Lin Yoona returns to the room after the meeting,Ask Xiao Fan:“How’s it going?Did Chu Yao and Yiming handle the matter??”Xiao Fan nodded。

Then turned around and said to Lin Yoona:“You prepare,Then tell Gu Jin they,Then we will start together,Actually we should be almost ready。”
Lin Yuna said:“Yes,I have been organizing some things for the past two days,So actually there is nothing to prepare,I’m ready for your clothes or something。”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“More and more virtuous。”Lin Yun’er glared at him angrily,Then I went to call Bai Chen。
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Two Properly arranged
Xiao Fan called the staff on the island to arrange,Because after all they are going on vacation these days,Although it is a short holiday,But also arrange well,So that everyone can relax。
Xiao Fan has always been very serious and careful in everything,He never deals with anything perfunctory,Because in Xiao Fan’s opinion,Whether it’s vacation,Work or work,It must be treated with a serious attitude,Only in this way,This person can live more comfortably。
What’s more, he thinks everyone is a little tired these days,I should have a good rest,So Xiao Fan called the manager of the hotel over there,Let them prepare the room,And arrange some other things。
So they don’t have to worry about other things when they go,You can just relax and play,Xiao Fan has always been careful about these things。
As long as it is for the good of the people around,In fact, although he always looks cold,Or it doesn’t look very interested,For something,But in fact, my heart is hot。
He hopes to protect the people around him,Can help these people get the happiness they should have,In that case, he himself would feel very happy。
Then Lin Yoona also called Bai Chen and the others,Made an appointment,Basically they will leave tomorrow。
Xiao Fan also told Chu Yao to follow Yiming,Let the two of them prepare well,Then let them not think too much。