58-jarige militaire muziekveteraan die het nummer van de hoek blaast om het 100e jaar te vieren

Op de ochtend van 1 juli, 2021 vierde Peking Tiananmen-plein de 100e verjaardag van de oprichting van de Communistische Partij van China. Hij werd hier gehouden.

Het totale station Documentair Filming-team duurde 2 maanden, en het hele proces werd gefilmd om het voorbereidingsproces van de 100e verjaardag van de Chinese Communistische Partij te vieren, met behulp van de lens om het ontroerende verhaal achter de 100-jarige ceremonie op te nemen.

In het gezamenlijke militaire orkest van 1.300 is het 100 lezingen in de eerste rij. In hen is een veteraan die al withared heeft besteed, bijzonder aantrekkelijk is.

Zijn naam is Lei Yu, dit jaar is 58 jaar oud, is de grootste prestaties op de middelbare leeftijd.

13 jaar oud ging de militaire muziekgroep binnen, van de 45 jaar, getuige getuige van de talloze historische momenten van New China.

An annual output of 70,000 tons of artificial graphite anode materials integrated base project located in Changzhi

Cui Yan WASHINGTON correspondent reports: In the whole city in-depth study and implement the spirit of provincial Party Congress on the occasion, November 3, Lucheng District government and BTR New Materials Group Co., Ltd. held artificial graphite anode materials Integrated Site Project the signing ceremony, marking the bilateral cooperation to make substantial progress, important for the city to promote high-quality all-round development, accelerate the construction of resource-based cities transformation and upgrading of the national demonstration area.

Party Secretary Yang Qin Rong, deputy secretary, acting mayor Chen ear East attended and witnessed the signing.

Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Zhang Lifeng, Municipal Committee, Secretary-General Hu Yong, Bei Terui New Materials Group Co., Ltd. He Xueqin participate. The city firmly implement the new concept of development, adhere to the project construction as the first support economic work, focus on key areas, to promote the continued high, constantly optimize the business environment, strengthen the "promised land + + standard system-wide agency" reform and integration effect and attract the Branch Lu’an, Godson in the Division, sophisticated telecommunications legislation, Shanghai Shen head of energy and other companies have landed in Changzhi, a group of high-growth, landmark project to speed up production and deliver results.

The signing of an annual output of 70,000 tons of artificial graphite anode materials integrated base project, proposed in Lucheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, a total investment of billion production line covers crushing, granulation, coating, carbonization and other negative front-end process, graphite screening and product-oriented negative electrode, in addition to magnetic, packaging processes. A project will start in November this year, in October 2022 put into operation, expected annual output value of 1.4 billion.

Before the signing ceremony, Yang Qin Rong He Xueqin and his party held talks.

Chen ear East, introducing economic and social development of the city said that this year, the city thoroughly implement the important speech Xi Jinping, general secretary visited Shanxi important instructions, and resolutely implement the provincial decision-making arrangements with one hand and take the lead in the transformation of traditional industries, on the one hand strategy lead the transformation of emerging industries, to support efforts to build a high-quality development of the modern industrial system. The province has just concluded 12th Congress proposed to build the country Changzhi resources city transformation and upgrading demonstration area, the city of Changzhi Congress defined the next five years to achieve high-quality development in the first rise in the central region, to build a modern city Taihang Mountains the goal, which has brought more new advantages for the future development of Changzhi, new opportunities, but also for enterprises to invest in the long stage to provide a broad and fertile soil to grow. Barrett New Materials Group as the leading new energy materials industries and enterprises, leading anode material, lithium-ion battery development direction of advanced materials, in line with the needs of industrial development in Changzhi, bilateral cooperation has great potential, with a bright future.

