The two bodyguards Yan Que left behind are also masters,It was found that something was wrong,Just draw a gun and shoot,But still failed to stop Xiang Chen and Yao Yao from rushing into the attic。

Looking for cover while shooting,But apart from strict justice,The responsiveness of several people is first-rate,Short time,No one can kill each other。
It’s just,Seems to be suffocated enough to want to exchange injuries with others,Life for life,But whether it’s Xiang Chen or Yao Yao,Neither of them are fools,How could you do such a cool thing?。
“Come out!You two are very good?What’s wrong now?”
Yan Zhengyi’s excitement,Side shot,Ask questions。
The two bodyguards left behind by Yan Que were a little helpless,The boss’s brother is obviously messing around,But the two of them who accompanied the prince to study,Not good to say,Can only wait cautiously,Everything made Yan Zhengyi have fun。
everybody knows,Opportunity to use firearms,Is determined by the capacity in the magazine,In this attic,No one has a chance to change the magazine。
But it’s just as if you don’t know。
Everyone is pushing away,Strive to kill the opponent with one shot,Only Yan Zhengyi is firing unscrupulously。
“Their bullets are running out!”
Yao Yao looked at Xiang Chen,Signaled that he still had two bullets,And Xiang Chen and Yao Yao made a three gesture,Yao Yao suddenly became big。
With the sound of the last shotgun falling,Xiang Chen and Yao Yao also counterattack at the same time,No chance to add ammunition at all。
Just one shot exploded the ammunition prepared by Yan Zhengyi,The gunfire left,No one hit each other。
Expected thing,But a little disappointed。
“The enemy,give it to you!”
Yao Yao told Xiang Chen,Arm hard,The whole person jumped out。
Have to admit,The bodyguards who can be brought around by severe lack still have a certain professionalism,At least he was not defeated by Yao Yao,Two people work together,And fight Yao Yao back and forth。