Things got to this point,Xia Jian couldn’t care much。He stretched out his hand,So he put the unsuspecting Xia Fei on the bed。When Xia Fei reacts,,It’s too late。Xia Jian’s powerful hand pressed her waist,So she can only kick with both feet。

“You better be honest with me,Otherwise I will make your two feet unable to move”Xia Jian said coldly,Suddenly reached out and pressed Xia Fei’s left calf。
Xia Fei only felt a numb calf,Suddenly lost consciousness。This woman didn’t understand until now,Xia Jian really didn’t blow it,At least he is very familiar with the acupuncture points of the human body。And the hand he showed just now,Has made her afraid to move。
Xia Jian lifted up Xia Fei’s back clothes again,It’s not Xia Fei’s charming back that shows up in front of them,But with many scars,It hurts to look at…“
Xia Jian couldn’t bear to look straight,Two fingers moving quickly,Accurately found the acupuncture points on Xia Fei’s waist,One touch。Just listen to Xia Fei scream:“what!pain!It hurts in the leg“
“It hurts。Explain that the meridians are connected,But it is blocked in the legs,If you use acupuncture,If you exercise hard,,You can’t say that this leg is fully recovered,But at the very least you won’t be lame when you walk“Xia Jian said,Two fingers swam away。
Xia Fei at this time,Just a little bit of enjoyment,She gasped and said:“it depends on you!You are a dead horse when a live horse moved。Any situation,I won’t blame you“
“Xia Fei!you are awesome“When Chen Jing said this,I turned my face a bit sadly。
Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore,But with both hands,Massaged Xia Fei’s waist。Xia Fei continues to increase as Xia Jian’s hands are increasing,her*The sound is constantly improving。Can feel it,Xia Fei is very enjoyable。
Wait for the massage to finish,Xia Jian took out the silver needle,Look for the acupuncture point and stick it down。Xia Jian’s movements are light and skilled,Almost in one go。
When this series of actions is completed,Xia Jian’s forehead is already sweating。Chen Jing quickly found a towel,Wiped off the sweat on Xia Jian’s face。
“You are so amazing!It’s really a real person。Have such a good craftsmanship,Why don’t you bring it out?“Chen Jing laughed and asked Xia Jiandao。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“I’m not a medical professional,But a coincidence,Encountered expert advice。So it’s not enough to practice medicine,So we can’t talk about things today,Otherwise I don’t recognize you as a friend“