The city will continue to build a fair and just legal environment, convenient and efficient administrative environment, credit environment of honesty and trustworthiness, open enlightened human environment, improve the quality elements of security environment to accelerate and promote the implementation of the project ground, to boost business bigger and stronger inject a strong driving force for the city to promote high-quality all-round development. He Xueqin respect to Changzhi Commerical favorable business environment, fostering growth of the firm determination of strategic emerging industries, to support business innovation and entrepreneurship truth sincerity gave high praise. Said it would give full play to their own advantages, in close connection with the actual Changzhi, in the field of energy storage applications, battery recycling, materials research and development of graphene applications continue to expand cooperation in space, new modes of cooperation, to promote more projects in Changzhi floor layout, to join the new power Changzhi energy industry development, to better achieve mutual benefit and win-win enterprise.

Beijing strengthens employment mode 50 years old, rural labor, still "renew"

Original title: This city explores a three guaranteed five-strengthening employment mode Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the relevant departments, this year, the city has condensed the government, enterprises, and society, etc. Full quality employment.

This typical experience, recently received praise from the eighth supervision of the State Council. Decomposition of key indicators into 7 real-time monitoring indicators to grasp the real-time mechanism, which is to adhere to the construction of employment work mechanisms, pay close attention to "three comprehensive", sound improvement "cover the city, the level is clear, the duties is clear, the process is clear, the operation is smooth" Employment system operation mechanism. These include comprehensive coordinating employment work, play the overall coordination of employment work leading groups, and the key indicators such as urban new employment, urban investigation and unemployment rate, urban registration unemployment rate, and decomposes the number of new employment insurance, newly increasing entrepreneurship unit 7 items such as employment positions can be monitored in real time, and the key work indicators that can be scheduled on moon; fully monitor employment situation, relying on social insurance, enterprise registration, etc., from employment, employment quality, employment environment, employment contribution, employment boom 5 dimensions to carry out monthly "stable industrial insurance employment" monitoring and evaluation, real name to people, accurate to households, "no informal" monitoring and analysis of the city’s employment situation and key work progress; comprehensive strengthening service, establish employment service instructors, employment services The "three" team of the company, the "three" teams of the company, improve the competent department of the horizontal collaboration, portrait, and all levels of employment services in the city, district, street and communities (village). Relying on informationization means to actively interrupte the employer and key groups, realize "employment work network, monitoring and evaluation and follow-up," the last km "in the implementation of policies and services.

  The three key points to strengthen public welfare posts and use steady protection, this city will focus more attention in key groups, key enterprises, and key areas.

  The key groups include college graduates, rural labor, and employment difficulties.

Among them, in terms of rural labor, the implementation of farmers fully employment projects, develop urban modern agriculture, enhance farmers’ professionalization, and employment. By encouraging companies to prioritize, leading to entities such as rural collective economic organizations, and the use of law, strengthen public welfare positions, and promote the stable employment income of farmers. According to statistics, from January to October, there are 10,000 rural labor transfer. Key companies will give more help to small and medium-sized enterprises. Including the continuation of the implementation of unemployment insurance returns, with the expansion of the work and training, and the stable post policy.

Through the comprehensive initiative of tax reduction, financial support and other comprehensive initiatives, accurate support for small and medium-sized enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households accelerate recovery production and operation, better and stable employment, improve people’s livelihood.

According to statistics, as of the end of October, the accumulated approved subsidy fund billion, benefiting 10,000 people. In terms of key areas, to ensure innovative entrepreneurship. Formulate the implementation of entrepreneurship’s three-year action plan, gradually aggregating policy service resources and market-based service resources, forming a full-chain entrepreneurial service such as entrepreneurship training, financing support, hatching base, and achievement transformation. Expand the coverage of entrepreneurial guarantee loans, realizing the same treatment in Beijing entrepreneurs, and the Bank of China has increased from 1 to 14.

Create "Entrepreneurship Beijing" brand, carry out the entrepreneurial innovation competition, and special village revitalization specialty. As of the end of October, a new entrepreneurial unit has been added to the employment position. Strengthening the five major initiatives to make personalized training courses to create fair and fair and orderly employment environments, and the city has also launched five supportive initiatives.

