Chengdu Tianfu New District: Opening the window to see the field to see the green park city construction and speed

Tianfu New District Focus on Industry Development. Tianfu New Area is available in the new network of Chengdu, February 14th: Chengdu Tianfu New District: "Say the window to see the field, push the door to see the green" park city construction "recharge" author Yue Yixiang has eaten breakfast, live in Tianfu New District, Chengdu, Hu Guihua Walking with the neighbors to the park where you are not far away, the children laugh at the side, they will exercise while chatting. For Hu Guihua, 70 years old, this park has become a "card point" of her casual exercise.

"I didn’t know what was a park city. Since moving to Tianfu New District, I really realized that ‘opening the window and seeing green’.

"Hu Guihua said a huge change in residents near Tianfu New District.

What she said "Park City" is the direction in Tianfu New District is continuous efforts.

  Gu Lijun, deputy director of the Tianfu New District Planning, introduced that park cities are fully reflected in new development concepts, leading to urban development in ecological civilization, building mountain, building lakes, forests, hostel, city, environment, and industry height New Model of Urban Development in Mori City Forms in Harmonious Unity. He said that the park city is not only a city that is full of green, which makes people feel comfortable, but also a high-level stage of urban development. The Tianfu New District is constantly exploring the road of building a city in the city.

  Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan, comprehensively building a park city Xin Tianfu in Hu Guihua’s daily casual exercise park, the first sewage treatment plant in Tianfu New District of 100,000 tons is in an orderly manner, which is Sichuan Province. First buried sewage treatment plant.

Tianfu Center, Western Expo City and the sewage between Chengdu Science City have been released after the treatment plant reaches the surface level IV class, and some reflow into the Luxi River as an ecological supplement, part of the public building cleaning or road and green. Xinglong lake view. Qiu Wei, deputy director of the Tianfu New District Planning and Construction of the Land and Resources PPP Project Center, introduced the space design combined with the ground landscape and underground sewage treatment plant, is an effective attempt to create a "park city" process in Tianfu New Area.

"Let the sewage plant transform from ecological negative assets into positive assets, not only provide ecological leisure, but also make the value of the space on the ground, which is also an embodiment of the ‘park city’ ecological value.

"If the sewage treatment plant is like a heartbeat next to Xinglong Lake, then in the integrated gallery of the underground area under the Tianfu New District, it is like a blood vessel. The treated water is transmitted to various terminals through these gallery. Re-use. The reporter saw that 8 types of power, communication, radio television, regeneration water, gas, etc., the reporter saw that 8 types of polls and accessories wearing uniforms were patrolled with staff and the maintenance robot.

In the monitoring room, the gallery running data in real time is displayed on the computer screen, and everything works in order and efficiently.

  Qiu Wei introduced that Tianfu New District Integrated Pallery is an intention to use the underground space resource, focusing on the corridor of municipal pipelines. As of December 2018, Tianfu New District has basically built approximately 32 km from Yazhou Road, Hanzhou Road, Xiamen Road, etc. Among them, nine of the national integrated gallery pilot city project, a total of kilometers, will eventually form a comprehensive pattern of "four horizontal, three vertical, nine". Wild things, ecological construction is inseparable from water.

As the largest artificial ecological lake in Chengdu, the lake area is 4,500 mu, and the water storage capacity is more than 10 million cubic meters of Xinglong Lake. It is like "mirror" inlaid in Tianfu New District. It shines on the winter warmth, shining, tour people are Walking on the lakeside ecological green road, cycling, a piece and beautiful view. Beautiful Tianfu New District.

Tianfu New District is for map Xinglong Lake not only beautiful, or is also an important mesh node of Tianfu New District Ecosystem.

Zhao Wei, deputy director of the Landscape Administration of Tianfu New District Planning, pointed out that in the case where the water flow is not strong, it is especially critical.

He said that the Luxi River is the main water supply river road of Xinglong Lake. In 2018, Tianfu New District has completed the aquatic rectification of the upper reaches of the Luxi River. The downstream rectification work in 2019 will be carried out in accordance with the plan. Zhao Wei said that Xinglong Lake Water Ecological Rehabilitation Remediation has been included in the focus of the 2019 Tianfu New District Construction Park City. The project integrates flood control function, municipal function and wetland landscape function. With the continued park city construction, the surroundings of Xinglong Lake will be integrated into more live scenes to create a landscape. Not only can you meet the individual needs of tourists, but also let the huge urban open space of Xinglong Lake beareuse the city’s foreign travel.

  The landscape is dependent, and the beauty is natural.

Longquan City Forest Park in Tianfu New District is moving from a simple ecological barrier to urban green and citizen park.

  Peng Yong, deputy director of the Tianfu New District, deputy director of the urban and rural areas, Tianfu New Section (hereinafter referred to as the Forest Park) of Longquan City Forest Park, involving 5 streets in Tianfu New District, 22 administrative villages, residents 7 Ten thousand people, the current forest coverage rate is 47%. "Beginning in 2018, we advance the forest forest coverage in 6700 acres per year, and strive to reach 70% of the forest coverage in the park in 2035.

"" Green Shui Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan.

"Peng Yong said, further driving the development of the surrounding industry, the construction of infrastructure cannot be ignored. At present, 120 kilometers of rural roads have been built, running through 5 streets, rural bus reach entrance, and the number of viewing platforms are also increasing.

In 2019, Tianfu New District will also revitalize the residence of specialty small towns, through the development of farmland industries to increase residents.