“Um,understood。”Han Jiang nodded。

The two quickly said:“Then let’s now……Uh……”
Hanjiang is a gun in the person who is talking.,Pull out the red dragonfly gun tip swept the neck of another person,Let him even have a chance to come。
When seeing a map,Han Jiang knows that ordinary people here are very bad,But I didn’t expect it to be this look.。
At some of the somewhere where the owner is very fierce,Like this kind of thing is indeed,Very small。
After all, there is a life,There are also many small tissues in reverse entropy.,nation,Things http://www.aintron.cn that are constrained。
I haven’t thought of it.,I haven’t been here for a two days.,Just encounter this kind of thing。
From just in contact,These two thieves look for a look,This is no longer for the first time.。
Digging a pit on the roadside,After buried the tragic girl,Han Jiang feels that the two thieves kill it early。
However, you will go to the thief nest.,I just didn’t ask,The same is true later.。
Maybe it’s anger,Han Jiang rushed to the thief in the fastest speed。
What can he didn’t expect?,Thief nest has been blood flowing into the river,The corpse of the thief died,Everyone has grown his eyes before death,Only a horrified expression。
“anyone there?”Han Jiang shouted。
The blood of these people is still not completely solidified.,I can’t die if I have just been dead.?
Cottage is http://www.lufeiair.cn quite big,In addition to the door of several gates in the door,What is the area inside and the previous eight villages?。
Walking in a quiet thief nest,In addition to the blood of blood in the air,Even the bird is called,Quiet and suffocating。
Even if Han Jiang can’t get rid of a lot of collapse,I have also seen a lot of people die under the crazy beast.,Can still be very uncomfortable。
These thieves are killed,Kill。
I heard someone calling for help.,Han Jiang hurriedly rushed to the direction of the voice。
suddenly,He feels that there is a coldness behind it.,Rapida turned and lifted red dragonfly。
“Clang”Sound,Han Jiang blocked the opponent’s attack,But the knife tip is already a distance from Hanjiang’s eyes.。
The other’s weapons are a sickle,Red light circulation,The enemy who is http://www.weiqingzhuofs.cn attacked by it is Hanjiang.,Touching the mouth,Say:“Not bad。”
“Hi Jier?”Han Jiang surprised:“How are you here??”
Xier does not have the meaning of the sickle,The tongue squatted with his lips slowly asked:“You can be here,Why can’t I??”
Han Jiang was determined,Hi Jier’s inner manager mastered the body,Herein……Most of them are her kills.。
“Hi Jier?”
In the world of Bronia,She also saw the teacher of Ji,Nikiya recently recruiting players。
Shier is in touch with you.,Some later than the scheduled time.。
Because it is not a reality,So Bronia did not dare to confirm that the other party is not his own.。
“Bronia,Tell you about other members in this team。”Canoliana proactive introduction,“Ji Miss,I,There is also inquira,Another one is the new recruiting student recently,You call her Hi.。”
Fuhua lifted a lifted eye,Rest assured:“The new player said by the Canaryian teacher is Bronia,I feel more assured.。”
“How can I be late??”There is no blame in the words of Canocia.,Instead of concern:“What happened??”
Shier breathes,Shake the shaking head,First of all, I am sorry:“sorry,Because the task is prepared for some time,It’s all finished.。”
“It’s fine。”Canolian is first comfort,Then start education,“This time our task is not important,So it is nothing to do late for one or two minutes.,But in the future, important tasks can only be late to be late.,do you know?”
“Not a teacher,When you become a real warrior,The difficulty of the task encounters is not small,In the case of war in the war,Last or two minutes,It means that there are more teammates fall down.。”