  One is to strengthen policy system. Focusing around security, promoting employment, preventing unemployment, encouraging entrepreneurs, etc. The cycle has achieved full coverage of urban and rural laborers. Second, strengthen service convenience. These include the "Employment Supermarket" platform in the integration of integration of job job recruitment, policy application, unemployment insurance treatment, etc.; comprehensive implementation of "unemployment insurance premiums return to the exemption" service model, realize funds "fast dial, precision" Fully deepen the "Board General Process", canceled the graduate entry repeated medical examination, and cancel the non-public unit to receive the graduate employment agreement signing seal. The third is to strengthen the effectiveness of training. Promote the "four new" digital skill training system for building a new platform, new mechanism, new model, and new content.

Collect quality training resources, create a new model of flexible training, increase new profession, new state training courses. This year, 930,000 people have been trained, subsidizing fund billion.

  The fourth is to strengthen market leading. Explore the new model of human resources service in "government guidance, market operation, professional services", and promote efficient optimization of human resources. The fifth is to strengthen the targeted law enforcement. In response to mild illegal activities to release administrative punishment, the system of administrative punishment, innovation "a case three book" system, guide the employer to learn lessons, enhance the law-abiding awareness, provide fault tolerance support and development space. Text / This newspaper reporter Yan Li (Editor: Mencheng, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.

China Spoorwegbouw China Spoorweg 11ste Bureau Groep Fifth Engineering Co., Ltd. Culturele Exhibition Hall

De culturele tentoonstellingszaal van China Railway 11th Bureau Group bevindt zich op de derde verdieping van het hoofdkwartier van het hoofdkantoor, adresseert nr. 71, Xinqiao, Xinqiao, ShapingBA-district, Chongqing.

De culturele tentoonstellingszaal werd in 2012 gebouwd en na de voltooiing van de voltooiing, in 2014 werden in 2017 twee upgrades uitgevoerd.

Het bouwgebied van de tentoonstellingszaal is ongeveer 300 vierkante meter, die een enkele laagstructuur is. De tentoonstellingszaal is verdeeld in het verleden (briljante geschiedenis), nu (sterke kracht) en de toekomst (toekomstig licht) en de reeks bezoeken na het betreden van de deur. Onder hen toont het eerste deel "Historical Plate" het werk en de dagelijkse benodigdheden van de Spoorweg felle (maartrugzak, waterkoker, voedselkaart, epaulette, historische artefacten, enz., Historische foto’s, verwante eer en archieven) Wacht. De hoofdkleur van de sector regio is rood en vertegenwoordigt het erfgoed van de spoorwegvogel.

Het tweede deel toont de belangrijkste bouwvelden en boetiekprojecten, volgens de gemeentelijke behuizing, luchthavenhydropower, wegspoorwegen, investeringsprojecten, overzeese projectsectoren, via de inzichte brug, tunnels en hoogtepunten op de snelwegfoto’s, laten zien dat het bedrijf zich ertoe brengt het boetiekproject en de bouwprestaties. Onder hen laat het VR-weergavegebied, via het Simulation Shield Construction-scherm, de bezoekers "meeslepend", meer intu?tief inzicht in het beschermende bouwproces en -processen. Het derde deel is de eredisplay en propaganda-film van het bedrijf, die blauw is, die de toekomst en hoop vertegenwoordigt.

Door de instructies zoals de banner, medailles, trofee?n, certificaten, demonstreren het nationale niveau van de Vennootschap (inclusief nationale, geciviliseerde eenheden, nationale bedrijfscultuurconstructiedemonstratie-eenheden, nationale vijf arbeidsprijzen, nationale uitstekende bouwondernemingen, nationale contract opnieuw kredietbedrijven, nationaal High-Tech Enterprises, National Model Workers, Luban Awards, Zhan Tianyou Prize, Li Chun Award, enz.)

