Men need women to understand compassion

Men need women to understand compassion

Emotional experiences of the past Every man’s past is a well-collected diary of the soul, which may occasionally be turned over, but it will never be easily shared with others; especially that chapter about women.

But almost all men have complex and vicissitudes of emotional experience.

In the men’s circle, showing off how good and beautiful a woman once was was also a special way for men to prove themselves; but in the face of today’s women, they will never mention it easily because the past is even more engravedIt is also a matter of another world.

What’s more, even a woman with the highest quality cultivation will inevitably break the casserole for the past and ask, if you encounter a “vinegar jar”, will you not find it hard?

  Everyone will be curious about the past of the loved one around them, and wanting to have all of their loved ones is an instinct, a love instinct.

  But once you know, what will be left besides the pain?

Love needs to be sincere, but it also needs to be secret.

The so-called secret is to give love a space to let love breathe freely and keep love fresh and mysterious.

  Men’s vanity Men are players. If a man likes drag racing and is a center on the football field, the charm in front of a woman will suddenly increase, so men must have a few real skills, and the worst must be included.Play the same way, so as not to lose face in front of a woman.

So there are men who secretly practice hard to teach their girlfriends to play tennis.

The house cannot be taken away, so there are men who swindle all their incense cars. They can’t borrow their parking lot or rent a day to satisfy their excessive vanity.

  Men’s sexual worries are a belief that a man has a one-time fantasy every 6 minutes, and it’s only when he’s busy with it.

After thinking about it every 6 minutes for 6 consecutive days, men begin to do something step by step, but few women will know about men’s concerns about sex.

Many men whispered in their hearts before they had the opportunity to give their penis a try.

They keep comforting themselves that the size is not the key-“not in its size, but in how you use it.”

But it’s true that size issues plague them.

In addition, men are afraid of women who are more fancy than he is on the bed. Such a test will scare him. Of course, when men are not, women are most afraid to say, “Are you sick?

“As for prostatitis, impotence, premature ejaculation, hair loss, insomnia, kidney deficiency, palpitations, hemorrhoids, etc., all are notorious for men.

  The ideal image of Takura Ken’s tough guy in the minds of men’s children’s women made men learn how to cry without flicking. Therefore, men have developed the habit of negating their emotions since they were young.Too many children are a sign of weakness.

If something happens to a Japanese person who fails in business or the Australian cabinet dissolves and cries, it must be the headline of the newspaper immediately.

  do you know?

As a result, more men suffer from depression than women, and suicide rates are higher than women.

  Every man has a more or less ecstatic complex, especially in those men who lacked motherhood when they were young. They often snuggle in the arms of their beloved women in the dead of night. Of course, this kind of complex will not spread everywhere.The right woman must be his favorite and most trusted woman, because only in front of his beloved woman can he feel safe.

  A man is easy to grasp. No matter how many illusions, as long as you love him, you can find his way from the infinite hidden world behind him.