Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“What does this have to do with me?I brought you guys here,You should let me go,You guys like this,Grace and revenge”

“Ha ha!You are too naive,Are we human?I tell you,We are demons,Met us,That means,Your doom has just begun。Cooperate with us honestly,As long as we transfer this baby out of the country,Then you are free,Otherwise, don’t even think about going back to this poor place in your life”
Woman talking,And put his arm around Xia Jian’s neck。Suddenly she jammed Xia Jian’s neck suddenly,A woman’s hand is like a pair of iron tongs,Very powerful。Looks like this woman has good skills,Should be a man of skill。
Xia Jian pretended to be suffocated,He shows no signs of resistance。The van goes very slowly,Fortunately, there are almost no vehicles on the highway at this time,Otherwise this speed,The car behind is not dead。
at last,Van on the highway。Just past the gate of the toll gate,Several police officers rushed out,Let them pull the car over for inspection。
The woman sitting next to Xia Jian can really act,She immediately put her head tightly in Xia Jian’s arms,She put one arm around Xia Jian’s neck,A hand reached under Xia Jian’s clothes。Xia Jian felt a biting cold。
“Be honest,Otherwise, I’m a buckle machine,You will die here”
Woman exhales like silk when talking,And there was a good smell of perfume floating from her body。Xia Jian can feel it in the dark,This woman should be young,And she’s a beautiful woman with taste。But what I didn’t expect was that the other side of her was so terrible。
The police opened the car door,Let the driver get out of the car and check the documents。The flashlight shines in the car,The boss sitting in the deputy scolding position told the police:“To attend a relative’s wedding in the south,All adults without children”
“The two behind,Sit separately,take inspection”
The flashlight reaches the last row,Hit Xia Jian’s face。Which woman loosened her arm around Xia Jian’s neck,Moved a little aside。The police inspecting was going to leave,Don’t know why,He suddenly pointed to Xia Jian and said:“Take out your ID”
Let Xia Jian take out his ID card,The woman sitting next to Xia Jian fumbled for a while,I touched Xia Jian’s wallet and took it out,Then I found Xia Jian’s ID card by the light outside the car window, pulled it out and handed it to the police.。
Which policeman took a look,And said to Xia Jian:“We suspect there is a problem with your ID,please wait a moment,We will verify immediately”
“Hurry up then!Don’t affect us on our way”
Which woman said a little unhappy。
The police ran over with Xia Jian’s ID。Smart Xia Jianma realized,The police recognized him,That’s why。What can be wrong with his ID,He knows best。The police said,It’s nothing more than to say to these people。
Xia Jian didn’t guess wrong,Yao Junli must have said his name when calling the police,And what car does he drive,Even if it’s the license plate number,,She should be able to tell what brand of car。
The inspector at the Pingdu Expressway entrance is Wu Qiang, the Criminal Police Captain of the Pingdu Public Security Bureau。Because Yao Junli finished reporting to the police,I directly called the current director of Pingdu City,The director heard that Xia Jian, a well-known entrepreneur in Pingdu City, was hijacked,It’s pretty good,Immediately rushed to the bureau to direct himself。
Wu Qiang was sent to the most important highway junction for investigation,When he spotted a slow van,I felt something was wrong。So he made arrangements in advance for the police to investigate。