Lin Tianfu squinted,See Chen Xiu’s handsome figure,Like walking in the garden,Not half domineering in the pace。
Secretly admire,A few steps faster,And left him behind,But Chen Xiu soon caught up。
Tried this a few times,Lin Tianfu knows that Chen Xiu is strong,Still better than yourself,Light work is above oneself,If you compare,I have to lose。
The two ran all the way,Soon I came to a small hill more than 30 miles away from the cave。
A group of people are fighting with each other on the hill,Probably not more than 30 people,Lin Tianfu admires Chen Xiu even more!
The two have never been close,I heard someone scolding while fighting:“he.mom.of,Lin Li,Zhou Xiong,Wang Qing,What do you want?”
“What do we want,You still don’t know?”
“Naturally I have a share!”
“Correct!Yellow Crane,If you don’t hand over those few spirit paints,We hacked you to death!”
Three different sounds are played in sequence。
The yellow crane cursed back:“I also saw your mother-in-law taking a bath,Do I have a copy when I sleep!”
The people on the side of Huang He burst into laughter。
Chen Xiu recognized these people as bounty hunters who had appeared in Longxi Village before.,But they are even more curious about the spirit paint they are fighting for,Asked in a low voice:“Lin Biaotou,What is Ling paint?”
“Blindly taste precious medicinal materials,It’s a blind adjuvant for refining Qi Ju Pill!”

Second come,I wanted to have a baby,I haven’t seen the child yet,I’m going to see King Hades。

Xia Shuyue is exhausted physically and mentally,The whole person is overdrawn,Leaning on the back of the chair,There is no trace of strength in the whole body,Don’t even want to cry,Too tired。
“You are not dead yet?”Wang San walked in,Holding Xia Shuyue,Untie the rope tied to her。
Xia Shuyue was excited,Wang San didn’t lie to her,Really come to save her at night,Her tears fell,Nod。
Wang San twisted open a bottle of mineral water,Hand it to her,“Drink water。”
Xia Shuyue’s mouth is dry long ago,The lips are dry enough to burst,She took a few sips,I feel a little more comfortable,But still no strength。
“Can walk?”Wang Sanwen。
Xia Shuyue shook her head,Whole body paralysis。
Wang San shook his head,Sigh,Bend over to pick her up,Put it in the back seat of the motorcycle,“You are too heavy,Have the strength to catch me not。”
Xia Shuyue nodded,Wang San thought about it,Still don’t worry,And went back to get the rope,Sit by yourself,Tie Xia Shuyue to herself again。
178 To the terminal
The motorcycle started,Drove for a while,Blowing wind,Xia Shuyue slowly felt less suffocated,Suddenly said,“To the city,I’ll call the police to catch you。”
“You survive first。”Wang San is not angry,Just casually。

In fact, he can’t completely determine whether it is really cerebral hemorrhage.,After all, the diagnosis is based on symptoms、Signature and combined with imaging。