Na het browsen is er een handtekeningtourgebied.

Deversion of the poverty full victory incentive struggle to go forward (struggle for hundreds of years, the new journey, depletion of poverty)

  Precision poverty alleviation is a winning way to win the poverty struggle.

"Adhere to accurate Metei, the road to well-around Xiaoyang will get wider.

Cai Yong, secretary of the party committee of Xu Wei Township, Huaiyuan County, Anhui Province, said that for some of the weak scatters of the poor, the industrial foundation is weak, the hometown is unified, the construction of the party organization, "support, can bring, the masses", and vigorously develop farming. Forest fruit, the three major industries of the vegetables, the whole country-level collective economic income exceeded 5.5 million yuan last year. "I feel the same as the story of the special poverty alleviation. Unplug the roots.

"Jing’an New District, Zhaoyang District, Zhaoyang District, Zhaoyang District, Zhaoyang District, took a new home, in the community poverty alleviation, monthly income reached more than 5,000 yuan, and the days were crossing the fire.

"Rely on precision poverty alleviation, depletion of poverteen ‘ It is not the end point, but a new life, the new home of the newly struggle said that the poverty poverty is not the end, but the new life, the starting point of the new struggle, the next step will continue to strengthen the expansion of the poverty. Convergence more powerful forces, take more powerful initiatives, and comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages.

  After reading the special film, Zhang Hui, secretary secretary of Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, said that "four five" requirements will implement "four do not pick" requirements, consolidate the expansion of the poverty reduction, and explore "to solve relatively poverty, narrow the income gap, realize An effective way of common prosperity. "After watching the thematic tablets, it is encouraged, and the comprehensive victory of poverty will encourage us to continue to struggle.

Zhang Qing, secretary of the Party Group of Tianjin Cooperation Exchange Office, said that it will help the help of the help of the support area to consolidate the expansion of the poverty to the outstanding position, and better contribute to the region to continue to promote rural all-round revitalization.

  "During this time, I have harvested a lot of ‘gold descent by watching themselves and colleagues.

"Hainan Rural Revitalization TV Night School, the total producer" Qiu Yao said, will continue to do a good job in the next step, and fuel the rural vitality. "Deversion of the poverty and compensation, the rural resulination, the drums, we must define the great spirit of poverty , Valuable experience and excessive wind inheritance has carried forward. Zhu Guangquan, deputy director of the Poverty Alleviation Development Bureau of Jialing District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, said. (Editor: Qiu Wei, Rona).

De landbouw SAP-groep hield een hervorming van de 2020-gevallen

Om de hervorming van instellingen diepgaand te bevorderen, zorgt u voor de voltooiing van het hervormingsdoel op schema, op 28 april, de agglomeratiegroep hield de hervorming van de 2020-gevallen. De vergadering heeft de inzet van het provinciale kapitaalcommissie over de hervorming van de instelling getransporteerd, heeft de institutionele hervorming van de Groep vastgesteld en heeft de hervorming van de volgende bedrijfseenheid ingezet.

Li Guoqiang, plaatsvervangend algemeen directeur van de groep woonde de vergadering bij. De bijeenkomst vereist dat de groepsafdelingen en hervormingshoofdseenheden een synergie moeten vormen, zich concentreren op aanval en uitgebreid de hervorming van de instellingen bevorderen.

