this matter,Fang Yu doesn’t want to talk more。

Furthermore,Fang Yu and Li Yan only met today。
“I want to tell you……Recently, a handsome man was chasing her……You have to work harder!”
Finished,Li Yan left in a hurry。
Fang Yu rubbed his temples,What’s all this?!
First12chapter Exchange terms!
“Is the movie good??”
Fangjia Pharmacy。
Fang Yu poured a glass of boiled water,Fang Deyun is finished,Just came over and asked,Eyes full of concern。
“Quite good looking……Just not enough popcorn……”
Fang Yu took a sip of water,Serious look。
“I’m asking how you are doing?”
Fang Deyun gave his son a white look。
Is this deliberately changing the subject?!
“I went back beforehand……”Fang Yu helpless。
“Forget it,I will rest for a while!”
Fang Deyun shook his head。
Looks like he wants to have a cup of tea from his daughter-in-law,A little hard!
Almost in the evening。