A command order,The Shenmei army is like a precise war machine,Big army,Monillary。Gao Biyi also let Chen Zhen bring people in the big flag,Strongness。
Don’t say,It is light look,This army is very“King domineering”the taste of。
Zhou Jun,Yu Wen’s black face looked opposite the opposite army getting closer,Some regrets in my heart。
Previous impulse,Give Hulun Town to kill the flag,Recall now,In fact, you can fight backwards.。
But the words come back,If you don’t kill the Town at that time,The military is absolutely shake。Especially here, there is a military order of He Ruoyi!
He is impossible to kill,But this is always a personal“Cooker”Bar?Otherwise the military law can play?
He Ruunun as a general,He will certainly direct a part of the horse.。If this person is received by Gao Bo Yi(This possibility is not small),A little put a little water while war,So the place he commanded,Absolutely become a breakthrough in Qi Jun!
Yu Wenzhen does not dare to bet,Or,I am alone.,I have no gambling capital.。
After killing Hulun Town,He obviously feels,The nerves of the army are tight.。He Rukun is almost in addition to He Ruoyu and Liang Shi Yan.,Even he can be slaughtered,Anyone else dare to slack?
“You are a pioneer,Don’t let you down。”
Yu Wen said to the He Ruoxi behind him.。
“Bamboo!The end will be dying!”
He Ruo,The tone is no longer the generous and passion of the beginning of the job.。
He seems to be in the heart of his father Hulun Tun.,grown up。
In fact, people’s psychological age,Sometimes there is no absolute linear relationship with physiological age。Parents are at the time,Children will always be children,Always have parents top in front。
Once the parents are not there,All things have to be up.,At this moment,Original“child”,Talented to real long“grown ups”。
As a gift now。
certainly,“Avenge”What is something,He never thought,It is impossible to do it.。There are too many helpless life,Tragedy occurs,It is often unable to stop,I can only look at all happened.。
This is the sorrow of life,It is the sorrow of the times.。As He Rukun said to He Ruozhen,Everyone is a head, don’t be in the belt of belt.,Unclear,The head is falling.。
Hand-held person,Often died in violence,Instead of fate。
Qi Jun came this moment,He Ruoyu’s heart is very calm。
“call out!”
A bed, a bed, not far from Yuwen, a spear,But not in the middle of the target,Just squatting on the ground,The lance is constantly shaking。
The goddess army soldiers after the robbery,But it seems that I haven’t seen it at all.。They are red,Lifting the shield in the front of the dead,Speed is extremely amazing!
Never visit Yuwen 邕,The strong momentum of the opposite Qi army was shocked.!
Army and military,As long as one is more,I can see the good or bad,Especially the kind of temperament,Is helmet and weapons can’t cover up。
this moment,Yu Wenxia is unprecedented in unprecedented!
“His Majesty!Qi Jun copied from the right wing bag!”
A commander of the soldiers and apantan knee pour in front of Yu Wen。
That army is so beautiful,Just like there is no armor in your body.!In front of the army,The tired army with the Tiger is completely different from the tiger.。
Don’t say Yu Wen,It is the size of Zhou Jun.,They were shocked by one in front of them.!
You run continuously,Ten kilometers per day,I can’t sleep well.。After a period of time, I have a good rest every day.,Hot-fitting athletes,The status is naturally a difference of 100,000 thousand miles!