Let eerst aandacht aan het werk van "transformatie", om een ??organisatie tot stand te brengen, de speciale persoon te wissen en een project te vormen om de ontwikkeling van het bedrijf te bevorderen, ervoor te zorgen dat de hervorming van de instellingen met succes is voltooid op een periode; de ??tweede is om het nationale beleidsonderzoek te versterken, te zorgen voor nauwkeurige, vooruitgang van het hervormingsbeleid Soepele; derde, het is om het rapportagesysteem vast te stellen en te versterken om ervoor te zorgen dat de ondervonden problemen in de tijd kunnen worden bestudeerd; vier is het volledig voor te bereiden op de voorbereiding van de vorige Werk, volgens de nationale, provinciale instellingen om de algemene eisen te hervormen, om de ontwikkeling van hervormingsprogramma’s te formuleren en ervoor te zorgen dat relevant ondersteunend beleid onmiddellijk na de introductie kan beginnen. Assistent, relevante afdelingen van de voorzitter van de groep, en drie hoofdpersoon die verantwoordelijk is voor de betreffende afdeling die aan de vergadering heeft deelgenomen.

(Editor: Wang Yan, Li Zhongshou).

Centrale economische werkconferentie veroorzaakte enthousiaste reactie in de Tibetaanse kaders

  De Central Economic Work Conference werd op 8 december tot Peking gehouden in Beijing. De vergadering vatte economisch werk samen in 2021, analyseerde de huidige economische situatie, gebruikte 2022 economisch werk, leverde een belangrijk signaal van het openen van het nieuwe bureau van de economische ontwikkeling, en verbreed in onze districtskaders in de kaders in de kaders veroorzaakte enthousiaste reactie.

Iedereen was het ermee eens dat we onder het sterke leiderschap van de partijcentra als de kern van XI Jinping, we rustig reageren op de honderd jaar verandering en de eeuw-epidemie, en het "14e vijfjarenplan" is een goed begin. De hervorming en Het openstellen wordt krachtig gepromoveerd en het levensonderhoud van het volk is effectief en de ecologische beschavingsconstructie continue vooruitgang.

Iedereen heeft gezegd dat we het belang van generaal Secretary Xi Jinping en de Geest van de Central Economic Work Conference moeten bestuderen. Hij heeft zich nageleefd aan de totale toon van het werk in het werk, het stevige vertrouwen en vertrouwt de kracht en draagt ??hij op Economische en sociale ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit in onze wijk.

  Kang Yuhuan, universitair hoofddocent, universitair hoofddocent, Tibet University, vertelde verslaggevers dat de Central Economic Work Conference een gemeenschappelijke welvaart maakte, allereerst, we moeten ernaar streven "cake" te maken om het nu goed werk te doen Schik de "cake" door redelijke instellingen. Stukken. Gecombineerd met de daadwerkelijke ontwikkeling van ons district, is een sterke kant een van de "vier grote evenementen" in onze wijk, en is de "grote man".

Het 10e partijcongres van de autonome regio zal van plan zijn om de constructie van de economische en sociale en grensoverschrijdende defensie te bevorderen en moeite te hebben om een ??nationale vaste weeging en verrijking te cre?ren en streven naar een belangrijke strategische regeling in de voorgaande toestand van het hele land. We moeten de geest van de Central Economic Work Conference stevig vasthouden.. In 2021 heeft de autonome regio-partij het advies uitgebracht om de ontwikkeling van moderne commerci?le en handel te versnellen, en het hoofdgedeelte van de circulatiemarkt is versneld en de marktvitaliteit is doeltreffend enthousiast. "De Central Economic Work Conference wordt voorgesteld, we moeten de structurele hervorming van de aanbodzijde, focus op de universele binnenlandse circulatie, en focus op de doorbraakverstrekking beperkingen, focus op productie, distributie, circulatie, consumptie en elke link. Dit zal het interne circulatieblok van Tibet verder versnellen, het aanbod van de industri?le ketenvoedingsketen aanvullen, de uitbreiding van het bedrijf en de uitbreiding bevorderen, de vorming van op en neer China Unicom, linker- en rechterco?rdinatie, veilig en handig logistiek netwerk, versnellen, District commerci?le integratie in een sterke binnenlandse markt.

