Thought of here,Tian Lu’s mouth rises,Shrugged,Take a deep breath,Secretly mocking people who have nothing to do with them and worrying about prying into others’ privacy。

First227chapter Hard to recognize
Ding Kelan is a low-key,Doing things silently is easy to achieve results。When a department manager is in a meeting,Suggested that he would go to various departments,To the department、Care for staff,More mobilization,The most important thing is to reflect affinity。
Ding Kelan agrees with everyone’s proposal,Shishiwu agreed with a smile,Indicates that I will go to research another day。
The top executives of the company follow the instructions of the administration department,I got used to calling Ding Kelanakey,The following staff also formed a consensus,Address in speechakey,Almost obscured the real name。
It’s better to hit the sun,Ding Kelan did not deliberately choose a day to transfer to the department to understand the truth,After finishing the official business on hand,Go directly to each department to check the facts,Did not say hello to the department before coming,Randomly called several department heads,Visited several departments together,Observed the operation and the work of the staff。
Transferred several departments,Everywhere, I talked to relevant staff about the work situation of several departments,Pass、ask,Have an understanding of the general situation。
Came to the planning department,The employees are doing their jobs,Didn’t notice anything special about the visitor,If the leader comes,That’s what the manager went to receive。
Xia Meihan introduced to Ding Kelan the division of personnel in the planning department、Performance、System management,Introduced recent work and ongoing work。When I heard that a promotional video was being filmed according to the script,Already in post editing,Ding Kelan is interested,He told Xia Meihan,After the production of the image promo,Be sure to report it to him first。
Xia Meihan saw that the boss was keen and attached great importance to,Frightened,Decided to pass the best quality promotional video to the boss,This is an important work for the Planning Department to strive for Ding Kelan’s approval。
By the way, Tian Lu and Chen Amei at the other end thought they could see the new boss of the inspection department,Just because I have to make a promotional video,Wasn’t in the planning department for a while,I missed the highlight moment of meeting the new boss。
Later, I heard from my colleagues,It turned out that the new boss came to inspect this afternoon,I knew I should dress up better,The new boss is not only handsome,And mature, steady and generous,Looks very attractive。
Tian Lu pretended to stare at them,A group of flatterers are ashamed of their words。
Not long,They were notified by the Administration Department,The manager of the planning department and the staff who made the image promotion video come to the conference room to review the film.。Because before,Xia Meihan reported to Ding Kelan about the proof of the promo,Only then did the Administration Department inform Tian Lu and Chen Amei to review the film together。
meeting room,Meeting room dim after turning off the lights,The light and shadow effect of the large screen is very clear。
Xia Meihan and Tian Lu、Chen Amei sit down,The promotional video scrolls on the screen,Let’s see if there is any correction,Then wait for the boss to come over and watch again、Review、give opinions。
Wait and wait until the boss comes to review the film,Excitement and excitement are extinguished。
Just when they received the leader watching the promo with a calm mind,But I saw a dark figure in the first row taking the tea from the administration department,Have a tasteful sip,Knock on Erlang’s legs and stare at the big screen intently。It turns out that Ding Kelan had already arrived in the conference room unknowingly。