Zhou is the aroma of the food.,Open your eyes and look up——
Just enjoy breakfast in front of his desk,Go back to him,And waist is tied by a hair ring with a bow,And not bundle after brain,But bundle in the middle of long hair,So the hair turned from the hair, some fluffy two sides spread。The curtains pulled on before going to bed last night didn’t know when it was already opened.,Black, long hair slightly anti-light,Hair quality is good to shoot advertisements。
揉 揉 揉,歪 歪 身 看。
Very stylish long down jacket……
Good guy,Full of a table!
Originally placed on the desk, books and pen、cell phone、Key and wallet and other items are pushed to the side,Now the desk is in the pizza,In addition, there is a fries、steak、Grilled intestine、Phoenix shrimp and crispy squid……
It seems that he woke up.,槐 头,Hand wearing a primary glove,A perfect face,Just the corner of the cheese。
“Awake,Don’t eat breakfast?”
“……so much?”
“I am looking for myself.。”
“Look at your eyes……rest assured,I bought it!”槐 序 道 道,“I am now a rich monster.,Will not let things any more,That is not in line with my identity。”
Zhou Zhiji is still a hot、Soft half-size cat,He will hold it out,Put on the side,I didn’t wake her.。
The group was sleeping with him last night.,It’s just that she falls until half of the night.,Although the old man is in his arms during the period,But flexing him from time to time、Bite him,Or try to talk to him,I greatly affected his sleep。
Get up and wear clothes。
The slender finger pinching a fried shrimp ball is in front of the Zhou,Let Zharise not adapted。
“Ok, eat it.?”
“very expensive。”
“I have to go out with Nan Ge in the evening.?”槐 序 大 块 披 披 里 里,“I turned into your home tonight.?At noon, you gave Jiang Yu to say to eat lamb at night.,I will give her another afternoon you are not hungry.,Let her open later。”
“I am a good for you.。”Looking at him seriously,“Otherwise, Jiang Yan must say:Go out?I came back very late last night.。Do you mean it??You are embarrassed。”
“You are still with Nan Ge yet.,I haven’t got married yet.,Otiente is like this, the name of Nange is not good.,Also not good for your reputation。”The old monster tells a set of sets,“Jiang Yi always thinks you are very embarrassed.。”
“why do not you talk?”
“I can listen to what you can say.。”