Shi Chenghua, lid van de partijgroep van de autonome regio, plaatsvervangend directeur, is van mening dat "Tibet een belangrijk kanaal voor Zuid-Azi? opent een belangrijk kanaal, het locatie-voordeel van de Himalaya Economische Samenwerkingszone, en de centrale overheid zal een hoge niveaus promoten van openbeleidsgeleiding, het bedrijfssysteem van Tibet wordt gepromoveerd. Institutionele openheid, hoogwaardige hoogwaardige aantrekkelijke buitenlandse hoofdsteden spelen een belangrijkere rol en dienen de constructie van ‘en helemaal’ hoogwaardige ontwikkeling. Jiang Xiaoming, Secretary of the Party Committee of Huadian Tibet, is van mening dat de Central Economic Work Conference een fundamentele follow-up biedt voor het juiste begrip en het grijpen van koolstof Dharma Carbon, het leveren van fundamenteel volgt voor Tibet Clean Energy Construction and Development. Conferentie benadrukt koolstofkoolstof Zhonghe is om de inherente vereisten van hoogwaardige ontwikkeling te bevorderen, onwankelbaar geavanceerd te zijn. Het tiende partijcongres van de autonome regio is net gehouden, en het totale aantal schone energiebasisblauwdrukken gebouwd door 300 miljoen kilowatt en de ontwikkeling van het gebied Schone energie maakt een duidelijke implementatie en geeft het grote aanmoediging in Tibetaanse energiebedrijven.

Jiang Xiaoming zei dat Huadian Tibet Co., Ltd. actief zal integreren in Tibet om de constructie van nationale schone energiebasissen te versnellen en deel te nemen aan Yazhong, Tibet, Tibet, Tibet, Tibet, Zuidoost, Ya Xia Three Major Cleaning Energy Base Construction.

Tegelijkertijd zal het het principe van "National Algemeen" uitvoeren, prioriteit, dubbele wielaandrijving, intern en extern "en verhindering van risicovoorziening, het uitbreiden van de capaciteit en het beschermen van de ecologische omgeving, en verdiept de technologische innovatie, Bescherming van de ecologische omgeving. Maatschappelijke stabiliteit en andere aspecten behouden, zorgen voor een ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit in onze wijk met ontwikkeling van energie kwaliteit.

(Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Chengdu Tianfu New District: Opening the window to see the field to see the green park city construction and speed

Tianfu New District Focus on Industry Development. Tianfu New Area is available in the new network of Chengdu, February 14th: Chengdu Tianfu New District: "Say the window to see the field, push the door to see the green" park city construction "recharge" author Yue Yixiang has eaten breakfast, live in Tianfu New District, Chengdu, Hu Guihua Walking with the neighbors to the park where you are not far away, the children laugh at the side, they will exercise while chatting. For Hu Guihua, 70 years old, this park has become a "card point" of her casual exercise.

"I didn’t know what was a park city. Since moving to Tianfu New District, I really realized that ‘opening the window and seeing green’.

"Hu Guihua said a huge change in residents near Tianfu New District.

What she said "Park City" is the direction in Tianfu New District is continuous efforts.

  Gu Lijun, deputy director of the Tianfu New District Planning, introduced that park cities are fully reflected in new development concepts, leading to urban development in ecological civilization, building mountain, building lakes, forests, hostel, city, environment, and industry height New Model of Urban Development in Mori City Forms in Harmonious Unity. He said that the park city is not only a city that is full of green, which makes people feel comfortable, but also a high-level stage of urban development. The Tianfu New District is constantly exploring the road of building a city in the city.

  Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan, comprehensively building a park city Xin Tianfu in Hu Guihua’s daily casual exercise park, the first sewage treatment plant in Tianfu New District of 100,000 tons is in an orderly manner, which is Sichuan Province. First buried sewage treatment plant.

Tianfu Center, Western Expo City and the sewage between Chengdu Science City have been released after the treatment plant reaches the surface level IV class, and some reflow into the Luxi River as an ecological supplement, part of the public building cleaning or road and green. Xinglong lake view. Qiu Wei, deputy director of the Tianfu New District Planning and Construction of the Land and Resources PPP Project Center, introduced the space design combined with the ground landscape and underground sewage treatment plant, is an effective attempt to create a "park city" process in Tianfu New Area.

