Niu Er teach you a variety of occasional moisturizing Dafa

Niu Er teach you a variety of occasional moisturizing Dafa


Staying in an air-conditioned room all day, the skin becomes dry and dry, and the lotion is too oily. How to maintain it?


hzh {display: none; }  牛尔: 对于很多男性来说,常常忽略了长期处于空调室内对肌肤所带来的伤害,因为空调室内的空气湿度很低,导致肌肤水分容易蒸发,若再加上紫外线Irradiation and other irritation, the skin is more prone to dryness, dehydration and other conditions.

  When the skin appears dry, some men think that it is enough to put on a moisturizing cream or lotion. In fact, if the skin has obvious dryness, blindly adding oil or moisture will not quench thirst for dry skin.Ground balance supplement oil, water, and moderate repair moisturizing is also important.

  First, you can prepare a bottle of spray moisturizing lotion. When it is located in the air-conditioned room, it can add moisture to the skin without damaging the makeup and bring a cooling and moisturizing effect, but it is best to spray it evenly on the face.After that, gently filter with tissue paper; however, some are that if spray-type mineral water is used in a dry space, the moisture will still evaporate quickly and the skin will be drier, which is best avoided.

The effect of mineral water is anti-allergic, lower skin temperature, no burden, soothing and calming, not moisturizing, so still need some moisture to help keep this moisture.

At least, unless your skin is oily, any moisture-absorbing moisturizing ingredient should be paired with some oily ingredients that can seal the moisture, so that the added moisture will not be lost.

In addition, you can also follow the nature of the skin and cooperate with daily repair and maintenance to improve the skin’s ability to hold water to minimize the phenomenon of dryness.


Every time I travel abroad, whether on board or in a country with a dry climate, the dry air will always make my skin feel uncomfortable. How can I overcome it?


hzh {display: none; }  牛尔:在狭窄的机舱内,由於舱压及空气干燥,导致肌肤会变得乾燥,毛孔也会显得更为粗大,此时,除了可以准备一些小容量的保养品外It is best to prepare a convenient wet cloth-type moisturizing mask, which can be applied to the skin when the skin is dry, and at the same time, you can take a break. If you feel that applying the mask will be scary, it is recommended to use a slightly oily moisturizing product.Apply a thick layer on the face (the principle is to cover the pores).

  It is very important for travel maintenance to choose care products according to the destination. If you are in a dry country, remember to choose moisturizing products (such as uronic acid, molecular nails, glycerin, collagen, etc.).

If you go to a dry and cold area, you can choose a moisturizing cream. Use the more moisturizing oil content in the cream to hydrate and oil, and put a protective layer on your skin. If you go to a dry and hot area,A large number of refreshing moisturizing emulsions are mainly used to moisturize without feeling greasy and burdensome.


My skin is easy to get oily, but every time I wash my face, it becomes very dry and even peels. What method should I use to clean it?

  Niu Er: If oiling and dry peeling occur at the same time, it means that your cleaning products may be over-stimulated and not moisturized, which will cause dry and peeling of the limbs.

  So please check if you changed your face wash product because of oil out?

Or increased the frequency of face washing?

First of all, when choosing a cleaning product, please take two seconds as the standard for detecting the cleaning product. The principle is not to feel dry and tight after two short rinses. Like general cleaning products containing anti-acne or oily skin, they will have stronger strength.The degreasing power will be especially dry after washing your face. If you repeatedly wash your face, it will easily cause peeling. Therefore, the cleaning products are mainly gentle, and you can clean your skin twice a day, and pay attentionStrengthen the skin’s moisture, you can control the oil at the same time, and can improve the phenomenon of exfoliation of the limbs.

  Q4 My skin is neutral and oily, but why does my skin become drier after using moisturizing serum?


hzh {display: none; }  牛尔:很多肌肤偏油的人,常常因为畏惧「油脂」,保养程序只用了保湿化妆水与精华液两种,其实这样反而是错误的保养。Unless your skin is oily, any kind of water-absorbing moisturizing ingredients should be matched with some oil-containing oil ingredients to prevent the loss of supplemental water, because there are some ingredients that can absorb or catch waterCan add moisture to your skin, and also take away your skin’s moisture. When the air is too dry and you have not sealed the added moisture with oil, these moisturizers instead introduce dry air to grab away your shellsMoisture to make your skin drier.

  Therefore, remember to add another layer of lotion or cream after using moisturizing essence or moisturizing mask (if your skin is oily, you can choose a refreshing lotion), as much as possible, and follow the nature of the skin,With daily repair and maintenance, the skin’s ability to hold water is improved to minimize the phenomenon of dryness.