At this moment,Assist the Great God Jiangnan to speak:

Happy today,I also give everyone a wave of benefits,Ten Huawei’s latest mobile phones,The lottery conditions are the same as before。
The latest phone,It seems to be seven or eight thousand?Ten stations are seven to eighty thousand,Worthy of the rich,When you feel good, you throw money。but,Everyone likes this kind of local tyrant。
Don’t talk about players,Even the anchor is excited,Pay attention,Public screen speech:《Yongle Festival》,Then wait for the draw。
result,Hu Yang successfully completed the task of 100,000 attention。
The long-lost voice comes from the system,Congratulations to him for completing the task of 100,000 followers,Successfully upgraded the intermediate treasure hunter。
Populus close eyes,Feel the change in your eyes at that moment,Not only the eyes,I feel like a drop of wind oil in my brain,Sober a lot。
Subsequently,Two new tasks:
the first,Add 100,000 followers again,Access to primary perspective。
second,A million followers,Can upgrade treasure eye to advanced。
Get!The system is a bit silly,But still awesome,Even the perspective eyes came out。Upgrading advanced treasure hunting eyes is a bit difficult,Temporarily can only overcome perspective。
I just don’t know what the perspective eye is for,Can’t be used to spy on girls?That’s too evil。Populus thought:It seems,The system is a little bit rude。
“Thank you everyone,This kind of activity will be frequent in the future。I hope,Everyone is not just for the lucky draw,I can also notice the traditional culture of our country from my live broadcast。
Today’s live broadcast,It ends here,Everyone who hasn’t eaten eats,See you tomorrow about the same time。”