"Let the sewage plant transform from ecological negative assets into positive assets, not only provide ecological leisure, but also make the value of the space on the ground, which is also an embodiment of the ‘park city’ ecological value.

"If the sewage treatment plant is like a heartbeat next to Xinglong Lake, then in the integrated gallery of the underground area under the Tianfu New District, it is like a blood vessel. The treated water is transmitted to various terminals through these gallery. Re-use. The reporter saw that 8 types of power, communication, radio television, regeneration water, gas, etc., the reporter saw that 8 types of polls and accessories wearing uniforms were patrolled with staff and the maintenance robot.

In the monitoring room, the gallery running data in real time is displayed on the computer screen, and everything works in order and efficiently.

  Qiu Wei introduced that Tianfu New District Integrated Pallery is an intention to use the underground space resource, focusing on the corridor of municipal pipelines. As of December 2018, Tianfu New District has basically built approximately 32 km from Yazhou Road, Hanzhou Road, Xiamen Road, etc. Among them, nine of the national integrated gallery pilot city project, a total of kilometers, will eventually form a comprehensive pattern of "four horizontal, three vertical, nine". Wild things, ecological construction is inseparable from water.

As the largest artificial ecological lake in Chengdu, the lake area is 4,500 mu, and the water storage capacity is more than 10 million cubic meters of Xinglong Lake. It is like "mirror" inlaid in Tianfu New District. It shines on the winter warmth, shining, tour people are Walking on the lakeside ecological green road, cycling, a piece and beautiful view. Beautiful Tianfu New District.

Tianfu New District is for map Xinglong Lake not only beautiful, or is also an important mesh node of Tianfu New District Ecosystem.

Zhao Wei, deputy director of the Landscape Administration of Tianfu New District Planning, pointed out that in the case where the water flow is not strong, it is especially critical.

He said that the Luxi River is the main water supply river road of Xinglong Lake. In 2018, Tianfu New District has completed the aquatic rectification of the upper reaches of the Luxi River. The downstream rectification work in 2019 will be carried out in accordance with the plan. Zhao Wei said that Xinglong Lake Water Ecological Rehabilitation Remediation has been included in the focus of the 2019 Tianfu New District Construction Park City. The project integrates flood control function, municipal function and wetland landscape function. With the continued park city construction, the surroundings of Xinglong Lake will be integrated into more live scenes to create a landscape. Not only can you meet the individual needs of tourists, but also let the huge urban open space of Xinglong Lake beareuse the city’s foreign travel.

  The landscape is dependent, and the beauty is natural.

Longquan City Forest Park in Tianfu New District is moving from a simple ecological barrier to urban green and citizen park.

  Peng Yong, deputy director of the Tianfu New District, deputy director of the urban and rural areas, Tianfu New Section (hereinafter referred to as the Forest Park) of Longquan City Forest Park, involving 5 streets in Tianfu New District, 22 administrative villages, residents 7 Ten thousand people, the current forest coverage rate is 47%. "Beginning in 2018, we advance the forest forest coverage in 6700 acres per year, and strive to reach 70% of the forest coverage in the park in 2035.

"" Green Shui Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan.

"Peng Yong said, further driving the development of the surrounding industry, the construction of infrastructure cannot be ignored. At present, 120 kilometers of rural roads have been built, running through 5 streets, rural bus reach entrance, and the number of viewing platforms are also increasing.

In 2019, Tianfu New District will also revitalize the residence of specialty small towns, through the development of farmland industries to increase residents.