At the very least, you should take out the head as the diagnosis of cerebral hemorrhage.CTandCTVascular imaging,Clearly discover hematoma,And initially judge the type of vascular malformation。Or head magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance blood vessel imaging,Show the relationship between malformed blood vessels and its relationship with the surrounding brain,Can also distinguish bleeding and calcification。Or cerebral angiography,In addition to sponge blood vessels,It is the most reliable and main diagnostic method for diagnosing other vascular deformities.,Gold standard。
Middle-aged and elderly patients suddenly occur during the activity or emotional excitement,Rapid appearance of focal neurosurgeons and headaches、Vomiting and other skull hypertension should consider the possibility of cerebral hemorrhage,Binding headCTan examination,Take the quick and clear diagnosis。
Generally,The main basis for the diagnosis of cerebral hemorrhage has six points。
The first point,Most50Years old,History of hypertensive arteriosclerosis。
Second point,Sudden disease when physical activity or emotion is excited,Headache,Vomit,Symptoms such as consciousness。
Third point,Fastation,Symptoms of limb dysfunction and increase in intracranial pressure within a few minutes or hours。
fourth point,Signs have nervous system positioning signs。
Fifth,brainCTScan inspection can be seen in the brain hematoma in high density area,Diameter15Blood swelling can be accurately shown,Determine the part of the bleeding,Hematoma,Whether it breaks into the brain,No cerebral edema and cerebrospheneous formation,A diagnosisCTScanning to see bleeding lesions,CTBrain bleeding almost100diagnosis。
Sixteenth point,Waist, visible blood brain fluid,I have rarely diagnosed brain bleeding according to cerebrospinal fluid.。
Light from front4Come to judge,The old man is very likely to be cerebral hemorrhage。
“Alert,Cerebral bleeding is not a big illness now.,Tianfeng People’s Hospital, there is a bleeding in the world,I believe the doctor there,Will be fine。”Zhou Ye,By the way, the Tianfeng People’s Hospital has played a wave of advertisements.。
Old lady whispering“Um”A sentence,Nor did you continue to ask。
Take a short while,An emergency ambulance came。
A moment from the car from the car,I saw Wichen at a glance.,“Another you are。”
Yes,it’s me again。
Dun Nima’s unlucky。
Zhou Ye has a helpless smile,“May be a cerebral hemorrhage,Inspired words5minute。”
The doctor said with a doctor.“Thank you”,Then start and nurse moving patients。
“Is this pancake fruit still eat??”Shu De looked to Wen Ye。
Zhou Ye watched the old man who was carried to ambulance,Cache:“eat。”
Anyway, I have to send an emergency.,The doctor who handed over to the other side was going to handle it.,Why do you have to waste time?。
Two people know each other,Sure enough, you have this thing.,Still there is a consistent agreement!
Zhou Ye originally thought that there was no one.。
After all, he is not in the hospital now.,He is the same as the pedestrians who come and go in this street.,It’s just a citizen in this large world.。
“Come help,Boy。”at120It has already got the patient and the patient’s family.,Doctor who follows the car。
Zhou Ye is a bit surprised120ambulance。
Carrying doctors and two young little nurse。
Tong doctors use a request:“Waiting for the life to save people,You know the situation of emergency,Now this point,Along there, Li Qifeng is in,Unfair,If you are fine,Let’s help,Today is more special,I don’t know what ghosts doing in the rescue area.,There are not many people。”
But the pancake fruit has not been eaten yet.。
Take Li Qifeng’s urine!This is an emergency,It is estimated that you have to have dinner.……
Zhou Ye is still hesitant,Weekly has been straight.120Ambulance:“bring it on,In fact, this pancake fruit is also taken out.,Let the emergency will be good.,Anyway, it is also available outside.。”
This is true of this。
Xu Lu and Zhou Ye quickly followed the car。
NS94chapter Emergency is a descendant
The patient’s life is above everything.!
“What is this?,Also think about eating pancake fruit!”Zhou Ye wrote his own crime。
Ambulance driving,The mood of the people in the car is like this car.。

After Lingju’s brother and sister recovered,Lingju was the first to look at Jingpu Road excitedly:

“senior,Can i come to help then?”
Jingpu nodded and said:“when……”
Of course Jingpu’s haven’t finished,Suddenly froze,Can you come too???
Jingpu has no objection to this beautiful fairy sister,There is a normal person,Talk to myself or something,Jingpu is still very happy,And it’s so pretty。
but……What does this mean??
I didn’t agree to let others come.??
It’s impossible……It’s Lingjing……?!
When Jingpu still hadn’t recovered,Na Lingjing suddenly looked at Jingpu Road with excitement:
“Senpai let my sister come with me too。”
Jingpu blinked,It’s okay to let your sister come……only……When did Lao Tzu tell you to come too?!
At this time, Lingju is looking at Jingpu with piercing eyes,I’m afraid that Jingpu will reject me,That kind of little scared look,Jingpu really can’t bear it。
Jingpu is a bit speechless……You cultivators……I usually eat too much meat,So I want to change some Chinese cabbage??

