“Their company said me like that,I can’t keep silent,I am innocent,Why are they being promoted like that?”Xia Shuyue had to say。

“Back again,If you want to follow the model,I also want to hype myself,Increase your visibility,Can also do this。”Reporter Wu doesn’t know what Xia Yueshu is thinking,Xia Yueshu didn’t know what to say,After all, it’s a local reporter。
“Do not,misunderstanding,I’m not trying to hype myself,I am a little common man,Why hype yourself,I really want to simply declare that I am not that kind of person,I can’t let them pour dirty water on me in front of everyone。”
“Ok,I can help you,But you should know,The press conference fee is a bit high,Have you considered?”Reporter Wu finally nodded and said。
“Ok,I also know it will be a little high,But I don’t know,You tell me,How much?”Xia Shuyue asked straightaway。
Reporter Wu spread his five fingers,“This number!”
“five hundred?”Xia Shuyue asked childishly。
Reporter Wu shook his head and smiled,Xiao Xia Shuyue’s innocence and foolishness。
“Five thousand?”Xia Shuyue asked with her eyes wide open。
“Minimum 50,000,Like this kind of conference,We all understand,It’s actually a disguised propaganda,Costs are high,This is not pure news,You should understand,If it is real news,May only need venue fee,The cost is not that high,Understand?”Reporter Wu tries his best to speak plainly。
“Row,I know,Fifty thousand is fifty thousand,you help me。”Xia Shuyue pretended to think seriously,Finally nodded and said。
“You really want to spend this money?I can remind you in advance,Money spent,You may not be famous,A third-rate little model like you is not a person,It’s hard to go out,A lot of money。”Reporter Wu counts money with hand gestures。
“Try it first。”Xia Yueshu drinking coke,That expression,As if I became a big money,It doesn’t hurt to spend fifty thousand yuan,If before,Dare not even think。
“I’m talking about the lowest,I mean the minimum is 50,000,Don’t be too happy,The real cost must be higher,Higher than this number。”Reporter Wu looks at Xia Yueshu,Fifty thousand yuan,To a fresh graduate,Logically speaking, it is a large number。
128 Heart black
Even for high-income people, their income is two to three years,She doesn’t believe that Xia Shuyue can get so much money out,The point is that she doesn’t seem to feel bad about this amount of money at all。
“OK,Hard work for you,Help me run it,I will put the money on your card tomorrow,Give you fifty thousand first,Tell me if it’s not enough,OK?”Xia Shuyue asked reporter Wu with a smile。
“Row,no problem。”Reporter Wu of course nodded。
Two people eating barbecue,I finished it soon,Xia Yueshu added another thirty strings,Having a good time。