2021 Nationaal Civil Servic Onderzoeksprogramma Vulling 1990

People’s Network Beijing 17 mei, volgens het Website Nieuws van de nationale ambtenaren, 2021 National Civil Service Examing Releases begonnen zich te registreren op 16e, en 1990 zal naar verwachting worden bereikt. De aankondiging toont aan dat de centrale overheid en zijn directe instellingen 2021 examens in principe zijn voltooid en sommige posities hebben geen geschikte wandelkandidaten, en ze moeten publiekelijk worden aangepast aan het publiek. Deze reset omvat 445 posities en is van plan om 1990 te bereiken. Aanvragers kunnen zich aanmelden bij de "Centrale Organen en de Direct Organisaties 2021 Examentest Civil Service Special Website" om de positie, aanpassing van het nummer, onderzoekscategorie, de kwalificatievoorwaarden te vragen, het aanwerven van organen Contact

Gedurende 18:00 tot 18 mei, op 18:00 uur op 18 mei, logt de aanvragers in op de "Speciale Website" via de gebruikersnaam en het wachtwoord van de registratie en vul de relevante informatie van de aanvraagaanpassing in.

Aanvragers moeten contact opnemen met het rekruteringsorgaan bij het bevorderen van de kwalificatie-informatie van de rechten, onderwijs, graad en graad.

Verzoekster kan de positie van de aanvraagaanpassing vóór het einde van de indiening van de aanpassingstijd wijzigen.

Wanneer het Online Registratiepersoneel deelneemt aan de aanpassing, kan deze rechtstreeks worden aangesloten op de wervingsorganen van de voorgestelde toner en aanvragen van een schriftelijke aanpassingsaanvraag op 18 mei 2021.

Vanaf 8:00 van 19 mei, van 18:00 uur, heeft de rekruteringsautoriteit een aanvraag ingediend voor de toepassing en schriftelijke aanpassing van de online afstemmingsaanvraag en schriftelijke aanpassing van deze instelling (eenheid).

Wanneer de kwalificatieoverzicht, wordt de wervingsautoriteit uitgevoerd in de volgorde van de hoge score tot de lage score in overeenstemming met het openbare onderwerp van de aanvrager.

De totale score van openbare onderwerpen is hetzelfde, en het onderwerp wordt gesorteerd op basis van de administratieve professionele vaardigheid. De totale reikwijdte van openbare onderwerp schriftelijke tests en administratieve professionele bekwaamheidstestonderwerpen zijn dezelfde, één en voert u de kwalificatieoverzicht in. Nadat het aantal kwalificatierexamen voldoet aan het aandeel van het geplande interview, zal de wervingsautoriteit niet langer in aanmerking komen voor andere mensen.

Na het einde van de aanpassing zal de lijst met kandidaten in het interview worden gevormd en worden aangekondigd in de "onderwerpwebsite".

Na 22 mei kunnen de aanvragers inloggen op de "speciale website" om de aangepaste resultaten op te vragen.

2021 Yancheng City Amateur Club League Basketball Competition Successfully

A few days ago, a 6-day 2021 Yancheng City Amateur Club league basketball game, ended successfully in Jiangsu Xinyi Basketball Hall.

After 6 rounds of 71 fierce competitions, the Alien Club of Dafeng District won the Grand Championship, the Fengcai Club won the championship B (40-50) champion, Jiangsu Xinyi Club won the class B (50 years old Group) Champion, Tinghu Women’s Basket Club won the women’s group champion.

This league was hosted by the Yancheng Sports Bureau and Yancheng Sports Association. The League is an important initiative to develop Yancheng basketball business. It provides a fitness and competition for the majority of basketball enthusiasts, and creates a glow dynamic stage for basketball characteristics. It is understood that Yancheng has a long history and a wide range of mass bases. Over the years, a large number of excellent basketball players have been cultivated, and they have won awards in the provincial basketball championships and "governor cups" basketball competition. With the further deepening of the "National Sports Health Model" work in Yancheng, the construction of the city’s amateur club will continue to be a new level, and the health happiness index of the people will further increase. related suggestion.