“I am Qin Feng。”Qin Feng answered the phone,Say in an extremely cold tone。

And this tone,Jiang Yan never heard of,Wang Mengmeng has never heard of it,The whole room,Only Su Rou has heard of it。
Su Rou couldn’t help but shiver,She knew Qin Feng was getting angry,Because she heard Qin Feng’s tone last time,Still a few years ago,Qin Feng took a group of them,To beat the countless people,The wheel fights to the end,Everyone can’t hold on。
that time,Qin Feng used this voice,Said something:“deserter,Kill without mercy!”after that,A group of seven people,I don’t know how many people killed the enemy。
same,Qin Feng’s simple words,The other person on the phone,Also feel biting,It’s the kind of cold。
“Qin Feng,Finally, you have shown up。”But short-term horror,The other side also spoke。
“I am always here,It’s just that you want to find me in this stupid way。”Qin Feng sneered。
“No matter what method is used,As long as I can find you。Just a good way。”Er Gouzi said on the phone。
“Speak,Your purpose。”Qin Feng doesn’t want to talk too much nonsense,Because he thinks this person is not the main person who kidnapped Shangguan Yuxin,Judging from the tone of his speech,Just a brave guy,But it sounds like someone else。
“Very simple,I let you pay
。”The person on the other end said harshly。
“longevity?Don’t worry, I must live longer than you!”Qin Feng said with a smile,He was nervous at first,But this call made him feel that things were not as bad as he thought。
I thought it was a big kidnapping of 2 billion,Would be a brainy person,Now it seems,The other side has ten**Is poor and crazy。
“Who asked you to call?”Just when Qin Feng thought so,Another person said something like this,And hang up directly。
Qin Feng said,Such a kidnapping,Shouldn’t be that kind of person,Did this kidnapper come from a group?。
“how about it?What did the kidnapper say?”Sister Qin saw Qin Feng put down the phone,Ask the first time。
“Do not worry,Shangguan Yuxin will be fine for now,Now for sure,The kidnapper came at me,If you don’t see me this rabbit,They won’t sprinkle Guan Yuxin’s eagle。”
Qin Feng didn’t expect to meet Shangguan Yuxin,He was targeted,Someone who seems to have something to do with me,Will be implicated。
Time passes by,It’s noon in a blink of an eye。
“**Teach us……”The familiar cell phone ringtone broke,Silence in the room。