Give it to Chen Xiu for me!”

Chen Xiu returned to the hotel with Tang Yuanyuan’s support, but he recovered after a long rest,Although he uses Tai Chi“Four or two”Han Lingsong’s strong and powerful Baji Quan Jin,But the physical energy consumed is no less than that of four consecutive uses“Perspective eye”。
“Chen Xiu,Do you want me to warn Wang Jingyu!”
376 One step to the sky does not exist
I stayed so that the breath circulated all over my body,It’s the week in Han Ling’s book。
Chen Xiu just feels uncomfortable all over,Consciously like power、reaction、The five senses are much more sensitive。
“Yes,These breaths can transform my body。It’s just that I didn’t know how to guide,I can’t let the gas spread all over my body to moisturize my cells、Bone network,Can only absorb more gas from outside,It’s like the water in the pond overflowed before it flows out to moisturize,This speed is naturally much slower;
Now you can freely control these breaths to any corner of my body under the guidance,Naturally, the speed of transforming the body is much faster!”
Chen Xiu gets more excited the more I think about it,Such as
377 Trouble in the gym
Relative to the village in the city,There are obviously a lot of vacant houses in the high-end community。
“These developers are really,Since the house cannot be sold,Why not sell at a lower price。This way, there is no need for so many people to be crowded in the village in the city!”Chen Xiu couldn’t help but complain。

The evil star dragon attacked the rune masters of the trapped dragon rune formation,Face the giant spirit slaughter dragon head-on。

The giant spirit slaughter dragon is like a small mountain,Is a real giant dragon,Its arms are like steel,The whole body has armor-like hard muscles,It tries to catch the tail of the evil star dragon,Throw it from mid-air to the ground。
Fiend Dragon Swift and Smart,It easily avoided the grabbing of the Dragon Slaughter,Then suddenly swam around,A black virtual ring appeared on the trajectory of the body!
This black virtual ring is like shackles,Locked to the sturdy body of the Giant Spirit Slaughter Dragon,Make the dragon slaughter the dragon immobile,Then the evil star dragon opened its mouth,There are countless brilliant streamers in the chest flowing towards its throat!!
A breath of starlight dragon sprayed towards the body of the giant spirit Slaughter Dragon,Seems colorful、Gorgeous,In fact, there is a huge horrible energy,Scorching、Penetrate、Crush……
Like stars,This terrible breath completely disintegrated the skin defenses of the Dragon Slaughter Dragon,A bright red giant spirit dragon’s blood was dripping from the body。
The giant slaying dragon fell to a stone bridge,Completely crush the stone bridge,The whole body is immersed in the river water,I can’t get up and fight again。
Su Tai stood on a high post,Eyes full of disbelief!
The giant spirit slaying dragon he is proud of is like a young dragon with no teeth and claws in front of the evil star dragon,Defeat too lightly!
“Don’t call the dragon easily,Let the army consume the mana of the evil star dragon。”Tu Wenhe said to Su Tai。
Sutai is still too naive,The existence of the evil star dragon,No matter what dragon is called to fight against it,Are equivalent to cannon fodder。
They do need a lot of cannon fodder,But it’s definitely not their powerful dragon shepherd,Aren’t there tens of thousands of soldiers from the massacre???
Extremely heavy losses,The seemingly mighty army hunt,But a soldier is no different from a mayfly in the eyes of the evil star dragon,Its breath of dragon can annihilate thousands of people,Its bombardment,Can kill nearly a hundred practitioners。
The gods and mortals of the Shenfan Academy also lost nearly half,Especially those rune masters who want to suppress the evil star dragon spell,Once those Talismans cast the Dragon Talisman,You have to stand where you are,Can’t be interrupted midway。
It’s too easy for the evil star dragon to kill these runemasters,As easy as harvesting grass and mustard。